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Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017








I dedicate this book to Quinn the young girl whose beauty inspired me to write passionately

And affectionately. .i dedicated this book to Nansasi Constance the young girl whose love for writing inspired me to write on my own lastly i dedicate this book to Nabunya patricia who taught me how it felt to be loved and cared for. She inspires me in many ways





Goodbye Freedom

 Unkempt hair

 I have

 Untrimmed beard

I keep

Faded jeans

Tight shirts

 I wear

Money I have

Money I spend

Girls I change

I play hurt and dump


 I go on days

I love to sit and rest

The books

 I cast aside


I set ablaze

My friends

We laugh

Drink and play

I swear

The day he knocks that door

Everything will change

My friend

 Ill kiss goodbye

The girls

I’ll see no more

In suits and ties

 Ill clad

Head long

To church

 I’ll go


 Will be my food

Sorrow will be my drink

Goodbye freedom

Freedom goodbye

The semester is finally over

Welcome home




Who i’m

Nobody knows

Who I’m

I only know

Mystery upon mystery

Conjecture upon conjecture

To define who I’m

But real who

 Am i

I see self

Where many see selves

I stand alone

 Where many stand together

I love not to be loved

They say two is camp any

Three is a crowd

I’m always

In the crowd


Who am i

I’m holy

 I’m humble

I’m weird

I’m mysterious


 Who I’m

















I love to be

 In a world of my own


In my own thoughts

Dreaming of far way places

I love to sit and wait

And wait

 For time to pass


What the future

 Has in store



Passes by

In the barrow of the pen

 I have learnt

 To spend

The time

Buried in my books

Time passes by

Gone, gone and gone

I love to travel

To travel

Far in space

In the world

A world exist ant

Only in my mind

I love

Creating something



Where nothing existed

But ugliness

I love

 To sit


Sit down

 In solitude


Of this world

I love to close my eyes

Breathe and take in

This world

 I call my own

In this world

 I’m on my own

In sadness

I feel the rhythm

On which

 This world rotates

It casts me aside

I’m none

of its own

Only the strong survive

The perfect

See imperfection

They are quick and fast

They give

 No second chances

They undermine and despise

They live to appreciate

None but perfection

In loneliness

I found a friend

I found a friend for life

The later come and go

Like a memory

He still remains

I pour my soul to him

He listens

And judges not













Goodbye brother

Goodbye abel

Goodbye joseph

Mothers only child

Crystal in father’s eyes

I stretch my hand

Into heaven

I nod my head

 In bewilderment

I toss up and down

In disbelief


As to why

He made us brothers

He should have made us foes

Two warring forces


A people

Who never meet

 each other’s path

Why why why

The little

That i  have

The blessings

The favors

Are split

And the chunk

Goes to you

my  brtother

Little brat


Cry baby

You should have been

The other son

The son of the other woman

The bastard

Is it the blood?

That flows through our veins


The breasts we suckled


I search

To the bottom of the earth

To the Depth of the sea

I still cannot find

The link

The link

 That binds us

Goodbye my brother

Goodbye Jacob

The years of silences are over

The sore is

Bound to burst

I will yell

 For all ears

 To hear

I hate my brother

My brother I hate you.






 I will leave this place

I’ll go


I’ll carry

Only memories with me

Brother and sister

I’ll go


I must go

Mother my love

I’m gone

You son is a big man now

Got to start

To start out

On my own

The world


Opened its arms

The whip of change

Has cracked

The clock

Is ticking

The thread

 Has been cut

There is no looking back

On foot

I’ll walk

On train

Ill board


Ill climb


 ill cross

Until I reach my destination

The sky is always the limit








I dream of a far way land

Land beyond the horizon

A people

Speaking a language of unity

Clad in the cloth of brother hood

Wearing an armor of peace

 breastplate of equity

A people

Free and liberated

A nation

A live

To uphold

The rights

Of its people

A people

Men marching on the same

Ground with women

As I contemplate

 About my mother land

Poverty and disease

War and starvation

The cry of orphans

The cry of widows

Like a stream

Corruption flows

A people


with the blood of our brothers

A people

Voiceless and meek

A people

Ruled not served

I stretch out my hands

In pain and agony

Craving and yearning

For a messiah

To salvage my







They say my time is out

Expired used and dropped

I’m the filthy

Under the sole of their shoes

They say

 im the dirt

They tread on me and pass

Young and old

Married or single

They say

I leave no stone unturned

I’m like town spittle

They spit on me and pass

They say

I’m the thief

I wait for night to come

They say

I’m the drunkard

The nightmare

That wakes

Them at night

They say

I live on alms

I love to sit and beg

I’m the loafer

The gambler

 The Good for nothing

They love

to laugh and mock

They speak behind my back


Who am i

I’m the unemployed


Cool, calm and collected

Sited at my father’s home.






The old is gone

The new has come

One by one

Where did the old school mates go

Some never to meet t again’



What sup

Where did the long conversations go?

The ceaseless talk about


Where did the old promises go?

The sweet nothings

The future in each other’s eye


 The old

 Girl friend is gone


Even the protective hand

The comfort

Of home

Is gone

The long cues

The unending interviews

The field of work

 Wears and tears you down

In the heat of the sun

The mud of the rain

The cold of the night

Poor fellow

You work

Ceaselessly tirelessly


 to make

to make

ends meet







Young, beautiful and educated

You turned down Abdul

You turned down peter

You wear pride

 like an helmet

None equates to you

Beauty is your secret weapon

All you want you get

You see no need of man

You have set your standards to high

Like an eagle

You have built

Your nest too high


Like a thief

Will catch you unaware

Beauty like a flower fades

You will look

You will search

You will wonder

Where all the men went

That you will

 Have to bend

and Pick a man

 From the gutters


















The prince in shining armour

The dude

In the posh

 Titled car

The dream weeding

Every girl dream

Is far from your reach

You have five children

In the suburb

 You are putting up

You sit and wonder

Where did that beauty go

The twin tower breasts

The big curvy hips


Necks bend

Eyes follow

The situation is tiring

You too

Yearn to be like other women

With curly braided hair

You to yearn to sit

And enjoy

The pleasure

The pleasure of being served

You married a pauper

All in the name of love


Cannot put food

On the table

In drink he found a home

When did he last?

Make you feel

 like a woman

You too yearn

For a man

To make you feel

Make you feel

 like a child

To spoil

And listen

To your whims and tantrums

To look into his eyes

To nestle in his chest

To feel his scent and warmth

He is always away

In the search for money

He is always bitter

The load is to heavy

Poor fellow

when will he have rest













Poverty has built a wall

A wall around you home

When will he go

When will he leave?

 Like a foreigner

Who has built a home?

 He is intent to stay

It has dug a hole

Right through

 My pockets

Every penny

Every cent

Like a shadow

Like a flash

It slowly passes by

Everywhere I go

He is the

A cargo bag

Striped at my back

He loves

 To seem beg

He loves

 To seem me plea

Like a street child

I live on alms

Mouth I have

Mouth to feed

He has left me

 all bones and no flesh

in the middle of the night

I wake up and think

Ho to get rid of him

When will he leave

when will he go.









One day

 He will come


Sweat as honey

They will fall to my ears

Like showers on tender grass

Ill play


 Hard to get

I’ll love

To watch him beg

Piece by piece

Part by part

He will knock me off my feet

He will take my breath away

He will conquer

And I will surrender

He will come

On bended knee

And put a diamond ring

On the apex

Of my finger

He will walk

 Me down the isle

He will come

To drive me away

Ill kiss mum goodbye

Ill kiss papa goodbye

We will go

To an island of our own

Love will be our food

Passion will be our drink

Ill makes him yearn

Yearn and yearn

 for more

More and more and more

Ill open and let him in

I’ll be his guide

Until death do us part?




I have nothing to do

I’m tied to my bed

The day dawns on me

Morning comes

Evening goes

I have been away

In that place called school

The anxiety of exam is gone

There are no books to read

They say

To have something to do

You must write that letter

That letter called application

I have written

so far so many

They say

 that is not enough

You must have that thing

That thing

 called connections

And that other thing

That thing called experience

I traversed all streets

In the heat of the sun

I’m worn and torn

 The police man bubbles something

 Crime idle get him

I run a race

A race

 of a life time

Ill start on my own

They say you must have that thing

That thing called capital

i’ll join that sport

 my friend told me about

Hoping against hope

I never won a game

Ill sit and wait


For the day

 ill get something to do.


Craves to be loved

Embraced and cuddle

The othert part of me

Yearns to love

Passionately and affectionately

I yearn to smile

Laugh and be free

I yeanr to break down

 and have a shoulder

A shoulder to lean on

A hand

To wiape away the tears

A voice

To whisper to my ears

All will be alright

I too am human



I too yearn for love

To work

And be appreciated

I look on


Undermined and despised

I have no love for saelf

I have grown in fear

That everrythingi do

Will neither tunr out rignt

Will neither turn up googdd

I have grown

To be shy and meek

From humanity I hide

I keep all to myself

I seek myself to find

Im the least of all

I seem to lose


In the world they call my own

In loniliness

I fid a friend

O too yearn for campany

To be in a group of men

To seak on and on and on

Words words and words

I donot seem to find

In quiet

In solitude

In myself I find
















To you I send

 My Love

Intact, Sealed and wrapped



In the spur of the moment

The day

 I looked

Right through your eyes

Like magic

You enchanted me

Enchanted me

With you charms

Every breath I take

I seem to take you

Occupy of my thoughts

Occupy of my dreams

Be mine

I’ll be yours

Ill delight you

With my love

Have pity

Have mercy

I’m broken


Into pieces

I yearn

For you

My love

 Beautiful Cinderella


And do it fast

I sit




In love

In a world of their own

 A Future in each other’s eye

You hold the keys

Open and let me in

I’ll be gentle as a lamb

Ill open my arms

To love none but you

I love you

To the depth

 of my soul

I’m tied in chains

Sweat Cinderella

Release this man

From this bondage

 No means death

Yes means life

I sit and wait



To your sweet









The one

The one

 I love so much

I see

Her from a distance


A perfume

Love encircles me

I yearn

And long for her

Near though she is

She is far

Far beyond my reach

I yearn

To bear my soul

To bear my soul to her

To tell her how I feel

To whisper in her hears

To conqueror

And win her heart

Near though she is

She is far

Far beyond my reach

She is coming

Right were

I am

My heart

Begins to pump

My blood

Begins to boil

In awe

In admiration


Of how pretty

Women can be

Of how weak

A man


 Has produced in me

She looks right

Through my eyes

Blushes after blushes

I’m weak

 To melting point

I cannot


she is here


right next to me


Of the night

Like a flower

She blossoms

She is speaking

Right to me

I cannot

 Seem to find my voice

How I stammer

like a young


learnt to speak

If only she were mine

I wish

I wish I wish

To see the luck guy

Who owns

What I wish to her

And learn

The would he used

And borrow

The courage he took

She is too beautiful

Her beauty scares me










I’m love

 Non reciprocated

I give with

Out expecting

Anything in return

Lovers get tired

Of those they love

They seek solace

 In another’s arms

My love

is perpetual

It grows

Day by day

It does not

grow old

Each day

It turns new

It blossoms like a flower

It is invisible to the eye

Looks beyond beauty

It only rhymes with the heart

Even in another

I’m happy for her

I love

 not to be loved


I bear no grudges

Wish no

ill will

I’m content

I learnt

 How to love


And faithfully










He crept into my bed

When I was vast asleep

He came

In the still of the night

When no one

Would hear my woes

The coward that you are

You did not give me a chance

To put up a fight




Took my breath away

Four corners surround me

Darkness is all around me


Have their ration

of lunch and super

Death !oh death

You have finished me






















Mothers only child

Crystal of beauty

Gold on shining armor

Lullaby to smoothening sleep

Night of glistening stars

The moon wanes

 To usher your beauty

 to the silent night

the stars glare

 in amazement


color of ebony

mine dazzling garden

Luxuriant in sunlight

Dripping with fertility

Dropping with rich ripe berries

the passersby

 look and evy

Roving eyes

looking hither and thither

Searching for mysteries

Only I can find



Sing me that song

your senga taught you

On your initiation day

Young or old

Who has ever

prevented men

 from wanting women

Who has discerned

 the medicine for thirst

what a man does not know

he learns

Teach me

those deep mysteries

Your senga taught you

On your initiation day

Thought man

was stronger

 of the two sexes

Stupid is the woman

Who does not know

The power of womanly charms

Which makes men

Foolish as baby in arms

Rip each other part

so is the nature of men



Who can be taken away

By a piece of candy

From a comely stranger

Whisper those tidings

Which no other man

Can hear

But he who took

a thousand cows

And threw them

At your fathers heals

He who took courage

 to venture

into another man’s compound

dance towards me


 an itesot dancer

how I love

The movement of your

voluptuous body

How you drive me crazy

Im like a man

 enchanted with witchcraft

I am like a snake poised to strike

A man on death row

Whose moment of truth has come

Delay me no more my love]

Im like

 a hunters dog

That has suddenly gone wild

Let’s extract from every moment

The pleasure that love can bring



Beautiful legs

 that attach to your curvy hips

Put on you night gown

Do not be shy

My love

Open and let me in

I’ll be gentle as a lamb

Soothing as a balm

Ill explore every

Knock and cranny

Intact and unscathed

You shall not want

Every well shall be full

 full to the brim

Put your hands

around me my love

Hold me tight

and never let go

Close your heart

To every lover but me

See no reason

Think no more

Allow you’re self

To only feel

The intensity of the moment

Two bodies in contact

Two souls bound together

In chains of love


All pleasures of pleasures

A passion as strong as death

Let’s travel to a far way place my love

Be mine

 ill be yours

Joined together

 in body and in spirit

until death do us part






A blank piece of paper

Stares right

 in my face

I scratch my head

I bite my nails

I move

Up and down

I look up in the sky

I pick my pen

I drop my pen

I sit

I stand

I think and think and think

Still no story to tell

For the first time

 I release how empty

My life has been

Home school and home

A day starters

Then it ends

Mother goes to work

The maid does the chores

And I go to school

The circle

Goes on and on

I am way behind schedule


Is busy on phone

Whats up



Father is watching news

The maid tells me a story


A village

Night dancer

I find them outdated

and back ward

I am way behind schedule

Master wants his work

I will write of

this blank piece of paper

Expecting a story from me

Yet I have no story to tell




















I would be away from

The watchful eyes

Of my old fashioned


I would

Rent a single

Instead of a double

So that

I don’t  put up

With an annoying

Irritating room mate

Who would poke her nose?

Into my affairs

Like my grumpy old parents

I would have a single

All to my self

To play games

With my


 Of a boyfriend


I would wear

all see through clothes

I would be the girl

The girl

With the tight up skirts

Clad with expensive make up

Make sure

All the dudes’ eyes


To catch a glimpse

At my beautiful self

I would use

 My seductive figure

To torment

All lustful


Each will be yearning

For a piece

Of my candy

Each would have

 would have

A price to pay

I would frequent

 All the night clubs

Having one nights stands

With dudes

 I know not

I would live

 Young wild and free













Im derformed

Alone and lonely

Slender and thin

Weakly and sickly

Meek and shy

Second and last

Undermined and despised

I’m the least


Who has no esteem

I cannot even

Stand out

In a crowd of men


 The peripheral

I stand

Everything I do

Everyone is scared

Everyone in doubt

It either

Turn out wrong

It either turns out bad


Who has no confidence?

In self

I have laernt

To look and see

And say nothing at all

Even though I speak

They think I speak in jest

I push

My work

and let others do

So that it turns our right










That has been cut

It can come

 to life

People die and go

Like a shadow

They pass way

To be seen no more

Their names

will pass way

Rich and poor alike

We are doomed to die

One day

we will

Grasp for life

But it will be far


Beyond our reach

Some to diseases succumb

Some silently pass away

In the dead of night

They sleep

 To wake no more

Like sheep

we are doomed to die

And death

Will be our shepherd

In pain

The ones will leave behind


My friend’s goodbye


my love goodbye

Brothers and sisters goodbye

Where I go

I’ll come

I’m gone

To prepare


A space for you

Until we meet again



King of kings

Lord of lords

great and powerful

all riches and wealth

come from me

I’m the light

That dispels the darkness

When I tear

who can rebuild

who can flee

 those I imprison

those who trust in me

are like trees

Growing near a stream

They are not afraid

When hot weather comes

Their leaves

Stay green

They have no worries

When thre is no rain

They keep on Bering fruits

I’m the alpha and omega

The first and the last




















Do not be stupid

Like a horse or a mule

Which must be controlled?

By a stick

To make it submit

My son

Pay heed to your mother

Without whom

You would not be


The grey hair of age

My son


where they are

there you come

My son

be not proud

refrain from arrogance

Make use of every opportunity

 my son

Do not wait

For the weather to be clear

To plant you crop


These are evil days

 My son

Bad luck

 Happens to every one

Listen and listen well

My son

Your joy is your own

You bitterness is your own

Be happy always

So that you stay young and green

Bitterness wears the soul


 Do not forget

my son

be happy

 With those who are happy

Weep with those who weep

Listen and listen well

Refrain from another man’s wife

So as you live long

 My son

Top most

make camp any of people


 Who are worthy


Bad company

Corrupts good morals

To goodness add


To honest

add humility

Too humility add


Listen and listen well


 from rude and vulgar language

Have mercy to those

Whom mercy


Have pity

 to those whom pity deserves

listen and listen well

blessed is the hand that gives

Always be generous

Generous with you gifts


your education is your life

listen to your teachers

 and learn all you can

then you

Will prosper and never fail

You will lend

And never

 have to borrow

Like a pillars

You will be deeply rooted

The moment you turn

From my words

my son

you will be engaged to

a woman

 But somebody else

 Will marry her

You will build a house

 but you will not live in it

You children will become orphans

and none

will take care of them

 when you aregone

They will become homeless beggars

Street hawkers

Thieves of the night

You debtors

will take away

you property

right under your nose

You will be a homeless wanderer

everywhere you go

you will not have nowhere

 to fold your arms and rest

You will yearn for morning

when evening comes

you will yearn for evening

when morning comes

A strange disease

Will get hold of you

You will totter like a drunkard

You will wish for death

But it will not come

My son

My peace I give you

My piece I live you










There is

No solid ground

Im out


 in deep



Waves are

About to drawn me

the grave has opened it mouth

ready to receive me

a man once flabby

im bones and no flesh

like slippers

im slowly warning away

like a shadow

im soon wearing away

my eyes are swollen

I weep

day and night

My voice is horse

I groan day and night

Im too lazy

To put food into my mouth

Infact it tastes bitter

It is like medicine

In my mouth


 like a blend of grass

Swayed by the wind

I tooter

Hitther and thither

Like a man

Drunk with wine

I yeanr to sleep

And wake no more







Cursed is the man

Who brought tiding to my mums

that a son is born

is it in the breasts I suckled

is it in the blood

 that runs through my veins

I’m more than worldly refuse

They tread on me and pass

The poor has no friends

Even his relatives

 Have nothing to do with him

life is hard for the poor

I work day and night

Out in the cold

In the heat of the sun

I lift and carry

Load and off load

I live

To satisfy my stomach

The rich

Have all they need



 in the warmth of mansions

when the poor speak

they have to beg

The rich are

 proud and arrogance

they sleep

and thre work

works for them

in comfort they wallow

They never feel

the heat of the sun

the dust of the road

the mud of the rain

thre money is thre friend

they are not worried

when they donot have friend

money makes friends for them

in court the rich always win the case

thhre sons and daughter

are staioned

in oood jobs

they floriassh like flowers

they never now

 the pain of suffering

in comfort they arwe born

in comfort they sdhall die

the children of the poor suffer

 for the sins tof ther parent

The poor are always bitter

Thre tongues are sharp

They love ot cuurse and swear

To toil there are born

To toil they will die

Poverty destroys the poor







No strikes to lead

No expulsions to procure

No school property

 to vandalise

No drugs

 to consume

No banger banger parties

 to attend

To walls to climb

To see the girl next door

To books I turned

The libreary

Was my friends

Busaries all I got

From school I  came

To home I turned

My parents

 I lived to please

Annoying thought they were

Like a remote

They controlled my self

Every turn I took

They were closely watching me

Ready to poke their nose in all I did

I grew to shy

Even in a crwd

I cannot stand out

My life like the road its straight

To school I went

A job I got

A home I made

An empty vessel

Have lived

All my life










Are like

The world of the dead

Every day

I want

 more and more and more



 New desires

New tastes

New likes

Those who have

 They have

Those who don’t

They yearn

 To have like

Those who have

Some in their ambition fall

Some  in their ambitions rise

Human desires are

 like the world of the dead





 I begun when I was strong

Like a lion bold and brave

You taught me how to cry

You taught me how it felt

To be betrayed by ones you trust

Those I lifed up

They yearn to see me down

Fallen to the ground

Never to rise no more

In this world

 only the strong survive

 the weak are crushed like mites

they love to eat and trample

what they do not

they wear cloth of wool

Their people

in rags they clad

in cars they drive

they muddy those on foot

they eat and belch ‘but

Their stomachS yearn for more

all they want they get

Their position is

Their shield

the laws they

 sit and draft

which favor none but them

They divided the lots

and the big share goes to them

like an eagle

 they have built there nest so high

 where no one else can reach.


















You dragged your beauty

Through the mud



The very sole of your feet

Those who could not

have you

ossed you in their dreams

shamelesds woman

you have fallen

You offered


To every

Tom dick and harry

 Shameless woman

You stood at the corner

And beckoned your lovers

At you hand

Many great men have fallen

Beauty was you secret weapon

How they loved

To nestle in your arms

Young and old

You had no taste

Woo to you

You have fallen

Your beauty

 has gone done the drain

You are more

 than a passing shadow

Men will live

To talk about

Goodess of the night

You have fallen

To rise no more

















As stubborn as a mule

It glows like embers



I only need a match

To burn

Come back to me my love

Have pity

Have mercy

On a soul

Like me

Come and quench this thirst

Come and feed this sheep

It is slowly wearing down

The day you went away

The room looks so empty

The kids want their mum

The bed lays unmade

The dishes lay unwashed

The home complains of dirt

The cloths have no hope

Of ever being washed

Come back to me

My love

I’m mad


in thought of you

come back to me

my love






















Stole a glance

She was pretty

She was lovely

My heart at a marathon run

When I looked

Directly in her eyes

It was something in her looks

That took my eyes away

It was something in her dress

That accentuated all her curves

She was sexy

She was hot

She gracefully passed me by

It was something on her back

That knocked me off her feet

It was something

On her chest

That stealthily took my eyes

When at fast

 we hard a word

She was winsome

She angelic

She took my breath away

When at fast I took her home

She was presentable she was mannered

Then I put a seal on the apex of her figure

A marker she was mine

 until death do us part























I did not like to bath

My mother scolded me

My father beat me up

My head I clad with soap

Then I closed my eyes

I held my muscles tight

Then I groung my teeth

Trickle tricke trickle

my all body itched

I had played out in the grass

When I became a youth

Perfumes I had to buy

When I had a child

My did not like to bath

I never scolded him

He reminded me of me.










Though I strived

In the heat of the sun

Though I walked

In the mud of the rain

Though I woke

On early mornings

Though I slept

In the dead of the night

Many advisers I sought

Many books

I read

Many ways I tried

Much money I lost

Much time did go by

From company

 I deprived my self

All luxuries

Passed me by

I lost myself

To seek and search

But still

I was not

Good enough



I did not it know how it felt

To cuddle

In your

Mother’s arms

To be


By your father’s arms

To wake and beg no alms

To sleep

in the warmth of a bed


I didn’t know how it felt

To wear clean cloth

To eat

and know

 what to eat another day

To have lunch

ANd hope

Super will be there

To wear a sweat

From the clod

To have a shade

 A shelter

In the heat of the sun

I did not know how it felt

To wear a smile on your cheeks

A brother by your right

A sister by your left

To fight and make up


I did not know how it felt

Top have a shoulder to lean on

A hand to wipe away the tears

To have a place

A place called home

To wake and

 the drugs are gone

The thief is gone

The streets lights are on

And you are not among


 for a daily customer.









Your goods are high on display

They need no adverts

They need no sign posts

Street woman

What are you selling

It is not matooke

It is not millet it is not sorgum

It is not rice

I can see

 a cue of men

there are many entries

 they are many exits

you sell to those on foot

I can see Mercedes park

You goods are high on demand

Whatyerver you are selling

Whatever they are buying

I wonder

I wonder

Cursed be the day

I cast my eyes on you

I felt something new

Something new and strange

Like a virgin

I was green

I was used

to life alone

you gave

 me all your time

you gave me all your trust

in me

you did confide

now the days are long

my meals

 I have on days

I toss and turn in bed

I’m slowly turning mad

Madly in thought of you

Every day that passes by

I miss you more and more

I crave and yearn

For a dayYou will knock that door

To tell me all is real

What I feel inside

But its all a dream

Sorry I took to long

To tell you how I feel

You were too beautiful

Your beauty scared me



 I will leave

To enjoy the fruits


Education brings

Education is the


The key

To a bright


Successful future

one day

ill get

the dream job

the dream job


 has in store

my mother

Whispered to my ears

Listen to your teeachers

And learn all you can

Education is you life

An investment

to the future

education will teach me how to fly

to fly on your own






















I’m tired of doing good

In the world of doing bad

I’m tired of being kind

They tread on and pass

They laugh and mock and scorn

I want a heart of stone

I want a heart of steel

Have closed my ears to pleas

They steal and steal and steal

They eat and eat and eat

I yawn and yawn and yawn















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