The Heart He Once Did Hold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: House of Ghosts
There's an awful feeling when you get your heart gets broken. Especially if you invested so much trust into them and gave them your love.

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



The Heart He Once Did Hold


I am happy, I have moved on,

But in my head he lingers still.

So it is only appropriate to tell him,

About how I really feel.

You see, I feel like he's oblivious,

To the pain that I endured.

And, if he is now curious,

Then clarity is assured.

I constantly tried to please him,

Doing everything I could.

From breaking a comforting habit,

To smiling when he thought I should.

I penned only in black ink,

Because he told me it looked "smart".

Stopped dressing in what made me feel good,

Because he claimed I looked like a "tart".


To make him happy,

I did so very much.

To the point where I allowed him to touch me,

Even when I didn't want to be touched.

It made me feel so low,

But I valued his happiness over mine.

Because his smile I loved so very dearly,

It made my whole world shine.

But the accusations that came later,

They flooded my head and became too much.

It bruised my heart left, right and centre,

Left me on an emotional crutch.

But I hobbled along,

Until he managed to crack my heart some more.

Instantly going on to love another,

As if I was something vile he'd scrape from the floor.


It  was simply pure torture,

And my worst nightmare come true.

To see him not loving me,

But in fact loving someone new.

It broke me from the inside out,

My life blurred before my eyes and through the tears.

The harsh tone in his voice when he spoke,

It will haunt me for years and years.

Each sly smile he stole at me,

Each rough word exchanged.

Each cruel glare just broke me,

From the best to the worst he'd changed.

But slowly I recovered from that,

And around my heart grew a hard armour.

I decided not to seek revenge,

I instead left it to karma.


Does he remember how he made my heart shatter,

The heart he once did hold?

And how regret came flooding in,

Because of all the secrets I had told?

That day I felt my blood turn sour,

And my mind, it raged on so.

Then sending me into numbing shock,

When he screamed at me down the phone.

He accused me of every scandal under the sun,

Saying I caused him pain.

Even though all I did was try to make him happy,

My attempts were obviously in vain.

Then terrifying thoughts and feelings begun to bloom,

That would have changed my life forever.

Good thing I was stronger than that,

And it changed me for the better.


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