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this is a short story molly and i collabed on. we had a lot of fun writing it. we are currently writing our third book of this series. i hope you enjoy.

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017




By Miss Molly Eslinger and Patricia behrens


 ‘Hello, I’m molly, it's been about a year, a year since we were forcefully recruited to the girls camp. my friends, patti, Christina, and i. All because of the war. Children all over the world were recruited to girls and boy camps,uniformed, separated from their families,during that time, we befriended a 10 year old girl named willow, we planned an escape, through the back gate, the whole area is connected to the boys camp acrossed the lake, i just hope we make it out alive..’ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chapter one: inside the camp gates


“hurry up, Guys, or we will be late for evening class!” i said, running down the hall of one of the school camp buildings. “i know, we’re hurrying!” said my best friend, patricia, who goes by patti. We run into the classroom, then quickly confronted by the camp teacher,  “you three  are late, again.”. “sorry..” we say. “just go take your seat.”. we scurry to our seats, and willow is sitting next to us. “hi guys” “hi willow” i say, smiling.  


During lunch we sit at our signature table. “i still don't trust this place..”. said christina, as she always does. “what's there not to trust?” willow said, questioning her statement. “everything, it's just not right”. “lol, everything's not right to you” i say. {that night we go to our bunk rooms}. “GUYS I’M DOIN IT, I'M DOIN IT!” i say, hanging off the side of the bunk by my legs being a nimrod… “HAHA JUST DONT FALL!” :as christina said that, i fall onto the ground: “ow, lol” . “haha that's what you get” said patti, writing notes in her notebook. “whatcha writing?”. “notes.” she says. “what kinda notes?”.said christina “notes about this place” she said, still looking down. “of course”


‘i guess things aren't that bad’


{the next morning, we made a plan, when we went on our weekend survival exhibition, we escape through the back gate, and we’re free,} “so we're really going through with this..?” i say. “yep, it’s the only way out”, said patti, with a lot of pure confidence.“well..ok” said christina  “but we can’t just leave willow, after all she's been through.” i say. “well, then we will just have to take her with us, if we are in the same survival group”. “okay.”


{as we're put into our survival groups, all go as planned, we are put with willow, so, we explain what we're going to do}  “so, but, what if we get caught?”. “haha, don’t worry, my plans never fail” said patti. “well, ok.” we say. {the whistle blows and were off, but instead of heading south through the trees, we head north, towards the back gate of the 1,000 acre woods of camp.} “keep running!” i screech. {we run for a good half an hour straight} “i’m tired……” says willow, slowing down a bit. “yeah, we should rest a bit, and refuel our energy..”. i say, panting. “sounds good”says patti. “sounds very good” said christina  {we rest for a bit, and head off, walking this time since we knew we were far away from earshot of the camp}


{it's dark now, so all we are now relying on is our flashlights and compasses} “ok so if we ke-” patti shuts off, looking around. “what's wrong patt-” christina says, cut off by patti. “shh. do u guys hear that, it sounds like running.” . {we all go silent and look around}:sounds of running in the distance: “RUN! it must be the camp officials looking for us” christina screeches, running. {we keep running, then all of a sudden i run into somebody and the person and me hit the ground, my heart immediately skips a beat}


“you're not taking us back to the camp! were not going back! even if you use force!” patti screeches at the person as i crawl back, hurting, then she shines the flashlight at the person.,  it's a boy, around the age of patti, christina, and i, and the same hair pattern as willow, but, opposite way of colors, willow has blonde hair with a brown colored bangs, and he has brown hair, with blonde bangs. “ok, that hurt… a lot..., and stop screeching at me, i'm not taking you back anywhere” the boy says, standing up. /he must be from the boys camp, but, how is he out here... / i thought.  


immediately willows eyes widen, and starts to tear up, staring at the boy. “j-justice….....JUSTICE!!!!!” she screeches, running towards the boy, arms flailed. the boy, who willow called ‘Justice’ looked at her then smiled widely, and tears up with joy. “willow!” :he opens his arms as willow runs into him, in a tight hug, knocking them both down:  “i never thought i'd ever see you again! i missed you so much!” willow says, crying tears of pure joy.


“i missed you so much too!” he cried, still in a tight hug. me, christina, and patti stand motionlessly in the background like wat. “who is he willow” christina asks. “his name is Justice, and he’s my big brother!” X3 willow says still hugging him.:justice looks at me:  “hehh, sorry for bangin into you earlier..”, he says, rubbing the back of his neck. “it’s fine, all is forgiven”. “how did you get out here, were u on a survival expedition?” said patti


“well, i stole a pill from the science lab that can make you go invisible for a 1:30 secs, then after i took the pill, i just ran, then it wore off, then i literally banged into you guys”. he said. “well, maybe you can come with us, i don't see why not, even, your willow’s brother” christina said, looking at patti. “ok” patti said “YAYYYY!” willow just screeches. “then let's head out, we still have like 800 acres to go” i say


Chapter two:  escape


hey, im patti, im sure u heard what molly said at the beginning, so u get the story, well, of that part. As Molly said, we were driven from our homes a year ago. They put us on a train and relocated us in Georgia, the funny thing about us being relocated there was a videogame series I watched. The people that put Molly, Christina, and I on the train were the terrorists we kept hearing about, Isis. Though I was only half worried because I was in a fight with my adopted mom before they stormed in.”



“ Guys, I think we have a small problem.” I say. It’s been a few days since we escaped the camp. “ What?” asked Molly. “ Um… I think we’re nearly out of food.” I reply, digging through my pack. “ What!?” Christina said, “ How could we be out of food!?” “ I wasn’t able to pack a lot okay! We were in a rush and i grabbed what I could! We should find a town or something, I managed to find and take my birthday and Christmas money while they were storming into our house.” “ How much do you have?” Willow asks, I reply, “ Two hundred something dollars.” “ Whoa.” I hear Justice say ( if you remember in the previous chapter, we, uh, kinda bumped into him. Or, more like Molly bumped into him). “ What do you guys think? Find a highway and follow it to a town?” I ask. “ We can give it a try.” Molly says.


We quietly stay in the treeline as we get to the end of the highway and walk into a town. The town was, surprisingly, not destroyed. I start digging through my pack “ I don’t have enough for everyone, so I’m just gonna give one to myself, Molly, Christina, and Justice.” I say as I take out four pistols. “ How did you get guns!?” Molly exclaims. “ I was able to grab a few, along with some ammo, which I don’t have a lot of. So we have to conserve it.” I hand them each five bullets each. I say,” Only use them if you really need to, we don’t know if some of the members from Isis could be walking around, and they probably know what we look like by now so put on your hoods.” They put on their hoods and hide the guns and ammo in their jacket’s big pockets, and we start heading for a store.

‘ If only we knew’


“ Stay quiet and keep close, the store might be packed with people and we need to hurry, and make sure your weapons are hidden.” I say and we head down the aisles, I grab a bunch of boxes of granola bars, then head to the aisle that has the medicine and bandages. Then we go to the checkout line and pay. We walk back out and hide in an alley, “ If we're careful with the supplies they should last a long time.” I say, “ We need to keep moving.” Molly says urgently, and she’s right, we see a couple members of Isis walking down the street and we quickly walk back to where the highway is.


After several rests and running by the highway, the sun finally goes down and we slow to a walk. We’re heading west, which I think is the direction back to California. “ Guys, I think we need to rest awhile.” Justice says, panting. We all go a little deeper into the treeline and sit down. “ Molly? Do you have your phone?” I ask. “ Yeah, why?” “ First, check what time it is, and second, maybe we can get ahold of your mom.” I reply. She gets out her phone and says, “ It’s 6:30 pm,” She says, “ I don’t know about calling my mom though, she probably won’t have her phone anyway. “ Okay,” I reply, “ We should get some rest though. I’ll take first watch.” They all nod their heads and then lie down to try and sleep.


{ late in the night a woman sneaks Patti’s pack, who fell asleep by mistake, and searched through it. She takes most of the food, medicine, and bandages, then takes Justices gun. Then she quietly sneaks away.}


I jolt awake as I hear a noise, I rub my eyes then stand up and look around. I see nothing, and sit back down and lean against a tree. A few minutes later the sun starts to rise, I get up to go wake the others. I shake Molly’s shoulder slightly, I whisper, “ Molly, wake up and then wake the others. We need to get moving.” She turns on her back and stretches, then gets up and wakes the others. I go to my pack to get some food for them. It’s nearly empty, “ How is this possible!” I say, shocked. “ What?” Says Willow and I stand and turn around, they’re standing there. “ The food is almost gone again! And the medicine and bandages! We still have plenty of water though. “ My gun is gone too!” Says Justice, “ It was lying right next to me!” ‘ What’s going on?’ I thought. I say to them, “ We need to get going, we’ll figure this out later.


A few hours later as we’re walking down the highway we see a sign that says Welcome To Alabama. We hear a noise and turn to the direction it sounded, someone comes out of the bushes and points a gun at me, I recognize who it is. “ Mom!?” I say, shocked. She starts advancing towards me, but before she could get close to me Molly and Christina pull their pistols out and point them at her, “ How the heck did you escape!?” She says angrily, “ We jumped the fence genius!” I say sarcastically. “ Who is she?” Willow says, she sounds scared. “ My name is Vanessa, leader of Isis.” I stare at her, shocked. “ What!?” Molly and Christina say at the same time. “ You guys are coming back with me!” Vanessa says, and starts walking towards us, Molly loaded her gun and points it at her, “ Stop!” she yells. Vanessa looks at her, suddenly points the gun at her and loads it, “ NO!” I screech, and dive in front of her as the shot goes off, and feel pain in my shoulder as I fall to the ground.

¨PATTI! NO!!!!!” Molly screeches as I black out from shock.




hay, im Justice, so, i see you read chapter 2, yeah, things are pretty, intense, patti just got shot by the leader of isis! and now molly is raging, willow is scared to death, what's going to happen now? and then this girl just comes out of nowhere. you'll have to see..’


“ILL KILL YOU!!!” molly just screeches at her and lunges. i run over to patti and put a rag on her shoulder to stop the bleeding. “willow, Christina, go find some yarrow leaves, quick!” i say, and they run off. “it's gonna be alright patti..if u can hear me.”  i look over and just see molly just going super saiyan on ‘vannesa’. “AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” she screeches. “GET OFF OF ME YOU GIRL!” “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” she says just still attacking her with a hatchet handle.


then we hear a loud screech “HATCHETS!!!!!!!!!!!!” and all of a sudden a girl jumps out of the trees and attacks vanessa “SQUAAAAAAAA!” she screeches. “grace!?!?!??! is that you!?!?!” “HATCHETS!!!” she screeches, loudly. “what the…..who is she..” i say. to myself. “ Justice! we have the leaves!!” willow and christina say running out of the trees. “ok good!” i say, lifting the rag off of patti's shoulder. then all of a sudden vanessa literally disappears and that girl falls to the ground. “hatchets?” I put the leaves on patti's shoulder, and the bleeding stops, but i leave the leaves they're and bandage it up. then patti opens her eyes. “w-what happened…… shoulder hurts…” she says, weakly. “patti! you're awake!” says molly, running over. “omg we thought you were a gonner!” says christina


“whos……..the girl…?” i ask, looking at the girl, who is psychologically chewing on a rock. “nom.”. “well….that's grace, she was our best friend back in school, but she was kidnaped and used as like a lab rat for new she's pretty drugged up, it'll be a while for it to wear off.”says christina . “that's disturbing.” i say, looking back at her. “hatchets…...” :D she says very psycho like. “...” o-o “ok then”. “how's your shoulder patti?” says willow, chewing on a spare granola bar. “it's fine..just some pain. but we should really get a move on” . “well, patti, we should rest, it's almost night, and you need the rest” says molly. “yeah, she's right.” i say. “fine….but we leave early dawn.’  “ok” we all say, except for grace, who has no grace whatsoever, and climbs up a tree. and watches us.


the next day at early dawn, we’re packing up our camp getting ready to set off to california. “ok, everything's packed and ready to go” i say. “alright, let's get a move on, we're wasting daylight here!” patti screeches. “but it's 6am..” says christina, sarcastically. “exactly”she says we’re all like .?.  :we head out but just to be safe, we put grace on a rope leash. “HATCHETS!!!!!!!!!!” she screeches. “ok she is really freaking me out, and maybe she shouldn't have a weapon..” i say. “well, she looks fine, she hasn't tried to harm any of us.” says molly.


{about an hour into our travel, grace notices something} “hat-chets?”  grace says, looking into the trees like a wild animal. “what is it girl?” says christina. we all get a eire feeling like someone is watching us. “maybe we should go check it out..” i say. “it's probably a isis spy!!” patti screeches, hopping into a tree. “they want our flesh……” she says. “patti, UH are you OK???” says christina o-o. “im fine!” she screeches. “i'm going to go check it out..” molly says, going towards the bushes, then she disappears in the lush of leaves. about a min later, we hear molly screech. “!!!!!!!!”. “Molly!! were coming!!!” we all screeched and ran into the bushes. “!!!!CHARLIE!!!!” xD we all stop, confused, and look to see a white goat.


“OMG CHARLIE!! IT’S YOU!!! OH MY BABY!!!” xD. “maa.” all charlie says, but something seems off. right about before she runs to him with open arms, i grab her arm. “molly wait, something doesn't seem right, u told me the story of charlie, that he was taken, but wouldn't it be weird that he is randomly here?? In Alabama????”. molly pauses, and looks at charlie. “hand me a rock.” she says. “ok” i grab a stone, and give it to her. and she tosses it in front of charlie, but right when it hits the ground,  it springs up from the ground, then spikes shank up from the ground, and then a net falls on the spikes. we are all stunned O-O. “sorry to say, mol, but, i told you..” i say


we scoot around the spikes and net, around to charlie. he doesn’t move, it’s like a trance. “charlie boy. it's me molly” she goes over to him, and shakes his goat shoulders, then all of a sudden his goat eyes glow red. and then lasers shoot out of his eyes and attack us. we all screech. then the lasers stop. but charlie still hasn't moved. molly runs over to him and shakes him again. “CHARLIE!! PLEASE!!! COME BACK TO EARTH!!” she says, her nails dig into his skin then a teeny blinking object comes out of his skin, and charlie blinks his eyes and looks up at molly. “maa!!” charlie bleats, obviously scared. “it’s ok buddy! its me! it’s me!” she says, hugging him.


“so this is charlie, eh?” i say, petting his head, “ i thought he was gone for good. “ christina says. “i did too..” said molly. :then there's a sound of running heads our way:


Chapter four:  hope.


‘hi, i'm willow. so u read chapter three, yeah, stuff went down..a lot...we met a crazy person, and a goat, i wonder what's going to happen next..’


{grace senses the air then wines.}  “hatchet…………..” . “guys...we should run..” i say. “OK LET'S RUN BECAUSE IT'S SOME ISIS SOLDIERS!!!” justice screeches. we all screech and take off. we’re fired with gunshots while we run, no one is injured. later after a while we loose them in the dust.  but then justice slows down and goes on his knees, breathing raspily and coughing . “g-guYs.....slOw...down….i can’t Bre-AthE..”. we slow down and stop. “justice?? whats wrong??” i say, looking at my brother and kneel down. “my asthma…..i canT breath….” he says “well use your inhaler!”. “i dOnt”.he says looking at the ground. “i lEft.. it At the ca-mP…”  “ Justice you idiot! How could you leave it at the camp!?” i  exclaim “ Good thing we’re near another town, we should find a hospital.” “ Good idea.” Says Molly, and we start walking towards the town.


It wasn’t that hard to find the hospital, we get there as the sun is going down. The lobby is empty and it looks like the rest of the building might be too. “ Justice hide behind the desk and sit tight, Christina, stay with him in case something happens. Molly and Patti, come with me, “ Um…. Is it a good idea to bring Patti.” She asks, we both look at Patti, who seems to be staring into space. “ We’ll keep an eye on her.” I say, and Molly walks up to her and takes her hand and leads her as we search the different rooms for his inhaler.


“ What inhaler does he use?” Molly asks. “ Albuterol Sulfate.” I say as Patti walks up to a counter and pick up a bottle of pills, she gets it open and tips it towards her mouth, “ Patti no!” Molly says and grabs the bottle from her, “ What’s going on with you? Are you okay?” She asks, “ I.. Don’t.. Know.” Patti replies, I look closer, her pupils are more dilated than usual and a dark blue. I look around in a cabinet and finally find some inhalers, I search for Justice’s and find it. We run back to him and I give it to him, he takes it and pushes the button and breathes in, once, then once more. “ Much better.” he says with relief. We head back out to the highway.


{grace is just running around screaming hatchet and just destroying everything in her path with her hatchet} “HAAAATTTTCCCHHHEEEEETTTT!!!!!!!!!”grace screeches . “oh wait, i'll catch up whith you guys, im going to go back and grab some spare inhalers, i'll be right back”he says  as he runs back inside the abandoned hospital. “ok” i say. {we wait a couple minutes until we hear a screech from the hospital. “that was justice!” i screech, and run inside. “wait! we have to see what is going on before barging in like that!” says christina. “good point.” . we sneak around to the back and look inside. Someone in a uniform comes around the corner, he took Justice as a hostage and was now pointing the gun at his head. “


“POTATOOO HAMIT CRAM BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB……” patti says, obviously drugged…. we look back inside to still see the uniformed person still holding the gun to his head, then the person walks to a group of others and they knock him out and walk out and put him in an isis truck and drive. “we have to follow that truck!”christina exclaims. “but how????!!” molly says. “i got a plan! we hijack a car!”i say. “hatchet!!” grace agrees. “well, ok, but we have to hurry before we lose sight of them!!”


{we find an abandoned car and pop the hood and manage to open the door}. “ok anyone have a screwdriver!?”i ask.”i do!” says christina. and she hands her a screwdriver. “ok thanks”, i jam the screwdriver into the key lock and jiggle it around, and the car starts. “HAHA YAH!!!!GET IN, WE HAVE A CAR TO CATCH!!”. “PIIZZAAA!!!!” screeches patti, riding in the bed of the car. i step on the gas pedal and we speed away.


“we lost the car! where is it!?” screeches molly. sticking her head out the window.  “oh no….”i say, as the car comes to a stop. “why'd you stop! keep going!” says christina.  “out of gas…” “oh no!” i screech. then all of a sudden patti and grace are screeching at each other then they both hop out and run. “hey! get back here!” i screech. then all of a sudden they come back with some big bottles of gas. “HATCHETT” “PIZZAAAAA!” :D we all are, and we pour the gas in. “ok we have to find where they went, we have to find him! before they do something horrible.” molly says, very worried.


“ooooh.. someone got a crush..” said christina, mockingly. “no i don't.” “shure” XD “let's

just get a move on!!” then all of a sudden patti and grace throw us in the backseat and they

take the wheel.“WAITNO!”iscreech.“HATCHET!!!!!!!!”“PIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAA!!”  and grace slams on the gas pedal and speeds away. were all screeching as were close to sudden death many times. “WERE GONNA GET BOY BACKK!!!” grace screeches. “omg her first sane words!” molly says. “PPPIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAA!”. {we drive, following the isis car.. but then we lose sight “ Where is it?” Patti say demonically.


“idk, but we can't just give up, let's continue on this road still.” says christina. “ok, christina’s right, we can't just give up.” says patti, drugs wearing off. “YAY patti ur back!” screeches molly. “ I’m back? Where did I go?” “ Did justice ever take that bullet out of her shoulder ?” I ask. “ Shoot I don’t think he did, I think that’s why she went crazy.” christina  said. “was it drugged maybe?” molly asks. “ First of all we need to take it out, anyone know how to find drugs in a bullet?” I ask. “idk, but i think justice would know if he was here, he says he's really good at medical stuff” says molly, as charlie was chewing on her shirt.


“ We need to find that car again. Maybe we could just keep going straight until the road ends, or at least to the first exit.”  I say. “ Maybe Charlie can sniff them out.” Molly suggests. “ Can he even do that?” asks Patti. “ I don’t know. We’ll have to find out.” “ Well, we need to find out fast, look.” I say pointing at a tornado that’s coming out way. “we won't have time to find him, we have to go find a cellar, quick!” “um...what hatchet! happened….” grace says, in a way coming to be sane. “we’ll tell you later!” i say, “come on!”we hop out of car and run to an abandoned house and go into its cellar, and close the door.


“ Lock the doors, quick!” I say and Molly puts the lock into place just as we hear a thump, most likely the tornado destroying things outside. We all walk to the back and sit down. “ Anyone hungry?” Patti brings out a little bit of food for each of us. Charlie starts bleating so Molly starts to pet him until he calmed down.

  • _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


‘hi, i'm christina, so i see u read chapter four, intense huh?, well i'm brain dead, lol, so enjoy chapter five!’


{we stay down there for a good hour, the wind still howling outside} Suddenly the ground under Patti crumbles and she falls through it. she screeches as she tries to grab something, anything to keep her from falling, but she doesn’t grasp anything and falls. She screeches as she hits the ground. “ Patti are you okay!?” I exclaim, panicking a little. “ I think so. But my ankle hurts!” She replies. “ I think I see something though.” “ Get the rope.” I say, and Molly digs one out of Patti’s backpack.


we tie the rope to a metal bar on the wall and slide down, charlie jumps down. “patti u said your ankle hurts?”. “yeah...a lot!” “lemme c.” said grace. she goes over to patti and looks at her ankle. “hm. looks like a sprain” “ I think I probably re-sprained it.”. “i grabbed some bandages from the hospital, i can probably wrap it up, until we find another hospital.” “ Yeah. But we need to put it in a splint, is there anything around that can be a makeshift? And then put the bandages on it?”. “i think i saw a metal bar over there, i'll go get it.” i said as i walked over and picked up a short stiff metal flat bar. “will this work?” i say. “ I don’t know, let’s try it.” Grace lines the bar with Patti’s leg and then wraps it up with the bandages. “ That’ll have to do for now.” Patti says..”can you walk?” says willow.


“ I don’t know.” She tries to stand and puts her weight on the wall next to her for support, she takes a couple of steps. “ It hurts to walk, but I’m just gonna have to deal with it until we find help.”. “ok” i say. “ok, also, what did you mean when you said u saw something?” molly asks. “ I saw a flicker of light and then heard something, it sounded like footsteps.”. “we should investigate” says willow. “but we have to find out where they took justice” molly says. “i know, but maybe this is linked to it, even we have to find your CRUSH” says willow. “shut up, he's not my crush!“ “hehehehehehehehe” says willow “Then we should follow the tunnel and see where it leads.” Patti says.


{we follow the tunnel, then we stop in front of a huge metal door, and has the words isis base  it says.} “OMG!” i say. “ Yes! We found it!” Patti says, wincing as she limps next to us. “maybe this is where they're keeping him” says willow. “one way to find out” says grace. “we go in” “but this is isis base camp! we need a plan or we’re going to be killed” i say. “ Justice could be killed if we don’t get him!” Patti says back to her. “we HAVE to make a plan!” says molly “how about we just set off the attack alarm?” says willow looking at a alarm similar to a school fire alarm.


{everyone facepalms} “that's so simple! alright.” says patti. “ How are we going to set it off though?” Willow asks. “ Maybe we could clip something in it to set it off.” Says Grace.  “or maybe just this.” molly says, and just pulls it down, and the alarm goes off. and the alarm is the song whip nae nae.  “OMG LOL” molly says “ We should probably hide. They could come through this door!” Patti says urgently. “ok” me and willow say. and hide behind some crates. {and as everybody hides, thousands of isis soldiers burst through the door and disappear. “ Come on.” I say and go through the door they just exited. and we run down a series of halls and doors and end up in a room and there’s glass tanks lined up on all sides of the room, they have people in them, with animal features.


“what are they doing to these people….” molly says, looking around. “poor people.” says patti, “ Look! There’s Justice!” She says, pointing to a glass tank at the other side of the room. We walk closer. “ Are those.. Ears?” I say. “of course he has ears, he's human.”says grace. “ No, I mean bear ears.”. “w-? OMG WHAT” grace says. “what did they do to him!” molly says, shocked. Patti grabs a metal bar that’s on the floor and swings at the glass and it shatters. we go into the shattered little tank and shake him “justice wake up! wake up!” we say. but he doesn’t budge, “wait” molly grabs something and pulls it off his arm and he opens his eyes. “ wh...what..happened…..”  “ You were kidnapped and taken here.” Says Patti. “my head hurts...i feel like a metal bar just hit my head..” he says. “ Maybe that’s why there’s metal bars lying around.” says Patti.. “justice, you have bear ears.” i say.  “what are you talking about?”.  “ Feel around your head.” Patti tells him and limps around him, “ He has a bear tail too!” she says..


:justice feels the top of his head: “w-w-how do i have bear ears!? and a tail!? “ he says just starting to freak out and hyperventilate. “calm down or you'll cause another asthma attack” i say. Willow goes and hugs him, “ I’m just glad you’re okay.” she says.  justice hugs her back. “can we leave...please….” he says barely tearing up. “ Hopefully. There was a tornado about an hour ago, the ground literally fell out from under me and I fell through, luckily it led here.” Patti says, slowly sitting down to rest for a second.  


“where is this place..and why are there so many ppl in tanks..?” justice questions.  “ We’re in Kansas, and I think these people were tested on.” Patti replies. “ Also can we shut that alarm off? It’s getting really annoying.” she says. “so i was tested on like them..” he says, as i go shut the alarm off, and it's off. “ok it's off, but we have to hurry, they're going to be coming back!”  Patti stands up and starts limping towards the door, “ Then let’s go!” she says. molly, grace, christina, willow and justice also get up and run and but justice is a little clumsy at first and stumbles but gets up with molly's help and go for the door.


[they reach the door and open it, the sounds of footsteps approaching is the first thing they hear}.”hide again!” says willow. and goes behind some boxes, grace does the same, then finds a box that says fragile, and with curiosity, opens it up, just to reveal a golden hatchet. “OMG HATCHET!!” “grace shush!!” molly yaps at grace. just as the soldiers go past and back into the underground building.


“ I think we lost them.” I say, we all look at Patti as she slowly sits down, she let’s out a groan. “ Patti are you okay?” Molly asks. “ Yeah, I’m fine. I think we should rest though, it’s getting pretty late.” Molly looks at her phone, “ It’s 11:00 pm.” then her phone dies. “ Um. There goes our clock, and any possible chance of calling someone.” She says, and returns the phone to her pocket. “ I’ll take first watch.” patti says. “ Are you sure?” I ask, “ You don’t look too good.” I look at her more closely, her eyes look a little dull. “ I’ll be fine.” she says, “ Get some rest.”


“alright.” says molly and goes against the wall and goes to sleep, the others do the same thing.  about an hour later grace gets up and goes over to patti. “you seem tired, i’ll take next watch” . “ok” says patti, almost asleep. in the morning we get ready and head back out, and we find our car is gone and everything around us. “we need to be hidden because isis soldiers are EVERYWHERE” i say. “ok we will have to just hide behind rubble as we walk, not to be seen” grace says. “ok.” says justice, not even paying attention, just still feeling his head like. ‘is this really real’....


Chapter six: survival

‘ Hi, I’m Grace. HATCHET HATCHET HATCHET HATCHETT!!! enjoy chapter five.’


{we run through debris, hidden as we sneak past guards and isis army men. and we make it through the town} “omg that was so intense” i said. “no kidding..” said willow. “so, now what…?” justice said. “i wonder where we even are” said molly. “well, i know one thing, we haven't left kansas. maybe there's a working train station nearby” patti says, limping. “we should look” says grace. A whistle sounds in the distance. Patti smiles, “ I think we found one.” We start walking towards the sound.


We make it to the station just as the train pulls up, Patti quickly hands the rest of her money to the guy with the tickets and we hurry on board. “i wonder how far this train will take us” says molly. “yeah.” i say, clutching the golden hatchet. “ Only one way to find out, we wait until we get to the next train station.” Patti says, sitting down.  “but what then after we get to the next station?”  willow questions. “ I think I might have a map in my pack.” Patti starts digging through her backpack, “ Here it is. Okay so, we’re in Kansas, and the tracks lead to the west, so we’re still heading the right way back to California.”. “ok, that's good” i say. charlie mass with approval.


i look like a freak……....” says justice, looking at a little pocket mirror“ Does anyone want to read or hear a story or something? I have the book I wrote.” Patti says. “okay” we all say. “i don't think you look like a freak” says molly sitting next to justice. “really?” . “yeah, i think it makes you look cute a little”. “hehh.....thanks..” justice says, blushing. Patti snickers and pulls out her book, “ A Five Nights At Freddy’s Story - How It All Began.  {“ What did you guys think of the movie?” I ask as we’re walking back to Molly’s apartment complex, we had just watched Scott Cawthon’s new horror movie Five Nights At Freddy’s, we’ve been waiting for a year for it to come out in 2017.” }


{the train drives, and the sky outside the windows turn dark} *yawns* “well, i'm tired..” says christina. “ditto.” i say. “we should get sleep” says molly. laying back in the chair. “ I’ll take first watch.” Says Patti. “ You always take first watch, are you sure you don’t want to rest?” Justice asks. “ I’m fine, you guys rest.” she replies. “well, ok, night patti” Justice says, laying back and goes to sleep, the bear ears twitching. {in the morning everyone starts to wake up.  “uncomfortable, but, ok” i say. “ You guys sleep okay?” Patti asks. “yeah, wasn't the best sleep, but at least we got some” says justice. “you should sleep patti, just to make up for last night” molly says.


“ Okay.” Patti replies, yawning, then lies down to sleep.”i wonder where we are now” says willow. “i don’t know, but maybe we should ask the conductor” i say . “alright” says christina. “ also check the map.” Patti mumbles sleepily. :i go up to the conductor: “hey where is this train located?” the conductor replies. “just entering new york state”. “NEW YORK!?!??!?!”i  screech. and runs back. “GUYS!!! WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM!!!!” I screech.  Patti jolts awake, “ What! What is it!” she sits up.”THIS TRAIN WAS HEADED TO CALIFORNIA!!! WE’RE IN NEW YORK STATE!!!” i screech


“ But the compass was pointing to the west!” “let me see the compass” says justice.  Patti hands him the compass. justice looks at it and opens it up and looks around inside. “this compass is broken, and it looks like it has been broken for a while”  he says  “ It must’ve happened when I fell through that floor, it was in my pocket at the time.” “so now what are we going to do!?” says christina. “ Don’t any of you have a compass?” Patti asks. they all reply. “no.”.  Patti sighs and says, “ We need to figure this out, does anyone know where we could get another compass?”. “no.” we all say. “we’re gonna die! this train is probably hijacked! and new york is the mother load state of isis!” molly says Dx . “ Calm down, first of all, we need to get off the train, and quick.” the train jolts, “ Right now.”


“well what are we waiting for!?” justice says as he gets up :the train comes to a stop and we all run to the exit and jump out, then when everyone is out molly jumps out as well but someone grabs her hair. “AHH! HELP”  DX “ MOLLY!” patti screeches and quickly limps after her. justice follows patti over. “LET GO PLEASE!!!” screeches molly holding to the sides of the train door. “Patti try to make the person let go!the train’s starting to move!” Patti pulls out her pistol and shoots the guy's leg. the guy lets go of molly and molly jumps out and falls, then justice catches her “ thanks for catching me…” “no..problem”.  “ Wait!” Patti says, sounding panicked, “ I think we should run, that gunfire probably got people's’ attention!” “ok” i say, and we all run, ( Well, Patti limped fast rather than run) “over here!’ i screech, lifting up an abandoned cellar and hop in. and everyone else goes in. “ I’m probably gonna end up hating cellars, whether or not they save my life.” Patti says. “lol” christina and molly says.


{we stay down there for a while} “maybe it's safe to go up” i say. “ Shh! I hear something!” Patti whispers. Someone opens the cellar. “ We meet once again.” Vanessa says. “You!” justice screeches. “OH NO.” molly screeches as well. “why did you drug patti with that bullet?!” christina screeches. More people come up behind Vanessa and we back up a little. A man walks up beside her, “ Drop your weapons!” he says, Patti’s eyes widen, “ Dad?


“wait. what!?” christina says. Then 3 kids walk up next to them. “ How could you?” Patti whispers. “we’re trapped…” says molly. “we're gonna die!! i was right!!” DX molly says . Suddenly gunshots go off and we dive to the floor. “ LET THEM GO!” someone shouts, one of the voices sound familiar. Molly notices it too because then she’s screeching, “ MOM! MOM I’M DOWN HERE!” Then two people come into view, one is Jill, and the other is a woman I don’t recognize, holding Vanessa and her family at gunpoint. Jill's eyes widen, “ Molly?”


“MOM!!!” molly screeches again. and runs out of the cellar and hugs her mom. “MOM ! i thought i'd never see you again!”. “ supposed to be at the safety camp.”

“it wasn't safe we escaped.’





‘molly again.  OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


“mom...what are you doing here, you would never be like this.” i ask. “well. im part of the illuminati” . “.O. .M. G.!!” i screech. :the rest of everybody crawls out of the cellar: “well, let's take you guys to the base, you kids must be starving” . “ What about my family?” Patti asks. “well, your mom is right here.” she points at the woman holding gunpoint to patti's family. “your blood mother”  Patti falls to the ground. “patti?” christina says. No response.”um……..” i say.”we’ll take her to the base, come on” my mom says. “ok” we all say


{they take us to the secret base} “well we’re here” My mom says, I look at Patti, who’s in her arms. Her eyes slowly open. “good morning sleeping beauty, sorry, your prince isn't here at the moment lol” i say. “ HAHAHA!” My mom puts her on a bench, then kneels down and looks at her ankle and unwraps the bandages, then asks someone to get the supplies.


“so..this place is the illuminati base?” i ask. “sure is.” my mom says, as she wraps patti's ankle. “why didn't you tell me that u were a part of this?” i ask. “well, i didn't want to make you nervous.” my mom says. “i guess that would be true” i say i look at patti. “how's your ankle?” “good” she says, “ But I think we still need to take that bullet out of my shoulder. It’s been making me feel dizzy.”. “don’t worry, we will” my mom says. “who’s your guys's leader?” says justice. “well, we actually have 2”. “that's cool” says willow. “would you guys like to meet them?”. “YEAH!” we all say. “very well then, follow me” my mom says, then starts walking.


{we follow her until we come to a big room, and there's two people standing there} “sir, ma’am. we have some people who would like to meet you”. {the two ppl look at us then we hear a screech} “MOM!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!” Justice and Willow screech . “justice!!!!!!!! willow!!!!!!”the ppl screech back and they all run to each other and hug. “wait what?” says patti, “did you know mom?” i said. “of course i did, wait, is that, charlie?” “yeap, i'll tell u later how” . “…’ says justice. “wait, why do you have bear ears honey?”. “ill tell you later mom” he says.


“can you take the bullet now..?” says patti, “of course, we have a surgery room waiting just for you”. she looks at the rest of us. “you kids hungry? we have our own freddy fazbear's pizza, for the kids  here”. “OMG!!!!” we all scream. my mom shows us and the first thing we do is run inside, while patti is taken to surgery. “OMG they made it a real place!’ says christina.


An hour later Patti comes back from surgery with a pair of crutches, I walk up to her, “ You okay?” “ Yeah.” she replies, “ So this is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza?” “ Yep.” I say. “ I don’t know about this place, something doesn’t seem right.” Patti says, she has a worried look on her face.  “you say that about everywhere” says willow , “ Yeah but… If this is like the Freddy Fazbear’s we know, wouldn’t the animatronics come alive here too?” Patti asks. “depends if what happened there, happened here, but i doubt it.” i say. “let's just get some food, i'm starving” christina says


{we walk in and order some pizza and sit down} “so, i guess we have to live here now”. i say. “”i wish i could find my parents” says grace. “well, me too, but i have a feeling they're all here, most people are.” . “we’ll check after we're done eating” says willow. “i just can’t believe that our parents are the leaders…..” says Justice. “yeah.. big surprise” says willow, finishing off her slice of pizza.  “ But how did my birth mom find Molly’s mom?” Patti asks. Vanessa walks up to our table and grabs her in a choke hold, “ You little BRAT!!”

“NOT YOU!!!” i say, screeching, and jump onto Vanessa and tackle her. “DONT TOUCH MY FRIEND!!!!!. Patti gets up off the floor where Vanessa dropped her and grabs her gun, points it at Vanessa, and shoots her leg. “ GAAH!!” Vanessa falls to the floor as my mom runs toward us. Justice gets up and grabs a cloth and ties up vanessa’s mouth and arms. and grace gets up and bites Vanessa's arm because she can lol.


Willow gets up and runs to my mom. “It’s vanessa!”. “oh no, she must have escaped! sound the alarms!!!” my mother screeches, and alarms go off. “The rest of the family have escaped too!” a person calls out.





“ Patti here. You enjoying the story so far? Enjoy chapter 8.”


I rub my neck where Vanessa choked me and then make my way to Molly’s mom with the others. “are you ok patti!?” molly says, running over to me, “ Yeah, I think so.” . “that's good” she says. “ Get the troops together!” Molly’s mom says, and people start getting in lines, and they have guns. “ Mom, what’s happening?” Molly asks, “ We’re going into war.” She replies, and to the troop she says, “ Make sure you have you’re rations and extra ammo! Kids, you stay here okay?” We all nod our heads, and then they march out.


After they marched out we were alone. We go sit at one of the tables, “ I can’t believe this is happening.” I whisper. A few minutes later we hear a crash, “ I’ll go check it out.” I said taking my crutches and getting up, “ Be careful.” Molly says, “ I will.” I reply and start toward the room it sounded in. The moment after I stepped in someone grabs me and puts something over my mouth. I black out.


I wake up to hear someone talking into a walkie-talkie, “ I’ve got her. Her friend’s mom sent out troops, assemble ours, I’m on my way.” The voice sounds familiar. Vanessa. She looks at me, “ Well, look who’s awake, comfortable?” I try to move but my hands are tied behind my back, and there’s a cloth tied in my mouth. “ Don’t worry, we’re almost to the Isis camp, they’re really excited to get to meet you.” She looks at me evilly and grabs the rope tied to my wrists and yanks me to my feet, then she takes my gun and points it at my back, “ Get moving!” She says, and I start walking where she tells me.


A couple hours later we arrive at the camp, Vanessa shoves me to the ground, “ Stay put.” She walks into a tent and comes back a few minutes later. She pulls me up and leads me to a tent, there’s a big cage in the back and she brings me in there and unties my wrists, then quickly walks out, closes the door and locks it, and walks out of the tent. < back at the Illuminati base > “WHERE IS SHE!?!?” screeches molly, panicking. “SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO COME BACK THREE HOURS AGO!!” “ Calm down Molly! Maybe she has a walkie-talkie with her, we could find one here and try to sync it to hers.” Willow says. “that could work.” says justice. “but, we need to find one.” christina says. “charlie could sniff one out” says grace, roping charlie. “good idea” molly says.


< Back at the Isis camp> “ I need to get out of here.” I say to myself, I see a walkie-talkie on a shelf near the cage and reach my hand out. After a few minutes of reaching I finally grab it and see a button on the side, I push it and then push the button that lets me communicate, “ Hello? Is anyone there?” . :a reply comes in: “PATTI?! PATTI!? IS THAT YOU!!?” a voice comes in through the speakers. “ Molly!? I’m at they’re camp, and they’re assembling their troops!” I say, trying to be quiet.  “oh no….what are we going to do??? but. one thing but we have to get you back! we’re coming for you don’t worry!” “ Molly, I’m gonna be fine, I’ll get out of here!” The walkie-talkie starts to make static noises as Molly says something, “DO-” *it cuts out*


I clip the walkie-talkie to the belt loop on my pants and then start looking for a way out, someone comes in and I spot the keys on his belt. He’s carrying a tray of food, I back up a bit. He takes the keys and unlocks the door, I wait until he bends down and lunge at him, I choke him until he lays motionless. I grab my gun off a table and then sneak out of the tent and hide behind a stack of wood. I peek around the corner, the coast is clear, they must be planning.


I see something fall in the middle of the field, seconds later it blows up. The Isis troops run out armed with guns as the Illuminati troops come out of the treeline, grenades go off and there’s shooting. I sprint into the treeline and run, I turn and I collide with someone, we both fall to the ground and then I hear someone screech, “ PATTI!” I stand up and Molly hugs me, the others are with her too, then she hands me my pack, “ We need to go help them! They’ve started war!” I say, and we run back to the battlefield, our guns ready.


We put our packs down in the treeline and sprint towards them. I shoot and then the others shoot a couple times, “ YEEEE-HAWW!” I screech as I bolt in front of an Isis soldier and shoot him. “ PATTI WE’RE NOT IN A RODEO!” Molly says, but she’s laughing. An enemy soldier knocks me down but Willow shoots her and I get back up, “ You okay?” she asks, “ Yeah.” I say and shoot another enemy. “ What are you guys doing here!?” someone says, my birth mom runs up to us, “ We’re here to help.” Justice says, “ We also came to get Patti, she got kidnapped by Vanessa.” Molly says. “ Just be careful.” My birth mom runs back to help her comrades.


As I shoot another enemy I see someone shoot one of our soldiers, five more go down, including my birth mom, “ NO!” I screech and start running towards her, I hear someone screech behind me and turn around, Molly just got shot, five more shots go off and Justice, Willow, Christina and Grace go down. Someone comes up from behind me and tackles me, pinning me to the ground, Vanessa walks up to me, our troops start getting pinned to the ground.


“ Well, look who’s got out of her cage,” She says, she walks up to Molly and points her gun at her head, “ Time to finish what I started, starting with this one.” She loads the gun. A growl starts in my throat, “ NO!” I screech, and I start to wriggle around as my mom slowly starts to pull the trigger. Time seems to slow down as I finally get loose, but I find myself on all fours, I look down at my hands, except they weren’t hands, they were paws, I look at my back, and I have a tail similar to a dog’s, ‘ I’m a wolf ,’ I realize. Vanessa looks at me and a shocked look comes on her face.


“ How is that possible!?” She screeches. I growl, I lunge at the soldier that was holding me down, and chaos erupts as the Illuminati soldiers get loose and start shooting again. I move toward Vanessa and she runs, I let her run. I turn toward an enemy and kill him by lunging onto him and ripping his neck with my teeth. The enemies start running away, some of our soldiers chase after them until they’re past the treeline, then our soldiers come back.


Molly and the others get up, only their legs were shot. I start to turn back, but once I saw my shoulder was bare, “ Guys.”  i say. “are you o-” Justice starts to say, then just pauses. “um……” :his face is pink: The girls make a circle around me, “ Blanket, pants? Anything?” I say. “i'll get something” says grace, and runs and comes back with a blanket and puts it on me: “ Thanks.” I say, and make a sarong out of the blanket. I stand up and the circle breaks. Justices face is still a bit red from seeing me. “......” :the awkward silence he has:


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________CHAPTER NINE : THE BATTLE IS WON



‘heh… hi...justice here. soooo, a lot happening huh? well, idk if its ALL over but..heh..we'll see..’


Patti runs to her birth mom and kneels by her, I feel hot all over after seeing her without covering, “ Mom!? Mom are you okay!?” no response. Vanessa walks up, “ She’s probably dead, since I’m the one who shot her.” Patti stands, “ How can you stand to kill someone!? You hate everyone I love!” she aims her gun at Vanessa and shoots. Vanessa crumples to the ground and someone runs and kneels by her side, she puts something in his hand and closes her eyes, her breathing stops.


The man stands up, “ You’ve won this time.” he says angrily, “ But this war is not over!” He walks away. Patti’s birth mom groans, “ Mom!” she kneels back down, >:l “nope.” i say to myself and run and lunge at the man tackling him. “you're not going anywhere!!!!” “this war is over!” i screech. Patti comes over with a rope and ties his wrists, “ There’s still the kids, if you kill me the oldest is in charge!” he says. “ Shut up before I strangle you!” Patti says, tying a cloth in his mouth.  


:i stand up to look around to see damage, then i feel a sharp pain in my abdomen and remove my hand from my side and see blood and realize i got shot: “guys……” i say staring at my hand. “ Oh no!” Molly says, running over to me with a bandage, she wraps it around. “it…….hurts..” i say, fighting the pain. “ I think Jill can fix it up.” Patti says, wrapping up her mom’s own abdomen. “i feel tired……” i say, partially closing my eyes. “don’t close your eyes, just keep looking at the sky” says molly. “k……” i say. :i stare at the sky:


{after everyone gets bandaged up we head back to the base} ‘now what i guess, is isis defeated (?) ‘ i think to myself. I look around at the people around me, Patti is helping her mom walk, our friends are limping. Someone takes my hand and I look to see Molly walking beside me, “ You okay?” she asks, “ Yeah.” I reply. “ What I’m wondering is how I was able to run with a sprained ankle.” Patti says. “ At least you don’t need the crutches anymore.” Molly says. “ Yep.” Patti replies.


A few hours later we arrive at the Illuminati Base, there’s people armed with guns standing in front of it. One of them throws something and it goes off, sending gas everywhere, I slowly start to go unconscious and I see Patti fall to the ground first, then Molly, then I lose consciousness. I wake up in a cell with Molly lying right next to me, she wakes up. I look around and Patti is at the front of her cell, there’s a guard in front of the outside of her cell, “ Where are we!?” She asks. The man replies, “ You’re in Russia.”




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