How does it feel?

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You have always wondered how it feels. You have wanted to know that feeling but never have had the courage to really do it to know it. Don't worry though, I'll describe it as well as I can.

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



How does it feel?


Everyone have thought about it atleast once in their lives. You have wanted to do it but you haven't because you're too scared or think it is morally wrong, but how does it feel like? What emotions does it provoke? I can tell you.

It brings energy. The energy that has been drained from you by people who you hate, or even worse, love. It'd rejuvenate you and bring crumbs of euphoria. You'd keep doing it because that's what's left to eat. Feeding off of those crumbs will make you not care anymore. It'd become an ordinary thing in your life, like waking up and taking a piss. You become addicted to it and doesn't matter how you do it, it just matters that you get it.

The feelings that come with it are undescribable. At first you laugh because your body is so energized. One feels like he will explode with the amounts of energy and euphoria. It feels like falling into a soothing and clear cold stream of water that runs off the sides on mountains in cold winters. The feeling surprises you but is surprisingly pleasant. Those who are weak, keep fighting against this feeling and don't let it control them. Such people don't undrestand that this feeling is exactly what a human being should feel. It's the feeling of our real selves. Strong people let this feeling control them. Some may think that it is a parasite controlling the human but I like to think it is a symbiosis.

When I first did it, at first I wanted to laugh, then cry and then laugh again. Then I needed more of it. It's worse than drug. People say that stopping the use of drugs is hard but drugs have both, the physical AND mental effect on our body. What I'm talking of has only a mental effect. How does one say no to his afflictions and quirks? The answer is that one can't. One must rejoice in them and use them for own advantage because it does give you an advantage. Advantage of feeling good in situations where you shouldn't. Others may not undrestand it, but who cares? You are what is the most important.

That's why I think that the fact that I enjoy it and love the rejuvinating glacial feeling that fills my veins after doing it is completely normal. I do it to survive. To feel good. In the end it's one of the few things left that makes you feel good. Feeds you when there is nothing left to eat. Holds you when no one else does. Keeps you warm when the fire isn't lit. Gives energy without the need to rest.

That's how it feels like to kill.

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