Pen and Paper

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Well this is about my love for writing on paper.
P. S. Originally written on paper.

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



There's something about pen and paper, no typewriter or computer can replace it. No autocorrect, no thesaurus to 'glamourify' your words, no grammar corrections, or going on the Internet for a few ideas(inspiration). There are no backspaces to rectify mistakes or change your thoughts and if you want to change something you have to strike it out which is visible for everyone to see, helping them get inside the writer's head, understanding his thought process, biggest of all it humanizes the writing. You might say that the same is applicable for the typewriter as well and you are right but as I said pen and paper humanizes the writing and the typewriter still feels mechanical coupled with the fact that you write it in your own personal handwriting. It's yours and yours alone, when you look at it you recognize it in an instant and that feeling is ecstatic. Oh and almost forgot about the smell of ink drying on that beautiful paper, it's just brilliant and enchanting.

P. S. This was originally written on a price of paper and no changes have been made to the original piece, can't show the errors here though and sorry that the screen doesn't smell that nice. Also I wrote this on my phone so not sure of the formating if any changes or corrections are required do let me know and ofcourse share your views. Thankyou, enjoy.

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