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Amy is your average every day girl. Except she is alone. With no friends, a clueless family, and no one to talk to but her diary, she is alone in the world.

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



Narrator: Amy is an average 7th grade girl. She goes to average classes, she does average things, she eats average food. The only thing that sets her apart is how she’s treated.


At house getting ready for school


Amy: Bye mom! (goes out the door to bus stop)


At the bus stop


Amy: Hi. (smile at other kids at the bus stop)

Kids: (whisper to each other)


Bus arrives


Amy: Can I sit here?

Abigail: Um… Bethany! (gestures for Bethany to sit next to her) Sorry, no room.

Amy: (Finds an empty bench to sit)

Room goes dark, spotlight on Narrator.

Narrator:  Now Amy doesn’t want to sit alone, but what other choice does she have? She doesn’t know anyone else there. She knows Abigail, (gestures to girl sitting in seat) but you saw how that went.


In class


Teacher: Alright everyone, for this exercise, you each need a partner.

Sam: (raises hand)

Teacher: Yes, Sam.

Sam: Can we choose our partners?

Teacher: Yes, that’d be fine.

(Whole class gets up and chooses partners)

Amy: (slowly stands up and looks for someone she knows to partner up with)

Everyone sits down after having found a partner.

Amy: (Only one still standing)

Teacher: Amy, do you still not have a partner?

Amy: (Shakes head)

Teacher: Here, why don’t you be in a group of three with Elijah and Tim.

Amy: (Nods head and joins Elijah and Tim)

Elijah: (hunched over table with posterboard on it) Hey Tim, can you pass me that ruler?

Tim: Yeah. (pass Elijah ruler)

Amy: Can I help?

Tim: Hey, back off, we never asked for you to be teamed up with us.

Amy: (mutters) Sorry. (stands to the side)

Tim: (says to Elijah) She’s so lame.

Elijah: I know, right?


At Lunch


Amy: (holding lunch tray, looking for a place to sit. Sits at an empty table)

Bethany: Hey, I found this in the bathroom, I think it’s addressed to you. (holds out a piece of paper crumpled into a ball.)

Amy: (takes the piece of paper and straightens it out) Dearest Amy, I love you with all my heart. There is a magical simplicity to your walk, a careless beauty that sings to me, eyes that pierce the air around me. Amy I love you, but do you love me? Ps. meet me in the library at 12:00 I’ll be waiting. -Love, Secret Admirer. (secretly puts note in backpack. Finishes lunch then leaves stage.)


At the library


Amy: (Sits at table reading a book, checking watch and looking up every now and then.)

Elijah: (Comes running down the stairs. Calls) Amy! Waiting for me?

Amy: (Stares in confusion and embarrassment.)

People in library burst out laughing.

Amy: (Runs off stage)


At home


Amy: Mom, I’m home! (drops backpack to the side)

Mom: Hey, how was your day? (walks towards Amy, wiping her hands on a towel)

Amy: It was good. Did… school stuff.

Mom: Alright well, I’ll just be in the kitchen.

Amy: (walks off stage)


In Amy’s room


Amy: (pulls out journal and starts to write) Dear Diary, I’m so alone in the world. I barely have any friends and the friends I do have ignore me or push me away. I sit alone at lunch, I get teased for how I work, what I say, who I talk to. I thought it was okay to be on good terms with the teachers, but apparently, not so much. People calling me teacher’s pet and spreading rumors about me behind my back. Playing stupid tricks on me, at times when I think, how could I be so gullible. I’m not sure how long I can put up with this, I’m so alone, no one will really talk to me. My family doesn’t know what’s happening, what I feel. At times I wonder, what do I have left in this world. I don’t have any great talents, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be confident enough to share them. I doubt anyone would miss me, if I died…


In gym class the next day


Narrator: The next day, during gym class, Amy was playing badminton. She was playing with the one person without a teammate, and against two people who kept changing the rules of the game. Badminton was her favorite sport, but she wasn’t allowed to be on the good team because she didn’t have a partner.

Amy: (serves first, hits just inside the line.)

Cory: That’s out!

Amy: (lets out a sigh then serves again)

Alex: (laughs) That was a terrible serve!

Amy: (tries to serve again but misses the net)

Cory: What are you sick or something? This is the worst I’ve seen anyone play!

Amy: (offers the birdie to her teammate, but they decline. Tries serving again but hits too high.)

Cory/Alex: (burst out laughing)

Amy: (drop racket and run off court.)


In the bathroom


Amy: (inside a stall, crying)

Victoria: (walk into bathroom) Is someone in here.

Amy: Go away.

Victoria: Come out.

Amy: (walks out of stall)

Victoria: What’s wrong?

Amy: Nothing.

Victoria: Fine, don’t tell me. My name’s Victoria.

Amy: Amy.


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