A journey to a new life

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soon i will be leaving this country forever and i am not returning back,even tho it was the place i was born in and spent all my life here..the place i am going to will be my new life, new experience,new places even tho it is from where i come from..it feels really weird to think of living the rest of my life there...

Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



I am leaving this land

and this is out of my hand

To change this situation

but i will lay out my imagination

To live in a new place

Where I have all other dreams to chase

I know I will leave so many memories

i am nervous and full of worries

Will it be a good change for me?

Will be there a bright future for me?

I ran through all these meadows

Where I forgot all my sorrows

And had fun under the sun

But this is all gone

As the waves of the sea wash out my sorrows

I am sure that there will be more of tommorows

The whistling of the wind

That will never end

I will remember all of these

and keep them in my memories

But I will surely move on

As life always goes on

I will see the light in the dark tonight

I will always make it shine bright

To simply see a bright future ahead of me

It is far beyond where my eyes could see

I remember when I was just a child

How I always ran into the wild

Exploring and going on adventures

And kept aside all the dangers

As I looked up ahead to the sky above

I remember all of the care and love

I had with all my dear ones

How we had fun for months

But all will stay in my heart forever

As I am leaving this place forever

I am not going back to this land

I can't help it,it is out of my hand

But I will surely miss it

And I will never forget it

As I give out my last breath

as the king falls in a game of chess

It will all be present in a hidden part

deep inside me, carved in my heart

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