Killing People & Writing Books

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A flash and fan fiction, a Sherlock Holmes mini-fable. Quite So! --- Side note, If the reader is familiar with the TV series, "Murder She Wrote", then you may see a similarity to the female writer in this story.

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



"I say Holmes, what are we doing at a Book Signing if it isn't you doing the signing?"

"I told you earlier Watson; we were invited by the author to this signing and to have dinner with her afterward. The message that we received hinted at a technical collaboration on her next book," Sherlock Holmes told his friend and business partner, Dr. Watson.

"Besides," Holmes said, "I am keen on meeting this woman and analyzing her approach to solving murders."

Watson stated, "She only writes about murders that she is personally familiar with, which I've often thought was odd. How she manages to be there, at so many, is mind boggling.”

"My point exactly, Watson. Unless she is a homicide detective for some law enforcement agency, or a crime consultant as I am, the odds of that happening are staggering, “Holmes replied.

Watson took a min-sandwich from a try and replied, "Quite right Holmes, quite right."

Sherlock continued by saying, "And in each of her books, in every case, the murderer confesses upon being confronted by the writer; murderers seldom confess." 


At that moment many in the room started clapping as the featured author walked in, Ms Sensei Tarry Moi.

Dr. Watson states, “Ms Moi has written 12 best sellers, all murder mysteries, and a series of (How To) detective guide books; they are named (How to out-sleuth Sherlock Holmes, 1, 2 & 3). And her current best seller centers on the murder of a famous detective and the prime suspect is the detective’s long time friend, and business partner.

Hum, by Jove that sounds like us Holmes.”


Just as Ms Moi was about to address her avid fans a waiter presented a tray to Sherlock and Dr. Watson. Then the waiter said, "Tea for the British from Ms Moi's own garden. She hopes it will please the pallet and calm the nerves."

The two men took the cups and Watson took a sip. "Ah, that is wonderful Holmes and just the right temperature." Holmes sniffed and dabbed his finger in the cup, then touched it to his tongue. At that point he turned slightly toward Watson and said, “You would be best advised not to drink anymore of this tea or you will be confessing to anything anyone might ask you about."

"That's preposterous Holmes, it is just tea," Watson replied.

Holmes countered, "India's famous Rajah-blend to be exact. Yet, this has an added nut and berry mix, the Lindodia-berry in combination with the Wuhan-nut, to be exact. This combination, in the right amounts, can cause a hypnotic effect that would lend a person drinking it into an extreme suggestive state. In effect, they would believe that they did whatever they were told that they did. And they would forget the actual chain of events in the process."

Holmes's eyes grew wide and he said, "You mean...?"

Yes, Ms Sensei Tarry Moi is the true killer of 12 poor souls! And those confessed murderers had nothing to do with any of it."


Ms Moi finished her introduction speech and came over to introduce herself to her personnel guests.

"Mr. Holmes, Dr, Watson, I see that you didn't drink my tea. Was there a problem?"

"You know all too well what the problem is Ms Sensei Tarry Moi, or should I use your real name, (Sensei, meaning teacher, thus Professor.), (Tarry Moi, rearrange the letters and you have Moriarty.)."

Sherlock continued, "I have to admit that I thought that you were dead Professor. I have not had the sad occasion of you darkening my doorstep in many a year.

Yet, it seems that you were killing people and writing books right under my nose. But why would do such dastardly deeds?"

"Money, my dear Sherlock, big money. I'm getting contracts for over a million a story, plus 40% of the profits," Moriarty replied.

"But why the female disguise?" Dr. Watson questioned.

Moriarty laughed just slightly and said, "Once I get out of these female trappings I become just another no-body. I can go and come as I please and I don't have anyone bothering me for autographs and the like."

Sherlock cut in and said, "You know that I can't allow you to continue with this murdering madness. I must take it upon myself to stop you."

Moriarty smiled a slight smile and said, "I have all the money that I'll ever need and royalties just keeps flowing into my off-shore accounts. Besides, writing is becoming tedious and there are other avenues I wish to pursue.

However, I was hoping to have Watson's confession to your murder, Holmes, to mirror my present book; it would have spurred sales tremendously.  But alas, your nose for tea has improved over the years. So I'll have to award you this match and leave you alive to fight another day; Bravo my good fellow, Bravo.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have books to sign."

Moriarty starts to walk away, and then hesitates. Turning back towards Holmes he said, "Don't feel too bad Sherlock, Old Boy, you can't prove any of what you know that I've done; thereby, you can't have me arrested. And by the time you have proof, well, I will be gone and traveling under a new identity.

So once again Sherlock Holmes, you've been foiled and I will walk away without a scratch."


Bang, bang, bang! --- Three shots rang out within the venue, Moriarty fell to the floor.

Sherlock Holmes raced forward and removed a gun from the hand of a middle aged man who was then kneeling next to the body.

"I have loved her from afar for too long, but then she wouldn't give me a chance when I told her how I felt. She laughed at me,” Said the man, “she should never have laughed at me..."


D. Thurmond / JEF  --- 02-02-2017

© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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