the morning

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waking up with your lover

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



It is a cold Sunday morning, we've been in a deep sleep all night.  I am first to stir, I roll over and look at your face, you are still asleep, peaceful, serene. I just lay there, watching you, feeling your breath on my face.  I can't move, I am so happy, peaceful myself.  After laying there for several minutes something starts to stir within me, yes I love you, but I am also incredibly attracted to you, and as happens most mornings I grow.

I get up from bed, careful not to wake you and walk across the room, towards your wardrobe where I I take out two silk scarves.  Returning to the bed I tie one end of each scarf to the bed post.  Moving the first towards you I gently tie the other end to you left wrist, I think I manage to do this without waking you, but unbeknown to me you have stirred, you know what I am doing and I miss a wry smile break over your face.  The left wrist tied I move to the right, as I tie it you open your eyes, acting surprised you look deep into mine, you are already excited and can sense my excitement to.  'What are you doing' you say to me, I lean in to you kiss you gently on the neck and whisper in your ear 'You are all mine, you belong to me, I want you' 
Each wrist tied, not tightly and you know if you wanted you could prolly break free, but you don't want to, you want to play along.  I move my lips from your ear and begin to work my way down your neck  kissing it gently as my hands start to explore your body.  I begin to kiss every inch of your soft luxurious skin, taking my time to savour every spot.  I reach your nipples, they are so obviously erect through your shirt, I kiss and nibble the playfully and you body reacts.  Your wrists tied your body reaches and throbs for me, I feel your legs open for me and you thrust yourself towards me.
I lift up your shirt to expose your breasts, taking each nipple in turn in my mouth, kissing caressing teasing each one. You feel my solid erect cock against your leg and my hands find their way between your legs.  I release your nipples from my lips and move my body down your, slowly and gently removing your panties, your perfectly shaven pussy bare before me.
I kiss your stomach and all around your pussy, you are desperate to feel my tongue on your clit but I kiss every inch around it but not there, you strain at your ties, desperate to take my head and guide my tongue onto you, you are so incredibly wet, still stirring from your sleep, so horny
I stop kissing and reach across the bed, as I do the tip of my cock rests on your pussy and your feel it on your clit, you push your hips up to me longing to be filled.  I enter you ever so slightly, you let out a huge sigh and you think I will enter you fully, but no, I just reach across the bed and grab something, I grab bob.
I begin to use bob on you, rubbing him along your leg letting the vibrations run through your body before finally reaching your clit.  After all that teasing you are so horny and it only takes a few seconds to take you to the brink of an orgasm, you long to cum and I say 'do you want to cum' you scream at me, 'Yes Dennis, I want to cum please let me cum' at which point I remove bob and stop.
You yell out and pull harder on your wrists but cannot break my knots, I smile and look down at you, 'Not before I cum' I say and climb on top of your body, my cock resting between your sumptuous breasts.  You watch as I begin to slide my cock between them pushing them together with one hand, you ache so much to have this cock inside you, instead you have to watch it being pleasured whilst you real still on the brink of the orgasm you were so cruelly denied.  I fuck your tits with more and more vigour, still with bob in my hand, vibrating.  I move bob to the end of my cock and feel something incredible, the vibrations are amazing and I lose myself, after only a few seconds of bob on the tip of my cock I cum so hard, staring straight into your eyes, you watch tied to the bedpost as my pleasure pours from my cock all over your breasts and neck, you love watching me cum but you are desperate to feel me inside you and cum yourself. So desperate you pull at the scarves, trying to free yourself.
I gently take your wrist and tie it back to the bed post, 'Just relax Strawberry' I say in my soft English accent.  I grab bob again and begin again to tease your pussy with him, you are so wet, he slides inside you so easily and I can oh so easily find that spot which drives you wild.  Again and again I bring you to the brink of an orgasm and each time I pull away, you scream at me desperate for me to let you cum, but each time I leave you just short of fulfilment.  I then untie your wrist and give you bob, 'Here I say' do it for yourself whilst I watch...  You start to pleasure yourself, oh my god it takes you no time at all to reach the point of orgasm, as you do I say to you 'Stop' take your hands away from yourself.  Your bed sheets are soaked, your juices pour from your pussy, you are desperate to cum but I will not let you.
I lay on the bed next to you, kiss you gently on the lips and say to you...'Make me cum again and I will let you cum' and I untie your other wrist.  You know all too well what makes me cum quicker than anything else, you are desperate to cum so need to pleasure me again as quickly as possible.  Kneeling beside me you bend over me and take my cock in your mouth, within seconds it is hard again and your long younger wraps around the tip, gripping it as you jerk it in your mouth.  You look up into my eyes to sense and see my pleasure levels, desperately looking for that sign that I am about to cum again.  You take my cock deeper and deeper in your mouth as you sense my pleasure grows as you do, chocking on it you swallow it all, I thrust my hips up towards your mouth as I fuck your mouth you look longingly into my eyes again.  I smile, I am holding back this orgasm as long as I can you think, so you increase the speed and passion of your sucking, playing with my balls and ass as you do.  Eventually you feel my cock begin to throb, begin to grow and my moans become deeper, with a final few thrusts inside you I explode in your mouth, my hot cum pours down your throat, you swallow every drop.  You move up to kiss me, letting me taste my own cum on your lips, we kiss passionately.  'Can I cum now please' you beg me.  'Yes, you may cum' I say as I lay you back on the bed.
Taking Bob one more time I again use him on your, the vibrations on your clit, so deep so fast, within the matter of only a few seconds to most intense , long for orgasm sweeps over you.  You cum again and again as bob rubs against your clit, eventually he begins to run out of battery and it is only then, with a final push against his vibrating frame, does your final orgasm subside.  You crash exhausted next to me, on this lazy Sunday morning, our sheets soaked. I jump out of bed, through to the kitchen and make us a pot of coffee....

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