The Alabasters

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She snorted with bemusement. “Are you some sort of gentleman then?”
“Isn’t a gentleman what any woman would want?”
Now she laughed, sheathing her short blade at her side. “No,” she said. “This is Upovia. Women do not come here to find gentlemen.”
“Then what do they come to find? Disrespect?”
She frowned slightly at his words. “You think Upovians are disrespectful?” she asked in surprise. “Oh, then you have us all wrong.”
“Then explain it to me,” he said and added, “Lady Princess.”
“Upovians are passionate, not valueless,” she claimed.

Finding himself in a country that he struggles to understand, Prince Darrius Dontea sets out to get to know a family that did not know he even existed. Claiming a stranger's name, he finds a sense of freedom he'd never known before.

In this tale the many secrets of the Alabaster family will be exposed. They have many talents, flairs and gifts, but its their odd and peculiar way of living that holds the attention of the masses.

Darrius soon discovers that the Alabasters are cursed to love their First Loves forever. Is that why his mother had never been able to let go of Agustin Alabaster, the famous late king of Upovia?

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Submitted: January 31, 2017

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