Walking in the Rain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Explore New Worlds

Based on the prompt: With that, she walked into the rain. That was the last time anyone saw her.

Short story, more of a writing warm up than anything.

¨I really do wish you believed me.¨


Her voice was soft, and shook as she spoke. I almost reached out to touch her, but I couldn't. She wanted me to believe this….this vision. She wanted me to change my entire life for just one dream she´d had. Of course I wasn't going to do that. And I told her as much.


¨I don't understand. You said you would always trust me. No matter how weird I got, you said you would be there for me. And now you?e just letting me go.¨


¨Nina, you sound crazy. You want the town to evacuate over something you have no proof of. What did you expect to happen? For us to accept that?¨


¨I at least thought you would. Mom and dad wouldn't believe me, but you said you´d help. You said you believed me!¨


¨Of course I wanted to believe you! But this prank or whatever it is has gone too far. I mean, look at us!¨ As if to accent my point, thunder cracked, and Nina flinched at the sound. ¨You´re just a kid. Every kid has delusions like this, but you want to think this is real. It's not.¨


¨It is...¨


¨No! Nina, it's not real! Shit like that doesn't happen anymore!¨ She opened her mouth to speak again, but I couldn't listen. ¨Look, it's freezing out here, and the rain isn't helping anyone. Just come back inside.¨ But she stayed put. ¨Nina, come on.¨ Still didn't budge. ¨NOW, Nina.¨


I grabbed her arm then, perhaps a bit tighter than I´d meant to, and began to drag her inside. She started screaming. She kicked and bit at me until I had to let go, and then ran back towards the forest.


¨PLEASE! Please come with me! You'll die if you stay here!¨


¨Why? Because you think some big bad monster is gonna come get us?¨




For a long time, the only sound was the rain hitting the trees around us, and the occasional crack of thunder.


¨I did. I saw it happen. You were the next sacrifice. They had to tie you up to get you to go with them. Nate, I saw it rip you apart. I saw you get eaten. You...you were still alive. You screamed the whole time.¨ She looked up, and for the first time in what had to be years, looked me in the eyes. ¨I want my brother to stay alive.¨


¨Nina..I..I´m not going anywhere. Our town doesn't have a monster, and it's not gonna need sacrifices. You're just...you're mind is messing with you. Come back inside. It's gonna be fine.¨


I extended a hand towards her. She didn´t take it. Nina backed away from me, shaking her head.


¨I'm sorry Nate.¨


With that, she disappeared into the rain. That was the last time anyone saw her.


We should've listened. Turns out, she was right.


Tomorrow is the day they sacrifice me. Or that's what they want to think. I´m running tonight. I won´t let them catch me.


Submitted: February 03, 2017

© Copyright 2021 starsongs. All rights reserved.

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