A better world

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i haven't seen dad since 42 days till now and life is getting worse so here is a poem showing how i am doing and my desire which is longing for a better world to live in...where everyone is happy

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



A voice in my head

The silence of the dead

makes me tremble in fear

Waiting for the time when I disappear

They keep on breaking me down

Keeping me underwater till I drown

Everyone just wants to stab me in the back

They say,"Bravery is what you lack"

I have been through things worse than this

And I hope that there is a chance I won't miss

I have died everyday

Being broken down every single day

Faking smiles that can't hide the pain

This world is just so insane

So painful, So unfair

and we have got enough pain to share

We keep holding on a rope

Just to fulfil this hope

That the world becomes a better place

Where we have all our dreams that we can chase

But so far in my life, i haven't seen the light

That has been hidden away from my sight

But I know that there is one present deep inside of me

I just have to dig deep and see

That there is this fire

Burning because of my desire

To see a better world

A one that is pure as gold

Full of smiles and happiness

No place for either sadness or darkness

That's everything I hope for

and this dream will last forever more

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