Sustain Our Happy Feet 2017

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I hope this is not still a dream for all. We love Earth for utmost creators gifts. Let us sustain this happy feet that give a tale unknown for all cherished blessing we may sustain. Finally may our cause be its mission to live a story we may be evergreen with peace here. :)

Submitted: February 04, 2017

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Submitted: February 04, 2017



Everyday you locate this ocean floor for all natural treasure we live with,

Your catch up fishing nets nourish in this food chain,

History accounts our family is responsible for the earliest life in this waterworlds,

It is easy to quibble our fortress ending in charnel,

It is easy to disapprove everything in arguements,

To overindulge in everything never taking anyone seriously,

Like an abstract destructive fire exchanging remorse starting from the beginning,

If there is a agreeable musical composition pleasing our Emissary,

Every search decorated in faithfulness draw us towards art of your minor weakness,

In this spacious creation our shape lead every constellation for an arrangement colorable in this dailogue,

Bearing a name in every life we summon harmony joyous to touch within,

When ocean currents crimp a breathtaking camp mysteriously sneering centre of attraction in our unwieldy cold climax of this existence,

Grossly every slope of flesh we are cross-shaped pinch together inscription waving alertness like a pouring sheeding leaves in the cold snowy winters,

Today our inhabitable space dry up deprived branching off an undesirable leftovers of plastic and nuclear waste like the formation of time wipped off of your relationship in this marine environment,

We live around no color of hatred,

Our underwater paradise ask no mirror of selfishness,

Only one request you may not pollute this source of all life anymore,

If we express pain moved in the ordeal of your overindulged consumption,

For more returns every deceitful human behaviour sermon complete destruction artful of our extinction,

Travelling enticed over the narrow strip of vital maze above the floating icebergs,

Changing fate mingle in friendship for your thoughts of this mixed orgin,

We never attack our relationship with this weak ecosystem,

Your endangered activity enrage our ceremonial prayer ploting enemity arising from an evil will,

Personifying God's compendium within to understand why our given locality still glow praise to fight this right to vote for our cause,

If every respect here bring an order prohibiting any embodiment that fail our survival here,

Even unmeasurable small sacrifice will be boundless giving our pledge to move or resist conforming a correction we all need,

May all source of one spirit connect this harmony morally will unrestrain one evildoer who chew up unspeakable harm against an order pertaining to law our creator truly served justice deserving them this honor in time again,

Yearning a model of existence back in our self-loved story,

A long night waited pertaining in all system of names we have dined your daily menu table embezzled from the hot kitchen oven,

Your nearsightedness may stop failing in many dying customs burdensome having unlimited fatness threatening our existence,

Giving off highest hospitality in any rank a moral remedy reaching our dwelling space we have inherited from ancestors,

Stillness in one prayer we hold our teacher crucified waving this commitment,

If you attend without respecting your responsibility in this assembly area,

Tomorrow no crisis team can claim a remedy we could respond to constraint this emergency,

In silence we try to call you within to confirm this need now,

Let us rise now so that such crisis situation may not be like this in time again,

We hope you do too.

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