Well It Could Be Worse

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“So…ph…ia!” I herd the shouts of my name being called by my ugly step mother. Usually I would get out of bed immediately knowing that if I didn’t I was doomed to be stuck doing all of the chores. And when I say chores I don’t mean taking out the trash and doing the few dish that are in the sink from the night before. I mean washing every dish in the house drying and all. Twice! And at my house there are hundreds of dishes. But today I wasn’t feeling it. I just laid there staring at my ceiling in outer silence. When I heard the dreadful voice hollering my name once more. I swooped out of bed and into my closet putting on blue skinny jeans neon pink converse and a ACDC top. I ran down the stair my back pack slipping of my shoulder and letting it fall to the floor in from of our massive fridge. I opened it up and slipped two zip lock bags of brownies into my bag.


I shut the door of the fridge and “Ahhh.” I grabbed at my chest startled. “Mother?”

“Don’t mother me! Go to school. Now1” she screeched. I hosted my bag off the floor and walked towards the door. “Faster! Go! Now! By the way your grounded!” I stopped out of the house. I checked my watch and noticed that I was just minutes away from missing the bus. I put my bag on my back and haled ass down the drive way to my bus stop. Where the bus was just about to leave but I made it in just in time.I didn’t want to miss my first day.


Schools boring, no change there. I haled out of the English class when the bell rang demising us to lunch. I entered the lunch room plopping my bag down on the table when I saw a beautiful girl holding a tray looking around, lost. I couldn’t help it I had to know who she was. I have never seen her here before she must be new. I walked over to her standing in front of her.


“Hi,my name is Jake. And you are?” I held out my hand. She took it.


“Im Sophia. Sophia Swan.” I noticed she was blushing so I mediately invited her to sit with me.


“I can see that you are new and lost. Why don't you come sit with me?”


“Um… Are you sure your friends wont mined they seem to be eye balling us from across the room.”


“I guess they will have to deal then!” She nodded so I walked her over to the table introducing her to my friends. Im gonna spare you the grousume details of my friends. Lets just say they’re not the type of people that you or anyone would want to hang out with. We all talked and laughed for what seemed forever. The rest of the day when by fast.


35 Red Street

Today went by faster then I thought it would have. I also made a new friend which happens to be a guy, a very hot guy. I giggled to my thoughts. I was pondering wether I should sit with them tomorrow or not. I mean what else am I gonna do and where am I gonna sit. I decide the hell with it might as well.


I walked into the cafeteria grabbing Alfredo buffalo chicken pizza my personal favorite. I looked around for Jake but I could find him anywhere. One of his buddies walked up to me. “He’s not here. Something about moving away.” I wondered if it was because of me and I am hoping that it wasn’t. I would feel so terrible to find out that he was moving away all because of the new girl. It would ruin my repartitions. HA the reputation I don't have. I sat with the guys any ways knowing that they are cool with me. Which I was grateful for. I wish I could talk to him, Jake, but I don’t know where he lives or if he even wants to talk to me. But I was so confused on why he was going.


“Do any of you know where he lives?” I fessed up.


“35 Red St.” They all replied in unison. I trashed my lunch and head over to his house. There was no car in the drive way. And the door was opened. I knocked slowly opening it. I let myself in. The house was empty from top to bottom. I was to late. HE was gone and probably never coming back. I wish I could have done something to make him stay. I had so many questions with no one to answer them.




The door shut with a slam. I whipped around no one was there.


“Anybody there?” I shouted scared. I shouted three times more. I walked into the kitchen and there stood Jake. “I thought you eft. And the door was opened so…”


“So you let yourself in. Your lucky it was me and nobody else. It not safe here. You need to leave and never think of me or come back to this place.”


“But… I…”


“I know you have so many questions that need answering. I heard you talking to yourself. Now go!” I opened my mouth to go speak but he wouldn’t let the words come out my mouth. “Now!” I hurried out the door and onto the street. When I bumped into a strange man who jumped out of no where. I screamed as he grabbed a hold of my arm spinning me around. Holding a knife up to my throat Jake walked out of the house. “Let her go!” He shouted but the man didn’t listen.


“No. No. No.” He pulled the knife a tiny bit the left across my neck making a little cut. I squealed in pain.


“Leave her be! She has nothing to do with this!” Jake ran at the man and I so fast I stood there blankly. I came to realization that no human can run that fast. I looked over at them fighting throwing each others far distances and running extremely fast. Thats when I saw it the thing that scared me the most. Jake ripped the mans throat out with his mouth. The odd old man turned to stone.


“Ahhhhhh….” I screamed. Jake looked up instantly. “Stay away from me. Stop! Don’t come any closer!.” But he kept walking towards me.


“Sophia. Your over reacting.” He tried to calm me downbeat honestly nothing could.


“Over reacting. Fuck you!” I shouted. I turned around running off into the distance. He popped up in front of me. I turned the other way this time a woman popping out infant of me. She grabbed my arm and zipped out of that place. Away from Jake.


Submitted: February 02, 2017

© Copyright 2021 PaigeMarston. All rights reserved.

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