Alice's Big Secret Part two

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Part Two... YEAH

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



All Feelings Gone -part two

Standing at the end of an alley there a young girl stood by the smoke shop. I walked passed her and disappeared few steps away. The girl looked around stepping out into the street to get a better look around. “What the.” she started to say, when I pounced down on her from above, ripping her throat out with no regret. I used to  be kind about it but not no more for I did not care. I left her body right there on the street not thinking twice about it.


Days later.


I was sitting in my chair all alone when the News came on.

‘Two victims were found dead. One in an alley way and one just at the end of the alley near the smoke shop. Suspects are being noted. But nobody knows what truly happened. The man was a 52 year old doctor named Franklin Delgado. The young girl was at the age 20 but her name hasn’t been discovered. But the looks of it this wasn’t no ordinary killer. It looks like they were killed by a…


I clicked the t.v. off. “Vampire.” I muttered to myself. I took a shower and headed off to school even though I didn’t want to be there what so ever. It was boering in class like usual. “I can’t see how old me enjoyed it in here.”

“I'm sorry what was that?” The teacher said wanting me to repeat what I said.

“I said that this class is shity and a waste of my time.” I replied but not with the truth. Everyone was laughing I looked around the classroom and noticed Jake sitting in a desk a few away from where I was sitting. He whispered only so that I could hear ‘What are you doing?’ I ignored him and looked back at the teacher who was still talking.

“Alice!...” I heard my name. “Alice.” I looked at him straight in the eye. No one was laughing anymore. “Get out. I would like to have a word with you.” I got up and walked out like he said. He followed closing the door behind him.

“What...  the heck do you think…” He started to say. I covered his mouth with my hand turning his head a little to the left. Right then I never felt better. I stuck my teeth straight into his neck drinking his blood. I kept on not stopping not dropping a single drop of his sweet and tasty blood making sure I got it all. When I was interrupted.

“Alice stop now.” It was Jake but I ignored I kept on with what I was doing. He pulled me off of the teacher letting him drop to the ground. Holding my face so I looked at him he said. “Whats wrong with you?”

“Nothing I am the same as always just much funner.” He looked me deep in the eyes.

“No… no.” He kept saying.

“What you don’t like me this way by the looks of it you didn’t like me before either.” I teased.

“You need to turn it back on. Your humanity.” He demanded. I pushed his hands off of my face and turned around not facing him.

“Leave me alone or else I'll kill you.” I warned him. He grabbed my arm. I spun around sinking my teeth into his neck. He shoved me away his neck healed. I ran out of the room and all the way home. The door was open. Someone had broken into my home. I walked in when something hit me on the head. I blacked out just to wake up in a cellar. I looked around there was no exit out but the way in. I used all my might to walk over to the door. It was unlocked how weird. I walked out of the cellar and right out of the house when my skin started to burn. Quickly I ran back into the house away from the burning sun. Touching my throat my to realize my necklace was gone.

“Ahhh. You're awake great. Tea?” Someone strange asked. I turned around and I was George another doctor from the hospital that I was held in.

“George! Its nice to see you again.” I lied.

“Yeah.” He sighed.

“What do you want.” I asked.

“I want your boyfriend. Jake is his name.”

“He's not my boyfriend and I don’t know where he is.”

“I figured you would say that.” He went to pull out a gun from his pocket. I sped at him but not fast enough he shot me in the shoulder. I was already weak and hurting. I blacked out immediately.

Minutes later I woke up once again. I was getting really mad at this whole black out wake back up thing. “George!!!.” I hollered. He came down carrying a necklace.

“I just found this on the floor must me yours.” He put his arm out. I grabbed the necklace and put it on. What an idiot I thought to myself. I looked him over to see if he had the gun. By the looks of it he didn’t. Now's my chance I sped up to him grabbing him by the shoulders and sicked my teeth into his neck. I ripped his throat out and escaped to my mom's house when she was alive. Making sure the coast was clear. I saw Jake sitting on the couch but he wasn’t alone. I turned the corner to notice he was at gun point. The didn’t see that I was there. “Give it up boy. What are you hiding?” A voice demanded. The voice wasn’t alone there was two other guys. I snuck a little closer to see where the others were standing. I ran up behind the closets one snapping his neck. Than running out of the room so that I wasn’t to be seen the others were scared. “Hey what was that? Who else is here?” The voice said still pointing the gun at Jake. He pulled the trigger shooting him in the leg more blood spilled to the floor. Jake screeched in pain. I killed the other one but this time I ripped out his throat like the others before but worse. I let him drop to the floor.

I started walking towards the man with the gun. He pulled out a second one. One pointing at me and one at Jake. “My best friend killed my mom and their mom then herself. Than I was strapped to a hospital table while they took my blood. I was left in an alleyway alone where I ripped into two innocent peoples throats. I was kidnapped out of my own home and I killed the man who did it.” Bang! He shot me in the shoulder I fell to the ground but got back up. I started walking and talking again. “I come home just to see Jake bleeding out on my couch at gunpoint. I like two of your men and now I'm gonna kill you.” I started running at him but once again he shot me once in the leg and once in the other shoulder.

While the man ran off I dug the bolts out of my body. “Ahhh.” I screeched. “And I also get shot three times in my own house.” I chased the man up stairs and into my mom’s old bedroom. He shut the door behind him. What he didn’t notice was there were no ways out of that room. Bang! Bang! Bang! I kicked the door down. He sat straight against the bed frame prettified.

I walked up to him throwing him against the wall. He fell to the floor. I picked him up banging him against the wall. “Time to die.” I slowly leaned in turning his head to scare him more. Finally I stuck my teeth into his carotid artery inflicting as much pain as I could. I enjoyed it. I was about to rip his throat out when Jake walked in.

“Alice stop. This isn’t you. This is not what you like to do this is the bad parts that you have never let in before. You have always kept them out.” I looked over at Jake.

“But I do like this why can’t you?” I replied.

“No you don’t and you never have.” He walked towards me.

“Stay away. Im warning you.” He kept walking. He was now standing right next to me he grabbed my shoulders and turned me so that I was facing right at him. Right in his eyes. He let his hands fall down my arms grabbing my hands.

“He kissed my forehead and added. “Remember Sarah?” I nodded my head yes. “How she killed your mom and hers. Both moms that you loved.” He paused. “Don’t be like her and come back.” He turned around and out of the room. I fell the ground and cried. When that's when I realized that this really wasn’t who I am or who I wanted to be. He was walking out the of the house when I stood up and ran down the hallway and after him.

“Jake.” I shouted. He turned around and watched me run towards him. I stopped just a few feet in front of him. We looked each other in the eyes for a moment.

I started to cry, balling my eyes out he whispered ‘please come back. For me. For your mom and Sarah's. You are strong. You can do anything’ I closed my eyes backing away. “For me.” He pleaded.

I opened my eyes. “Don’t ever do that to me again.” He smiled. I wiped my eyes. He gave me another hug.

‘I promise.’

We walked back into the house and up to my room. He sat down on the bed and I sat next to him. Tears threatened to fall down my face but I didn’t dare let them out. But I couldn't keep them in forever. I cried right there next to Jake.

He hugged me. “Hey...  Everything will be fine, you will be fine. I am here for you. Always.”

“Thank you. For everything.” I backed away and wiped my eyes. “I'm gonna shower and I'll be right back in. I'm a mess.” He nodded. I grabbed clothes and hopped into the shower. When I was all dressed I walked into the room. There Jake was lying down on my bed with his eyes closed. I could tell that he was thinking. “What you thinking about?”

“Us. Me and You.” He replied.

“What about me and you?” I asked.

“Everything that we did. Everything that we have gone through. Everything that I have put you through and here you are with me.Why?”

I was speechless so I climbed into the bed and cuddled up next to him when I replied. “Because I love you.” I looked up at him and he looked down at me. Tears started to roll down his face. I sat up and inched closer wiping the tears from his eyes. “Everything is alright. I forgive you.” I paused and leaned in to give him a kiss. He sat up and giving me a hug he kissed me.

“I love you too.” Were the last words spoken that night. We layed in the bed and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

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