Freedom Fighter

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A story of a freedom fighter.

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



The street was sounded with the patriotic slogans. Ramprasad along with the children of our colony was on procession to celebrate the Independence Day. He had been organising ‘Prabhat feri’ every year on the eve of Independence Day since I knew him. Every year, on the eve of Independence Day he gathered the children of our colony and took the procession shouting patriotic slogans on the main street of the colony.


My grandfather once told me about him that he was a freedom fighter who devoted himself to the struggle for the freedom of nation from the British rule. He was the follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He also took part in the civil disobedience movement organised by Gandhiji.


 My grandfather once told me about Ramprasad’s heroic deeds. Grandfather narrated how Ramprasad used to convince the people of the city to adopt the khadi and give up the use of foreign products. How Ramprasad along with his companions use to pile up the foreign made clothes and how he set that piles on the fire. How he tried to explain the people about the importance of cleanness, convince them to give up alcohol, tobacco etc. That long narration impressed me deeply.


My grandfather once took me to his home. His home was neat, clean and grand like his personality.  When we reached his home, he was spinning on the Charkha. There my grandfather introduced me to him. During conversation he asked me about my studies, school and interests. When I told him that I wanted to become a doctor, he advised me to study hard and use the acquired knowledge in the welfare of the poor. I was very impressed with his thoughts. I was listening to the conversation between him and my grandfather.  They talked about the present social, cultural, economical and political situations of the nation. Ramprasad was very upset over the current state of the nation and was deeply hurt over the falling morals of the society.



The election was approaching. All the political parties began preparing of the election. Leaders began their job of luring the public in the name of cast, religion, gender etc. Gradually the environment began to hot with the slogans, speeches, political statements. Some political parties tried to disturb the communal harmony of the city for their political gain. Peaceful people were worried about the growing communal tension. 

One evening, Ramprasad along with some social activist came to our home to meet grandfather. I was studying in the next room. Sounds of their conversation were coming to my room. I stopped studying and with curiosity I began to listen to their conversation. Whatever I heard was beyond to be believed. A big leader who was revered by people as a great leader was behind a collusion to spread communal riot. Riot was about to break out.

That night after dinner, grandfather decided to send mother and me to my uncle’s home, who lived in another city. Next evening mother and I leaved the city.


And after two days, communal riot broke out. My father gave me this news on phone. Soon the news of riot was broadcasted on the media. We were worried for safety of father and grandfather. My father was contacting us on phone regularly. Several people had been killed in the riot. It took a week for police to control the riot.


When the riot had been controlled, we come back to home. My father told me about the killing of Ramprasad. That news was heart breaking to me. I felt anger for the political system of the nation. I was curious to know who killed Ramprasad.


Next day, I asked about the death of Ramprasad to grandfather. They told, “After your departure from the city, someone broke idols in a temple. After that incident violence broke out in the city. Ramprasad along with some other social activist tried to calm down the people. As the riot was sponsored by a political party, it was not easy to control.” He paused for a moment and looked at the sky.

I asked, “And then what happened?”

He replied, “Then one day a crowd of miscreants entered our area and began attacking shops and homes. Ramprasad along with his followers rushed to the spot to prevent them from doing so. Ramprased was already a target of some powerful leaders. Some rioters stabbed him to death.”

 Grandfather paused. His eyes were filled with tears. He was not in condition to talk any more. He began to weep.


Later my father told me that in spite of the curfew, thousands of people had taken part in Ramprasad’s funeral. Thousands of people had gathered to pay homage to him.

Ramprasad gave his entire life in the cause of nation and humanity. Our nation is indebted to such a great man.

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