The Native Princess

The Native Princess

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Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Princess Nayeli Faye of the Maya Isles must face her betrothal to King Aiden Estrella of Adarmar. But even at her young age, a secret hidden within her Royal Bloodline will soon tighten its grip around her heart.
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Princess Nayeli Faye of the Maya Isles must face her betrothal to King Aiden Estrella of Adarmar. But even at her young age, a secret hidden within her Royal Bloodline will soon tighten its grip around her heart.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Princess Nayeli Faye

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The war between the Maya Isles and the Adarmar Kingdom had lasted for years. The Kings of the lands had been too different and too diverse to be able to find peace between them and their hatred of one another was talked about across the world. But to the world’s astonishment, a ceasefire had been called on the day the King of Adarmar had proposed a betrothal between his son and the daughter of his Native Enemy. The betrothal had been a shock and the ultimate surprise.

It had never been known why the Kings had been able to put aside their differences and to establish a mutual understanding, but as the Kingdoms united, they both flourished.

And now, ten years later, they were still unified and together they were stronger than any of their neighbours.

With both Kings passed away during the last few years, the Prince of Adarmar had been crowned King. King Aiden Estrella now ruled over the courts of Adarmar and the Maya Isles, patiently waiting for his future wife to come of age and join his side.

The people were content with Aiden Estrella as their King but Princess Nayeli Faye was the wildflower everyone had their eyes on. The Native Princess was sheer months away from her wedding to the King and the world was waiting for her to fill her father’s place in leading the lands.



Chapter One

Princess Nayeli Faye pulled her cloak tighter around her body, shielding herself from the cold. It was her favourite cloak, white as the snow that fell around her. Her gaze was on the Aemazon Warriors on the field, one man in particular: Jon May. He was tall and handsome with his lengthy, dark brown hair and grey eyes. He was a part of an army of men that could not be bound to a place, only bound to a person. He was a twenty-five year old man with an appetite for battle. He was also a trusted friend of the King Aiden Estrella.

At this moment, he was throwing his King to the ground carelessly. It was boys at play, Nayeli decided, and it entertained every man around the field. Men had their heads bowed together in discussion as they watched them pursue each other with their swords. They barely used their weapons though, as they had found that it was too easy for the one to strip the other of his sword. Now they were rolling together in the mud. The snow fell lightly around the two men but they barely noticed, each too eager to win the battle at hand.

Nayeli’s eyes rested on King Aiden. Her heart felt restless in her chest at the sight of him. He was handsome, yes, but it was the way he carried his shoulders that always caught her eye. Aiden was a tall man and broad-shouldered. He carried his Warrior body like he was born to be the King of all men, to be King of the world. Some said it was confidence, since he was ruler over one of the strongest Kingdoms known to date. Nayeli closed her eyes, thinking about his tanned skin, his dark eyes and russet hair.  He was handsome and alluring in a way only a King could be.

“Enjoying the view, Princess?” a voice asked next to her.

Instantly annoyed, Nayeli opened her eyes to look at Duchess Leilani Kubovy.

“Duchess Leilani,” she said in a way of greeting, taking in her soft, delicate features. She was young and had white blonde hair with pale blue eyes. Nayeli was completely aware of how attractive the woman was.

Nayeli’s gaze moved towards the fight again.

“He’s wonderful to look at, isn’t he?” the Duchess asked, her tone mocking.

Nayeli held her tongue. 

“Don’t you just think it’s so disrespectful of that Aemazon Warrior to throw the King to the ground like that without shame?”

“No,” Nayeli replied. “It would be disrespectful to pretend the King is the better Warrior when he is not. It’s a fair fight. We will know the winner any minute now.”

Leilani did not reply, she merely smirked impishly. The two of them kept their eyes on the men, a few minutes of silence passing.

“I was surprised to see you here,” Leilani evidently said. “You haven’t been to the fighting fields to support him before.”

“And you have?” Nayeli asked, refraining from groaning out loud.

“Why, yes. I come here often to support King Aiden. He’s usually pretty much completely drained after his training. I make sure I send word to his chamber maids that he would be returning for a bath. The King doesn’t mind it when I accompany him back to the castle. It’s quite a long walk back.”

Nayeli clenched her teeth, holding back words that would shock the Duchess out of her boots. They were ugly black boots anyways, Nayeli thought.

“It’s cold out here,” she said, not feeling cold at all. “Good day, Duchess Leilani.”

She turned to walk away, but the Duchess turned around with her, still at her side. She stopped to look at Leilani. There was a polite smile on her lips, but Nayeli didn’t trust it for a moment.

“Anything on your mind, Duchess?” Nayeli asked.

Leilani feigned hesitation, her smile staying in place. “Princess Nayeli,” she started. “We’ve become friends, you and I, and therefore I feel like I can speak frankly.”

Nayeli pulled the cloak tighter around her body, listening. When Leilani didn’t continue, she realised the woman must be waiting for her permission, the permission to speak “frankly”.

“Yes, Duchess?” she asked, her voice soft.

“Oh, please, call me Leilani,” she said, smiling at her.

Another silence stretched between them.

“Was there something you wanted to say, Leilani?” Nayeli asked, annoyed and eager to walk away from the woman in front of her.

“Why, yes,” she began. “It’s just that you are a seventeen year old girl and King Aiden is a man that is turning twenty-five this year. It’s an eight year difference.”

Nayeli’s cheeks felt hot, her ears burning inside her cloak. She remained quiet, not trusting her voice to speak.

“You’ve been betrothed since you were seven years old,” Leilani continued. “It’s been ten years of peace with your Kingdom, why is there still the need for you to marry him?”

“It’s an arrangement made by our late fathers.”

“Exactly!” Leilani claimed. “Why should the two of you give your lives for an agreement that was made ten years ago? Our kingdoms are at peace, it’s not like you are planning another war, is it?”

“No,” she said and lowered her eyes.

“Then why is there the need of this marriage?”

“It’s not your place,” she heard herself saying, looking at the Duchess. “I am engaged to be married to King Aiden. There is nothing either of us can do about it.”

“But maybe if you…”

“I’ve heard enough,” she insisted and the Duchess took a step away from her. Without exchanging another word, Nayeli moved past her and towards the castle. She didn’t look back once, not trusting herself to have another look at the beautiful Duchess Leilani Kubovy.



Aiden’s chest heaved in and out, wearied and tired from fighting. He held a hand out to his friend on the ground. Jon laughed with a hoarse throat, taking his hand and pulling himself up.

“Did you let me win?” Aiden asked, holding his friend’s gaze.

Jon grinned. “I guess you will never know.”

The men who surrounded them were thrown into discussing their fight. Jon wiped mud from his face, spiting some out as well. Aiden grinned at that, wiping some mud from his own face against his shoulder.

“I see your number one admirer is here,” Jon said, mockingly.

Aiden looked across the field, finding Duchess Leilani making her way closer to the fighting fields as she lifted a hand to wave at him. He nodded his head in greeting, looking away again.

“One of her servants is probably already running to draw you a bath with lavender scented water,” Jon continued.

Aiden lifted a brow at his friend.

“Please tell me you take her into that bath with you?” Jon asked, lowering his voice. 

Aiden smirked. “That, my friend, is one woman I cannot touch.”

“How come? Distant cousin or what?”

“Trouble,” he muttered, scratching his head. “More trouble than I would like to handle right now.”

“Because of your current guest at the castle?”

“Oh,” Aiden mused. “Is there someone visiting me at this time? Because no one other than my usual company has spoken to me in days.”

Jon took a moment before speaking. “She was next to the field when we started our fight. She was watching you.”

“Yes, well, that is all she’s been doing since she arrived at the castle two weeks ago. Watching me.”

“This will be her last visit before you have to marry her.”

“And thank you for stating the obvious, Warrior May.”

“The obvious being your future?”

Aiden shrugged it off. “There is nothing I can do about it.”

“You are King Aiden Estrella-”

“What is done, is done, Jon. I’m marrying Princess Nayeli before the last snow of the winter sets. And that is that.”

Jon raised his hands in defence. “That is that, then,” he said, lowering his hands again, and adding to his words. “Enjoy the bath.”



Princess Akira Estrella stood on her balcony, her head tilted back and enjoying the touch of the first snow on her face. Small, wet drops settled on her shoulders and clothes. She found the morning to be crisp and fresh as she took in a breath of life, tasting the beginning of winter.

When she lowered her eyes, she looked down and saw Jon May standing underneath her balcony. The Aemazon Warrior waved up at her with a polite smile on his face. She returned his smile, feeling a bit foolish for standing in the snow. His dark brown hair was covered in mud, no doubt having had a busy morning of training.

“You shouldn’t be outside in the cold, Princess,” he said up to her, nodding his head and walking into the castle. She shook it off, looking up at the sky again.

A knock at the door made her jump.

She thought that maybe it could be Jon May, but she decided that he won’t be so bold as to come and knock on her door in broad daylight. He was loved by his King, but that did not mean he could overstep his boundaries. He was after all, only a Warrior.

Akira went to open the door and found Duchess Leilani Kubovy standing in front of her with a basket of apples.

“Princess Akira,” she acknowledged and bowed her head.

The Duchess was making her rounds, Akira thought, bowing her head in greeting. “Duchess Leilani. Are these lovely apples for me?”

“Why, yes,” she said. “I thought that something healthy would be in order this morning, the start of winter at our door and all.”

“Thank you, Duchess,” Akira said and took the basket of apples from her. “Was there anything else?”

The Duchess pressed her way into the room along with her apples. Akira stepped aside, allowing the Duchess access. She felt like groaning out loud, but refrained from doing so.

“This won’t do!” the Duchess fretted. “Allowing the winter’s bite to openly flow into your room just won’t do. Had the chamber maids gone mad by leaving this open?”

Abruptly, Leilani had the doors to the balcony closed. She fretted on about the cold in the room and complained that there should be a fire in the hearth. Akira took an apple out of the basket and bit into it. If she had to listen to Leilani ramble, at least she would enjoy a fruit while doing so.

“The King had quite the audience this morning at the fighting fields,” Leilani said, coming to sit down opposite Akira. “He fought that friend of his. It was quite the show.”

“Jon May? Who won?” Akira asked, eating away at her apple.

“The King showed that Aemazon Warrior his place. You should have seen the way that man was handling the King during their fight. Disrespectful.”

“He’s an Aemazon Warrior, it’s their way.”

“Nonetheless, he must realise that he is fighting a King.”

Akira felt the need to roll her eyes.

“Princess Nayeli was there, too,” Leilani added. Akira sat up in her chair, her interest peaked.

“She was? Did she see him win his fight?”

“No,” Leilani said, shrugging. “She said the fight was tedious and left.”

“Tedious? A fight between Aiden and Jon? No one ever finds that kind of fight tedious.”

“Maybe she couldn’t handle seeing the way our King was being thrown to the ground. Maybe she was embarrassed and thought that he would lose the fight.”

“You think so?” Akira asked, her eyes drifting to the floor. “Do you think it’s because she is so different than us? Our people differ a great deal.”

“That might be it,” Leilani nodded, a smile finding her face.


It was late, about an hour after midnight when Jon walked down the dirt road and heard the commotion coming from Falcon’s Tavern. It was a wicked part of Adarmar City and finding a couple of drunkards in a fight would not be a surprise. But there was something that told him to turn into the tavern and see what the uproar was about. He could hear a few heavy punches were being thrown along with a few pieces of the furniture.

Before entering the tavern, he checked his pocket to see if his Ember leaves and roots were still there. It was expensive goods and hard to come by. He had been negotiating in these debauched parts of the city for weeks now only to find a few dried roots and even less leaves. It had cost him a lot too. It was uncanny how much the scum of the city asked in return for a few pieces of an illegal plant. He tucked the roots and leaves safely back into his pocket.

When he opened the door to the tavern, a mop of black hair and feathers jumped over a table, colliding with the man on the other side. To his shock, he realised it was a young native girl. Straight, black hair filled her back and pieces of her hair were plaited together with feathers tied to the ends. Blue and red feathers moved amongst her hair as she got her grip around the fool’s throat. She had a foul mouth, cursing into the man’s ear. She had her back to Jon as she held the man in her grip. Jon laughed, not feeling sorry for the man at all. It will teach him a lesson in taunting a native woman.

Jon moved towards the bar, keeping the fight in sight. He ordered himself some ale, knowing well that it would be of poor quality. But he needed it after the day he had. He leaned against the counter, waiting for his drink. When it arrived, he dropped a copper on the counter and lifted the tankard to his lips. It tasted even worse than he could imagine, but he took another mouthful.

He turned his attention back to the fight and found that the man had gotten out of the girl’s grip. There were a few feathers lying on the floor, but the girl was still up. She was swaying on her feet, her eyes never leaving her opponent. She was drunk all right, and struggling to keep herself together for the task at hand.

The man spat blood. It didn’t fall far from the red and blue feathers lying on the floor. 

Then he lunged at her. 

She caught the man’s blow best she could, but her strength was failing because she was drunk and tired. Her head slammed into the floor with a loud thud. Jon stood away from the counter, sudden worry clutching his heart. Having a dead native girl found in an alley would not be good for the King. Not with the Native Princess currently in his castle.

Jon drowned his last bit of ale and placed the tankard on the counter. The man now had the girl pushed down on the floor, his hand pressing down on her throat. She was kicking and trying to get out underneath him but to no avail. Jon started his move towards the fight, only to stop the moment the girl threw the man off her. To his surprise, there was still plenty of fight left in her. She jumped to her feet, swinging around to block another blow from her opponent.

Jon’s heart stopped.

The moment the girl swung around, his heart went quiet in his chest.

Like an ice cold finger being pressed to his spine, Jon stared at Princess Nayeli Faye as she caught the man’s blow, pushing him away from her. He was too dumb-struck to move. He could only watch as the young girl trembled on her feet. She was barely able to hold herself upright and blood was leaking out between her lips, colouring her teeth red.

She was going to collapse, he realised, and before he could step towards her, her eyes rolled back into her head and she dropped. Like a copper falling to the floor, her knees gave way, and she landed in a heap of native feathers.

The tavern keeper cursed out loud, barking at the crowd watching the fight. No one wanted to go near her, not wanting any part in the death of a native girl.

Life suddenly returned to Jon’s lungs and he moved. It was clear that none of the lowlifes in the tavern had recognised the Princess, they thought she was a mere native girl passing through. Well, he hoped that was what they thought. Within moments he had the Native Princess over his shoulder. People hissed around him, the tavern keeper shouting something at him. He ignored it all, holding onto the Princess.

She weighed a lot more than he bargained for, but he held her in place as he stumbled out of the tavern. Once outside, he realised that he had nowhere to go with her. He couldn’t take her back to his chamber in the Aemazon quarters. Surely someone would see him and he had no plan in getting caught with an unconscious Princess on his hands.

He started walking, needing to get her away from the tavern. He took his first right, following the street down to the end of the City and soon they were nearing the beach. It was beyond cold this close to the water, but he had no other place to take her. He lowered her unconscious body to the white sand of the beach, finding himself pacing back and forth next to her.

He should just take her back to the castle and tell them what happened. Tell them that he found her this way in a tavern. Aiden was going to be damn furious, Jon realised, and he’s going to want to know what Jon was doing in this part of town. Jon cursed, the Ember roots in his pocket heavier than ever. He looked the Princess over in the dim lighting. She was dressed in common clothing, wearing pants and a loose shirt. Not nearly dressed like a Princess. Not nearly warm enough. There were streaks of red and blue painted across her face, her tribal and Royal colours. He had to stare at the amount of feathers in her hair again. She never wore feathers in the castle. In the castle she wore gowns like the Duchesses, and her face was never painted either.

The moment the Princess moved on the ground, his Warrior heart almost jumped out of his chest.

She mumbled a few curse words, making him raise an eyebrow, and then she reached for her face. She moaned softly, turning onto her side and lifting her head. With her eyes droopy, she looked around the beach. When her gaze rested on Jon, she mumbled something he couldn’t hear and then slowly started her struggle to her feet. Surprising him yet again, she managed to get herself upright. She stared at him through pieces of black hair and a painted face with dried blood on her lips.

“Are you going to try and fight me too?” she asked. 

“You think you can take me?” he played along.

“I have the fight of a Tiger in me,” she said, sounding out of breath.

“Not when you’re this drunk.”

“I had…” she began, a smirk on her face. “Very poor tasting ale. I think an old man’s piss might just taste better.”

Jon kept quiet, staring at her droopy eyes.

“We should get you back to the castle.”

She cut him off by cursing. “You’re Jon May,” she said. “Aren’t you?”

“And you are the Princess Nayeli Faye, the Native Princess.”

Her face dropped. “You know who I am? That is going to be a problem, isn’t it?”

He nodded his head. “Yes, it is.”

Another curse left her mouth.

“Do you do this regularly?” he found himself asking.

“Drinking, fighting or cursing?”


She swayed on her feet. “I decided to have a little celebration by myself,” she said with a shrug. “After all, I am getting married in a few weeks. I was rejoicing in my excitement.”

He shook his head. “You should get back to safety and sleep it off.”

He wanted to reach for her, but she stepped away from him. “In mere weeks I will be their Queen,” she said, turning away. “They feel nothing for me.”

Jon stopped, listening to the dangerous words of the Native Princess.

“They could’ve killed me and no one would have cared. Just some native girl in a depraved tavern.”

“We should return to the castle,” he said, attempting to occupy her thoughts.

But she turned on him, glaring at him. “I got out of my bed, surely I can get myself back into it.”

“You’re not suggesting that I leave you to walk back alone?”

“I never asked you for anything,” she said and turned on her heel. She walked away from him and he didn’t try to stop her. But a few minutes later, he followed.


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