Game of Zones

Game of Zones

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Status: In Progress

Genre: Sports



in a world where only one team can win the finals... where many different worlds can fit very few players... who will be drafted? who will choke? who will be injured, ejected, or brick all of three shots? you will have to find out in game of zones
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in a world where only one team can win the finals... where many different worlds can fit very few players... who will be drafted? who will choke? who will be injured, ejected, or brick all of three shots? you will have to find out in game of zones

Chapter1 (v.1) - The New Mamba

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 03, 2017



Lebron of Cleveland, a legend on battlefield, who's buckets are scored on another level, taking a 3-1 fate, and turning it into a 3-4 championship. But this is a new season, and he is hungry, for buckets. With his teammates, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, they look like a threat to the league itself.

"Kyrie, Kevin," LeBron bellowed, "the start of the new season means we need to take out the teams that are completely trash!"

"But there are so many trash teams, which one will we go for first?" asked Kyrie

 "What we need to do is start from the east and break every single team until we get to the Warriors of the east." Kevin explained

"The Nets." LeBron interrupted "They are the most trash team in the league."

"We better start sailing then," Kyrie suggested "unless Kevin wants to go back, begging for a team."

"I'm sure the Timberwolves would want him." LeBron said smiling, mocking him

"Go to the barracks and gather our team then, we sail in one half of a moon." Kevin announced

Sceilence filled the room as they glared at Kevin. "We sail now." LeBron said almost threatening "Gather them."

As the three cavaliers ran out of the meeting room, ran down the stairs, and into the barracks, they planned from which way they would attack this trash can of a team. Jimmathy Richard Smith suggested from the high top of their highest castle, they would fly in. They planned their offensive and defensive styles and plans, while LeBron complained about Charles Barkley or a referee or something.

Meanwhile, the rememberance of the Black Mamba's retirement was set up and ready for the greatest players in all of the land. Celebrated in Lakersville LA the Mamba invites everyone to the party beginning last year. The Mamba was the goat after Thy Airness Jordan. And the celebration would start at 12:00 that sae day.

The celebration had started, a bard had bursted into song 

"Who scored 81 points in one single game? It's Kobe, the Mamba Bryant." "Who keeps the ball and scores every time? It's Kobe the Mamba Bryant." "People may say the lakers now suck, but he is so great, he don't give a-" 

"Allright, alright," Inturrupted the Mamba "that was great, off with you." 

The Mamba had thrown the bard a shoe so he could get the message.

"Ahem!" Kobe's publicity partner cried

"It is time for the gift giving it ceremony."

Two 76ers approached the Mamba.

"We have for you, a Shaq jersey." one of them said

"Oh, how lovely. Just put it with the others." The poor peasants, Kobe thought 

Dwight Howard the approached before the Mamba

"Oh god, not him." the Mamba muttered

"Its a clutch Doll." Dwight had said

"You can give it to your youngest daughter, but it might help you sleep at night instead,"

A bit of laughter spread across the joint.

"Well I think it is lovely, Dwight, It is very soft, it may just be the softest thing in all of the land!" 

Laughter quickly spread throughout the joint as the Mamba smiled. Dwight had left and Wardell Stephan Curry was before the mamba.

"Ahh! A splash brother! You remind me of me when I was younger." Kobe had said

"If I couldn't play defence." 

"Wow, here is your present, you old fool." the Splash Brother had said. He threw a poster of him dunking atop of Dwight Howard.

"He really is as soft as this doll." the Mamba stated

"Thank you, Dell Curry Jr."

"Yes, Mamba." he said heading off.

Out of the crowd a rather large man with a donkey of some sort and a hood covering his face stepped front, in the the Mamba's presence. The Mamba soon after long seconds of silence, it was Shaq of O'Neil.

"Shaq!" the Mamba had cried "long time no see old pal."

"Yeah." Shaq said to the Mamba

"I have for you a donkey." He said

"Okay." the Mamba said thinking Shaq was crazy.

"Please, have your chefs oreoare it and do let me know how it tastes. Get it?"

All anyone could hear at that point was laughter, Kobe, the Black Mamba, seeming very pleased with his joke stould up and saw a chariot, being pushed by a Charlotte Hornet, while the trumpet was playing in some sort of great honor.

"Oh, how great for Micheal's apperence!" said the Mamba, thinking Thy Airness would come out greeting him. But nobody came out. For a few seconds, Kobe thought he was just getting old and having trouble getting out of the cart.Then another Charlotte Hornet stepped out.

"We are sorry His Airness could not attend to your retiement celebration, he wrote a note for the Mamba, ahem, 'Dear, Kobe, you were like a younger brother to me' here is a gift from His Airness, Jordan himself." he said while throwing a cyan chest.

"How nice of him." Kobe said sarcastically, while openning the box. There was a bobble-head of Jordan holding a cane, and being old like allways.

The Mamba was just about ready to end the party, but he forgot the passing of the torch to the next great Laker. The passing of the torch was when the greatest player of the LA Lakers retires, and passes the torch to the greatest current player of the Lakers. Someone handed him the torch without him even asking for it.

"Oh, yes. The passing of the torch." went the Mamba he was given the torch and walked down the rows of people, when he got to the end with the Lakers, he did not look at a single one as he passed them all. The crowd went "It has to be D'eangelo Russsle, he sends dirty messages by crows!" Then, he passed him. He passed all of the Lakers. Everyone cried "He is Refusing to pass!" He docked his boat set sail and yelled waving, taking off to sea.

"Just get the rebound!"

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