7 Keys to Discovering your Passion

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Are you lacking passion in your life? Discover it now!

Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



One of the most sought out questions that human kind has pursued is the concept of purpose and passion. Why am I alive? What is the meaning of my existence? What am I supposed to do with my life? In a nutshell, I am going to tell you where to find your passion: It lies at the crossroads of what you love to do and what you are good at. However, if that isn’t enough to get your gears spinning, below are 7 keys to identifying your passion.


1. Identify your core values 

It is impossible to sustain a passion if it does not align with our core values. A person who has always found science easy and loves to solve complex issues may seem great as a doctor, however, if his/her core value is spending lots of quality time with family, perhaps being a job that often requires 60-80 hours a week is not the best fit. Maybe another position that offers a comparable experience with a more stable work schedule would bring more long term fulfillment.

2. Evaluate your skills and talents 

To find your passion, it is important to inventory your skills and talents. Like I said before, your passion lies at the crossroads between what you love to do and what you are good at. Take the time think about the things you are good at? What accomplishments are you most proud of? If you are having difficulties seeing the incredible talents and skills you have, identify 5 people who knows you well and ask them the following question: “What would you say I am particularly skilled or talented in?

3. What do others compliment you on? 

This one may seem very superficial but it is important to note. What people compliment you on are things that stand out to them. Reflect on how many compliments you give out a day. Not too many I imagine. For someone to stop and notice something about you, it must be significant. This may help you to discover a hidden or uncultivated passion.

4. Who do you admire most? 

This may seem like an irrelevant question, especially since you are trying to discover YOUR passion. However, trust me. Think of the person or people you admire most in life? Take a moment to think of the qualities that you most admire about them. Now that you have done that, I want you to know that you possess every one of those qualities. Some of them may be apparent to you and others may need to be cultivated a little. If you don’t believe me, write these down and ask a person who you know well and trust; they will confirm it to be true.

5. What are you curious about? 

What you find yourself wondering or pondering is a powerful sign of what is important to you and what your subconscious mind is dying to discover. You may find yourself curious about things that you have never tried, never explored, or investigated. Another indication of passion are the books that you read. Time is a precious commodity. For you to exhaust non-refundable time and energy on reading a book, it must be of great interest or you would toss it aside after a couple chapters. Dig a bit deeper and ask yourself, “What about XYZ do I find fascinating? Why was reading this book worth my time?

6. What do you notice?

A mechanic notices something wrong with the car, a hairdresser notices when someone’s hair is out of place, and a writer recognizes an excellent plot. What do you notice?; it’s a sign of your purpose. As a life coach, I notice when a person has a glimmer in their eye when they are passionate about something. It excites me to be able to have something of value to add to their lives, whether it be an article like this or a coaching session. What stands out to you, what you can’t stop noticing, thinking about, or critiquing very well may be a potential passion of yours.

7. What would you do for free?

The million dollar question! Perhaps the job you have now you’d do it for free. But if you are like the large majority, you are dying to find something that fulfills you. As you have gone through all of these steps, it is possible that some potential passions may have come to mind. This question is the litmus test to determine if it is indeed a passion. If you would do it for free, it is a winner!


Don’t be discouraged in your journey for happiness and fulfillment. If I could leave you with one piece of advice, I’d say, “Do what you love as much and as often as you can, and inevitably you will run right into your passion!

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