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Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



I had a dream last night.

I went on a tour with my friends in India and we were on a midnight express.

A local played a prank on us and left a burlap bag on the train. Note that I was right next to the bag. I was the 'nearest' thing to it.

Guess what?

A humongous fat snake came out of the bag and slowly approached my right foot. The damn thing leaned on my foot and rested on it, just like sleeping. I was so damn scared. I can't even describe how scared I was. The sweet nap lasted for straight 3 hours. I had no idea why no one notified the train driver, nor why no one attempted to help me. Trust me people, the train is fully loaded. For god's sake, it's India.

Fortunately, I remember I watched somewhere on YouTube that the only effective way to get rid of a snake is to escape when it's not paying attention and then hide yourself so it will lose its focus.

Naturally, this was my plan, my one and only pathetic plan which I came up with in 3 hours. So what I did was that I jumped out of my seat while it was sleeping like a cat and used every ounce of strength to escape from the monster. Of course, I failed.

And it caught me, and bit me.

Then I woke.

Left shattered, sweaty and damn scared on my single bed.

So people, lesson of the day: Do not trust YouTube life hacks, never.


Hope you enjoyed my pathetic anecdote.


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