Foreshadowing Darkness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tyra Jones was making mistakes in her life, little does she know that her mistakes would be so far into her mind to create the worst nightmare yet. She can't escape her folly, its too late for that now. So now all she can do is watch herself suffer in the inside and out.

 Tyra Jones knew what she was doing was quite wrong and dangerous. She was after all only seventeen, and having sex this early was dangerous. Even just dry sex, which was the stage she was on right now, and if she got caught. Oh! If she got caught she would be in heaps of trouble, especially if her mom found out. She has known Bracken Lynnheart for almost seven months now, dated him for only two. Well, not technically, they weren't exactly dating though, friends with benefits. That's all.

For some odd reason he was quite interested in her body; her dark curly hair, tan skin, long lean figure with curves in all the right places. How could he not be? She wasn't too interested in his looks though. He was a tall muscle build guy with light brown hair that was either shabby or spiked. He had light tan skin, and a cave man sloped head. She knew she could do way better but she didn't care if he wasn't the cutest, funniest, sweetest guy ever. No. She wasn't all into the lovely dovey stuff.

 In fact Bracken was quite the opposite. He was a wrestler with a dark attitude. He didn't know how to treat a girl, and he assumed the worse with everything he thought. He had his moments but he wasn't the nice guy. So why was it that sweet, beautiful Tyra Jones liked this kid? Well no one knows for sure but she seems like a girl who looks for reaction and attention. Bracken was a boy of both attention and reaction. She didn't care if he swore at her or hurt her feelings. As long as he made her feel loved and as long as he got feisty she was fine with him.

Everyday she would go home and tell her mother that nothing happened with them. None of her friends liked him either, so she couldn't brag. He was her biggest secret, only he and her knew what was going on. He didn't consider her his girlfriend yet but he mentioned best friends. Sometimes he would accidentally slip and say I love you, or your mine, or Babe. This is what he would say when he is nice, which is rare unless she makes it fair for him, these were one of the occasions. They did have similar connections that tied them together. That was how she justified herself with Bracken, Bracken Lynnheart.


“Come on Tyra! Just another few minutes, please,’’ Bracken looked deeply into her hazel brown eyes. “For me?”

She kisses him for another second more holding her face close to his, her voice whispering teasingly. “Bracken another minute out here and we will miss my bus for sure, we have to head back.”

Bracken takes the advantage of the moment of her in his face and grabs the back of her neck and kisses her again. “You shouldn’t have done that Tyra! You owe me a few minutes more.” He deepens the kiss.

Tyra smiles.

Nine Minutes Later


“Ok, no more. If we do anything more I will lose myself and miss my bus for sure.” She stands up making sure there is some sort of distance between them.

“Alright” he frowns. But does as she says they continue talking as they walk to their secret garden back to the school. Small talk, about school and friends and dislikes, she learned something new about him every day.

Her bus was parked on the side of the school gearing up to leave. She ran towards it and got on with ease “Bye Bracken! See you next week.”

He smiled and walked away with his hands in his pockets.

She loved when he did that. She would miss him, his touch, his voice, and his lips. She always did, even if it was just a few days.

She put her ear phones in and listened to “sound of silence; disturbed” She wasn’t feeling quite so well so she decided as soon as she got home she would take a nap and take a break for the day. For now she would listen to her tunes and rehearse what she would tell her mom this time. The bus pulls over to a dark brown house with three white vehicles in the driveway. That was how the bus driver knew it was her home the white van, truck, and car. She says thanks to her bus driver and walks off the bus and into the door of her home. “Mother I’m home!” She walks in the room where she knew her ma was. “Oh ma not again, not Doctor Phil!”  She looks at the T.V.

“It’s a true fact that when a person sleeps they are having a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations of their day and thoughts that go through their mind more than normal.  Dreams reveal insight into hidden desires, regulate moods, emotions, and anxieties, often relating to repressed past memories or obsessions.  Dreams regulate mood.” The TV chants.

“Tyra, how was your day, did anything exciting or new happen today?” Her ma asks sweetly.

“Nope. Nothing.” She yawns, ”I'm going to go to bed though, I’m not feeling my finest.” She walks out of the room heading downstairs.

“Ok.” Her ma says suspiciously. She watches as Tyra goes downstairs.

“They get rid of Sexual Tension and come from inner and deep thoughts of your mind, They are a fantasy of the real image, some detail secrets and clues, others detail past experiences, repetitive thoughts and anxiety. They all relate. The..y a……ll Co…nnect…” Dr Phil says before she makes her way downstairs.

She picks up her phone to see if anyone texted her recently especially her special someone.

Brackie  “I miss you already... ;)”

She smiles at the text, and lays her head down, her eyelids heavy and finally the gentle touches of darkness overshadowing her***



A golden sparkling river bank flowed gently between the rocks that surrounded it. The bank was only a foot or so deep and it reached about twelve or so yards. Thick trees were at all ends of the golden bank pointed slantways to the sky. Tyra stood in awe of the hovering branches that hung low and carried yellow, red, and orange leaves. On one side of the bank a lovely cabin rested and on the other side a great big rock wall with caves surrounding the exterior of the wall sat. The bank grew larger and deeper as it went down but where both Tyra and her sister Jess were, it was shallow.

She had dirty brown hair, big hazel eyes, olive skin, and a basey builded figure. She was two inches shorter than Tyra and always acted like the oldest a lot of the times.

“Tyra. I'm bored…” Jess said agitatedly pouting her lips as she plops herself down on a rock.

Tyra rolled her eyes at her comment and as she did she noticed a large dark cavity across the river. “Hey, what’s that?” She pulled her feet out of the bank and ran to a dark door shaped cave opening. “This looks man made.” She started to feel the exterior of the cave opening looking for any flaws that could say, just a coincidence, but found none. The doorway was completely smooth, all the way around. “I wonder why its here…”


Jess took the moment to her advantage. She walked into the deep hole, “let’s go find out.”

Tyra followed her.

The dark cave they were in had not gotten any darker, it had not changed in size, and the walls were all smooth. She was quite suspicious. The two turned corners, left and right, and could still see a bright light. It was in sharp shapes. Like Crystals. And a bright florescent purple. She smiled at the breathtaking sight. That’s when Tyra heard it, shuffling of steps, spongy sounds. and a slow raspy breath. “Shuffle. Shuffle. Squish, eghhh eghhh.” She looked at Jess who gave her a petrified look of fear as if she saw a ghost. She walks backwards and then sprints away from the shuffling they heard. Tyra yells out to her “don’t leave me!!!!” but Jess already turned a corner and was gone from her sight.

She heard the shuffling increase and she sprinted away from the eerie sound it made. Screaming out “Jess!?” “JESS!!!?” “Where are you!?” She turns a left corner and hears her sisters footsteps, she runs towards the sound. She turns another corner and finds her sister running across a long hallway. Tyra notices that the florescent crystals are now diming slowly across the halls. She started to sprint her sisters direction before she couldn’t see her. “JESS! Wait! Please! Come back. I need you.” Her sister kept running away, she wasn’t going back for anything. The lights eventually faded into almost nothing and she was about to give up running. She was tired, and was losing hope. But just as she was about to give up hope, she saw the exit. Her sister gained her pace and strode forth to the exit. “JESS!” she quickened her step. She ran as far as she could possibly go, her pace quickened. She saw her sister exit she was now several feet away. Now a few. She was almost out until the man made doors closed and shut.

 She was too late, in the darkness, alone, and scared. She banged on the wall as hard as she could in an attempt to escape. “Jess help! I can’t get out!” it was no use. She heard the raspyness and shuffling get louder and louder and louder. She couldn’t take it, she fell to the ground and started to cry, expecting death, expecting something to eat her. Expecting pain, wondering what her sister saw in the shallows of the dark cave hall that would cause her to abanded her. Then she heard it and felt it. Long, cold. hard nails stroked her hair and the back of her hair, and she heard the sound of scratching chalkboards growls saying. “Its too late.” In a low tone. She jumped at the sound, she heard. Wondering what it could be, and why it would say that. She looked in its direction, holding her hair away from the creature. As she did she noticed the Crystals blooming around her. The once dark crystals she saw a few seconds ago were now starting to brighten again and turn purple. Some of them started fading green.

But she at the moment wasn’t interested in the strange phenomenon. She was interested in the creature that stood before her. She was an old tiny wrinkly lady with long frizzy hair, yellow teeth that looked shattered in some places, dark eyes that had green slits, and long black nails that covered a dark blood red stick. She was bare foot and had strange cuts all across her feet. She wore a dark navy blue ragged dress that look torn and cut and a black cloak. The old hag smiled darkly and hobbled over to Tyra with her dark red cane. It made gushy sounds and gooped out dark red globs each time it touched the smooth ground.

Tyra looked away from the old hag not wanting to witness its hideousness any longer and wiped away the tears that fell. The old hag grabbed her arm and brought it close to her face. Tyra tried to pull her hand away but couldn’t escape the dark nails that took its hold on her. The hag squeezed her hand hard against her own. Tyra cried out in pain as the hag squeezed her poor hands. “whahhhhh! Ahhh!” She faced the hag who smiled darkly at her hand, Tyra tried to grab her hand away but couldn’t. Her nerves couldn’t function. The old lady squeezed her dark crummy nails in her skin until Tyra’s skin pierced open. “ plz stop.  Why are you doing this to me?”

The old crumbly ignored her and used her other hand to scrape off the blood from her hand. She used her middle finger and stuck her hand into the spot she had cut open and stuck her bloody finger in her mouth. She used her palm and squeezed Tyra’s blood out onto it. She let go of her hands and started to spread the blood on the smooth wall Tyra was trying to escape. +The old woman started to mumble and chant. “secretsssss.” She hisses.. “Shey thainks she escapesss. Shey rades life in painnne. Shey thainks. Shey dumb. Shey wal die faster thant other. Oh them silly giairl!!!’’ She cackles to herself, saying the same thing over and over again; faster and faster. Tyra stared at the hag that she assumed was talking of her. She was looking at the dark wall wishing for its walls to open once more.

The hag grabbed her bloody hand once more. Then let go. “Its too late for you chile.” “you chose.” She starts to circle her. “its too late.” She frowns at the ground as if she witnessed the absolute worst thing. Shaking her head back and forth as she paced around Tyra. “There is nothin you can do it is too late” “you can escceepe, but its too late…” she pulls Tyras hair to her cheek and says “your too late. You fool!” you will never escape the darkness, though you think you may.” As she said these words the doors opened up and showed light.

Tyra took one look out and then back at the hag, but she disappeared. She sprinted out of the man made door and could feel the wind blowing on her again. She hated that cave and wondered why she went into it in the first place. She felt a cold deep feeling resounding in her insides. As if something has tooken a dark hole inside of her heart. She felt the wind blow around her, it was earie and cold. She shivered. She couldn’t find he sister anywhere, she walked over to her mother who she saw sitting down picking some red flowers. She had blond hair and blue eyes, she was tiny for her age and was very kind.

“Hey mom.”’ She looks into her mothers eyes.

‘Tyra dear, how are…. Tyra its looks as though you saw a ghost.”

“I guess you could say that.” She sits next to her mom and folds her hands over her legs.” Mom have you ever seen a dark wall over the river?”

“Yes. One time.” She says.

“was there a cave that had a dark opening that was cleanly cut before?” Tyra asks

Her mom starts to look suspicious and scared. “ Yes, did it have bright crystals on the ceiling?”

Tyra’s eyes opened widely in shock. “yes, and they glowed and changed colors. How do you know about that?”

She finishes plucking the last flower around the area. “Tyra, the question really is, how do you know about it?” She stares at her daughter in fear.

“I think I got cursed by a old hag.” She looks down sadly at her bloody red and black wrist.

Her mom looks at her wrist as well, she places her hand next to hers and showed a similar cut on her left wrist.

“long ago” Tyra’s mom started. “I was researching a certain plant that was rare to find. It was tiny Bibble crane plant with blue green berries surrounding it. No one has seen it in years but I had a dream of the Bibble crane next to the other side of the river. But I heard of a rumor by the river that a young lady was hung by a large tree near the river by her lover john. Who she ran away with at the age of twelve. But he became crazy after taking the plant nine years later and killed her. I wanted to find this plant and show it out to the world. After my dream I was sure to find it across the river.” She pauses. “I saw it next to a cave opening that was the exact shape of a door and cleanly cut. I picked  it up and put it in a plastic bag, one of the berries dripped on my hand and burned me. I was going to walk straight out but I saw lights floating around on the ceiling, I couldn’t just leave until I found out if there were more. After a few minutes of following the path I could hear some raspy breathing. I was going to run back out of the cave but felt fingers grab hold of my hand saying the same thing over again. “Johny you shant of done this, its too late, you’re not forgiven.” Then she said “shey waile die.” She said it in such a way. Then she took my hand and squeezed my hand until it drew blood.”

“I am so sorry this has happened to you, the curse won’t go away unless she is dead.” She looks at her daughter in pity. “The only way you can kill her is by cutting the roots of her precious tree.” The tree is her weakness, through weakness I found out that through study. But I wasn’t sure until today when I saw something oozing from the tree.”

Tyra smiles hopingly at her and stands up. “ I guess we should find an axe.”

Her mother brings Tyra to her side and walks to their shed. She walks inside and pulls a dark black axe around her side. She tells Tyra to stand away from the river just in case the tree chunks would cut her.

Her mom walks up to the dark black tree in the river and hangs the axe over her head and plows down at it. As soon as the Ax hit the wood it split open and poured out chunky oozy red wood. But it wasn’t wood; it was limbs and brain guts. Tyra was confused why a tree poured out guts. Her mother proceeded hitting the tree as hard as she could with the ax more persistently. The tree continued gutting out blood and limbs chunks of flesh. Her mother was completely filled with blood. It reaked of dead and turned the river a dark red. Tyra looks at her mother who raises the ax over her head once more. Tyra feels the cold wind she felt earlier come upon her, she froze, she instantly turned cold. She stared at her ma, feeling danger. She tried to cry out something’s wrong but couldn’t. She watched in fear as she saw her mother drop the ax. She saw the ax fall across her head and her shoulder. She watched as her limbs fell into the river that was already full of blood. Her mother fell in the river a second later with half a head and only one shoulder. She died right there in front of Tyra.

Tyra cried out to her mother, as she saw her limp decapitated body fall into the bloody river. She heard the voice again cry out saying “fool, you thought you cuild esccccape. You nail its tale late.’’ “Shey wal die faster thant other. Oh thems silly giairl!!!’’ “its too late. Too late, you cynt essscape mey.” Tyra looks around trying to decipher where she could hear the voice but couldn’t. She closes her eyes trying to escape the sound in her head which became louder and louder and louder. She puts her head over her ears in attempt to escape it. It was no use the pressure built inside her and she couldn’t take it anymore. She screams…***

She awakes still screaming and once she realizes she was still screaming without thet danger she stops. Looks around and realizes that it was just a dream. But as she thinks about it more she knows it wasn’t just a dream she knows that it was more. Her dream was symbolic to her life. She curls up in a ball as she sits up in her bed. She understood everything. The beautiful river was her peaceful place, her safe spot in her mind and heart. It represented all the good thing she had in life and all the happiness she had. The dark cave was her throwing her life away with Bracken and her curiousitys of how far they could go.

Her being too late was because she was surely losing her virtue and everything she had in her life that was happy. She was getting and closer to a place she couldn’t get out of. Her sister actually escaping the cave was because her sister followed her footsteps to the dark cave and as soon as she sensed danger escaped it seconds before she felt like she should and she actually made it out. The light on the ceilings was the path where she could be ok in the darkness of her life. The old hag was Bracken himself knowing the dangers but keeping her away from the safety she had. Her mother was her mom trying to allow her to escape the dangers she knew personally herself. The flower was the poison/love of their relationship. Her sister not being seen was because she was far from the dangers. Her being to be able to leave the cave was because of the fact that she thought she could escape the danger. But really she couldn’t. The tree represented all the pain and agony that was felt by everyone and her stupid decisions. The mother cutting the tree was her trying to force Tyra to leave bracken and when she killed herself, that was because she failed and was gone from Tyra’s life. Her dream was not just any dream it foresaw a future that would be her demise. Her dream told her of all the dangers that would protect her and corrupt her. She thinks to herself. “Dr.Phil wasn’t joking dreams are crazy cool and just saved me.” She lays back in bed thinking to herself all the things doctor Phil all the things doctor Phil said. The foreshadowing effect. “.  Dreams reveal insight into hidden desires, regulate moods, emotions, and anxieties, often relating to repressed past memories or obsessions.  Dreams regulate mood.” he was right. How odd that he Foreshadowed her darkness. He was right.

Submitted: February 18, 2017

© Copyright 2020 grace gal gal. All rights reserved.

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Justin Bentzie

Wow its amazing how detailed and meaningful this story it!!

Sun, February 19th, 2017 6:56am


Thankyou! Haha! I am so glad you like it

Mon, February 20th, 2017 4:19pm

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