Journey through the underworld

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Short story about a fictional adventure through the underworld. Everything may not be right with it, just wrote it for my english class.

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



Caleb Vautier


February 2, 2017

English 4

Cerberus Tale

I found myself in a dark cavern, cold and moist. The faint smell of death lingered in the air. I stood alone yet I felt as I was being watched by many eyes, as if the cavern walls had eyes. I wondered how I had got here. I tried to remember but my head was pounding as if a railroad spike was being smashed through my skull. I took in my surroundings mostly dark but a faint ghoulish blue glow came from a small stream that ran to the side of me. I looked forward, or maybe backwards trying to see any light of the outside world none came to me. I crawled to the river my hands feeling the way across the cavern floor. Bumpy and rocky and holey for some reason. I made it to the river and went to dip my hands in, but before I could a white face floated to the surface and made me jump back in fear. I inched back towards the river just to see the face floating and dissipating downstream. I had a closer look and it seemed that the river was comprised of thousands of white faces mouths open as if they were trying to scream, but no sound was heard. Then the faces faded and were replaced by new ones. I wondered where I was I sat with my back to the wall of the cavern and sat with my knees tucked in my arms. I had begun to cry. I was terrified. After I had composed myself and my eyes had time to adjust to the darkness and the faint light of the river, I saw the cavern was comprised of skulls and varying different bones of humans. I jumped up off my butt and screamed, “HELP ME,WHERE AM I, THIS ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE!” No response. Not that I was expecting to get one. I decided that sitting around wasn’t going to help me so I started to walk. The stream seemed to be getting wider as i went further and further into the cavern. The skulls that comprised the cavern seemed to be staring at me and the ghouls in the river seemed to be screaming at me to join them. Tempting offer but I decided I’d pass. Yet the gloominess of the cavern was getting to me. Then an image appeared as if it were a cinema screening. I realized that it was my mother telling me it was time to get up to go to school, “MOM, MOM I’M HERE.” I screamed, but with no prevail. Then images of childhood friends, old girlfriends, my first kiss. All flashed by me. I was sent into hysteria and I began to run and scream. The faster I ran the faster the images flashed, it was literally a play by play of my entire life. I felt joy, sorrow, love, kindness, hatred, anger. It was if I were reliving my entire life. I slowed down to a walk and looked at the images, my hysteria settled. Yet I felt as I were to vomit at any moment. I kept pushing forward and the images seemed to be fading in and out I could see my wife and my kids. Then I stopped dead in my tracks. An image flashed by and I felt aggony I fell to my knees. I watched as I was shot by some thug as I was getting in my car coming home from work. The cave went black again. Am I dead I thought. I looked down a bullet wound had stained my suit red. I gasped but I didn’t feel any pain and the wound seemed to be okay. I had this the whole time and I had not noticed. I am dead no doubt about it. I had been so distracted by the images and the sudden realization that I was in fact dead. I hadn’t realized how far I walked, still I didn’t feel fatigued. The river next to me had opened up into a lake and the cavern had widened into a vast opening, I couldn’t even see the ceiling. At least the skulls weren’t watching me from all angles now. “HELLO?” my voice echoed off of the vast walls in the cave. “By Zeus you don’t have to yell so loud.” I spun around so fast I lost my footing and fell down. I viewed sideways a man next to a paddle boat on the bank leaning against his great oar. “HAHAHAHA.” his voice reverberated throughout the cavern making the bones rattle, “That was the funniest thing that I’ve seen in a thousand years.” I got up and brushed the bone dust from my clothes, “Who are you?” I said the man replied, “I am the ferryman Charon, at your service. But for a small fee.”

“Fee? I don’t have anything.” I checked my pockets and felt a small metallic circle in my pocket. I took it out and Charon’s eyes seemed to light up. “Hmm, seems as if you do have something there.” The coin was silver and had the head of the man on one side and a chariot on the other.

“What if I don’t want to give this to you.” I said

“Well then you will stay here forever in the river like those guys and girls over there.” He gestured towards the lake, “They didn’t pay, and no pay means no ride.”

“Ride to where exactly.”

“I’m glad you asked boy, well you give me that coin and I ferry you to the underworld.”

“But isn’t the underworld bad?”

“Not necessarily, if you are a mortal, which I sense that you have a deep rooting within the gods. You go to the Asphodel meadows which you lose everything, you become a wandering soul with no meaning. But I assume since I sense a bit of god in you perhaps even a major god, hmmm yes I think poseidon was your father.”

“Oh my god”

“God’s, God’s plural.” Charon interrupted. How do you think you were so successful and plentiful. All that wealth and luck doesn't just fall into the lap of a mere mortal. How do you think that you found it so easy to succeed. You will probably be accepted into Elysium, the ultimate paradise for demigods.” I was awestruck I looked upon the lake of souls. Charon walked to me without me noticing and waved his hand in my face, “So you going to come with me or not because I got a schedule to keep.”

“Yeah I guess I don’t have much of a choice now do I.”

“YEAH!” he slapped me on the back, “Now that’s the spirit, I mean the worst that could happen is that I am wrong and the gods like a mortal and you go to Asphodel.”

“Well lets hope your not wrong.” We walked over to his boat and got in and pushed off the shore. I felt good that I had a chance, maybe. As Charon paddled the faces seemed to swirl about in our wake. It got brighter and hotter as we paddled. “Getting close kid.” Charon yelled. I watched as we the narrow tunnel we were going through open into a great cavern filled with a bright orange glow. We docked at a wharf and I departed off of the ship. I looked down the path and I saw cavern entrances. Standing in the middle of the fork to each entrance stood a huge three headed dog. I sighed, “Oh great what’s that?”

“Oh that is Cerberus, don’t worry he’s friendly just as long as you don’t try to escape back out.” Charon said as he pushed off the wharf.  I watched him disappear back through the tunnel we had come from. I walked the path now nervous of the giant three headed dog that loomed ahead. He seemed to be standing guard of each of the pathways that lead to each cavern. I got fifty yard from him and he focused right on me. “Hey boy. How ya doin.” I said trying to mask my fear from him and I kept walking. As I neared he moved clearing the way to one of the paths. I guess I was supposed to go down that one, “You sure this one?” He bowed his head and reached up and scratched his head, he seemed to like it. I gave my respects, as much as you can to a giant three headed dog, and passed along. I walked across the land bridge a steep drop to each side of me I wondered what would happen if I jumped. Would the dog be mad? Maybe not. Yet I wasn’t taking the chance I walked ahead into the  cavern. I walked into complete darkness and I began to think that Charon was wrong. Then I saw a light I walked a bit faster. The cavern opened into a great meadow on a giant hill with a giant castle on a hill in the distance many villages were scattered. I had made it to Elysium. Thank the gods. I found it funny that everything that we knew about god was fake. I sat in this meadow deep in thought about what I had just accomplished, and now how I was healed and in a white tee, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. Man country just how I like it. I walked towards the smoke rising from chimneys of a nearby village. Time to start my new life.  


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