chronicles of metro city: opposites attract

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I've created a fictional city called Metro City. It is up to the reader to interpret which city it is. I've compiled a list of unfinished short stories that take place in the city. Metro city is a city which is full of crime and corruption in every corner, and is an urban Metropolis.

Disclaimer: Please note that there are adult themes and scenes which may offend some readers. There is adult material. Reader discretion is advised.

"The body count keeps rising. the city has been baffled. the culprit(s) has been leaving clues. soon it is a apparent that there is not one person who is behind the downtown massacres, but possibly two. each of the two is desperately trying to outdo each other at any cost and trying to find each other's identities"

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017





The body count keeps rising.  The city has been baffled.  The culprit has been leaving clues.  Soon it is a apparent that there is not one person who is behind the downtown massacres, but possibly two.  Each of the two is desperately trying to outdo each other at any cost and trying to find each other's identities.  Also, a man with a passion for justice will not rest until he solves the cases.


Metro City

Metro City is a fictional city set in North America.  It is located in a lake and includes an island which is located south of the city.  The Downtown area  is in the south central district and is mainly a skyscraper jungle; museums, office towers, and high-end apartments and shopping dominate the landscape here. The north central area is entirely high-class suburban sprawl, with most business concentrated along the subway line.

East of the downtown core, the city is much more closely-built, and distinctly lower-class; most of the city's activities and discount shopping centres are located here, along with industrial areas.






Sean Derulo

Age: 35

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220 lbs

Hair Colour: Black (slicked back black hair, neatly faded from the sides and back)

Eye Colour: Hazel

Built: Muscular

Occupation:  Security Supervisor at "Le Grand Palais" , a five star hotel in downtown.

Bio: Derulo works as a security Supervisor at  Le Grand Palais, a five star hotel in downtown which is frequented by many affluent tourists, and famous for its lavish balls, masquerades, and parties. Derulo, by his own account was in the military in his youth and was honourably discharged.  He still suffers violent flashbacks when he was stationed in Afghanistan.  He also lives a secret life where he has complete disregard for any living person.  He's a serial killer, murdering many people with no set patterns. 


Victoria Mackenzie (AKA Vicky Mac):

Age: 31

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: Green

Built: Athletic toned,

Occupation: Librarian

Bio: Victoria Mackenzie works as a Librarian in the Grand Central Library.  Stylish and elegant in her demeanour, she is a woman of class, and loves art, architecture, and theatre.  To some she is mysteriously attractive and has a shy yet elusive demeanour.  She also has a troubled past and was a social outcast in your youth.


Name: Jack Addams

Age: 73

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Blue

Built: Slim

Occupation: Librarian at the Metro City Grand Central Library

Bio:  Jack Addams works as at the Metro City Grand Central Library after retiring.  Despite being 73, he continues to work to keep himself busy, pay bills, and stay alive.  To most of the staff at the Library, he acts as a father figure and has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.


John Fisher

Age: 44

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair Colour: Salt and pepper

Eye Colour: hazel

Built: athletic

Occupation: Detective

Bio: Fisher is a detective with the Metro Toronto Police Force.  He's a man of integrity, and will do everything in the law to bring criminals to justice.  His track record includes high profile cases and making an effort to clean the Metro City Police Force of corruption.  He's assigned to investigate a series of murders that have been plaguing the city.  throughout his investigation, he becomes frustrated and doesn't see any patterns until both Serial Killers even start to taunt him and give him clues.


Mike Harris

Age: 37

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair Colour: light blonde

Eye Colour: blue

Built: athletic

Occupation: Detective

Bio: Mike Harris is with the Metro City Police Force and is John Fisher's Assigned partner.


Tony Moretti (Minor character)

Age: 22

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Built: Athletic

Occupation: Security Staff at "Le Grand Palais"

Bio: Moretti works as security staff at "Le Grand Palais" working under Sean Derulo.  On the side he is a part time DJ. 


Stacey Morgan

Age: 23

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Colour: brown (straight medium brown hair, mid back length)

Eye Colour: hazel

Built: slim with curves in the right places

Occupation: Bartender

Bio:  Stacey is one of the patrons at the Malibu club where Derulo occasionally visits.  Initially Derulo makes an advance at her, but is shut down.  A week later he sees her at the same club again apologizes and buys her lots of drinks, drugging her. Afterwards he brings him to his place where he violently rapes her.  Her body is found in the river the next morning. 


Josette LaRonde

Age: 29

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 137lbs

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Eye Colour: Hazel

Built: Average

Occupation: Josette is a French Canadian girl and works at "Le Grand Palais" hotel. 


Linda Reese

Age: 28

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135 pounds

Hair Colour: Red (shoulder length straight red hair, parted in the middle)

Eye Colour: Green

Built: Average

Occupation: Prostitute

Bio: Mc Addams is a prostitute that frequents the entertainment area, in the hopes of finding various clients.  She has an encounter with Derulo.  The first encounter goes well. After a second encounter, Mc Addams demands a large sum of money from Derulo, as instructed by her pimp.  Angered, Derulo puts her in a headlock, and snaps her neck.  Her body is found in a dumpster the next day. 


Joe Knight:

Age: 38

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 pounds

Hair Colour: Bald, (Goatee and moustache)

Eye Colour: Brown

Built: Athletic, thin

Occupation: Pimp

Bio: Knight is a Pimp who owns brothels in just west of downtown.  He frequents the Le Grand Palais.  He is the a traditional pimp, and carries around his pimp cane wherever he goes.  after the series of murders continue, he becomes upset and nervous that his prostitutes are getting murdered, and thinks someone is out to assassinate him. 


Stacey Morgan

Age: 23

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Colour: brown (straight medium brown hair, mid back length)

Eye Colour: hazel

Built: slim with curves in the right places

Occupation: Bartender

Bio:  Stacey is one of the patrons at the Malibu club where Derulo occasionally visits.  Initially Derulo makes an advance at her, but is shut down.  A week later he sees her at the same club again apologizes and buys her lots of drinks, drugging her. Afterwards he brings him to his place where he violently rapes her.  Her body is found in the river the next morning. 


Name: Kyle Kozovski

Age: 33

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair Colour: Medium brown

Eye Colour: brown

Built: medium

Occupation: Hipster

Bio: Kyle is a hipster who lives west of the downtown core in a hipster neighbourhood.  He frequently goes to hipster cafes.  Kyle is also a secret pervert and into voyeurism and frequently masturbates in public places.  He gets lured, seduced and killed by Victoria Mackenzie.




For some it was great times, for others it was their worst nightmares coming true.  It was an age of wisdom & intelligence, yet also the age of foolishness, greed, and madness. On one side of the street you can see well dressed business people in suits, flaunting their wealth, dining in the finest restaurants, driving their luxury vehicles, and living in luxury high rise condos. In one corner you can see the modern urban hipsters at cafes tuned to their tablets, laptops, or cell phones while sipping on espressos. On the other side, you can find beggars, poor people looking for food waste inside trash cans, and low class project neighborhoods.  They were struggling to go by their daily lives.

Metro city is a modern urban metropolis, situated in the Great Lakes area of the North American Continent.  It is a city with a population of 3 million and 8 Million including its suburbs.  Its bright skyline is located in its southern end by the Lake.  Here all of the tall city skyscrapers, high end retail, and ultra luxurious high rise condos can be seen.  Right at Market Street is the Metro Stock Exchange, where fortunes can be gained or lost in an instant.  It also a place where many of the city's criminal empires and corrupt business people have stocked up their ill gotten gains.  North of the financial district is Metro City Hall which is filled with politicians who wear masks and are corrupt behind the scenes.  The east part of the city is its industrial area, and north of that are the urban decaying neighborhoods filled with various problems ranging from crime, prostitution, poverty, drug abuse, and hopelessness.

This city stinks likes an infested whorehouse.  This is a place that I call home.  I have lived in the city my whole life. I have seen everything the city has to offer; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It pains me to see how my city has become a hell hole.  I have sworn to protect my city, and uphold the law.  My name Detective John Fisher.  I am part of the Metro City Police Force.

It's 3:30am on a Sunday night on September 27.  I'm investigating a murder of a prostitute in the East end of the city.  This is the 2nd murder this weekend. "What do we have here", asked John Fisher?

"Victim is in her mid 20's, and appears to be slashed across the throat.  It seems like she was killed almost instantly", said detective Harris.

"Do you think there is any connection to the other murder earlier this evening.  They appear to be scattered across the city", asked Detective Fisher?

"Hard to say at this point, the last victim was a male in his early 30's, who was also stabbed across the throat.  The victims don't seem to have any connection at all.  No common relatives, they work in different fields.  Can't seem to make any connection at this point." Said Detective Harris.

"Thank you detective Harris", Said Detective Fisher.

Murders like these happen every so often in the city I pondered to myself.  At this point there are no known suspects.  Witnesses are not willing to speak up.  My next course of action will be to find out if anyone in the area knew the victim, or perhaps find out who is her pimp to see if I can find a connection.  This will be an ongoing investigation.

As the clock approached 4:00am, the 2 detectives decided return to the precinct later in the morning  to uncover more clues and connections and to strategize the investigation.  "You're working too hard Fisher", said Detective Harris. 

"I have sworn to uphold the law, and I will put away those responsible for these crimes", said Detective Fisher.

Elsewhere in the city, a cold gazed man in his mid 30's just woke up and was beginning his morning routine.  My name is Sean Derulo and I'm 35 years old , I live just east of downtown, in a middle class condo on the 30th floor.  By now, you've read the story in the newspaper about a dead hooker.  I was behind the murder.  I don't know why I killed her.  Perhaps I have a fascination with BDSM and Snuffsex.  I don't know.  I admit that I am addicted to sex.  In the morning if a I have a hard on, I will take time to jerk off.  It's a great stress relief and I usually have a good day when I jerk off first thing. Lately, my murderous thoughts have spiraled out of control.  I think I may have murdered over 5 people in the last year.  It is becoming difficult for me at times to differentiate my thoughts from reality. 

I'll tell how I killed her. It was a Sunday evening.  I had just had dinner, and I just felt like I needed to unwind a bit.  Normally, I target prostitutes.  I usually have sex with them, rape them, and kill them.  I own a small barn/farm which is about 30 minutes north of the city.  The barn is where I do most of my dirty work.  Inside the barn, I have created a hidden basement.  At the floor of the barn is a hidden doorway which leads to the hidden den.  I call my sanctuary, "the Devil's Den."  I have many torture devices; knifes, axes, spears, hoses, ropes, and crossbows there. 

Usually I go to red light district to pick up prostitutes.  I drive up there, leave my car parked up, and wait for a prostitute to approach me.  After waiting for 3 minutes, a blonde haired girl walks over to my car, and I pull down the window.

"Want to go for a ride," said the girl.

At first I was checking out the girl.  She looked like she was in her mid to late 20's, long straight blonde hair down to her breasts.  Her cleavage was showing.She had tanned skin and blue eyes.  She had makeup on, bright red lipstick, and was also rearing blood red nail polish.  She was a wearing a skin tight blue dress, with stockings, stiletto heels, and a waste length leather coat to keep warm.  She definitely had a good sense of fashion.  She had must have been a 36D and looked like she was toned as well.  I thought  to myself, my luck is great.  I'm going to fuck a hot bimbo and then kill her. 

"Baby, hop in, I'm going to ride you all night long," I said.

Without any hesitation, she hopped in to the passenger side of my Dodge Challenger.

"Where are we going?" she asked

I'm not from around here, we're going to go a little north of the city to the suburbs," I told her. 

"I'm Sean btw"

"Hello Sean, I'm Linda"

"Normally, I don't go out in the suburbs.  since you're a handsome good looking guy who I would love to fuck, I will make an exception.  Normally, I don't get good looking guys like you.Unfortunately, I will charge a little extra for that."

"Linda, I'm totally fine with that.  God damn, you're so fine"

I reached out to her and groped her.  I thought to myself, damn I love this woman's tits.

As I started to drive, and pulling up to High 424 North, I asked her what music does she listen to.

"I love house, techno, R and B, and Urban music," said Linda.

Luckily for her, I had some house tracks on my MP3 CD. 

We were actually going to my parents' farm house.  Tragically they both have pass on, and since I was the only child, the property was mine now.  I usually use the house to have sex with prostitutes.  The devil's den is where I do my dirty work.  Usually, I have sex with my victims first, pleasure them and make them feel at ease.  Once we're done the first round, then I usually punch my victim on the temple to knock them out, and then take them to the devil's den.

Usually, I'm good at reading people.  This woman is a personified bimbo.  She's a high end escort who is probably well off, and most likely has well established pimp.  I can almost swear that I saw her once at the hotel where I work. 

"Linda, have you ever fucked any of your clients at Le Grand Palais?"

"Oh yes, I love that place.  Mostly the old rich perverted men take me there."

 "Who's your pimp"?

"Sean, I can't tell you that."

"Okay, then let me guess.  You frequent nightclubs.  You work part time at strip clubs.  Chances are that Joe Knight is your pimp"

She smiled and nodded. 

I smiled back, and give her wink. 

Joe Knight happens to be one of the biggest pimps in the city.  He owns a strip club and a nightclub.  He also frequently visits Le Grand Palais.  To be honest, I hate that son of a bitch.  I think I will mess with him psychologically and target his prostitutes.  Kill  them one by one.  and then I will target one of his lieutenants in his clubs that he owns.  It is more psychologically terrorizing your target, when those around your target are hunted down one by one.  10 minutes later I exited off the highway, and pulled into the country road that led to the farmhouse. 

As we stepped into the house, the only thing she was interest in was the bedroom.  We made our way into the bedroom, and I quickly started to kiss her on the lips while groping her breasts.We both stripped each other nude.I could tell that she hasn't been fucked by a young, good looking guy in a while.  She was checking out my physique and my 8.5 inch cock.At the same time, I loved her toned sexy physique, and I just wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her brains out. 

I tossed her onto the bed, her back lying on the bed.  I moved towards her and shoved my big erect cock inside her pussy.  As she moaned, I got harder and harder, and started to penetrate her faster and rougher.  I fucked her in so many different positions, doggy style, the gremlin, and let her ride me.  We were at it for a good hour, until finally she had an orgasm and squirted all over my bed.  I put her back in the missionary position, I was going hard at her.  I just couldn't hold it any longer and  finally pulled out and cummed right in her mouth and she swallowed it all and sucked me dry like the whore she was. 

I could tell she hasn't been fucked like this in a while.  She seemed to like me.  I told her I'm not done yet. 

"You mean, you still want to fuck more"

"Yeah baby, the night has just begun"

I was fucking her missionary style.  I thought to myself that I'll choke her into unconsciousness while fucking her.  While fucking her, I put both of my hands around her throat pressing harder and harder.  She started to gasp for air.  20 seconds later she was out cold. 

I wasn't going waste any time.  After putting my clothes, on, I carried her out of the house and into the barn.  I opened the hidden doorway leading to the devil's den and set her down on a surgical table I had set up.  Slowly I unpacked all my tools.  One of my biggest fetishes is inserting objects inside women's love boxes.  Luckily, I had strapped her and gagged her. 

As I was reaching for a garden hose, I hear some rustling on the table. 

"Oh, you're awake. We're going to have some real fun. I'm going to take off the gag.  You got to promise that you won't scream, right pumpkin?"

"Please sir, let me go, I don't want to die."

I just laughed hysterically. 

"Scream all you want. Nobody will hear you".

I took the Garden hose, and shoved it up her love box going as deep as I can while she was screaming in pain.  I turned on the water to full blast and she started screaming in pain.  Water kept gushing inside her.  The feeling is similar to being water boarded.There goes her ovaries.  She can't have any children.  For a short while, I turned the water off.  I could see the sheer look of terror in her eyes.  She was shaking and was losing consciousness and seemed to accept death as her fate.  I ended her misery by taking a machete and stabbing her across the throat.  She was dead in one swift stroke.

Once you're done with the kill, it's important to clean everything and leave no evidence.  Her lifeless body was placed inside a black body bag.  My dilemma is to make sure the body isn't in my part of town.  I'm planning to drive back to the downtown core, and dump the body in an alleyway outside of a nightclub.  That way the evidence can be pointed to someone outside the club.

I've been trying my best suppress my murderous rage.  I work full time at Le Grand Palais Hotel & Casino overseeing  Security and Surveillance.  Le Grand Palais is 5 star luxury hotel in Metro City.  It's where every tourist in the city likes to stay assuming if they have the budget for it.  Also, every year it is famous for its annual luxury Gala.  I've had the pleasure of working security there for years.  It's an interesting job, but I absolutely hate all the rich snobby bastards who come here.  I may hate them, but I love it when they waste or lose their money.  It's that money which keeps me employed. 

Also, I believe in taking care of myself.  I take part in a rigorous exercise and weight training program.  I have combined the elements of weight training, cardio, and flexibility to find the perfect balance.  At last check I'm 6 '2", weigh 220 pounds, with 8.5% body fat.  I was in the army in my youth and also trained in mixed martial arts briefly competed as a light heavyweight.Then I worked in the Financial Services Industry in the back office for many years, until I got sabotaged by a greedy boss.  I returned back to something that I have a knack for, security and surveillance. 

It was 6:00am.  Sean had just arrived at the gym.  He was doing weight training today.  Today's session consisted of working on legs and back.  Sean had just squatted 405 pounds.  After his workout, he would normally take a sauna, shower, and get dressed to go to work.  Due to the grand scale operation of the hotel, security staff were primarily dressed in black or dark grey suits with a white shirt and a tie.  Sean  normally would get into work at 8:00am.

As Sean walked into the office he was greeted by his co -workers, Tony and Josette. 

"Good Morning Sean, you look quite cheerful for a Monday morning", said Josette

Sean smiled back and said "Great to be back in, and busy peak season is over, and the day should run by smoother."

"Let's all go for coffee; it's on me", said Sean.

"Starbuck", said Tony.

"Sure", said Sean.

Meanwhile at the Galleria area west of the city, a lone woman just woke up.  She was going by her regular morning routine.  Enter Victoria Mackenzie.  You may have heard about a man in his early 30's who was murdered last night.  Well, I killed him.  I killed him for no apparent reason, except for being a lame pervert.  I was at a cafe in the city's west end.  This cafe is mostly frequented by modern urban hipsters and artists.  I ordered an espresso with a dash of vanilla.  As I was sipping on my coffee and looking for a seat, I looked at the people around me.  There was a young university student who appeared to be working on a essay while listening to some techno music.  I thought to myself, which one of these people doesn't deserve to live anymore.  Not him because he's just minding his own business.  Right across from him was a group of urban hipsters in their mid 20s who were talking about politics and the next election.  Big group, nope, can't go after them.  At the corner, I saw a man who appeared to be a pervert.  He was staring at the breasts of a woman who was sitting 2 tables across from him. 

I was trying to read him.  He most likely lives in the west end of town, probably rents a small flat within a 2km radius, and possibly could work as photographer or artist.  he appears to be in his early 30s. He had shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and an unkempt brown beard. Suddenly his head gazed away and his eyes appeared to be looking at a female university student around 20ish.  She was wearing a short skirt.I saw the man pretend to drop a fork off his table just so he can have an excuse to go under the table and look up the young woman's skirt.  What a pervert, I thought.

As he grabbed his fork, and was finished looking, I concluded that this man will be my kill for tonight.  I noticed that the chair across from him was empty.  I slowly walked over to the empty chair.

"Mind if I share your table?" I asked.

"Please", said the man.

He took a moment to look at me, and I could tell he was looking at my breasts.  I smiled back. 

"I haven't seen you here, are you new to this part of town", he asked. 

I'm not new here, just don't come to hipster cafes too often", I said.

"I'm Victoria"

"Hello Victoria, I'm Kyle, please to meet you" said the man.

Before I kill any victim, I usually tell them the truth of who I am.  It will be irrelevant once I kill him.  I have different methods of killing people, ranging from poisoning, slashing, shooting with a gun with a silencer.As I was just about finished my coffee, I was about to leave, the man asked me, "where are you going, this might be the only chance to get your phone number".

I smiled back and said, " You know what, the evening is young, let's go for a walk together away from the city by the lake, what do you say?"

"Sure, sounds great", said Kyle.

He was surprised to see that my car is a BMW 328i.  Inside my coat I had a switchblade, and also venom.  I planned on dipping the switchblade in venom and kill him.  I thought maybe we will go to his place and have a fun evening.  He lived only 5 minutes away.  My instincts were correct, he lived in a small apartment complex.  Normally, he wasn't my type, he was just average looking at best.  He's about 5'10", 170 pounds, medium built. We started the evening by going to his kitchen and having drinks.  I wanted to get him as drunk as possible.  After 4 shots, he was tipsy curvy.  I let him kiss me and grope me wherever he wanted.  I could tell he was almost completely wasted. 

I slowly grabbed his bulging crotch from his pants.  He had a big hard on.  I figured if I'm going to kill him, might as well have sex with him, first.  After all, a girl needs some sexual pleasure.  I slowly stripped him, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.From his briefs, I could see that he had a big hard on.  I took off his briefs, and he had a big 7.5 inch cock. 

Slowly, I took off my bra, and unzipped my skirt and let him take it off.First thing I did was suck his cock, and I was able to deep throat him. Then I let him penetrate me.  I was like on my back and enjoyed him penetrate me in the missionary position. 

"I can't hold it any longer," said Kyle.

I thought to myself, hmm, this guy is having his orgasm and hasn't pleasured me, what the fuck?  I'm going to enjoy killing him. 

As he pulled out, he blasted me with cum all over my 36ds.  To my surprise he shot a bigger load than I expected. I could tell, this was it for him for this evening.  He had no more stamina left.

"you should spend the night here," said Kyle.

"I think I will," said Victoria. 

I was just waiting for him to fall asleep, so I could excuse myself, and grab my knife and dip it in venom. I checked to see if he was asleep and he was fast asleep.  I got out bed, walked over the closet and reached for my knife and the bottle of venom.  Quietly, I opened the bottle of venom, and dipped the switchblade inside the bottle.I decided right there I was going  go for the quick kill and stab him in the jugular vein.  Normally if you stab someone in the jugular vein, they will lose consciousness in 10 seconds and die within a minute.  The added venom will also paralyze him on impact.  I quietly walked back to the bedroom, and walked towards him.  Slowly I was looking for his neck, and looking at the exact spot where I was going to stab him.  He was still asleep.  When you're about to kill someone, the adrenaline keeps pushing, and even a second seems like an eternity.  My mind was made up I was going to go for the kill.

Suddenly, I raised my arm and looked right as his neck, and stabbed him in the jugular vein.  The stab was perfect, the switch blade went right through the neck, and blood started gushing out on impact.  with my other hand, I covered his mouth so there was no scream. He woke up, and started to struggle, but I had to hold him down for another 10 seconds.  I kept plucking the knife deeper and deeper.  As he started to lose consciousness, I had a feeling of relief, a feeling that I was the queen of the world.  I checked for a pulse and he was gone.  This was not the first time I killed someone. 

I realized that I had to get out quickly before I can be seen.  In a rush, I got dressed up back in my clothes, washed my hands, and made sure that I didn't leave anything in his apartment.  As an added measure, I poured some vodka on his bed attempting to trick the police into thinking this was a suicide.  Casually, I strolled out of his apartment, and walked to my car to flee.

As I got back to my Condo, I felt a sigh of relief and feeling of satisfaction.  I don't know why I like to kill people.  It just makes me feel superior.  I kill men, women, young, old.  It all depends who annoys me.  If you happen to be the unlucky person, then you might be going for an eternal sleep.

Victoria is the last woman you would expect to think as a serial killer.  In her day job, she works as a full time Librarian at the Grand Central Library.  The Grand Central Library is the oldest and largest public library in Metro City.  It has old gothic architecture from the outside.  Inside, it has one of largest collection of reference material in the entire North American continent.  Also, its grand reading room is the finest in Victorian and Gothic architecture.  The inside grand hall is frequently leased out for weddings, Christmas parties, etc.

I normally take the subway to work.  I try my best to avoid the sun.  I have albinism.  My skin and eyes are very sensitive to the sun.  When outside in daylight hours, I usually need to wear sunglasses. My skin is almost pale white, I have ice blue eyes, and long straight white hair, parted in the middle.  Some people think my hair is platinum blonde, but it is actually white.  I was born with albinism.  My case isn't very extreme.  There are 4 types of classifications of Albinism, with OCA1 being the most severe.  My case is OCA2.  OCA2 is less severe than OCA1. It’s due to a defect in the OCA2 gene that results in reduced melanin production. People with OCA2 are born with light coloring and skin, and their hair may be white, yellow, blond, or light brown.

I love my line of work.  As a child, when people asked me what I wanted to be, I have to admit I never said librarian. Although I used and enjoyed libraries, it never occurred to me to actually work in one. I did say that I wanted a job with scope. I am not sure what I meant by that then, but I know what it means now. It means being a librarian. I do dozens of different things every day. It’s not a desk job and it’s anything but routine. When you work with people, changing technologies, and always-new resources, how could it be?  As librarians, we support the freedom to read. We champion the right to access information for all people, regardless of race, creed, religion, or economic disposition. Libraries are everyone’s university. These may feel like clichés to the converted (us librarians), but they remain truisms. 

Librarians are cultured, well-read people who bring a myriad of skills, backgrounds, and interests to the job. Most of my fellow librarians, myself included, have degrees and/or work experience in other areas. I backed into librarianship after realizing that a major in English and German wasn’t going to make me very employable. I know librarians who are former attorneys, truck drivers, teachers, and factory workers. This experiential, intellectual potpourri makes for an interesting mix. And librarians are readers.

The Grand Central Library is located just north of the Financial District and across the street from Metro City University.  It takes me about 20 minutes on the subway to get there.  I've been working there ever since I finished university, which was 7 years ago.  As previously mentioned, I have great co workers.  One of the most interesting co workers that I have is Jack Addams.  No Jack is 73 and should be retired.  However, he loves working here to kill boredom.  He has such a wealth of knowledge, and is an intellectual in multiple fields.  In his youth, he was an intelligence officer with an intelligence agency.  He doesn't really talk much about his past, except those days are far behind him and that there are things which are better left unsaid.  Despite being 73, he is still has a commanding presence and a deep voice. 

I've known Jack since I first started working at the Grand Central Library.  My relationship with him is that he's like a father figure to me.  He showed me all the ropes starting my job.  If there ever was a man of class, elegance, and integrity, it would definitely  be Jack.  If I ever get married, I would want Jack to send me off.  He's the closest thing to a father that I have. 

I came from a dysfunctional family.  I was born and raised in Metro City and was the only child. My biological father abandoned my mother and me, when I was a baby.  When I was 5, my mother was killed upon accidently seeing a shooting in a back alley.  Essentially she was at wrong place at the wrong time.  In innocent victim.  I was raised in St. Paul's Children home.  despite my upbringing, I was a gifted student.  Since the grade 1, I was a straight "A" student.When I turned 18, I got a full entrance scholarship at Metro City University.  My major was Psychology and a minor in health sciences.  Somehow, I loved academia, and turned into a career in working at a Library. 




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