Majic: Chapter 13: Betrayal

Majic: Chapter 13: Betrayal

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


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Chapter13 (v.1) - Chapter 13

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Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Majic: Chapter 13:



The next few weeks were rough. Every day it was wake up, get prettied up by Alina, eat, do a few stupid tasks as queen, have an advisor's meeting, have a Council meeting, train with The Matal, eat, sleep, repeat.

I woke up one morning to a fit of yelling outside in the Hall. Alina rushed in seconds later, saying, “Quick! Get dressed, now! I’ll explain!”

As I dressed into a regular shirt, pants, and boots, I asked, “What in Peter’s sake is going on!?”

“Stacy, it’s a riot! Jennifer wants you out more than ever, and this morning she gave a speech while you and The Matal were asleep. Soon, people started arguing, which led to a riot fast. Even the guards are a part in it!” she sighed as she helped me slip into my forta. “Damn, she’s persuasive.”

“I’ll handle this.” I said angrily. “Once and for all.”

I dashed outside to the hallway connecting to the Main Hall. Halfway there, The Matal met up with me.

“I’m finishing this!” I snapped.

The Matal blocked me. “Stacy, you can’t just try to cut her in half. You need to think this through.”

“I’m not just gonna let her collect followers while I sit here thinking!” I said.

“If you go out there and kill her, they’ll have more than enough reason to take away your right to rule.” said The Matal. “Trust me, I’ve been doing it since I was twelve.”

“That’s stupid.” I said. “A twelve-year-old on a throne?”

“Yes. That’s not my point. The point is, go in calmly. Keep your head.” said The Matal calmingly.

I sighed. “Ok.” I said.

We walked down the hallway. At the door, Jacob stood, waiting, right on cue.

“How are we doing this?”

“Together.” said The Matal.

“I’ll keep the crowd away.” said Jacob. “Ella is getting ready in the hospital, because riots usually mean people getting hurt, you know.”

I knew the real reason. It was so in case I got hurt. But, I was confident with Jacob and The Matal.

We threw the doors right open. Then, people swarmed at us. Majics of all different kinds shouted, fought, pleaded and threatened. Jacob had his hands up, threatening to kill anyone who stepped towards us. Than, I felt a hand slip in mine. The Matal was pulling me to the small platform where the thrones were, and Jen, a gravitio on The High Council, stood waiting.

The Matal helped me up. We didn’t sit on our thrones, just stood there. The Matal had an icy glare. I was furious. She had stepped too far across the line. In my right hand (my left had The Matal was gripping me) I had a ribbon of darkness, waiting my command.

For a minute, there was silence. Then, The Matal’s voice boomed as always.

“What is the meaning of this?” he boomed.

A crowd member spoke up. “She-” pointing at me, “doesn’t deserve to rule!”

“Who told you that?” said The Matal.

“I did!” said Jen.

“What reason does she get to not rule?” asked The Matal.

“I’ve just uncovered a truth about her.” said Jen. “From Notch, our spy.”

That hit me hard. Notch? it can’t be…

“Notch!” she roared. “WHere are you?”

Soon, I saw Notch fight through the cramped crowd. A moment later, he was up on the platform.

“Notch…” I growled. The Matal squeezed my hand in warning.

“Your Majesties, I support her completely.” said Notch.

“It doesn’t matter.” said The Matal. “I want reason.”

“Well, here’s my main reason to everybody.” said Jen. “Notch, if you would please.”

Notch stepped forward. “I watched her private marriage to The Dark One, then later sleep with him.”

Uh, what now?!

A gasp shook the whole hall. Notch was very loyal, so a lot of people had to believe him. Other than me, anyways.

“Exactly. Is this the kind of Queen we want to have?!” yelled Jen.

Cheers and shouts of reply went up. The Matal turned and looked at me.

“And,” said Notch, pulling papers from his forta. “Here are the papers with her signature, his signature, my signature, and other witnessed signatures.”

The Matal swiped them away. They were perfect, with signatures that didn’t even look forged.

“I never did such a thing!” I protested. My hand slipt away from The Matal’s. Darkness pooled in my palms.

“Of course she’d deny it!” said Jen. “Anything to keep a second crown!”

The Matal looked shocked. He looked from me, to Jen and Notch, to the papers. He was lost. He then made the decision.

“The Alimic has been relieved of her crown until further investigation.

I went nuts. Instantly, my temper took over and I threw up my hands. Darkness threw the three back, pinning them to the walls.

The crowd went nuts. Guards barely kept them from killing me, as the riot went worse. Jacob immediately tried to knock me out, but I saw him and lashed out on him as well. I swooped at him, forcing him back. Soon, tens of guards were on top of me. The world then went black.


“Well, this is unexpected.”

I slowly regained conscious. Meanwhile, I could barely hear Ella and Jacob’s voice.

“She attacked?”

“Yes. Not too good. After all, she will be queen.”

“If we can prove she didn’t do those crimes.”

The Matal’s voice angered me at once. I tried to sit up, but I was tied down to the bed with my hands covered. When I saw this, I guess something clicked in my head because instantly I remembered all those days in chains with The Dark One. That made me go even crazier.

I started thrashing around. Alerted by my thrashing, Ella came over to my bed. The Matal and Jacob stayed away, in fear of either me getting hurt or me ripping them all apart.

“Stacy,” said Ella. “Please stop.”

‘Please stop’? What is she thinking?

“Stacy,” said Ella. “I know you’re mad.”

“Let me go.” I ordered.

“I can’t.”

“Why not!?” I screamed.


“Ella, you have ten seconds to explain before I destroy everything.”

She took a breath. “They’re afraid you’re going to escape to hurt The Matal.”

Ok, reasonable.

“Great, now undo it.”

“I’m not allowed to.”

“Then make Jacob do it.”

She sighed. “Ok, I’ll try. But promise me not to attack anyone or thrash around.”


Something in my mind just couldn’t take it. Again, it was probabjy because this is how I was when I was imprisoned, so it clicked.

Ella left. A few minutes later, Jacob came. It took everything in me not to attack him, but I knew I couldn’t. He took out a key, unlocked the covers, took them and left. Not a word.

“There.” said Ella. “Happy?”

I nodded. Still, though, I couldn’t just get back with being friends with her yet. Or maybe ever.


As the day went by, I’m pretty sure I was going mad. Every time Ella offered me something, I ignored it and just kept on laying there. For the whole day, I sat there, thinking. Did I betray my life, my crown? No. They betrayed me. And I just made sure that I wouldn’t go down without a fight. Ever.

The next day, Alina came to visit. Or, tried to. I didn’t say a word to her, even though she tried to get me to.

“Stacy, not one word of this is going to the Matal. At all.” said Alina.


“Alina,” said Ella kindly. “She’s not doing well. Maybe tomorrow.”

“I understand.” said Alina.

For days I refused to eat or drink. On the fourth day, they knocked me out just to force food into my body. When I woke up, I felt better, but still angry.

Finally, on the seventh day, Ella came to me. She then undid the bindings.

“The Matal decided to let you out.” said Ella.

I tried to move, but my body was too stiff. Ella helped me move around and strech to help my body.

“Here.” said Ella.

She put her hands on my shoulders. A shimmer of heat shot through my body, then dissapeared. But afterwards, my body was fine.

Alina came to get me dressed. Still mad, I let her do it.

“Now remember.” said Ella. “One slip up and The Matal throws you in the dungeon.”

Now that made me talk.

“Why?” I asked. “It’s not like I did marry The Dark One.”

“Trust me, The Matal’s sent a full crew to find out information.” said Ella.

“Yeah. They set you up good.” said Alina. “But I have a few tricks.”

Ella grinned. “Can we meet in your room to talk?”

I wanted to know what was going on, so I asked, “When?”

“I get off my shift at seven. It’s five now.” said Ella.

“I get off at six, but I’ll grab some food for us.” said Alina.

“Ok, then seven-ish?” I asked. I was still a little mad, but I was willing to forgive them if they prove that I can.

“Deal.” said Ella.

Then, Jacob arrived. I wasn’t too happy with him. A glare washed over my face. Jacob slowed his steps and put his hands up.

“Hey, relax. I’m just here to take you to your room.” said Jacob.

“And to watch if I do anything?” I asked.


“I swear Jacob if you say ‘no’ I’ll-”

Ella got between us. “Yes. He is. Now, why don’t you go to your room and wait?”

I rolled my eyes, but followed Jacob to my room. As we went through the Main Hall, all eyes were set on me. Murmurs shot through, and I began to get a bit uncomfortable.

Jacob led me to my room. I sat on my bed. Instantly, I got up. I was not going to lay for nearly a week, get up, walk twenty feet, and sit down. No way. So, I decided to pace the floor. Jacob was at the door, watching my every move.

For about an hour I paced, then was stopped when a knock came at the door. Jacob opened it.

“Alina.” he said.

“Hey, Jacob. Could I come in?”


Alina came in with a huge tray with mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, and geen beans.

“Is it thanksgiving?” I asked.

“Nope, It’s February 20, actually.”

I sat at the table with her. As we bagan on the turkey, Ella came in.

“Hey, girls. Hi Jacob.” said Ella.

“Hey.” said Jacob. His eyes never met Ella. Instead, they were fixed on me.

Ella sat and took some mashed potatoes.

“Ok,” I whispered.

“Jacob knows about it.” said Ella.

“About- oh, yes. But I’m not agreeing by any means.” said Jacob.

“What?” I asked.

“Ok.” said Alina. “I was able to get a Zalotic to make this.”

She held up a box. She took the lid off and we peered inside. It was a bunch of sting. On one end was a stick. The other end was two more sticks and a bell. It was an alarm.

Alina took it over to the door. Jacob stepped out of the way. Sh planted one stick near the corner. She then unraveled the rope to the other corner of the room, across the door. There the bell would stay.

“All you have to do is pull the string tight and tie it around the stick.” she explained. “When you want it off, you just untie it and put it away in the box.”

“Nice.” I said. “But what if we can’t hear it?”

“The next trick.” she said. “Could you summon a bit of water?”

I summoned it up. I called the water. Soon, I felt as it rushed up to my hand.

“Run it along the bell.” said Alina.

I put a small pool of water rushing across the bell. Then, it began to glow yellow.

“If it’s a different color…”

“Then you know it’s been rung.” I said.

“Smart.” said Ella.

Jacob said nothing.

We kept eating. It felt strange. These people… who were they? With me? The Matal? Could he be trusted? Anyone? What if The Dark One was right?

No. A monster like him couldn’t be.

Alina helped me bathe after dinner in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Ella and Jacob stayed in my room, talking. I didn’t care.

I scrubbed myself hard. It hurt slightly, but it also felt so nice. Alina washed my hair. Then, she handed me a towel as I stepped out of the tub. As Alina brushed my hair, I overheard Ella and Jacob-

“A guard will be here soon to watch her.”

“Will she allow it?”

“Doesn’t matter.” said Jacob. “She’s more a prisoner than a queen. And she’ll be veiwed that way for the rest of her life, innocent or not.”

“Jacob!” said Ella in a hushed whisper.

“It’s true.” he said. “I’m sorry.”

It felt like a pin in my heart. Jacob was usually always right. After all, he’s the top heartrender, meaning he knows war. He was trained to. But it hurt to know it.

Alina gave me a light nightgown. I slipped behind my screen and dressed. I quickly then went to bed.

“See ya, Stacy.” said Ella.

“Bye.” said Alina.

They both had a sad look in their eyes. Then, quietly, they left. In their place, a man in a red and green forta came in. He had light skin, hark hair and brown eyes.

“Stacy,” said Jacob. “This is your night guard. He’ll patrol you at night. He’ll always be here.”

I grunted in reply.

He sighed. Then, he muttered something to the night guard. He smirked.

I rolled over and streached. I was tired and just wanted sleep.


The morning was hell.

When I woke up, Jacob was back, watching me. Alina was at the table with coffee and waffles.

“Well?” I asked.

“The Matal wants to see you… in the questioning room.” said Alina.

“Yay. He wants to know if I really did it.” hurt echoed through my voice. He chose…… why?

Alina helped me get ready until two guards entered, one in blue and red fireal forta, and another in red and green forta. One held cuffs, the ones that cover your hands.

I froze. No way. I mean, do you really have to? If I can do it in the hospital, I’m pretty sure I can go without them during questioning.

“Stacy…” said Jacob, knowing my ‘fear’ of them.

“I’m not going in those.” I said.

“Ma’m” said The fireal. “We don’t want any trouble, but we need to take you in these for everyones safety.”

“No.” I said. “I’m not going to.”

“Stacy,” said Jacob. “It’s going to be fine.”


I started to back away, my hands slightly up. Alina blocked them from me.

“Now I’m sure we can do this without those.” she said.

“We’re commanded.” said The fireal.

Alina backed away. I raised my hands. The room went solid.

“Stacy,” said Jacob. “It won’t hurt you.”

“Stay back.” I warned. It was good that I did, or my danger switch would’ve been on.

The heartrender then spoke. “How about you just come with us. When we get there, we’ll deal with the cuffs with an officer. Then, they can decide.”

“Yes.” said Jacob, slightly relieved. “It’s fair, ok Stacy?”

I lowered my hands. “Fine.” I said.

I went over to the two guards. They then flanked me, with Jacob behind me. Alina was left alone in my room.

We crossed the Main Hall. Again, more stares. This time, though, there were a few shouts and cheers. Others looked sad for me and sour. But all eyes were put on me.

We crossed to the large hallway. We took a left to a spiraling staircase. We went down. Lower and lower into the Earth we went. Soon, the air started getting colder and darker.

We reached the bottom with a massive hallway. At the end of the hallway led a huge, metal door with three guards. At each wall led to a door and a questioning room.

They led me to one of the doors. A guard asked, “Why is she not in cuffs?”

“She refused to come in them sir.” said the fireal.


The guard thought for a moment, then said, “I’ll ask.”

The guard left. A moment later, he came back out in the hallway.

“She won’t need them.” he said. “Go in.”

I was slightly relieved, but also worried on what was going to happen next. What will The Matal say?

They led me into a small, square room. It had two chairs and a table separating the two chairs.

They sat me down in one, then left Jacob and I. Jacob was right behind me, probably in case I bolted or hurt anyone. But I knew I wasn’t unless I was free.

The door opened again. The Matal came in, but different. Instead of a calm face he had a questionable, serious face. This wasn’t him. Not him at all.

“Well?” he asked quietly when the guards left.

“I didn’t do it.” I said with more confidence than I had ever felt.

“The papers said you did.”

I barked a laugh. “Ha! Do you really believe some stupid papers?”

He sighed. “Stacy, when I first came in power, no one thought I should be. Someone then forged fake papers saying I was requested to watch an execution. It was a trick. It was my execution, and I nearly died.

“Since then, I make sure every paper is well investigated, including these ones. I can’t trust anyone. Even foes I thought were my friends tricked me.”

“Do you really think I did it?” I asked quietly. It was the only thing I wanted to know at all.

“I can’t say with people listening to our every word.” he replied smoothly.

I had never thought of that. I forgot that Zalotics made invisible machinery just so they can hear our conversation.

The Matal sighed. “Now I want to know something: Did you really?”

Didn’t I already make that clear?

“No.” I said. “The Dark One did want to marry me, that’s true. But it never happened. You swiped me back while we were traveling.”

“Notch said you were close to him.” said The Matal.

Notch. When I see him I’m going to rip him apart.

“I was faking it.” I said. “So I could escape. So if I did escape, I could give you information, and help solve the puzzle! You told me to!”

The Matal went quiet. I looked straight at him. I needed him to believe it. It was a last chance.

“Very well.” said The Matal at last. “Stacy…” he looked away. “I hope you’re telling me everything.”

The door opened and he left without another word. Meanwhile, the two guards came back, ready to escort me.

When I got back to my room, I saw the wire was up. Carefully, I walked over it, not wanting to ring it. Alina must’ve put it up when we left.

When it was just Jacob and I , I immediantly took the wire down and checked the bell. Sure enough, it had turned red, whichmeans it rung.

“Jaocb,” I turned to him. “Did someone come into my room while we were gone?”

He didn’t reply, but he looked slightly guilty. I knew he couldn’t lie to me. Or could he? Would he?

I checked the dresser, table, bed, and bathroom. It looked fine, like no one totched it. Who ever The Matal sent in, they were good at it.


“Well,” said Ella. “I found something.”

I was at my table with Alina when Ella found something on the intruders. I knew Jacob and Ella knew something.

“The group itself?” I asked.

“No, but your hearing is tomorrow, where The Matal is going to decide whether or not you will stay queen.” said Ella. “And whether or not Jen and Notch is lying. But I have something that will prove Notch and Jen liars.”

I perked up. “I’m in.”

Ella grinned. “I knew it. But first, Natalie will have to come in a minute.”

“She doesn’t have acess.” said Jacob shortly.

“Too bad.” I snapped. “When will she be here?”

“In a few minutes.” Ella replied.

And a few minutes later, I forced Jacob to let her in.

“It can only be a while.” said Natalie. “I’m working a second shift soon.”

“Alright.” said Ella. “I snuck into Notch’s room.” she said quietly. “And found this.”

She handed me the parcel. It read:


Dear Dark One,

I have entered the base. The Matal and The Alimic have let me in. The plan is going well.

In a few days, long after you get this, I will frame the Alimic and have the two loose trust forever. If all goes to plan, we will have it done soon.



Holy crap.

“Perfect.” I said. “How do I know we didn’t forge it?”

“Simple.” said Ella. “By the look on Notch’s face. He’ll freak.”

“Ok, and what if we can’t do this?” I asked.

“That’s where Natalie comes in.” said Ella.

“You know I can hear you?” said Jacob. “Even if you can get out, The Matal and The Dark One will hunt you down. You won’t be able to trust anyone. Besides, this puts the rest of you in danger. The Matal will think of Ella, Natalie, Alina and myself are all traidors too.” said Jacob.

I thought about this a moment, then said, “He’ll have to think I’m innocent, believe me. But, this is a backup plan.”

Natalie spoke. “I only have another five minutes, so shall we?” She was obviously very impatient.

“Yes.” I said.

“Alright.” said Natalie. “I am going to be in the back at the doors. When he gives word, I am going to open the doors. Then, Stacy, you use some super awesome gravitio wind to clear a path. Jacob will distract The Matal and Ella and Alina will go with you through the crowd. I’ll make sure the doors stay open.

“Then, you Jacob will sneak to us and you would push us up the shaft, us taking care of any obstacles. Then, once at the surface, we jump on the wild horses and ride off.” said Natalie. “We’ll take care of the rest.”

The clock struck nine, striking my thoughts with it.


Alina woke me at seven.

“C’mon.” she said. “You need to look stunning for the hearing, innocent or not.”

I got out of bed with my stomach in a knot. Today might be the last day I could see this room or have Alina with me, chatting with me and preparing me. I got undressed and into the tub of hot water. Then I wept.

“Stacy,” said Alina. “It’ll be fine. Ella will be up there, presenting the document from Notch. And all will be right.”

No not everything. What if he does believe me? Then The Matal and I might never trust each other again. Ever. How does anyone live with that?

I bathed quietly. Then, I dried off and got dressed into my clothes and forta. I sat in front of the mirror as Alina started her handiwork.

First, she brushed my hair with some gold highlights. Then, with a brush, she put gold highlights in my hair. Then, she took out a brush and a vial of black powder. She sprinkled the black, coarse powder onto the brush and gently like a feather, she brushed my eyelids. Soon, with some blush and lip wear, she made me sparkle.

She looked at me with sad eyes. “You’re so beautiful.” she whispered.

I smiled weakly. I hoped it would help a little.

As we went to my room, we noticed Jacob acting strange. Instead of alert and straight, he was looking downwards, soft, and a little sad. It made everything seem worse than it really was.

I sat quietly until the same two guards from yesterday appeared. They were very stern, and had the cuffs again.

“Alimic, your trial awaits.” said One guard.

“Not until those things are away from me.” I snapped.

“Fine.” said guard two.

Guard one left then popped up moments later with no cuffs. I agreed and walked to them.

They marched me down the hall and straight into the Main Hall. The room was dead silent.

I was marched up to The Matal. Next to him, my throne laid empty. What happens next? Do I get it back?


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