miscellaneous thoughts!

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here is my concern regarding girl child abuse...certain thoughts

Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



Miscellaneous thoughts!

ANUJA JOSEPH, Trivandrum, Kerala

Email Id: anujajoseph1987@gmail.com

“I don’t know, I was totally confused past days. Sometimes, thoughts are surrounding me.  I have family –Mom& Dad, loving brother, Sister.They all loves me a lot”. I am Riya, 21 years old, a graduate student, native of Kerala. My father, Mr.Joy, a cooperative bank manger& my mother, Mrs.Elsa living as a house wife.  I am sure, Now you may think, Why am I worried? Last day, one of my friends expressed their concern regarding girls’ life in society. So many incidents, but no action from the side of authorities. Criminals are growing day by day; they have the courage to escape from any punishment. Television channels are celebrating each incident, discussion, debates likewise programs happening. In a meanwhile, each one including us forget the issues that girls are facing today’s’ well educated society.

Recently, I have observed one of the TV program –A Discussion on “Women & Society”. Most of the famous women organizations’ representatives were eagerly expressing their views. At the same time, I was tempted to express my concern on protection of girl child.Todays’ busy world, nobody is free.Mom&Dad has no time to talk with their children. Children also find their way to solve loneliness. I couldn’t even found any complaint with the children, if they done anything wrong. I know, finally we have one word”technology”.We are living in a technologically driven world. That is not a reason for the destruction of moral values. Fault is with us. In old days, children have knowledge as per their age. Parents were strict in their attitude to children. Today, a 13 year old boy or girl child knows (technology wise) & others more than his or her age level. Then what happened, at the younger age, boy child considered girl as a sex toy for pleasure. I think, we are accountable to today’s’ each and every girl abuse. It’s my request to parents, providing food, education, and other amenities to your children, it’s ok, instead you should give your time and attention to children. Remember, it’s better to talk (chat) with your children than chatting with your technology given “friend”.




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