Vagabond Life

Vagabond Life

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Elika couldn't understand why he felt the way he did, Sky was growing to become one of the most important persons in her life and he just didn't answer her feelings... How could he? Living year after year and losing his one family after another had made him numb to life itself... it had become a prison for him. Elika understood everything when the vagabond life ended and chose a new host!
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Elika couldn't understand why he felt the way he did, Sky was growing to become one of the most important persons in her life and he just didn't answer her feelings... How could he? Living year after year and losing his one family after another had made him numb to life itself... it had become a prison for him. Elika understood everything when the vagabond life ended and chose a new host!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Vagabond Life

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Vagabond Life


The sun was bright and summer was on its peak. A fair man was strolling through by the riverbank, enjoying the sunshine hitting his skin. The river was serene and beautiful when suddenly the man witnessed a body came up floating on the water surface. He shouted with worry “Hey! Somebody! Can someone see there’s a girl in the river” he looked around quickly to find help but no one was around. The locals were all inside their homes to avoid heatstroke. He jumped in the water and reached her but it was already too late. She had died. Nonetheless, he checked for any signs of life only to get disappointed. She was gone!

He picked her dead body in his arms and looked for a morgue station to hand her over but to his biggest surprise, the girl started coughing out water. He looked at her with shock “What?!...” She opened her eyes. “Are you OK? How is it even possible?” he placed her on a road bench he found nearby and continued, “…I checked all signs of life but you were…” he hesitated “Don’t worry. I’d have come back even if you wouldn’t have helped” she said keeping her expressions right but he could tell that she was suffering

“What do you mean? You’re cold” he touched her arm and suggested, “I think you should take yourself to see a doctor” he sounded worried for a stranger. She looked at him. He had dark brown hair, strong built, fair skin that meant he was a foreigner. He was tall, like 5.11 and had golden hazel eyes. She stared at him as if she had found someone inside him. “I’m fine. It happens and it’s not the first time that I tried to take my life” never had she thought that she’d be repeating those words. The man remained stunned by her announcement “You mean to say… you jumped in the river to SUICIDE!? And you have done that before?” He could have thrown his eyeballs out if would have widened his eyes even a little more “Yea. It’s like a habit now and I’m even used to the pain that I get from all these futile attempts” she was sadeningly confident and fed up of her life. No sign of remorse could he find in her amber eyes.

“If I were a normal person I’d abandon you and map my way away from a weird kind of person…” but he took a seat beside her and continued “but I’m a curious one… why do you try to take your life? Don’t you have anyone to go back to? Someone waiting for you, like your parents, siblings or may be a loved one…” she smiled at the last part “you’re really pretty so I assume you must have one!” he smiled examining her. She had brown skin that felt like it had been perfectly tanned. She was slim but had an average height of 5.3. However, her matt brown wavy hair matched her skin so much that she looked like a doll curved out of brown wood.

“It’s a long story” she sighed “I’m a tourist staying at an inn for now. I like to listen to people’s long stories. I even blog them and my tours as a tribute to the land where I go and its natives. So, I’d love to hear it!” he flashed a graceful smile “The truth is… I do not live here too. I don’t live anywhere! No one around here recognizes me” despite of her words being so dismal he found not a hint of depression or sadness on her face.

“I’m listening” said the traveler “Let me show you something” she took out a small cell phone from her inner pocket. It was wrapped in a plastic bag, which increased the level of curiosity. The model was so old that no one even remembered they even existed. “Here. look...” she showed him a picture “They are your parents, right?” the traveler asked examining the couple “Yes they are. And this one” she showed him another picture “He’s your…” he hesitated. It was a boy with bright skin and blue eyes “Brother… I had only one” she rubbed her fingers through the picture which meant she loved him and missed him “Had?” the man wondered “He died of age… keep watching” he was getting anxious. He ran another look on her. She was so young.

“This is your family! You married and have two kids. You’re a happy person!?” he was confused with all these pictures and the choice of her tense whenever she talked about them. She remained silent “At least you should be. Your family is so nice” he looked at the cute little siblings and the handsome man who stood beside her. “Yea. We lived our lives happily” she gave the device to him. “Why are you using past perfect tense in every answer?” he was getting more and more excited to know about her “Keep going” she told him

The man kept pushing the forward button. She had created an album of her life because the pictures were all in sequence. His curiosity had already turned into anxiety but it was getting worse with every other picture and finally he stopped on one particular image. He exclaimed, “What is this? They look like your parents” his eyes were wide opened “Yes. they are” she confirmed “But they are really old and you’re still the same” he was stunned “Move to the next one” just as she told him his finger pressed the next button and his movements stopped for a while “They… your husband and children… they grew up! How is it even possible?” she said nothing “Are you a vampire?” not that he actually believed in them but he had to come up with some logical explanation “No. my family… my parents and brother died a long time ago. My husband passed away too!” her announcement gave him another question “What about your children?” he jumped out of the seat “They are old and wrinkly now” she looked at him. She wasn’t lying but she was telling him was beyond explanation. “Man!” he caught his head “My daughter passed away. I heard. I couldn’t go to her because my grandchildren would call me a witch. People were scared of me!” she sounded sad.  He took his time getting his act together. Both of them remained silent for a while.

“So, you’re kind of immortal… I wouldn’t believe in you if I hadn’t seen you coming back to life with my own eyes…” she smiled “That’s very interesting. I’m in my middle 40’s but you’re older” he was astounded but somehow impressed too “Way older… you’re not scared?” she asked “No. you may be the first immortal human being but you’re still a human…” “I’m not the first one” she interrupted him “Who was the first one then?” his curiosity reemerged. He was still going through the pictures and he found one unusual image. It was a person he hadn’t seen before “Yea. This is one but even he wasn’t the first” she explained, “You look younger in this picture. You two were close friends” he said scrutinizing the picture. She was laughing with a guy. Her face was decorated with a different smile than she had with her husband beside her. “I wouldn’t call us friends… our relationship was one of a kind!” her tone was affectionate. “So, when you were with him you were still growing?” he analyzed and was answered with a nod “What was his name?” he asked while his eyes were fixated on the picture. She looked up at the sunlit sky and said “Just as his long life… Sky!”

The clock ticked back and took them to one and half century ago when she was still a young college girl. She was accompanied by her friends on her way to the college when one of her friends shouted “What?! You wanna stop by the bakery?” her friend was worried “Yea. I’d wanna check out the new items and I didn’t bring my lunch, so it’s a good chance” she dropped out of the car and laughed “But we’re already running late!” her friend shouted again but this time warning her “Yea. That is the point. Since we are already running late why hurry? We can take our time. At least I can.” she spouted off “ok then. You stop by the bakery. I’ve already been on the naughty list for far too long and I need to upgrade my grades. See you later!” the car resumed movement “Ok. Have lunch with me!” she shouted and heard her friend shout back “Sure” she did not look happy for a moment “Huh! She is not enjoying her college life to the fullest. Ok, so I need to check out my to-do list… ” She started towards a street “Wake up… check. Prepare… check. Tease Shin about his fat girlfriend… check. Run late… check… woah!!!” her feet rammed into something and she almost came from falling “Hey! Watch out. I’m walking here…” but something caught her eyes. Someone’s leg was peeking out of an alley. She ran to help him but found him dead. She panicked and decided to shout but just when she looked at his dead face her voice stopped right there. The man had coarse brown hair with the same vivid brown eyes. His eyes were half-open and he had a smile on his lips… she could not believe a dead person could look this serene and relaxed. After gazing at his face, she realized that she needed to… “I think I need to call the police” she started to move away from him but then stopped and stared at his eyes again…. When suddenly he closed them “What the…!” she pushed back and rammed into the wall this time

“Huh! I guess the poison wasn’t enough. I’d have to double the dose next time…” he got himself together but he swung his head he found a girl shrunk by the wall. She was probably scared… she was somewhat bewildered too “What are you doing here?” he asked, “What are you talking about?” she shrunk even more “What are you talking about?” he was a little confused “You said something about poison and doubling the dose next time.” She said it “why saying SOMETHING when you clearly heard everything?” he was already on his hips “Well. How did you… survive without going to the hospital after digesting poison?” she started to get a little comfortable around him. She was curious more than scared “I don’t know why. My body must have nullified the effects to save me” he dusted off his dress “What are you saying? You are… who are you?” she was sitting with her bent arm on her twisted leg, her fist resting beneath her chin… she was clearly interested “I’m Sky Chimera. Who are you?” he looked at her “None of your business. Why did you suicide?” she came down to business “None of your business!” he teased her “Ok. It is Elika. Nice to meet you, Sky!” she forwarded her hand to him but he stood up “Huh. Good bye” he walked out the alley “Hey. Why did you try to suicide?” this was her only concern. Sky did not look back; since she had college to go to she didn’t take more time and went to the bakery.

She enjoyed her time with friends but she could not get her mind off his dead face. It looked like he died happily without any regret tailing him.

She woke up the other morning, did her usually routine tasks like teasing Shin, her older brother, about his fat girlfriend. It was her duty to remind him every day that she took seriously. She prepared for college and went out but saw a few newly born kittens by the street corner. After helping them move to a safe place, she went to the empty alley where she met Sky in hopes of finding him dead but no one was there. And so she did not even realize that she was running late for college… again.

She was running in the corridor to make it to her first class but someone came out of the sweeper’s room leading her to crash into him. They both fell and she literally landed on the poor guy.

Sky: “You!”

Elika: “You again! Why weren’t you in the alley this morning?” she was blunt

Sky: “Get off” he ordered her

Elika: “Yea…” she got back on her feet without lending him a hand “What are YOU doing here?” and she realized that he was in her college… now

Sky: “I’ve got a new job” he pointed towards the bucket and mop “Gotta earn to buy more poison!” he teased her

Elika: “Funny. Why do you wanna suicide anyway? You should get a girlfriend and enjoy. Don’t tell me you hate your life because the love of your life betrayed you… probably a childhood friend too.” She speculated

Sky: “It’s not that. What are you doing here? Don’t you have any class?”

Elika: “Oh no! The one I’m the worst at. Chem. Gotta go.” She started running towards the staircase “Don’t suicide before you tell me why wanna suicide” she shouted without even considering his feelings or the surroundings

Sky: “She is very insensitive… and heavy” he smiled

After classes, Elika tried to get separate from her friends because she could not help her curiosity.

Miranda: “Where are you going? Do you still have a task remaining?” she interrogated

Elika: “Yea. You go on ahead. I’ll be going late. I need to do something… I mean, take care of someone” she flashed a constructing smile

Miranda: “OK. But your social and welfare tasks will get you in trouble someday. I’ll let Aunt Zoe about it” she threatened Elika and disappeared in the crowd

Elika: “Yea sure. She does not know Mama is visiting Uncle Moustaches. So, where are you? The new janitor…” she was practically spying on him. After checking out some places, she finally found him coming out of the boys’ bathrooms in casual attire. He then went to some shady place. She followed him and saw that he was not trying to suicide. He was sitting on a park bench.

Elika: “May be, he is waiting for the dark to break in. What is he doing?” He took out a small literary book from his pocket and started reading it “He reads books! That is a new. Well, I’m talking like I’ve known a lot of things about him” she remained clung with the street corner and kept observing him “When is he gonna suicide so I could stop him? May be I should ask or… may be not” she waited for another 30 minutes “Looks like it’s enough of stalking for today” finally she gave up whereas he was still reading the book

For a few days, she kept observing him and then she started stalking him. He was still working as a janitor. During the time she followed him she never saw him go to home. Neither did anybody talk to him in particular. When she started losing it, she decided to go talk to him

Elika: “Hey” she bossed him

Sky: “It’s Sky” he told her

Elika: “Yea. Sea or Umbrella, Whatever, You don’t have any right to have me call you by your first name because you always call me HEY” she burst out

Sky: “I never call you! I don’t even know your name” that did it. He paid her back for her insensitiveness

Elika: “What! It’s Elika. Why do I remember your full name?” she was angry with her own self

Sky: “Dunno. What is my full name?” he smiled

Elika: “Sky Chimera it is. Well, whatever”

Sky: “What was it? Don’t you have a class?” he sort of reminded her

Elika: “I do but I’ve got important questions I need answers for because they’ve been bugging me ever since I met you.” She couldn’t hold back anymore. He readied himself for interrogation “Where do you live? Don’t you have siblings or parents or home to go to?”

Sky: “You really are insensitive”

Elika: “Sorry!” then she thought “He doesn’t even know that I’ve been stalking him” she felt naughty

Sky: “So, if I give you answers would you stop stalking me?” she stopped giggling

Elika: “You know?” she was amazed

Sky: “Off course I do. People call you my girlfriend and they even asked me to sort things out with you because apparently we’re having a fight” he was amused because clearly she didn’t like the idea of being his girlfriend

Elika: “Well, they must have lost their minds. Speaking of girlfriend, don’t you have one? Given your looks, you must draw attention. Even in college, girls stare at you. They think you are a spy but I told them that you are an undercover agent from a top class agency but who believes me? People believe in things they want to” she kept blabbering about it and he didn’t seem to mind her

Sky: “I’ve had a few girlfriends. At least that’s what they used to say they were but everyone thought I was creepy because of my suicide attempts” he did not seem to think that it was actually creepier

Elika: “Why do you want to suicide anyway? If you are poor, you can make use of your looks and can be a model or an actor. You’d earn a lot if you do that” she suggested him earnestly

Sky: “I don’t want to do anything that’d attach me to this world” he started taking steps towards the sweeper’s room  

Elika: “Hey! Sky… where are you going? Sky…” she shouted but then remembered, “Where are you going to suicide next?” but he vanished “Why is he so stubborn to end his life? It’s not like it’s useless”

After a few days, when Elika was stalking him, she saw Sky hiding something in his pocket. Her curiosity turned into worry and she knew that he was planning to reattempt taking his life. She decided not to let him go out of her sight. She followed him to a barren place where there was only a train passage. She kept following him until the train separated both of them. She waited for the train to pass and resumed her search but she had lost track of him. She kept searching for him until she found him… his dead body was lying behind a dumpster. She ran to him and turned his body up only to see that his heart had been impaled with a knife that he probably stole from the kitchen. She shouted for help but nobody was there to. She knew it was a fatal injury and he couldn’t survive it. Not even he could do that. She pulled the knife out, hesitantly. She was crying aloud… but his serene expressions… his half opened eyes and his calm smile made her stare at his face… just like the first time she met him. Seemed like he had no sorrows or regrets and he died very peacefully.

She slowed down after a while of crying and stared at him… she caught his head in her arm.

Elika: “I can’t believe a dead person could look this beautiful”

Sky: “You’re too close” he uttered leaving her unable to realize what had happened “I may be immortal but I’d surely die if you land on me” he smiled naughtily

Elika: “Then you should give it a try because you wanna die so badly” she emerged fast and banged on his chest “How did you… wait. You’re immortal!?”

Sky: “Kind of. How long was I out?” he pushed her back

Elika: “15 minutes or so, I guess. Does it hurt?” still a tear ran down her face again

Sky: “Yea. A little. It’d go away by the morning” he set up “Why were you staring at me instead of calling for help?”

Elika: “I yelled but thanks to your suicide point selection nobody’s around… ” She paused “…and I wasn’t staring at you!” she turned her face away

Sky: “How long are you gonna stalk me? Don’t your parents ask you where you’ve been?” he wondered because it’d been quite a few days before she started stalking him

Elika: “They did, I told them I’m doing a part time job” she said arrogantly

Sky: “Don’t expect me to pay you” he smiled teasingly upon listening to her lies

Elika: “I do not” she uttered but Sky left the ground and started taking steps “Where do you sleep?” he didn’t answer “Sky! Where do you live? Answer me. I’m curious” she left the place and took long strides to reach him

Sky: “You don’t wanna know” he mumbled

Elika: “I do. I do wanna know and help too! If you’re alone and poor these things are something we can do about, nothing to die for” he remained silent and did not respond even when she waited “I know a lot of people are lonely but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to live. You can always be happy not for people who abandoned you but for those who look forward to be with you…” she kept going on and on about how she wanted him to live

Sky: “Who wants to be with a freak like me? If you’re referring to yourself, all you wanna do is to stare at my dead face!” he was furious. He shouted in her face. She was scared and silent. He turned back and left the place without taking her with

Elika: “Sky! You idiot! That’s not all I wanna do” but he disappeared before her eyes “Go die alone you lonely old fart” she had lost it. His reaction enraged her to no end. She stood silently for a while but then looked the way he went to “What’s wrong with him?”

Sky came to an abandoned gas station just outside the town. He entered the rest room and slouched angrily on the ragged couch

Sky: “What’s wrong with her? Can’t she just leave me alone?” he sighed and kept thinking for a while. He took out the money from his refrigerator and started counting it “Just a little more!” the desire and wait to end his life shined in his eyes. There was no remorse, no hesitation. He really wanted to stop his pulses and leave the world of mortals. Before he could know, he had slept

He heard someone call him “Sky… Sky” it was his mother’s voice. It had been so long before he last heard it “You’re my only dear child and I love you! I’ll always do…” her voice had the same sadness that now reigned in Sky’s “…but mama can’t bear this burden anymore. I know you will hate me for doing this to you but there is no one else I love so much to give my life! Please understand… I cannot live like this anymore! Live long, fall in love and be happy… Sky”

He suddenly woke up. It was 2 past midnight and he could hear the tintinnabulation of the rain. He lied back and recalled the days he spent with so many of his families. He had so much time to live that he could not live with even one of his families for all the time that he wanted to. He sighed “I’ve lived long, mother! I have had so many happy days. However, I am tired just like you were. I can’t find anyone to give this burden to”

And no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t sleep the remaining night…

The next day Sky ran into Elika and found her pouting. She did not talk to him the entire day yet kept stalking him from a distance. After the college when they reached a narrow street, Sky turned back unexpectedly. Elika turned her back towards him

Sky: “So, you won’t stop stalking me even after I said something so mean to you?” she did not look at him, or said anything. Sky smiled “And now you’re pretending to be someone else. Good! I was ready to buy you an ice cream as a peace offering”

Elika: “Huh! You think you can buy my… my… whatever, with an ice cream? O yea! You’d get away with an ice cream. It takes more to mend with me!” she was still angry

Sky: “Ok, means no” Sky began showing disinterest in the offer

Elika: “It’s not a complete NO. I’ll take it if you insist and you insisted, so, let’s go get an ice-cream” she was very easy to work things out with

Sky: “I’ll only buy one for you. I’m still saving money to buy something” Sky started taking long strides

Elika: “You’re so poor I wanna cry! I’ll buy you one too, come on. I wonder if it’s the limit of poverty.” She belonged to a rich family that made it hard for her to understand

Sky: “Do you have any siblings?” he asked

Elika: “Yea. A brother” she matched her pace to his

Sky: “Is he damn insensitive too like you?” he finally asked her

Elika: “No, he’s even more. But he gets cute sometimes. Since I’m buying you an ice-cream, you owe me some answers”

She kept talking to him the entire time and patiently, he kept listening and answering to her

After that, she constantly monitored him and that made her friends very curious. A few weeks passed and during her “surveillance”, Elika saw him going to the Principal’s office, which was a rare sight. College ended within a few hours. Sky brought Elika to a corner when she was unexpectedly leaving for HOME.

Elika: “What’s up?” she was curious and somehow happy because never before had Sky shown any hint of interest in her. At least, that’s what she thought

Sky: “What are you doing?” he asked without any explanation

Elika: “What am I doing?” she wondered

Sky: “The principal called me today, as you would know that. Do you know what she asked me about?” he was a little… somehow, fed up

Elika: “No idea” she was completely unaware

Sky: “About you! What kind of relationship I have with you exactly…” he had a reason to be angry

Elika: “What! That’s ridiculous!” she was amazed to hear this news as if what she had been doing would go unnoticed

Sky: “and if I’m really an undercover intelligence agent. Would you stop telling people that?” he seemed to have gotten over his anger

Elika: “Ok. So, what am I supposed to say to people why I’m stalking you? Because I am stalking you! Today you’re getting an off day since I’m busy with something” she clearly had no intentions of backing away

Sky: “You are not supposed to stalk me. I’d never stop trying to end my life no matter who is following me” there was no sign of sadness or remorse on his face

Elika: “Why?” she uttered

Sky: “There are hundreds of reasons… your brother is here. You should go now” he didn’t wait for her to take her leave and moved back

Elika: “But I will make you tell me each one of the hundred reasons. Bye!” she was persistent and demanding… but he rather liked that about her. That’s why he smiled at her back!

 For a few days, Elika disappeared from his life. He could take his life without any restraints now. Keeping that in mind, he tried every possible way he could think of to put his life to an end. He even jumped off the roof but didn’t yield the desired results.

After 4 days, she appeared back and resumed her post. She caught him while he was working in the library.

Elika: “Do you wanna know what happened?” she was happier than usual

Sky: “Not really!” although he missed her but he still showed distance

Elika: “I got engaged!” she swung her finger before his face. It was embellished with a beautiful engagement ring

Sky: “Wow! Congratulations! One life is gonna be ruined with this ring” he teased her

Elika: “You don’t know when to keep your mouth shut. Well, I’m so happy! You know, the guy’s been the love of my life for as long as I can remember. He’s been abroad for a few years and now he’s back. The first thing he gave me after returning is this ring!” she was genuinely happy and by the looks of her expressions, she was madly in love with the guy

Sky: “so, he must really be in love with you!” listening to her made Sky realize that she love him more than anything in the world! He was deeply content with her happiness

His life kept going with the passage of time and almost nothing changed for him. He always tried to end his life with whatever he found. He had become addicted to her talkative nature and before he could realize, years passed and Elika decided to marry. She was astronomically delighted and just before two days of her wedding; she came to the garage where Sky still lived

Sky: “So, you’re finally going to resign. Man! I’m happy and relieved. Truly there were times when I thought I might fall for you but thankfully I held own” he was laughing! She saw him laugh with all his heart for the first time. She couldn’t believe how much time she had unknowingly spent with him. She was sad from the inside but she emerged with a smile

Elika: “You gotta be thankful. I’d never betray my love!” she claimed and slapped his shoulder “Well, I’m here to take a promise from you”

Sky: “I’m listening” he took a seat

Elika: “I’d be leaving for Scotland for my honeymoon. I want you to stop trying to suicide only for as long as I am away. For all the stalking, could you please do this much for me?” she was serious… Sky finally got to know how she looked like when she was serious

Sky: “You have my word!” he felt that he somehow owed her. He didn’t know why he felt like this but from inside, he was sad too “Now, please, have a seat and allow me to serve you!” he bowed before her and marched to the fridge

Elika: “O yea, I’d love to see your manners. All I’ve seen you doing is trying to take your life” she saw him come and go with dishes in his hands. Sky might have been working here and there but he had earned a lot. Elika was astonished to see that he lived in a garage like a homeless beggar but he served her like a king.

After two days, Elika was married and left for honeymoon. He missed her stalking gaze and the way she kept asking questions. It was not love that he felt for her but something else that he couldn’t name; something that he even couldn’t figure out!

Almost two weeks crept away and she didn’t return. Somehow, he wanted to see her more than he wanted to take his life. The feelings grew making Sky get on his feet and be on the way to her home. He wanted to meet her if she had returned. When he reached the street corner, he found Elika’s brother Shun standing outside her huge residence. He was accompanied by a fair blonde who was a little fat that meant she was his wife. Elika always complained about his bad taste. However, she was not that bad. Sky was still examining the woman but suddenly, they started waving hands with excited smiles. Sky changed his angle of sight and saw a car reaching. It could only mean that Elika returned just now.

Sky started taking long and fast strides even without realizing it himself. The vehicle slowed down and Elika looked at Sky who was on the other side of the street. A naught wide grin took place on her lips and she poked her husband to look at him. He smiled too saying something back to her. She was so excited that she didn’t even care for the car to stop and opened the door. She started running towards Sky who was now shouting to stop… She couldn’t understand why he was stopping her until… something hard and huge hit her with a bang…

She was suffering from unbearable pain. She couldn’t feel a lot of her. So this was the agony that Sky kept going from every single time he attempted suicide. Why did he keep doing that when it hurt so much? She still couldn’t understand. She couldn’t think… couldn’t move… couldn’t hear…

The last thing she heard was Sky’s whisper… the last thing she touched was Sky’s hand… the last thing she felt was Sky’s warmth! And finally, she closed her eyes. Sky, at last, became a part of the nature!

Back to the present day when Elika still hasn’t aged a single day, she continued telling the traveler her story…

Elika: “I regained consciousness by the night. Shun and Rick were there and they told me that Sky had passed away!” at last, tears started flowing out of her eyes “… with the same smile on his face that he always had” she was gazing at the starry night sky. It wasn’t blue anymore. It reminded her so much of the fallen star that she followed no matter where it went

It was already dark. The traveler still set next to her. His gaze fixed on the night sky

“It’s a beautiful, enchanting story!” he said and sighed “My name is Alexander by the way. You can call me either Alex or Xander, whichever you prefer” he smiled at her

Elika: “That’s a nice name”

The majestic sky gripped his stare again but Elika could clearly see the mixed shade of sadness and excitement in his eyes. She realized the dreams and wishes that were filling his mind. She left her head on his shoulder and whispered “I’m sorry!” Her eyes closed firmly and a deep smile decorated her lips. It was the happiness and satisfaction of finally being FREE! She finally understood why Sky smiled even when he was suffering so much from inside.

“Thanks you, Elika!” Alex replied still gazing at the sky “I will make sure that this vagabond life finds a new residence. Until then, I’ll roam free!”



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