Hush child

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A short poem to read before bed. I hope you all enjoy.

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



Hush child go to sleep. 

Don't mind the screams from the basement or the chains in the attic. 

Pay no attention to the ghostly moans in the halls, perhaps when you wake blood won't drop from the walls. 

Close your eyes and go to sleep, don't you dare make a peep, or I'll have to put you in the dungeon keep. 

So rest, rest your weary little head, and don't worry about that skeleton,(he's dead). 

Shadows claw from inside your closet, ignore the spiders crawling in your faucet.

Gore and darkness decor the place. You can count the heads above my mantle space. 

If you feel like you may cry just look at the demons as they fly. Graceful and full of joy, watch as they pull the soul from a little boy. 

This is the end little one and it's time for you to go. So fly with the bats and run with the beasts. Join the devil for a nice blood feast. 

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