Who are we anymore?

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Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



I see you crossing this status,
Your eyes staring bleakly
at the text in front of you.
Some of you will have moved on from here
Aimlessly scrolling for a good meme,
Or a hilarious video.
Not noticing there is a whole world moving around you.
No matter where you are, laying in bed
Or bored at work and looking for a escape.
Walking down the street, sitting in class.
You could even be on the toilet.
You don't realize that this has consumed you.
Your parents, or grandparents
if your parents are young
Have lived through a different time.
A little over a century has passed,
Yet everything
by means of communication
has changed
Why visit someone at home
when you can give a quick call?
Why give a quick call
When you could just send a TXT message?
Writing a letter or sending a email
is no where thought of.
Why are public interactions awkward?
That is if your friends and yourself aren't drinking to oblivion.
What do you value most,
Many of you may think of someone or a pet,
Some of you may name a favored hobby.
But at your root,
Many of you would be affected,
To be without your smart devices.
I among you would be utterly lost.
Yes we have gained a lot
with technology,
But is it just me
that feels we are losing so much more?
I don't know anymore..

© Copyright 2018 Jane Dowe. All rights reserved.

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