The I.I.I.'s

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Introducing a new political party coming to a town near you!

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



The I. I. I.’s


Coming to a town near you, a new political party called the I.I.I.’s. The full name of this party is the Insomnia-inducing Intolerance Instigators.


Becoming increasingly popular by the day, this party thrives on causing hate. Any factions in society, any conflicts of interest -- one of their members will be there to inflame the passions of all involved, and to incite as much reaction between the opposing groups as is possible.


There is no dispute that they will not get involved in. Employment, education, race or religion are all prime targets for their focus, as are age, disability and wealth – or rather, lack of it.


Chief spokesperson, Mr Wilbur Grudge said in a press conference, “Any situation where there is conflict should be allowed to grow unchecked. Hate between groups is inevitable and negotiation is a waste of time. Where no long-term resolution can be found, hate should be allowed to flourish and decide the outcome.”


Mr. Grudge was cheered from those on one side of the street and heckled by those on the other. Police brought in water cannons and damped down those inflamed passions but, should the I.I.I.’s ever come in to power, such intervention will be banned and events will be allowed to run their course.


Those wanting to return to the ‘survival of the fittest’ regime should get in touch with their nearest branch. Those of you more considerate of your fellow human beings should perhaps start seeking sanctuary – preferably on another planet!

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