seekers tale

seekers tale

Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



jake finds a book containing stories of the holders, he finds himself unable to stay away from the places named in this book and when his best friend tells him that it might be real he jumps at the oppertunity to find out for himself... will he reassemble the objects and bring about the revolution
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jake finds a book containing stories of the holders, he finds himself unable to stay away from the places named in this book and when his best friend tells him that it might be real he jumps at the oppertunity to find out for himself... will he reassemble the objects and bring about the revolution

Chapter1 (v.1) - Findings

Author Chapter Note

ok to this chapter is a short prologue and then the first chapter to the seekers tale. you get to meet the main character, his best friend and girl friend. and you see very soon how their journey starts who is who. i hope you like it and please feel free to leave any suggestions

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 02, 2017





It was pure accident to find them, Jake never meant to become power hungry but that’s what happens when 2000 of the most powerful items are in your possession.

This story begins like every other… with a simple hero, living a normal mundane life until one special day…



















Chapter 1


Jake was running late for his lunch date at the library with Lisa, and as fate would have it she was pissed. “I’m sorry ok; Travis would not let me leave without finishing the final draft on the case for tomorrow.” 

“Is this how our lives are going to be forever? You being late and me always having to wait on you? And of course you bring your best friend to a date…”

“I actually didn’t know it was that kind of date, I thought it was a study group date that’s why she’s here.”

Lisa didn’t respond and Jake saw that Anna had already walked off to find the books she needed to study so he did the same. As he got into the isle that held the criminal law books a small book was tucked behind all the others on the shelf he was searching on. He removed the small booklet, “this isn’t supposed to be here… this is mythology.” Yet he never took the book to the correct isle instead he checked it out to read along with all the others.

“What’s that?” Anna asked

It’s just a book, it was hidden in the shelf I took the law books from… must have forgotten to put it back on its own shelf.”

“You going to change your major to fit with Anna now too?” Lisa asked as she came to sit down. “No, it was misplaced in the law section I forgot to put it back and they signed it out to me… can’t hurt to have a little distraction from studying tonight right?”

“Need I remind you that this isn’t some high school test that you can fail and still get through… this is your final exam to your criminal law degree Jake you don’t have time for distractions.”

“Well then Anna and I should probably get going then, because I definitely don’t have time to fight with you. Come on Anna I need to get you home.”




With that they left the library and got into jakes BMW, once they stopped in front of Anna’s house she spoke up. “When are you going to just dump her, I don’t see the point of always having to drag her along everywhere only to have our evenings end in a lovers quarrel. Jake you despise her… that’s not good in any relationship.”

“Anna if you don’t shut up I’ll kick you out of this car literally… I know okay, I... Just don’t know how to go about it.”

“You… Jake are the smartest most devious and manipulative person I know… and your determinated there’s no mistaking that. You’ll find a way soon enough.”

“You make me sound evil… I like it. Now get inside before your dad calls me and tells me to release you from my grasp, or worse offers a ransom for your life.”

“Bye, see you tomorrow. And if that book is any good, I want it.”

Jake chuckled as he drove to his apartment, Anna was right this relationship with Lisa was turning toxic and it needed to end. But somehow he knew that Lisa was going to turn full viper once he did that. Well I’ve had a good run, but what if she turns this on Anna… shit.

As he set his things down inside his apartment the booklet fell off the desk and he picked it up. Even though it looked small it seemed to have quite a load of pages. He quickly checked the last page seeing it had 2541. Wow that’s a lot for such a small book; he opened the first pages and saw that it was a contents page.

Each page resembled a chapter, that’s impossible how is a chapter written in only one page?

And with that thought he started reading the first page.

“What is this?”

“Wait Anna studies this crap maybe she knows something about the holders.”




<Yo, nana you ever read anything in your myths about the holders>

>what are you talking about J<

<the book, I thought at first it was a mythology book… I started reading it and it has these holders, so I was wondering if maybe any of your books reference them>

>no not that I know of but I’ll do a little digging for you j-dog<

<Thanks nans>

>no prob, you signing off for the night? <

<Yeah I think so; this book is quite interesting I’ll be reading it>

>and the test? <

<I’ll be fine; I’ve been studying the past two months for it>

>k, TTYL<


Jake resumed reading about the holders, they were fascinating, the items they protected, and the challenges they put the seekers through.

Man if only these guys were real, id have a field day being a seeker.

Jake woke the next morning, passed out at his desk over the holder’s book and with only 20 minutes until his test started.

“Shit, I’m late again.”

<I’m on my way, right now I’m sorry I overslept>

>its fine j-dog, my class only starts in an hour, your test though starts in 15<

<I know I’m almost at your house>





>I do hope you’re not texting me whilst driving Jake??<

Right at that moment Jake stopped in front of Anna’s gate and opened the door for her from the inside, “get in.”

As she got in she replied; “you know you should be glad were friends… or else id have just slapped you.”

“Mmmhhhmmm, you want to know about the book or not?”

“Of course, and also I have some interesting things to tell you myself.”

So as Jake drove them to the campus he told Anna everything he had read about the holders.

“Jake stop… this is going to turn any sane person into a maniac.”

“No that’s the point; the right person could pull this off, if their mind is strong enough to endure.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea I tell you what I found…”

“What do you mean?”

“Jake when I was researching the holders… I… I came across someone who believes them to be real… Jake this guy has done some of those things, he didn’t make it to the object but he actually did it and it was real.”

“It’s all real?”

“Yeah, seems like it… but Jake the guy was a mess. There was something very off about his demeanour.”

“He’s not the chosen one”







It was in this moment that Anna realised that Jake was going to do the exact opposite of anything she said at this point in time…

Why did he have to go and find that stupid book?”

“Jake, are you okay?”

“Yeah nana I’m fine, you going to get to class okay? I’ve got to go write my test.”

“I’ll be okay, break a leg okay… and don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

“Yeah sure.”

Anna watched as Jake strode off to the exam hall, it was as if he was in a daze. Had he read that whole book in one night… 2541 and it was already committed to his memory as if he had years to read the book. Who had left it there though? They must have known that it was in the wrong isle? Unless they wanted it to be found…

<I hate to be doing this but Lisa I need your help right now>

>what is it, you know I don’t like speaking to the likes of you for longer than 5 seconds at a time<

<Geez then you need to learn to send shorter texts.>

>what do you want Anna? <

<It’s Jake, okay I’m worried about him and that book he found>

>what and you think I know anything about it? <

Of course she doesn’t know, she was too busy worrying about her future than to actually care.

<no I just thought maybe you had seen anyone suspicious in the law isle before Jake went to get his books? >





>nope. I was busy. <

<Well thanks anyway.>

Lot of help that was, maybe the librarian knows something about the book. So Anna made her way towards the library to ask around if anyone knew about the book.


Meanwhile Jake took his test in a daze, the pull towards the holders being so strong he could barely focus on his writing. What if I’m the chosen one? What if the book came to me for a reason? I’ll just do one, and then see what happens… ill even pick the easiest one to do just to set Anna’s mind at ease. I’d be able to stop after that…

Lurking just outside the exam hall a tall dark figure had its eyes on Jake as it could see that the pull towards the objects had already made the boy look too eager and hyper. It was almost as if he had started the journey already and had obtained the objects…

The figure understood the pull the boy felt, having been a seeker once it was hard to ignore the feeling of power that was always just beyond reach. But it knew that the boy could complete the journey, that he would obtain all the objects, reassemble them once more and bring about the revolution. For this boy was the chosen one… or so he hoped.

© Copyright 2017 Morra. All rights reserved.


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