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Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017




Once again, Special Agent Baldwin had been tipped off by an anonymous source. Like last time, he received an informal letter with no return address. The odd letters would give him clues and destinations of where he could find “the Fed Ex delivery employee.”

According to the anonymous source, one of the company’s truck drivers was doing illegal stuff on the side but the source of this information wouldn’t state who it was and would only give addresses where they claimed he had been stopping and engaging in illegal activity.

Baldwin had had many questions throughout the week like: Who was the Fed Ex employee and what were they doing? And who was this “anonymous person” that seemed to know everything about it? Why didn’t they cut to the chase and tell him who it was instead of playing games?

Regardless of the peculiarity of the whole thing, Baldwin continued to follow the leads that were given. This time the address was located outside of town. He typed the address given into his GPS and it brought him to a rundown house that appeared to be more of a shack. It seemed no one had lived there for a while and of course, there was no truck or sign of illegal activity. This was turning into a wild goose chase and he was starting to wonder if the anonymous source was just messing with him or if the truck really had been there but the “criminal” had moved it again.

He had other fish to fry and really didn't want to spend any more time on this strange case but, it was his job after all.


Vince, as they called him, dropped off another lady at the warehouse. Mike, from the booking crew, entered the girl into the system and showed her to her cell. She was drugged, tired, and disoriented from the long drive from Maine to Closter so it was fairly easy to convince her to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Vince asked Cindy, the receptionist, to print him up the addresses he needed. There were three tonight.

Vince took the list and went on his way; he had more rejects to take care of.


Vince knocked on Mary’s door and made sure to put on a friendly expression. It was currently midnight and he knew it always frightened people when he came knocking at this time.

 Mary eventually answered, glaring.

“Hey there,” Vince waved as he readjusted his Fed Ex cap.

“Wh-I didn’t order anything. What time is it?” Mary replied half asleep.

“I’m here to pick up.”

“Pick up? Pick up what?” Mary asked a little more awake.

“You’re Mary, correct?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Okay, well, you see ma’am I-” Vince trailed off as he  slowly looked around the dark street and made sure one was watching then took a rag out of his pocket and grabbed Mary by the head, placing it over her mouth. She squirmed and tried to scream but it was muffled.

After she went limp, Vince picked her up and placed her into the back of his truck as if she were a box.

“It shouldn’t be too long,” he told her as he slid the metal door shut.


Another note addressed to Baldwin; this time it had been dropped inside his work mailbox. He tore it open and there was another address.

567 Nottingdale St.

The agent did a quick search and found the house was located in a local neighborhood. He sighed as he grabbed his coat.

Browny, his co worker, asked him where he was off to.

“Another goose.” Baldwin replied as he made his way out of the office.

Baldwin drove to the house and knocked at the door but there wasn’t an answer. After looking up the address it was clear that unfortunately, no one was living there.


Mary woke up to her head banging against a cold, metal floor. As her eyes adjusted she saw two figures sitting to her left and right. It was two women and they had their hands tied behind their backs and the rope was connected to her hands. Mary was dizzy and nauseous but somehow was able to get her body upright. As she sat there for a minute she realized she was in a truck of some sorts.

The two women were already awake and they were staring at Mary, wide eyed.

“W-what’s going on?”  Mary whispered, terrified.

“We’ve been kidnapped!” The chubby lady cried. The younger one just kept staring.

Suddenly Mary started to remember the man that had knocked on her door but after that it was blank. Was it just a dream?

Mary began to get frantic as she banged on the wall with her arms; trying to get the rope off.

A while later, the truck came to a stop and Vince slid the back door open. The girls squinted at him. It was still dark out and the dim nightlights nearby made his face appear yellow.

“We’re here!” He said cheerfully, “Come on, time to get out.”

“Who are you?” The younger lady asked, her voice breaking.

Vince looked to his left and right and appeared to be looking at someone about his height but there was no one there, “Oh, hey. Yeah, you can help me.”

The girls looked at each other confused,“Who is he talking to?” Mary whispered as Vince kept his conversation with two invisible men.

“Yep, only three tonight.” Vince droned on.

Suddenly, Vince yanked the rope and grabbed Mary, forcing them all out of the truck.

Mike entered them into the system and began to escort them but they weren’t cooperative.

“Where are we!?” Mary demanded an answer.

“What do you want? Where are you taking us?” The chubby lady added but no one would respond.


Baldwin braced himself when he received the next letter. At first glance he could tell it was longer than the rest.

He began to read:

Dear Agent Baldwin,

I’m turning myself in. I can no longer sit here and do nothing. This is the last address that I will be giving and it’s the last address that you will need.

112 Lockhaven Dr.

It’s an abandoned warehouse;

You’ll need to bring more than just yourself.

There’s a lot of strong men here and they’ll take you out.



“Cindy?” Baldwin whispered to himself. How was she connected?


Mary and the other two girls had cells that were right next to each other and they desperately tried to figure out what was going on.

“It could have been anybody....Why us?” The young girl whined.

“That’s it!" Mary replied with a hint of realization, "There has to be a reason they chose us specifically- something in common maybe or someone we all know?” Mary suggested.

Before the other two could reply their cell doors flew opened and someone’s voice boomed through an intercom of some sorts telling them it was recreation time.

Other girls walked out of their cells like cattle as if they were used to this.

The three girls quickly caught up to one of the women.

“Hey, do you know what’s going on? Where are we?” Mary asked the women.

“Oh, ya’ll new?”

They nodded.

“And you haven’t figured it out yet?”

“Figured out what!?” The young girl cried.

“What’s something ya’ll have in common?” The lady asked as they continued to walk down the hallway.

“I don’t know; it seems we have nothing in common.” Mary said, looking disapprovingly at the other two.

“We’re all rejects here.” The women replied.

“Excuse me, what do you mean rejects?” The chubby one interjected.

“Our exes dumped us.” She answered plainly.

Mary looked from girl to girl then replied a little frightened, “My boyfriend did just dump me.”

“Same here.” The other two girls replied with surprised expressions.

“But this doesn’t make sense. Why does that matter?” The young girl asked.

“I don’t know. The creep that keeps us here has a problem with rejects; he stalks couples and takes the one who was dumped then he tries to play matchmaker. He’s totally insane.”

“What do you mean matchmaker?” Mary asked.

“You’ll see.” The lady warned.

“How long you been here?” The younger one asked.

“I don’t know...a year maybe.”

“A year!?” They gasped.  


As they approached the main area, large doors opened and a bunch of men were ushered through and they also looked like prisoners.

“They’re rejects too. If you find the right guy that “suits you”, you can leave.” The lady whispered.

“What? That’s it? Let’s grab one and get outta here then!” Mary hissed.

The lady laughed, “No, it doesn’t work like that. Vince decides if you’re the perfect couple,” She paused then sighed, “No one’s ever good enough for him.”

The voice on the intercom broke the silence: “Mingling time! Find a buddy and get talking.”


Baldwin drove to the address given in the letter. He brought Browny with him in his car and a couple police cars follow behind him; he didn’t know what to expect.

Baldwin hurried out of his car and approached the warehouse with his gun ready. His hand was on the door and he quickly glanced behind him making sure the other cops were close behind then opened it.

It was pretty dark on the inside.

Baldwin eyes began to adjust.

There was a figure hovering over a broken desk in the center of the room.

“What in the-” Baldwin whispered as they all cautiously approached the man. His back was turned until he abruptly spun the chair around to face them.

Frightened, Baldwin pointed the gun.

The man was wearing a Fed-Ex cap- this had to be the guy.

“What’s your name?” Baldwin asked.

The figure gave him a smile and replied in a very high pitched voice, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner officer. I don’t know what I got myself into.”

“What is your name?” Baldwin repeated, more aggressively.

“I’m Cindy.” He replied, voice cracking.

The officers looked at each other then back at the man.

“Excuse me?” Baldwin asked and Browny let out a breath of amusement.

“I’m the one who was giving you the letters. I work for the guy. He has women locked up here and men as well in another facility.”

“What is going on here?” One of the cops asked.

Baldwin told the cops to stay and watch over the guy as he and Browny went to look for the women that were supposedly locked up in the back.

However, they couldn’t find anyone.

The guy was a nut.


Later that day, the cops had him analyzed by a counselor and psychologist who informed the officers that the man was not only delusional but had dissociative identity disorder as well as mild schizophrenia.

His real name was Vincent Lee Carmichael.

Vincent was kept at the local jail for awhile.

Just for kicks, Baldwin listened to various statements from all of Vincent's different identities. Vince eventually surfaced and fessed up to the crimes he never committed, explaining how and why he kidnapped the men and women. Then he informed Baldwin that for the last year or so he had been the boss of a self-created black market company entitled, “The Federal Ex Express”. Then, Cindy surfaced and prodded Baldwin about his personal life.

After seeing how much Vincent hated breakup rejects, Baldwin lied and said he was happily married not knowing Cindy was the one speaking.

Cindy glared.

Suddenly, the psychologist opened the door. “Okay, Vincent are you ready to go?”

Cindy gave a face of despair and quickly through her head into her hands, crying.

“Oh, is it Cindy…right now?” The psychologist whispered apologetically and glanced at Baldwin.

Baldwin gave an awkward look, shrugged his shoulders, sighed and shook his head, “Not my department,” and quickly made his way out.

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