The Golden Door

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Narrator and his friends attend a school picnic. Narrarator feels the picnic boring. So he goes to an ancient cave to have fun. But soon narrator discovers a time machine in a cave . The time machine is inside a golden door. Narrator knows about his future.

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



We attended the picnic conducted by our school. Everyone seemed to be bored. The picnic spot was dirty. There were stones and pebbles all around. The scorching heat of the sun irrritated all. A person would be tanned if he stands for more than two hours in the sun. Girls were busy in playing skipping and disc. But we were unfortunate. I went near a tree and sat under its shade. It was a Mango tree. Some students were running, gossiping and playing with the sand. I thought to escape from the spot but I was under my teacher's survilliance. I had no choice. I thought to dig the field so that I can get anything inside it. But it would be childish in doing so. I had a lot of expectations about the picnic. I thought the picnic would be adventurous. But it was........!

Meanwhile I saw a wild snake crossing the spot. I thought to capture him. It was black in its appearence. He lied his forqued tounge out. His physical posture appeared that he was in hurry to quench his thirst. I did not interrupt him. I opened my bag and took out the packet of chips. I kept it on ground and I turned back to close my bag. As i turned forward I saw Gautam having my chips. I questioned him " why did u take them without my permission?". Gautam said " its my wish". Gautam's aggresive behaviour enraged me. Finally I gave a knock on his face. 

As I was about to give another one, he informed me about an ancient cave in the forest. I settled down by the news. I was curious to vist the cave. I asked him the direction and location of the cave. When I was about to leave he cautioned me about the cave. He was unlucky as he got another one from me. I moved in the wild woods. And finally I could see the cave. It looked ferocious, wild and dangerous. But I was unstoppable. There was no source of light inside the cave. The spell of darkness engulfed me. I was lucky that I had a torchlight inside my bag. I had removed it and switched on. As I tried to focus it I saw spiderwebs , beehives and the kingdom of snails all around. The cave was like a palace of animals. 

I kept moving deep inside the cave. It was a large cave. After some distance I reached the junction or the division of cave. I could see four divisions. It was a tough decision for me to choose right path. I thought to go back and get out of the cave. I turned back, I saw a door which was golden in its colour. I moved forward to open it.. I noticed that something was written on it. It was mentioned to place the thumb finger on it. I placed my finger on the fingerprinting sensor. The golden door opened slowly. When I went inside it I saw many machines. some of them were working and some stationary.

I was very excited to operate it but they were really large and complex.

To be continued........... 






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