Sixteen years later

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It is a short story that has vampires and humans and werewolves in it and they fall in love with each other. It is also has some mystery and crime to but you would have read the second half after I start it. I also go by Stephon Black.

Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



Book 3


Ten years later; Stephon talks about the beginning:

Ten years later, I couldn’t believe that it was ten years since I started these books, and the war, but anyways I have two children and their mom just left me for another vampire and I just found out. Anyways I am Stephon Black; I am the king of all evil vampires and my older sister Janelle Black is taking over for me and my brother Aaron Black (Aaron died and I am going to find Napoleon Ramsey).

I will start with the McGunn clan; Jairus McGunn is the oldest and is not the main character in these books has three children (Faron, Reanna and Danica). Baiden McGunn is his younger brother and he is gay and he is seventeen years old he will be dating Terrance Knight. Cherilin McGunn is their younger sister and she is dating Ragnvald Black which is my younger brother.

Anyways we start with Jairus McGunn at the hospital with his ex-girlfriend Hanna McChord and their new child. Danica was only three days old and Hanna was leaving them because she was done with being a mom to Faron and Reanna because they weren’t her children.

“Hanna, please stay I can’t raise these children without you and I need you to be there for our little girl when she grows up. Just having a father is not going to work for two girls that need a mother,” Jairus McGunn said. Hanna shook her head; she didn’t want to raise two children and her own.

“I would stay but you have Thomas to help you when you need him to and I don’t want to hear you call out his name at night. I can’t raise two children that even mine and I can’t raise our daughter,” Hanna McChord said. Jairus looked down at his feet and thought about what was happening.

“But I don’t understand why can’t you help me with our own daughter? She needs her mother and Tommy and I aren’t together right now,” Jairus said. Hanna shrugged her shoulders because she was going back to New York to live with her parents who didn’t want anything to do with their new grandchild.

“I am going to live with my parents and they don’t know about Danica and I would like to keep it that way,” Hanna said as she packed up her stuff to leave the hospital without them. Jairus looked at her and thought about he was going to do without her.

“I would like to stay here with me and we can fraise our children together,” Jairus said as he started to step closer to her, but she moved away from him and then when she was finished she left him standing there next to Danica’s bed.

“Only one problem you want Thomas too and I don’t want to stay here with you or to raise our child,” Hanna said as she left as Ariella McShane was wheeled into the room. Ariella McShane looked at Hanna as she left without her baby.

Ariella saw Thomas Walker’s picture next to the bed as the nurse helped her into bed. “Alright sir you and your child will have to leave before she has her child,” the nurse said. Ariella’s ex-boyfriend saw it as it was offer to him and left the room and never came back.

“He can stay if he wants to because NJ just left and I don’t think that he is coming back because he didn’t want this baby,” Ariella McShane said. Jairus was happy that he got to stay in the hospital with his youngest daughter.

Jairus and Ariella stayed together even though they didn’t have any more children. Neo Johnstone “NJ” comes back to get his son, but Antony McShane doesn’t know who he is and screams for Jairus, but Thomas takes him back Ariella and Jairus and he stays with them because Antony starts calling him dad even though he is an evil vampire.

Thomas takes care of Jordan Walker his nephew from Brody and his wife because Jordan falls in love with Cooper Cruz but Cooper lives in Ember Falls, OR with Justin Knight.

Baiden McGunn will be going to high school when start up the first chapter and Cherilin will be in grade school. I will be bringing Terrence Knight and his father (Carlyle Knight) his older brother (Justin Knight) as well as Jordan Walker and Ryu Bryce.

There will the other children; I am just going to rearrange things like Terrence and Justin and Jairus with Baiden, but still have all the same characters in these books. Terrence is going to be sixteen in chapter one and he is the youngest out of the Knight clan.

Carlyle Knight will be dating Jack Ramsey and Justin will be dating Blaike O’Malley. So not much is going to change, but it will be different. Judson McCaine is the chief of police in Ember Falls, Oregon and Jairus works as cop with him and Angelis McGray and Farley “Lee” McRain and Christofis Knight and Calysta Black.

Christofis is dating Tyko Foley and August Dire even thought Tyko and August are younger than him. James dates Michael Foley from high school where they went together and they met with Jairus and Hanna.  

The high school reunion will be held on the McCaine Family’s ranch and everyone that went to high school with James and Michael will be there which is chapter four.

We will start chapter one six years later in actuality it will be sixteen years later from the first two books. Terrence is the youngest drum player in Violet Eagles and his older brother (Raven Knight) owns Wolves & Vamps.

But the Violet Eagles band comes to the reunion in chapter four; Terrence will be there before the reunion with his brother and father. Violet Eagles are owned by Adam Stone and like I said earlier Terrence is the drummer for the band.

Danica will be dating John-Michael Matthews and Andrew Parker and Faron will be dating Ferrin McKay. It took Macklin, six years to get over the fact that Hanna left him because he had two children by another woman.

He had met Ariella McShane right after Hanna left him at the hospital. Ariella was having her own child right after the father of her had left her.

He had left Ariella because she was having a boy and he didn’t want a son he wanted a daughter. Ariella’s son is Antony McShane and he is as old as Danica just a few days younger.

I will not be bringing in Jasmine Knight and Jester Blake into the books and Torin Mackenzie is James’s younger brother. Anyways let’s get this started; Jairus told Ariella about Thomas and how he was going to live with them as soon as he could. Jairus found that Hanna had got married too and she didn’t have any more children.

James had been living with Jairus since he got out of high school. Speaking of school let me tell you a little about this little town called Ember Falls. Well there is only one school that has grades in it and it is run by the vampire council.

There is a mall and Movie Theater and two gas stations and a strip club and a few fast food places and restaurants and a library and a few shops where you can by food. Hotels and the only graveyard are on Judson’s land and same with the only church.

James works at the strip club with Clark Mackerson and Jason Blackstone. Anyways he just got home from work when chapter one starts and it is dark outside. It was early morning February 13th, 2003 before the sun rose in the sky.

Six years later; I mean sixteen years later; Jairus McGunn walks to his bedroom after gets off of work as a cop for the town of Ember Falls. Ariella McShane was already home from her job as a teacher at the local school in Ember Falls.

Ember Falls; is famous for its snow and today was no different there was snow everywhere.

Chapter 1:

Six years later (sixteen years later);

Ember Falls, Oregon/before the sun rose

Six years later; I mean sixteen years later in the morning of February 13th, 2003. Terrence Knight will be coming into the books in this chapter before school starts and so will Josiah Pike.  

You already know that Judson McCaine is the chief of police well I will be bringing in his almost step-brother Carlyle with Justin and Terrence. Carlyle’s father Darrell Knight almost married Judson’s mother Jacique McCaine, but they didn’t and they lived there until they both died. 

But they did have a daughter after they met and stayed together for two years. Carlyle Knight and Taylen Cooper will be staying with Judson McCaine. Jack Ramsey will be joining them as well.

Jack Ramsey is Carlyle’s werewolf and he is related to Napoleon Ramsey who is my boyfriend. Jack had Napoleon before he found that he was gay and I had my children (Tristian and Nevaeh) before I found that I was gay.

Anyways Tristian and Nevaeh Black will be joining the books later on. Nevaeh is married to Israel Johnson and Tristian is dating Calvin Gunner and Torolf Preston. Anyways back to the story at four in the morning right as Christofis Knight and Jairus McGunn and Farley “Lee” McRain and my cousin Calysta Black get off from work.

It was 4 am, when Christofis Knight and Macklin McGunn and Farley “Lee” McRain and Calysta Black got off of work that night. No one was up yet and it was still dark outside.

James Mackenzie and Michael Foley had just got home an hour before they did and they were in bed together. James had his arms around Cree Preston and Michael had Jorey O’Connell in his arms and the four them were asleep in the same bed.

Tyko Foley looked out the cabin’s front window as he and August Daire waited for Christofis Knight’s police to pull up to the property. August is Tyko’s werewolf and they have been together since they were babies and they still are babies.  

Tyko is Michael’s younger brother and Rosalynn Foley is Michael’s older sister who is there with Devon Andrews. Rosalynn Foley was next to Devon Andrews as Burne Andrews parked the truck next to Christofis’s police car.  

Christofis Knight is related to Darrell and Carlyle and the rest of the Knight clan. Christofis is 29 years old and Tyko is eighteen years old and August is nineteen years old. Tyko still goes to high school and August is fighting in the war.  
Baiden was asleep too, but he was downstairs in the basement of the main house with Fang and Wallace who were sleeping on the floor next to the bed. Fang and Wallace are dogs that live on the property with them. Anyways Faron and Ferrin and Danica and John-Michael and Antony and Dres were also sleeping.

There are more dogs that live on the property and Satan is one of them, but he is Christofis’s dog and he works with him. Tyko and August saw Christofis’s police car pull up to the property with Carlyle Knight’s limo behind it.

Carlyle had brought Justin Knight and Cooper Cruz with him to meet up with Jordan Walker and Ryu Bryce and Casey O’Malley. Jordan and Ryu and Casey were still in high school and Justin and Cooper will be joining them in high school.

“He is home, he is home,” Tyko Foley and August Daire said at the same time and then they got up and ran out of the cabin. Christofis opened the front door to the police car and stepped out.
Christofis stood about six foot and three inches tall and he was a captain in the police force and his partner was a dog named Satan and he is a drug and search and rescue dog. Satan jumped out of the back of the car.

Both Tyko and August ran passed Burne’s truck as it pulled up and parked next to Judson McCaine’s police car. Rosalynn Foley watched as her younger brother jumped into Christofis’s arms with August which knocked him back into his car.

Christofis smiled as he wrapped his arms around Tyko and August and held them close to him. “I am sorry that it took awhile to get home; the war is everywhere now and some of gangs here are fighting safe places to stay,” Christofis Knight said.

Rosalynn watched as Christofis share kisses with both of the boys and then she saw Michael with Jorey and James and Cree standing on the deck to their cabin. Michael and James had woken up because Tyko and August were yelling about Christofis being home.  

Michael was holding Jorey in his arms as he watched Tyko and August kiss Christofis. Christofis was happy even though the boys were younger than him.

A couple hours later the sun was raising in the sky; bit was still cold and snowy outside, but some of the snow was start to melt. Carlyle Knight’s driver parked the limo next to the other limo that Terrence Knight and the rest of Violet Eagles were in.

“Well, we are early, but we are here,” Adam Stone said as he looked out the window of his navy blue limo. Terrence Knight smiled and then he rubbed his arms as he sat in the limo with Adam Stone and Lynn Black and Todd Cantwell and Coyt Bryant and Gage Brooks.

“Well, I guess that we will see you and the rest of the band in two months,” Terrence Knight said as he grabbed Coyt Bryant’s hand. Adam nodded his head; he was only there to drop off Coyt and Terrence so that they could find Ciaran McGunn.

“Stay with your father and his boyfriends and older brother, we still need the two of you to come back to us,” Adam said as they opened the back door to the limo. Terrence nodded his head; he understood that they had reunion to go to, but that was there in two months.  

“You find him in the main house with the rest of his family and let Jairus know that he will be there for the reunion,” Lynn Black said. Terrence nodded his head; Jairus’s vampire was going to be there for reunion.

Janet McRae’s ghost saw that Trevis Cooper and Judson McCaine were up and in trouble with Carlyle Knight being there again. Carlyle was there for grade school because his mother had left him and his sister and his dad for someone else.

Darrell Knight was Carlyle’s father and Carlyle is the father of Raven and Padraic and Justin and Terrence Knight, but Judson and Taylen had no children. Janet appeared next to the front gate to the property and watched as Carlyle climb out of the limo.

Carlyle Knight had changed since the last time that he was there. He is no longer married to Cali McBlack because she had died after she gave birth to Terrence. Carlyle had no choice but come back there because Justin’s and Terrence’s promised ones were there.

Carlyle looked out the window of the limo at the snow and thought about the last time that he was here with Judson and Taylen and Jack. He couldn’t believe that he was there again and without Cali McBlack.  

Cali McBlack was his wife, but she died after she gave birth to Terrence and Dafina Knight. Dafina Knight was the only girl in the family, but she didn’t make either, but Carlyle wasn’t there to hurt anyone because he was there to be with Jack because Cali’s family didn’t want him because they blamed him for what happened to Cali and Dafina.  

The dogs barked as he got of the limo with Justin and Cooper following him. “As far as I know that Jordan and Blaike live here, but they live with their older brothers and sisters,” Carlyle Knight said.

Cooper and Justin nodded their heads and looked around the property to find Blaike and Jordan. Ryu Bryce got ready for school while his older sister fought with her ex-boyfriend Ducky McConn because he didn’t want to fight against the non-humans any more.

Ducky McConn had fallen in love with Booker Zeppino who is an evil vampire and he couldn’t kill him even though he was told to by the slayer council. Booker Zeppino was waiting for Ducky to finish his argument with Courtney Bryce.

Booker smiled at Ryu as he passed him to catch up with Jordan Walker and Jeffery Reed who were also waiting outside on the deck to Courtney’s cabin. Justin Knight spotted Jordan Walker, but not Blaike O’Malley.  

“There is yours but where is mine?” Justin Knight asked him as Jordan walked behind Jeffery Reed and Ryu Bryce. Cooper Cruz shrugged his shoulders and then he joined Jordan as he walked to the bus stop.

Justin looked around for Blaike before joining them at the bus stop. Ryu Bryce was the shortest one there; he stood 5’3” tall while Jordan and Cooper both stood at 6’ tall and Jeffery at 6’1” tall and Justin at 6’3” tall.

Jeffery Reed and Ryu Bryce have been dating for six months and they were already very close. Jordan wiped the tears away from his blue green eyes as he stood behind them; Cooper couldn’t wait hold Jordan so he wrapped his arms around Jordan’s waist and held him close to his body. 

Jeffery just turned seventeen years old and Ryu was sixteen years old and both Cooper and Jordan were seventeen years old and Justin was the oldest out all of them at eighteen years old. Blaike would be the youngest he was fourteen years old and he had come up from California to be with his Aunt Heather and Uncle Ian Black.

Blaike O’Malley is Jareth Black’s cousin, but she wants to be a man and Heather O’Malley is going to help her achieve that and she has already started. Blaike is already half way there; well all he needed was his penis, but he had everything else.

Blaike is a year younger than Ryu and he is an inch taller than him as well. Jareth Black waited out of the bathroom for Blaike to finish getting for his first day at school. Blaike stood in the shower naked and letting the hot water run down his back and drip from his fingers.

He didn’t want to start a new school, but his father Daisuke O’Malley thought that it would better if he went to live with Heather and Ian because he was getting made fun of at school and the war was getting too close to home. Daisuke is Heather’s older brother and he wanted the best for his daughter that wanted to become his son.

Blaike washed his naked body and thought about the last school he was at and then he started to cry again. “Are you okay? Cousin, can I come in? Or do you want me to get mom again,” Jareth Black said as he touched the bathroom door with his fingers.

Blaike shook the water off of his body as he cried about being picked on at his old school. He hoped that this would be different from his old school, but little did he know that he was going to find new friends and an evil vampire that would kill or even die for him.

“I think that you should go get your mom for Blaike because I am not too sure if she wants a boy looking on her while she is naked,” Anton O’Connell said as he touched Jareth’s shoulder with his hand. Jareth looked at Anton and then he shook his head; he knew that his cousin is turning into a boy and she would need a boy to help her become a boy.

“She isn’t a girl anymore and she needs me to be her friend and you know how I feel about her and my mom said that I could help her become a boy,” Jareth said as he knocked on the door again until Blaike slowly opened the door. Blaike stood there dripping wet and only wearing a towel around his waist.

Blaike was fourteen years old and he was just starting high school and he didn’t have any friends expect for his seven old cousin and Anton. “I am okay; now just leave me alone so that I can get dressed for school, I will meet you and Anton at the bus stop,” Blaike O’Malley said.

Jareth watched as Blaike walk back into his bedroom to finish getting dressed for school. Blaike really wanted to be left alone because he didn’t want go anywhere anymore; he hated the way that everyone would make fun of him because he was a boy trapped inside of a girl’s body.

But that was going to change in a couple of weeks because Heather had scheduled the surgery for Blaike to become a full boy in couple of weeks. Blaike looked at his body in the mirror and cried again because he had cuts and scars where he used to try to kill himself; he never grew boobs so he didn’t have to worry about those scares would never show up.

A set of dog tags had showed up before Blaike got there and they had the name of his evil vampire on them and the name was Justin Knight. Blaike looked at the dog tags and remembered what Ian Black had said about Justin and how he would anything for his humans.

Blaike had already met up with Ryu and he couldn’t wait to see Justin Knight but he didn’t if he would like him. Blaike looked out the window of his bedroom and watched as the line got bigger for the school bus.

He could see that Ryu and Jeffery were talking to each other and they were standing next to Jordan and Cooper who were holding each other. Blaike was scared that no one would like him and that they would make fun of him and he would have to switch schools again. 

“Are you sure that my daughter/son will be okay here? I mean that it hurts to give her/him to you and Ian until he/she become a full he,” Daisuke O’Malley said as he looked at the line for the school bus. Ian Black nodded his head; he understood what it was like to leave his child in the hands of another person.
“Don’t worry he will be fine here, and he will never be picked on again,” Ian Black said as he touched Daisuke’s shoulder with his hand. Daisuke looked at Heather, he wanted her to tell him to take Blaike back home and that he wouldn’t have do this to her.

“Like Ian said, Blaike is going to fine and in a couple of weeks he will be who he always wanted to be and he will make new friends in no time,” Heather Black said. Ian and Heather got married before they had their youngest son Casein Black.

Ian is a teacher at the school that Blaike will be going to and Heather is a doctor and she helps the people that live on the property and in the town. Luckily Heather wasn’t the only doctor in that town.

Anyways Blaike finished getting ready for school; Heather had bought him a boys’ school uniform and got him into the martial arts team. Blaike had meet Ryu just earlier that morning and he liked the way that he talked and the way said that he would help him anything that he needed.

Blaike didn’t know that Justin was outside waiting for him to come out and be with him. Hopefully he wasn’t going too fast for him because he wanted to take it slow with him and not scare him off.

Justin Knight stood at 6’3” tall that was taller than that of Blaike’s 5’4”. Blaike was also younger than Justin but he didn’t know by how much because this was their first meeting. Justin was looking at the snow when Blaike came out of the clinic right behind Jareth and Anton.

Blaike wore his uncle’s old coat from when he was in the war and Carlin O’Malley had gotten a new coat. Blaike looked like his uncle Hunter O’Malley when he went to high school there.

Cooper reached back and tapped Justin’s shoulder to him to look up as Blaike walked up to them. Justin slowly looked at Blaike and he could tell that he was a human wearing an evil vampire’s coat.

“Hi, you must be Blaike O’Malley; I am Justin Knight and yes before you ask my brothers own and play in bands,” Justin said as he stuck out his left hand. Blaike looked at Justin’s left hand and thought about what was going to happen at school.

“Yes, he is Blaike and he just shy at the moment; I am his cousin Jareth Black and this is my werewolf Anton O’Connell,” Jareth said as he shook Justin’s hand. Blaike watched as they shook hands; he couldn’t stop thinking about school and hoping that it would be different the other schools that he went to.

“Well, according to the council I am supposed to be with Blaike and that he was a she, but he is now a he and this is my last year of school before I go off to war,” Justin said. Blaike didn’t want Justin to go because they had just met and he wanted to get to know him better.

“Are you going to come back to me?” Blaike finally asked him after listening to Justin talk about leaving to fight in the war. Justin smiled and then he nodded his head; he wanted to see where this relationship was going to go.

“Yes, but before that happens we need to know where we are in this relationship and if you are going be here when I get back from fighting in the war,” Justin said. Blaike nodded his head; he wasn’t planning on leaving because for the first time he felt safe.

Josiah Pike and his mother Juanita Pike and his son Junpei Pike got there as the school bus got there and the children were ready for school. Josiah Pike couldn’t believe that he was back there again after being told he was cheating on his dead wife with a McGunn who he didn’t know he just went to school with her.

Junpei Pike looked out the side window as the jeep pulled up to the property and saw Jorge McCaine and Pike James standing in line waiting to get onto the school bus.

Josiah Pike parked his jeep next to the property and he looked out the windshield as he sat there.  He was there to start college again and Juanita wanted Renji back even though she left him for Mexico.

Demon the dog jumped over the fence and ran over to Josiah’s jeep and then barked at him until he looked at him. “I missed you too, come on, up,” Josiah Pike said as he patted his lap.

Demon jumped into the jeep and then he licked Josiah’s face. Josiah laughed and thought about her again and he got into trouble with her. Junpei was eight years old it had been nine since he had been there and Demon was just a puppy now he was a ten year old pit bull mix breed dog.  

Juanita Pike had showed up with Josiah and Junpei so that she could talk to Renji McGunn about taking her back. Renji McGunn was in his office of the jail house that was on the property next to the graveyard.
“I am going to find Renji; you go find her, I sure that he is around here somewhere because I heard that the McGunn clan lives here,” Juanita Pike said as she climbed out of the front of the jeep. Josiah just sat there and pet Demon as Demon sat on his lap.

“I don’t know if I want to date again because it has been eight years since I had another person in my life other than you and Junpei,” Josiah said as he looked at Demon and tried to remember her, but he couldn’t because it had been nine years since he had seen her. Juanita looked at her grandchild that was ready to go to school.
“At least let your son, join the rest of children before the school bus leaves without him,” Juanita said as she stood next to the jeep. Josiah nodded his head; he understood that his son had to go to school with rest of them.  

Josiah let Junpei out of the back end of the jeep and let him run over to Jorge McCaine and Pike James. “I will be here when you get out of school,” Josiah said as pushed Demon off of his lap.

Junpei nodded his head; he wanted to go meet his new classmates and Jorge and Pike. Josiah saw Draven McGunn step out of the main house with Marino McShane and Rochelle McNicolas and Augustine McGill following him.

Draven McGunn followed in his father’s footsteps and became a cop and Marino McShane just became a cop because he wanted to and same with Augustine McGill, but Rochelle McNicolas was different than them she just became a cop because she was told that she couldn’t. Draven looked at Josiah’s red jeep and thought about the last time that he saw that red jeep.

It was before Jurnee Smims had died which was eight years ago. He hadn’t seen or heard from Josiah since then because he left him after that happened. Draven’s heart still hurt when talked to Jurnee’s ghost about what had happened between them.

Josiah wanted so much to tell Draven that it was going to be alright and that he was back to stay, but he couldn’t move. He was scared that Draven would hate him for leaving the way that he did.

Draven was just standing there looking at Josiah until Jurnee’s ghost appeared next to him. “I see that he is back again; are you going after him again? You know that he loved you before he did me,” Jurnee Smims’ ghost said.

“I don’t know any more because he has your child and he said that he never wanted to see me again after your death,” Draven McGunn said as he just stood there looking at Josiah and hoping that he didn’t hate him anymore. Juanita found Renji in his office. Renji is the sheriff and he takes of care the prisoners that live there in the jail house.  

“Hello, Renji, how are you doing?” Juanita asked him as she leaned against counter and looked at him for first time in years. Renji slowly looked up from his paperwork that he was doing when she walked in.

“Juanita, what are you doing back here? I thought told the council that I wanted a new vampire and they were looking for one for me,” Renji McGunn said as he stood up from his desk. Renji was 46 years old and he stood at 6’2” tall and he had been working for the sheriff’s office for a few years and Judson had made him sheriff a couple years ago.

“Well, the council told me if I wanted one chance at being with you that I had to come out here and tell you everything even that Josiah isn’t your child and your new vampire isn’t coming like you were hoping, but you now have me and you have a choice of me or a new vampire and I am hoping that you will pick me,” Juanita said. Renji looked at Janet’s ghost and thought about what he wanted; he was unhappy and lonely.

“I miss you and Josiah, but I need some time to think about this, I just can’t take you back right away,” Renji said as he stepped closer to her. Janet knew what was going to happen so she stepped between them.

“Leave my husband alone bitch, he is still mine, you can’t have anymore. You hurt him too much,” Janet McRae’s ghost said as she put herself in between them. Juanita laughed because Renji and her only dated in high school and that was before he got with Janet and had four children.

“I hate to say this, but you are dead, and he and I haven’t had him since high school that was before the children were born,” Juanita said. Janet looked at Renji as he nodded his head about dating Juanita in high school.

Juanita and Renji hadn’t seen each other since the end of high school which was 28 years ago for the both of them because they are both the same age. That was before the children were born; Jairus is 25 years old and Josiah is 26 years old. Juanita had changed since the last time that they saw each other.

Both Jairus and Josiah had  made their parents grandparents because Jairus had three children and one step-son that was the same age as Danica and Josiah has eight year old son named Junpei Pike, but his ex-wife had died after she gave birth to Junpei and Josiah hasn’t seen the McGunn clan since her death.

“Wow, a grandma at your age; I didn’t know that Josiah was seeing anyone after you guys left here nine years ago because I thought that he was gay like my sons Draven and Baiden,” Renji said in surprise. Juanita nodded her head; she thought Josiah was gay too, but he was with Barb McOwen for a year and they had Junpei.

“Well, yeah he is gay he just one girlfriend and then she died after she gave birth to my grandson Junpei, but that was eight years ago,” Juanita said as she sat in the seat next to his desk. Renji smiled; he hadn’t smiled in a long time and it felt good to see Juanita and her son Josiah for the first time in years without being yelled at by Janet for holding Juanita’s hand too long.

“I hadn’t since the children were born; did you have any more children other than Josiah?” Renji asked her as he leaned back in his chair. Juanita shook her head; she only wanted one child and she got it.

“Well, nope because Josiah’s father left me for someone else after Josiah was born and I just hadn’t found the right guy after that happened,” Juanita said. Renji didn’t know he should be happy or sad that she didn’t find anyone else to love.

“Well, after Janet died I didn’t find anyone else, but the vampire council told me about you and how you were still my vampire; I wanted to be with you but you were still in Mexico and I didn’t want to leave my family so I asked for new vampire,” Renji said. Juanita wondered had the council given him a new vampire before she showed up or was she it.

“Did you get him or her yet or am I the one that they said that you get,” Juanita said as she looked around the office to see if anyone was there other than them. Renji shook his head because the vampire council had not looked for another vampire for him and he didn’t look either.

“You are it because I didn’t want to look for another one. I know that I could have but I couldn’t any that I liked,” Renji said. Juanita smiled; she was happy that Renji didn’t pick anyone else.

“Well I guess that I could stay here if that is fine with you I mean after all you did pick me and we can catch up on what we missed since high school,” Juanita said. Renji nodded his head; a lot has changed since high school for them.

After school Justin and Blaike hung out in his room at the clinic. “I can’t believe that you have to go fight in the war that is in California,” Blaike said as he sat on the floor of his bedroom with Justin.

“Yep, only one year to go then I have to leave here,” Justin said. Blaike was sad about it.

Chapter 2:

The next morning; Valentine’s Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day; the day where everyone is in love and gives out gifts to prove it. The morning gave to more snow and no school that day. Thomas Walker was asleep in Jairus’s bed with Jairus using his naked chest as pillow.

This was the first Valentine’s in years that Thomas and Jairus spent together since the children were born and Jairus had met up with Ariella. Ariella slept in her own bed alone, but she usually slept in Jairus’s bed with him, but not this time.

Thomas had come over with his son Jordan who was sleeping in Cooper’s bed with Cooper. Thomas and Jairus had been together since they were babies, but Thomas had to move when his family moved to Troy, Montana where he met his ex-girlfriend and had Jordan.

He moved back after she left him for another man and left Jordan with him. Thomas had been there for four years, but never when back to Jairus because he wanted to him time to tell Ariella that Thomas was there and they have been seeing each other since before high school.

Jairus had told Hanna that is why she left him, but she could have taken Danica with her but she decided that it was best to leave Danica with Jairus. He had also told Maizie that he was still seeing Thomas, but that wasn’t that she left him with children that they had together. 

The reason that Maizie left Jairus was because she had fallen for a werewolf named Jared Reese that lived in Joseph, Arizona. Jared had no children and had no desire to have children or raise another man’s children.

So one day after Reanna and Faron were babies she left them and Jairus and went to live with Jared. Maizie and Jared have been together since then. Jairus doesn’t like Maizie or Hanna much for leaving him with the children, but Ariella stayed after she gave birth to her son Antony.

He hoped it would be the same after she meets Thomas because he wants her to stay with them. Thomas tightened his grip on Jairus as they slept together; he was happy that they have gotten back together.

He hoped too that he could stay this time around because he missed out on a lot in Jairus’s life and he didn’t to miss anymore. Ariella finally woke up and realized that she was alone in her bed and so she got up to see where Jairus disappeared to.

Minutes later she had put on her bathrobe and walked down the hall of the main house to Jairus’s bedroom. Jairus had left the door to his bedroom unlocked so that the children could go and wake if they needed to.

Ariella slowly opened the door to Jairus’s bedroom and saw that Jairus was asleep with Thomas, but she didn’t know Thomas and she wanted to know why she was left alone all night. She slowly walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Ariella slowly touched Thomas to see if he was really there and she wasn’t just seeing things. Her mind was racing when she touched Thomas’s right arm with her left hand. Thomas’s arm felt warm and different than Jairus’s arm.

Thomas slowly opened his dark brown eyes and looked up at Ariella and smiled. Jairus opened his pale blue eyes to see that Ariella was standing there next to the bed.

“What are you doing in here? I thought that you were sleeping in your bed because of that little fight about Valentine’s Day,” Jairus said as he sat up in bed letting the blankets fall around his waist. Thomas looked at him and wondered about he was talking about with Ariella, but he didn’t ask them.

“I was asleep in my bed, but I got worried that you have forgotten what about the fight was about and why we were fighting. I do want something for Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t know that you had an evil vampire in your bed,” Ariella said. Thomas looked at her and wondered how she knew that he was an evil vampire.

“I haven’t forgotten what we were fighting about, but Tommy has been in my bed before you were here and he is staying here with us and the children. And I have something for you, but I wanted to wait until tonight,” Jairus said. Ariella nodded her head; she wasn’t too sure about Thomas staying there with them.

“I understand that you want Tommy to stay with us and the children, but I don’t know him,” Ariella said as she removed her hand from Thomas’s arm and looked at Jairus. Thomas slowly sat up in bed next to Jairus.

Ariella could see that he was taller than Jairus. Thomas was 6’4” tall while Jairus was 6’2” tall, but they were the same age. They went to school but not together because Thomas lived in Montana and Jairus lived here.

“I will let you get to know him as he stays here with us and the children; Faron and Reanna and Danica already know about Tommy,” Jairus said as he touched Thomas’s chest with his hand. Thomas looked down at Jairus’s hand and thought about the time that had last night.

Thomas was happy that he was going to stay there with them and the children; that was he wanted to do. Thomas took a hold of Jairus’s hand and slowly kissed it after he brought it his lips.

“Okay I guess because I don’t want to leave you and the children because I like it here and I am still in love with you,” Ariella said as she sat down on the bed with them. Jairus couldn’t believe that she wanted to stay with them after all the others left them.

"Great, I am happy that you want to stay here with us because that means that I don't have to lose either one of you guys," Jairus said. He was happy that he didn't have give up Thomas or Ariella because he was finally happy.

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