Life Under a Tree

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Three boys trying save a life; takes shelter of a tree

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



Life under Tree

They say, there are certain moments in a men’s life which he cannot forget. These moments have a vital or deep destructive impact on his life. Both vital and destructive events happen spontaneously, it is on amplitude of events or man’s will, which makes him to choose to remain vital or become destructive.  My story is about my vital weakness.

Hot summers, 2 pm about 10 to 11 years ago. Sun was angry, it was clear that he just wanted to turn  everything into ashes by its flare. The maize fields were somehow  seemed to be manipulated by sun and were providing some hot fluid for helping him to boil us . Some fields were barren. Land geography had contours. Way to home was tracing of tractors’ tires, through those evil fields.

 I with my brother and 2 cousin, were coming back to home, and we were so amazed to see a donkey lying in ploughed field, I felt a pond of cool water bursting inside my heart, and my heart had a feeling, Ha ha, oh at least there is one freak, how have defeated them. And to insult sun and maize, exactly in front of them, is cuddling with soil. We kept enjoying his act, for a minute or two, completely ignoring Villains, due to him, we pushed them back.

But this victorious moment last for 2 to 3 minute only. Then we realized he had not moved for a single time. It tick our minds, when  we went close to him, we got to know  our hero is just a helpless victim, who wants to run away but can’t walk, and therefore is clawing back at them like a helpless cat.

Donkey’s breaths were fast, only a small portion of his body seemed to be live, probably his eyes and abdomen.  We were not able to see our hero in pain. He was shivering with pain, I wanted to drag him out of that state. So first to give him some instant relief we dragged him under tree. Then we brought maize corn. And fetched water for him from our uncle house. Which  was at least 3 to 4 hundreds meter away.  We sat silently  near him in tree shadow. In that silent moment we realized who is actual hero. In ten to twelve  minute he got little well. So we handed him over to real hero. I reached home. Whole the time there was a sense of  great deed in my mind. I kept thinking about it, even during sleep. Next morning, I rushed to them (the real hero tree and donkey), I was really happy and sure that, the real hero would have took great care of him. I was running with a great joy,  passing through cool and clam maize field, they were no longer siding the arrogant sun. cool breeze was tickling with my hair. In run of 120 seconds The tree was in sight.  He was peacefully sleeping in his shadow. I had a feeling he would recognize me.

But when I called him he showed no response, he died. I looked at tree furiously,  tears rolled down  my face.  But tree was standing still with pride. Some of  his leaves were on ground . which was sign, tree has shade his tears . And is staring at  enemies. Because Sun was again up, and maize seemed to rebel again.

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