Scarlet and Grayson

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this is a story about a red fox and wolf. these characters are based on two stuffed animals i have. hope you enjoy! :)

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



In a faraway meadow, there lived a red fox named Scarlet. She had a best friend named Grayson, and they were always having fun and getting into trouble. Grayson is a wolf who lives in a nearby cave. Today I am going to tell you about one of their adventures. A couple days ago, Grayson was walking around and found a little broken cabinet just laying around in the feild. He called Scarlet over and they investigated. There was a lock on the cabinet and they wondered what could be inside? Grayson bit at the lock and managed to dent it. Then Scarlet tried and dented it a little more. They went back and  forth until it finally unlocked. But what they found was not what they were expecting. 

Inside the cabinet they were elated to find all diferent kinds of goodies such as chocolate, cupcakes and pies! The friends ate all of it and were not so excited when they felt sick. They both went home to tell their moms.

Scarlet went home to tell her mom and her mom told her to go lie down. Meanwhile, Grayson was not so lucky. Turns out the cabinet belonged to Grayson's mom, Teresa. She was hiding it in the field so Grayson would not find it and eat it. There was a party she was planning and those were the snacks. So after Grayson felt all better, he was sentenced to a week of baking and cooking, icing and frosting. But after the party, it was all smiles.

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