The Narration of Artyom

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Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



11.25. 1025 p.m. the time was now and here. i felt the urge to step up on the altar and yell at the entire population. Open your damn eyes! all of you are so terribly blind, blind, oh!

the sleep had gotten to me; i was out of the world. what was i? i might have been a tomato seed planted in the basement floor of the deserted house. or i could have been anything. anything. just bring me to the crowd, and i will speak! i will speak earnestly, feverishly, just bring, bring me to it! a step of the horse will bring an end to the entire universe. what a misfortune, that this is left only with the catastrophic doom.

die, die, you disgruntled horse!

it is a disgrace, yes - disgrace, indeed!

--and i was out of it. i watched as the peaceful clouds outside the window passed laughing at me. the penetrating voice yelled, “murder, murder, murder!” but i was able to divert my attention to the music that was coming from the bar near my house. smooth jazz piano roamed the air. i was sure the girl was playing it; she always was. she was as sweet as degraded roses; her lips were dark purple from abuse. i found the lips distinct, pretty - though unusual. Her smiles were that of a fallen angel. i wanted to see the smile, i wanted to so badly - i was getting up from my bunk when - BANG!

the piano stopped.

i fell back down. my hands, legs, head, everything - trembled uncontrollably. lost, that was my state of mind. i looked around. i picked up a pistol from the table next to the bunk. i got up. i looked at the place where there used to be the door. hollow. i walked out to the hallway in haste. i started running. i opened the front door of the house. gray. i slowed down to walking again as i moved on the black asphalt. i walked. one. two. three. four…. one hundred sixty five. i turned my head to the right. i saw. the bar was covered in flames. i took a step. hey, get back! someone called. i took another step. hey! yet i took another step. hey, hey! the call became a chant. i took another step. someone get him! hey! another step.

all suddenly became silent.

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