Hearing Voices After EVP

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Submitted: February 04, 2017

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Submitted: February 04, 2017




A Danger of EVP And Using Spirit Boxes  



 Fear is what evil spirits want from you if you are unfortunate enough to become their target. They feed off of it. It gives them more power and more abilities to interact with you.
I started dabbling with EVP in January of 2015. By the end of February, I first started hearing malicious voices (which had begun appearing on my recordings just a few weeks before) outside of my recordings.  During the month of March, 2015, the situation began to rapidly deteriorate and I started to hear these malevolent voices more and more frequently.  In March, I also began to experience bizarre physical sensations. It began one morning when I was awoken early by an intense vibration sensation that literally seemed attached to my body.
Then while I was trying to sleep at night, I started to feel what I can only describe as a finger literally coming up out of the mattress and poking me in my lower back.  What this did was make me afraid.

Then in early April, literally over the course of a single morning at work, things just all at once exploded to an extreme degree.  Suddenly now I was surrounded by voices. Some of them seemed to be coming from the outside, some of them were speaking to me from within my own head.  I had an instantaneous panic attack. I told my boss that I wasn’t feeling well and I rushed straight home.  I remember on the drive home, it was raining and the sound of the rain seemed to act as a kind of white noise through which even more menacing voices emerged. I called out of work for the rest of the week and more or less spent every agonizing moment either in bed unable to sleep, just staring at the ceiling while enduring a non-stop barrage of voices and physical attacks, or I would sit out on my back porch smoking cigarette after cigarette, desperately trying to calm my nerves even the slightest bit.

One night the voices put me through a sort of trial where they had me believing that I was undergoing my final judgement.  I was told that if I went into such and such a room in my house, I would find the spirits of my parents and that they would be waiting for me to take me to Heaven.  I was told to go here and there many times that night, but wherever I went, there was no one there, just these same malicious voices.

Finally, they told me that they had put me through enough that night and that they were going to give me a break for the night to allow me to sleep in peace for the first time in days.  I could actually hear these voices fading away as if they were getting farther and farther off into the distance.  I was given about 20 minutes of peace, then I heard a voice accuse me of thinking about spirits and once again, the onslaught of voices seemed to return again almost in an instant.

That night, they had me running around from room to room, the butt of their jokes, basically because I allowed myself to believe what they were saying because I was afraid of them.
One morning, when things were at their utter worse, I was in my bathroom when I heard a heavy but quick knock on the bathroom door. I thought this was odd since I lived alone and no one else was in the house (except for these malevolent spirits). I opened the door and walked down the hall to my living room where I saw my front door violently slammed open before my eyes.  I was afraid in the moments before this incident happened and I was even more afraid after.
Fast forward a few weeks, when these malevolent spirits had me in a very low, self-loathing emotional state. They were telling me that Jesus, beautiful angels and spirits in Heaven, and the spirits of my parents had been praying for me, but that I was blowing everything because I was being a “useless sinner.”  I was emotionally crushed by this because I believed them. I was afraid.

 They told me one afternoon that they were going to “execute me” in ten minutes. My mind went blank. I was ready to give up the struggle to hold on and accept my fate. There was no point in fighting it then I thought, now it would be over and I waited for them to finish it. But nothing happened. Yet, I had believed them because I was afraid.

They told me that Lucifer was in my head. They told me that all of Heaven was grateful to me because I had been keeping Lucifer occupied. Perhaps it’s hard to understand unless one finds themselves in a situation like this, but for a time, I believed this to because I was afraid.
These evil spirits will say just about anything to instill fear. They can claim to be anyone. There is no depth of lowness that they won’t sink to, there is no restriction on their lies, they’ll literally say anything to incite fear.

As strange as this sounds, I often used to come into work and find messages on the voicemail from these malevolent spirits. There was one in particular that said “we’re coming for you.” Then throughout the day, they would literally call the phone at my work directly and harass me, or if I was already on the phone, they would seem to break in to the call and the call would become filled with static and distortion, through which their voices would emerge, harassing me. 
All of this occurred last year, back in what I’ve come to call their “shock & awe” phase. This is when they pulled some of the stunts that you might typically see in a Hollywood horror movie. They were calling me on the phone, leaving messages on my voicemail, banging on walls, moving objects, causing me to have visions, …

Looking back now, I believe that they had the ability to do these things in part at least, because my fear gave them the ability to.  It’s now been over a year and a half since this has all started for me, but now that I no longer live in fear, they no longer have the effect upon me that they once did.

I can’t even remember the last time that I got a phone call or a voicemail from “them.” It’s been quite a few months I know that. They can no longer bang on walls or move objects in front of me either it seems. I no longer hear the extremely intense, deep voices that literally seemed to be able to make the ground shake when they spoke.  Those voices are long gone.

Now I couldn’t even write down all of the new storylines that these malevolent spirits have been telling me for the past few months to try and instill fear in me once again. I simply forget them now much quicker.  I know they still try and come up with some new lies and deceptions, but I don’t pay attention nearly as much now and hence they slip from my memory quicker.
Now their bags of tricks that they can use against me has thinned out significantly. I can still hear them and I can still feel them when they create these physical disturbances, but now it seems, this is all they can do anymore.  I’ve taken away their power to a very large degree by letting go of my fear.

My fear gave them strength. My indifference to their tricks and schemes has made them weaker.
I hear the all too familiar female voice right now, the one I call “#1 on my shit list.”
She’s faintly trying to scream into my ear at this moment, she says “you son of a bitch!”
Perhaps she’s not too pleased with what I’m writing today.

November 26, 2016

  I was reading through some older websites and web-post that talked about EVP this afternoon. Most of them were from a decade ago, but many of them stated that as far as they knew, no one has ever been directly harmed by doing EVP.  Like so much in this field…. things change, we learn more but then we still realize that we know so little and there’s certainly no one out there that knows everything.

 I can say with certainty after experiencing what I have experienced and meeting others as well that have also experienced this condition, that it’s time to update this notion that no one gets hurt by experimenting with EVP. It in fact can happen. As I’ve covered on this blog extensively, one could develop a condition of hearing intrusive and often harassing voices on a constant basis as well as experiencing real physical disturbances and other strange phenomenon.

 In many ways, this condition is comparable to psychosis …paranormal psychosis perhaps? Well, all I can say is it does happen to a percentage of people that experiment with EVP. Yes, this seems to be a small percentage, but these are real people and their lives have been greatly affected by what has happened. I have always stated that I do not wish to sound all doom and gloom regarding this subject matter. I am fully aware that most people’s experiences with EVP do not turn into the utter disastrous situation that mine did, but it can and does happen sometimes. Many would say it has something to do with the mindset of the person or something along those lines, but that’s kind of a text book answer these days it seems to me (believe me, I’ve heard enough of it) I think the real truth is that there is much more to it than that.  So I say again, in this field, we learn more but we still know so little, but I for one would like to go on record stating that people can in fact be harmed by experimenting with EVP.

Lighting Yourself Up Like A Beacon

January, 2017

  For the couple of months that I actively experimented with EVP during the winter of 2015, I was primarily doing my EVP recordings in my home, in fact mostly in the same room. I know that many out there would say that this was a huge mistake and I’m certainly not disagreeing with that. Hey, I feel that the whole damn thing was a mistake. But, as I said most of my recording was done in the same room which was a spare bedroom in my home. Just out of curiosity one evening, I left my recorder running in my bedroom while I went outside and smoked a cigarette.

  Since I had been doing all of my recording up to that point in the same spare room in my home, I just wanted to see if I would capture anything in my bedroom. To be honest, I was hoping that I would not. When I got back inside and reviewed the recording, sure enough I heard voices on them. I remember it as if it was yesterday. At first I heard a lowly voice say “Help Me.”  Then I heard a deeper male voice say “Damn, it’s recording.” Then right after that, I heard the younger sounding female voice (the one that I now call “Pippy the Nazi”) say “F __k you Brian, you betrayed us.”

 It seems that “Pippy the Nazi” at least was not all that thrilled by my little experiment. Well, I was a bit unsettled to know that these spirits were also hanging out in my bedroom, but at the time I didn’t make too much of a big deal out of it. However, it did make me become even more curious about where I would pick up EVPs and this led me to do further experiments.

So, I decided that I was going to try an EVP session at my work. Sure enough, I captured EVPs there as well. In fact, it was during that first EVP session that I did at my work that I heard a mysterious female voice on my recording identify herself as “Lucy.” Then later on, “Lucy” showed up on some of my recording sessions back at my home. I think some may be able to guess at where this is going. When things went to hell a few weeks later and my hearing voices oppression began, “Lucy” would show up again, but this time “Lucy” was also identified by the other voices as being Lucifer.

  But back to my recording sessions at my work. I tried this a few times on separate days and I was hearing voices on my recordings every time. One day I decided to take it a step further. On my drive home from work one afternoon, I left my recorder running in my car as I was driving. When I got home and reviewed the recording, sure enough I heard voices there as well.

  It was becoming very obvious to me that my interaction with these spirit entities was not at all limited to a single room in my home and just when I was doing recording sessions. Whoever it was that I came into contact with seemed to be following me around wherever I went. I had essentially lit myself up as a beacon to these entities.

  I know that there is a lot of belief out there in haunted locations, haunted houses, etc… and I’m not saying that there isn’t anything to that, but I do believe that in some cases, the more that one seeks to engage in communication with spirits, the more one could be bringing attention onto oneself. If one is open to the influences of these entities, then they could very well end up following a person around wherever they go.

January, 2017

This week I’ve been reflecting a lot on my situation. As I wrote about earlier, this week marked the two-year anniversary of when I started to capture my very first EVPs on recording back in 2015. It’s amazing to me to compare my thinking and outlook about all of this from then to now. This time two years ago, my mind was racing with excitement. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was hearing so many voices on my recordings and that they seemed benevolent and very willing to talk with me. Little did I know at the time that within just two months, these voices and this talking would be used as a means of attack against me.

  Back then, I thought that I was communicating with benevolent spirits. I tried to just make simple small talk. I would ask them things about themselves, like their names, where they were from, things of that nature. I admit that I quickly became mesmerized with fascination about all of this. With each passing day, I was hearing more voices on my recordings and as I strained the limits of my hearing by listening to each recording over and over again, I began to hear these voices more clearly. Things were moving very quickly. I got swept up in the situation and allowed myself to become blind to what was really going on. And what was really going on was that I was being deceived. I had opened the gate and let in the Trojan Horse.

  By allowing myself to become essentially obsessed with communicating with these voices on a routine basis, by becoming swept up with the excitement and fascination without the good sense to pause, slow down and objectively reflect upon what was happening, I was setting myself up for a terrible fall.  Things were moving fast, too fast and that’s how these entities that I was hearing on my EVP recordings wanted it. By the second month of recording, the kind and benevolent voices were starting to become not so kind and benevolent anymore. I began to hear things like threats, insults and profanity on my recordings. It started off slight as first, but grew worse by the day. They were getting things ready to spring their trap. The Trojan Horse was in position.

By the end of that second month, they sprung their surprise and they attacked. I had been communicating with them by hearing their voices on my EVP recordings and that’s exactly how they attacked me, with their voices. By the end of that second month, I was hearing these malevolent voices that I had been hearing recently on my recordings, but only now I was hearing them with just my ears without the need to record.  In a very real way, they had come out of the recordings and proceeded to harass me with their voices to an extreme degree.

  In the two years since this first started for me, I have found numerous other cases of this same situation befalling people. Now, I’m not about to take a huge leap of speculation and say that all EVP voices originate from this same malevolent element. I simply have no way of knowing that. I am personally inclined to believe that at least a large percentage of them are in fact, from this same trickster, deceiving, malicious element, who if they find a way, may wreak havoc upon one’s life to one degree or another.

 After my own experience and after seeing many other accounts of this situation, I do know with certainty that this malevolent element does employ this Trojan Horse type deception quite often when they are setting someone up to harass and abuse. When I first started hearing their voices on my recordings, their voices and their overall manner was benign if not outright benevolent. So perhaps, in many cases it’s those most benevolent sounding voices that one may hear on an EVP recording that are the most deceiving and the most dangerous. Perhaps these kinder voices are looking for you to open the gate for them and their Trojan Horse.

  Perhaps as a result of what happened to me and my own experience, I can’t help but to take a dimmer and more cautious view upon the matter, all I can say again is that they are out there…on the recordings…embedded in the noise….and they are looking for people to come along and unknowingly welcome them into their lives.

 Psychosis From Doing EVP

January 17, 2017

  Today is the two-year anniversary of when I captured my first EVPs back in 2015. My experience with doing EVP recordings would only last about two months but how my life has never been the same since. On this date exactly two years ago, I began to hear voices on my EVP recordings and I have heard voices ever since. Only now, I hear them without any recording device. In a manner that was most nightmarish for me, the voices that I was hearing on my EVP recordings came out of the recordings and I began to hear them with just my naked ears. When I first heard these voices on my recordings, they were seemingly benign if not outright benevolent. But, by the time that I had started hearing them outside of the recordings, they had switched from being benevolent to being out right hostile towards me.

  By the Spring of 2015, I was hearing these voices at what I can only describe as at a psychosis level. I would hear these voices at all times day and night, the only break from it being when I was asleep.  It was difficult to even focus on simple task like having a conversation with someone in person or on the phone because these voices would be right up in my ear causing me to panic. For weeks, it was a struggle to hold on to my job and looking back, I’m amazed that I did. My job is in sales so it entails a lot of interaction with customers. I remember occasions where I would be speaking to a customer and at the same time be hearing a voice shouting into my ear “this is really happening!”

  For a brief while, some of the voices that I was hearing were so intense that they seemed to make the very ground shake when they spoke. I am not exaggerating this, some of these voices could literally seem to create a shockwave effect. I remember a few occasions during that Spring where I would be sitting at my desk at work and feeling these strong shockwaves as these powerful voices were harassing me. I was so caught off guard and so freaked out by the situation, that sometimes I wondered if these strong shockwaves were the sound on “them” breaking through into this dimension. I was fearful that at any moment “they” were going to appear in front of me and drag me off to some unfortunate fate.

  Fortunately, this never happened and the intensity of these voices began to weaken over time. They never did break through, at least not as I was fearing they would back then. It didn’t happen overnight, but the voices psychosis began to subside into a state that is not nearly as troubling for me now. I am still hearing these intrusive voices to this day, but now they are more of just a presence in the background. Their voices no longer cause me panic. And yet, I look back now on this two-year anniversary of when it all began and I often wonder how my life would be different if I had made some different decisions back then. But, here I am, I’m still standing and very much ready and eager to get on with my life even if it is somewhat different now than it was before all of this started for me.

Ringing in the Ears

January, 2017

  One of the things that I do still experience is an occasional and often intense ringing in one of my ears. This was something that I was experiencing at a very intense level back in early April, 2015, back when the shit really hit the fan in my situation and I started hearing these harassing voices on a constant basis. This intense ringing was never constant for me, in fact it would (and still does) usually just last for a few moments. This ringing is usually in just one ear when it occurs. I’d say that it most often occurs in my left ear, but on occasion, I’d also experience it in my right ear as well.

  This intense ringing was something that I experienced quite a bit back when this whole situation was at its horrific climax, but then it seemed to taper off and I did experience it for quite some time. Then about three months ago or so, it started to occur again. Only now, the ringing is not nearly as intense as it was back in the Spring of 2015. Back then it was very intense. I would often think that perhaps it was the sound of my mind shattering into pieces. These days the ringing is not as intense but now when I hear it, there’s often a faint voice that seems to come through the ringing itself.  A few other people that I know that also went through this situation also told me that they have experienced this ringing in the ears that often seems to accompany the voices.

The Verdict

“Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning”

 This is something that I heard these harassing malevolent spirits say to me numerous times back at the start of my ordeal.  I know that I have already written about this in my other  post here, but I thought it best to give the subject a post of its own because I have seen this death sentence tactic used by these malevolent spirits in several of these harassment situations.  I admit, back in the early days of my ordeal when I heard them say they had scheduled my execution for such and such a day, I believed them.  Here I was, confused as hell about the whole situation, dealing with these invisible persecutors.  I had no idea what they were capable of at the time. At times, when they told me that they were going to kill me, I believed them. They seemed like they meant it and I was already in a terrible state of panic and anxiety over this whole predicament that I had found myself in. I admit that back in the early days, I more or less accepted my fate and believed that these malevolent entities were going to follow through with their death sentence. I remember hearing on quite a few occasions “your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.” I thought when I awoke the next morning, I could be “taken out” at any time. But “tomorrow morning” always came and went and nothing ever happened…needless to say, I was not executed.

  At first, they would tell me that at the last minute they had decided to spare me. They would say things like “your execution has been rescheduled for Thursday morning.”  But just like before, Thursday morning would come and go and nothing would ever happen.  These harassing spirits eventually gave up on using this death sentence mind game because I wasn’t falling for it anymore. I had realized that it was complete and utter bullshit.

  I have seen them use this death sentence mind game tactic in a few other accounts of this situation as well. It’s just another dastardly ploy from their bag of dastardly tricks. In the end it amounted to nothing. I have lived through many tomorrow and Thursday mornings since I started hearing these voices and I continue making it through each day. Yes, I still hear these intrusive voices, but I don’t buy into their mind games any longer.  If I heard them give me an execution date these days, I would dismiss it in the blink of an eye and not give it a second thought because having gone through this whole sham before, I know without a doubt that it is just more complete and utter bullshit from them.

Kool-Aid in the morning


  This morning I heard voices as soon as I opened my eyes. I remember thinking to myself “ah crap, this is really happening?” For a split second there, it was almost a shock to hear the voices. It was as if where ever I had come from during the night while asleep, in dreamland or someplace, I was hearing no voices, and this situation never happened. But that’s not the reality that I’m faced with in this world. As soon as I awoke, the voices were right there along with the physical sensations.  I was disappointed of course, but I got out of bed, had my morning coffee and checked out the news. These intruding spirits that harass me are just more of an annoyance than anything else at this point. I can tell that they still would like for me to be afraid of them, to go back to the way things were in the first few months of all of this, back in 2015. Back then, they had a real hold over me. For quite a while, I was “drinking the Kool-Aid” and believing many of the lies that they were telling.  Much of what they were telling me made no sense at all and they were always changing their stories so I began to realize that it was not even worth it to ponder over the things that these voices were saying to me.

Recently, they have been telling me that I am responsible for “ushering in the Apocalypse”, but I’ve recently just met another person who is going through this situation and the voices said the same thing to her.  So, which one of us is it? Are we both equally responsible for ushering in the Apocalypse? I sense more Kool-Aid here and I won’t drink it anymore. For the most part now, I go about my life well enough.  The harassments of these malevolent spirits can be a real nuisance from time to time, but I’ve seen through their deceptions. I am more familiar now with their bag of tricks. I know that they can’t take me back to the really bad place where I was last year when dealing with all of this. I am simply much more indifferent to their presence now. Now it seems more obvious to me that they are still keeping up with this harassment more out of boredom on their part, more than anything else. These voices can be damn annoying when I’m trying to read, which is one of my favorite ways to spend my spare time, but I keep practicing blocking them out so that I can concentrate on what I am reading. Yet, their presence is constant. They are in a very real way, attached to my life now. I am living with a spirit attachment situation. Before all of this started, I had heard that term before, but I never really knew what it meant beyond a general idea of it. Now I know what it means, at least in some cases. As a result of my brief experimentation with EVP for two months during the winter of 2015, I developed a condition of hearing voices and experiencing physical sensations and disruptions at times. This condition follows me wherever I go, location has nothing to do with it.  This is what my own (and many others I know) spirit attachment situation looks like. I intend to describe it further by means of this blog. This kind of spirit attachment situation (at least in some cases) can be avoided. If I had known before I picked up a voice recorder for the first time in an effort to capture EVP, that there was a possibility that I could develop a condition of hearing voices and experiencing these physical disturbances, then I would have given the decision to get started deeper consideration. I think I would probably have decided to never try to record EVP at all. I’m not trying to throw all doom and gloom out there over the research of the phenomenon. I simply want to speak out about some of the potential risk and what these risks look like. It is a serious risk and one that should be given serious consideration before getting involved with this type of activity.

December 17, 2016

  As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, the voices were there. Some mornings I’ll get a few moments of reprieve, but not this morning. I had to drive over to my sister’s house early to walk her dog as she was away. It was quite cold. It had snowed lightly last night but this morning it had turned into freezing rain. I cranked up the heat in my car while I was driving and as usual, the voices were there coming over the noise of the heater quite loudly. I heard the same old drivel of insults and mockery directed at me.

  Sometimes it’s hard to tell how many separate voices I’m hearing at any given time. Some of the voices are quite faint and I only pick up bits and pieces of phrases. The younger female sounding voice that I call “#1” I hear almost constantly and hers is one of the clearest voices I hear. I have been hearing her voice throughout this whole ordeal. I first started hearing her voice during the two months that I was experimenting with EVP. She seemed to arrive during the second month (at least in her present hostile form, I suspect she was using a friendlier demeanor prior to this) of my recording experience, just at the time when the overall nature of my recording experience was beginning to change. During the first month of my recording, I was hearing nothing but kinder and more benevolent voices on my recordings, which I’m sorry to now say unfortunately led me to let my guard down.  During the second month of recording, I started to hear negative voices on my recordings and this grew worse and worse by the day until by the end of the second month, I was starting to have incidents of hearing these negative voices outside of the recordings with just my ears.

  During the second month, I experimented for a bit with using various background noises such as running fans and running water in an effort to give these voices that I was communicating with a source of sound to manipulate so that I could hear the voices louder and more clearly. To a large degree, this worked. I even noticed then that I could hear this younger female sounding voice in real time (not just on playback of my recordings) while using these various background sounds. This should have been a red flag of danger in and of itself, but I was still so new to all of this and admittedly very naïve. It’s as if I were mesmerized by what I was experiencing in just this short span of time that I let myself become blind to any potential danger and so I threw caution to the wind and made recording and communicating with these voices an almost nightly routine.

  At the time, the thought never crossed my mind that in just a few short weeks, I would be hearing intrusive and malevolent voices outside of the recordings with just my naked ears at an increasing rate until it finally went to an extreme and constant level for a time. I had never heard of this happening to anyone from doing EVP at that time (though that would also change later) though I confess, I didn’t even bother to research other people’s experiences with this phenomenon before I delved right into it. I simply didn’t know that this was what the nature of one of the dangers to all of this looked like.

 Yes, on a few occasions, while I was recording with some form of background noise going, I did hear this younger female sounding voice. She has and in fact has always been since this entire spirit attachment situation began for me, been my number one tormentor. That is the reason that for a long time, I simply referred to her as “#1”, though more recently I have given her the name “Pippy.” I’ll be honest, I pretty much did this just to mess with her a bit since she has been the most cruel and harassing voice that I have heard since the very beginning. Sometimes I refer to her as “Pippy the Nazi” because of her cruel nature. She seems oddly enough to have embraced or at least accepted this name of “Pippy” that I call her.

  She has never really kept to any single identity for very long, as far as claiming to have another name. She’s always switching things up. For a while now, she’s been referring to herself as “Lucifer’s Lieutenant,” but before this it was something else. It’s hard for me to even keep track anymore.  This has pretty much been a very common trait among these oppressing voices that I’ve been dealing with. They are always switching their stories around, always going from one thing to another. I have little doubt that this is in fact, an intentional tactic of theirs that they use to instill fear and confusion.  In my own case, these voices have at various times claimed to be many things, from demons to pissed off human spirits to aliens to “beautiful spirits” that were simply pissed off at me and probably much more that I can’t even recall anymore because for the most part, I’ve simply stopped believing anything that they tell me.

  During the first few months of this ordeal, when things were at the most terrifying and extreme level, yes, mainly out of confusion and fear over what I was experiencing, I was buying into a lot of what I was hearing from these intrusive spirits and doing so did in fact just send me further down the rabbit’s hole. It took a few months and a lot of emotional agony, but I eventually wised up and realized that these particular spirits that I was dealing with were compulsive liars and that nothing that I was hearing them say to me was to be trusted at face value. They can be very clever and manipulative in concocting elaborate ploys, traps and mind games to really mess with your head. In this, they should never be underestimated.

December 18, 2016

  Once again, as soon as I awoke this morning, I heard the voices. It’s almost as if they were waiting for me to open my eyes so that they can begin their day of chattering ceaselessly at me. It’s remarkable in a way, but this has become such the norm in my life anymore that it doesn’t affect me as much as it once did. In a way, this is unfortunate yes, because it is still ongoing and in a way, I’ve just accepted it as a part of my life now, but in a way to, I’m not as distressed by these things as much now either because none if it is new to me anymore.

  The memories of what my life was like before I got these spirit attachments seems further and further away. I remember less and less what it was like not to live with the constant presence of these spirits. Of course, I would rather live without it all, but sometimes life really knocks you upside the head. I must persevere, I must keep going. There is still much enjoyment to be had in life, but things are certainly different now. I am also not blind to the fact that I got myself into this mess when I rushed into experimenting with EVP back in 2015. I put out a call and I was answered, it just ended up going really bad for me and this can happen. It does happen to people sometimes that get involved in this sort of thing. Sometimes the after-effects may look different, but all sorts of things can go wrong. It is no small matter to try and peak behind the veil of the unknown…no small matter at all.  I wish that it were spoken of more, how getting involved with this kind of thing can possibly change your life forever. Just like with so much in life, if you decide to do something and it goes bad, often there are no do overs. 

“you’re not supposed to know about it!”

 I just heard the younger sounding (and very tormenting) female voice say to me. This is what can happen. If you set out looking to communicate with spirits, you could end up communicating with one that thinks you’re not supposed to know about it or feels you’re sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong and in their reasoning, this perhaps gives them full right to abuse you in any way they can. To them, perhaps you’re now fair game for oppression. Sometimes this oppression involves hearing intrusive voices and experiencing real physical/body disturbances and abuse.  I never heard voices before I experimented with EVP for those two months back in 2015, but now I hear voices every day, as well as experiencing physical disturbances.

  I truly do not know what motivates my tormentors, but I observe that they do seem quite committed to their way, mindset and methods of abuse against me. Yet, I have endured and I will go on with my life though it is very different now. I opened a door back in 2015 and I have found no way to close it completely. But I will go on, I am not possessed, I am still very much in control of my mind, only it perceives these other things now, things I would much rather not perceive at all.

  I played with fire and I got burned, and though I will not play with fire in this manner again, the scars of my burns remain. I know that for many, seeking definitive answers to questions of a spiritual nature can seem irresistible. I understand this. It in itself can be like a fire that burns within one’s soul. I fear however, that in the coming years as these active spirit communication pursuits appear to be on the rise, many others will also be burned by this inner fire. Of course, this is all human nature, yet I hope that at least some will have a change of heart about beginning down this perilous road, choosing instead to be content with the world as they find it and hopefully sparing themselves of living in a much different world…a world of hearing voices.

December 19, 2016

  This morning seemed a bit better. The voices were not directly in my ears as soon as I awoke, but it didn’t take long before I began to hear them again. I keep hearing them say to me

“you were supposed to be a psychic”

I have heard them saying this to me on occasion for the past few months. I’m not sure what they really mean by this statement. Perhaps they refer to my ability to hear them with just my ears. Perhaps they believe that I should be embracing this ability. But embracing the ability to hear these particular voices is something that I do not want to do. These particular voices have primarily been nothing but intrusive and outright abusive towards me since I began hearing them outside of my EVP recordings back in 2015.  Each day is a constant barrage of insults, criticisms and dubious mind games. I am much wiser to their tricks and their ploys now so the voices for the most part are much fainter then they were during the first six months of my ordeal with this.  These particular earthbound spirits that have attached themselves to my life, I deem nothing less than tyrannical. They have simply given me no other impression of them to have. Whenever they speak to me, it is almost always something abusive or critical. They seek to destroy any and all sense of privacy to an extreme degree. In the first few months of this ordeal, they very much nearly drove me to complete insanity, perhaps coming very close to being institutionalized.

  Back then, it was like there were invisible people surrounding me at all times yelling and harassing me. I remember trying to keep my composure together many times while at my work while hearing a voice shout into my ear

“this is really happening”

  These malevolent spirits very nearly broke my mind completely, so I flat out reject any statement of theirs that I’m “supposed to be a psychic.”  I regret ever picking up a digital recorder and using it for channeling. It was a dreadful mistake on my part and if I could wipe it from my memory I would, but I cannot undo the past and so I am still living to this day with the fallout of that decision I made back in the winter of 2015.

  In just a very short time it will be 2017. Then it will be exactly two years since I first picked up a digital recorder to channel spirits and my life has never been the same since. I give no regard to any statement of theirs about what I am supposed to be. They are my oppressors and regrettably, I opened the door which allowed them to enter into my life. Yet, I will never let them influence me. They do little else than hurl their venomous statements at me and though I know that I am far from perfect, who are they to judge me? They often try and create this illusion that they have the power to stand in judgement over you. They did this to me many times in the beginning when I was emotionally crippled with dread and anxiety.  They play upon the fact that they are other worldly or beyond this world to play upon your fears.  On one occasion, back during the beginning of my ordeal, they even put me through a sort of trial where I was led to believe that the fate of my very soul was on the line and that they had the power of judgement over me.  This was all nonsense.

 As time went on, it became more and more obvious to me that they were serious bull-shitters. They threatened me with “execution” on numerous occasions, but this never amounted to anything…again just more bullshit.  As much as they judge me, I could just as easily judge them. They have no real power over me. What I did do was open my perceptions to them back when I was recording EVP and so I found myself in the unfortunate position of being able to hear them without the need for a voice recorder or any other device. I foolishly allowed them to deceive me and get into my perception range, but they do not have any true power over me whatever their claims may be.

  They are not invincible and they are not all knowing and much of their power can be taken away from them. Am I just misunderstanding them and the entire situation? Perhaps, but again…they have so far given me nothing else upon which to base any other impression of them. They seem to enjoy trying to wreak as much havoc in my life as they can. This is what I observe of them and this is what I base my own opinions of them upon. May something change in the future? Perhaps it will, but for now I see them as tyrannical tormentors.

December 20, 2016

  I was “hit” with the voices again the moment that I awoke this morning. That “not again” feeling came over me but I won’t let all of this drag me down to a state of despair. There is still much that I enjoy in life and much that I want to live for. I admit sometimes I am surprised at how committed my tormentors are to keeping up this harassment. It seems to me that they simply have nothing better to do with their time. They spend all of their time it seems, attempting to bring me down, but why? Is there no better place for them to be?

 On one occasion recently, I heard them refer to me as “a hostage” and on some days that pretty much sums up how I feel. I cannot seem to go anywhere or do anything without their constant presence. It then comes down to me being able to ignore them and to not allow their presence to affect me in anyway. If I decide to do something that I know that they will criticize me for, then I must do it because I decided to and not allow their opinions or their presence to sway me in any way. I must go about my life and not allow them to influence me.  I will not allow them to be my puppet masters because that is exactly what they want and that is exactly the type of scenario that I went through during the first few months of this situation back in 2015.

  Back during that time, they sought to dominate, manipulate and control me and I admit, as confused and full of dread over the situation as I was at that time, I allowed them to make some gains with this. Then, after some time had passed, I began to see things more clearly. No matter how they tried to mask them, the deceptions and ploys of these particular malevolent earthbound spirits became more apparent to me.  To this day, they still try and play mind games, they still on occasion try out new material so to speak, but now it is so much easier for me to see through their charades.

  Often, they’ll just repeat the same critical statements over and over in an attempt to lay siege to and batter my mind. This is where I am at, at this point in time. The content of their words means very little to me now. Yet, they are still within my range of perception. I can still hear them, though also for the most part, I do not hear their voices nearly as intensely as I did back in the first few months of this.

  I can still feel the physical disturbances that they create on my body at times (mostly at night while I’m trying to sleep.) These sensations now mainly consist of vibration sensations and just the overall feeling that something smaller in size is moving around on me. These strange sensations still make it very difficult for me to sleep at times and more often than not, I have to take a sleep aid at night or otherwise the combination of the voices and the physical sensations may keep me awake for the entire night…it has happened on numerous occasions.

  These physical sensations also seem very intelligently guided as they tend to be concentrated on areas of my body that cause me the most discomfort and that make it difficult for me to get to sleep. Back in the first few months of this ordeal, the physical disturbances and abuse were much more intense (just as with the voices). Back then, there were occasions when these physical abuses would cause me real bodily pain. I would at times feel bites, stings and sharp jabs. With time, it seems that for me, the intensity of these physical disturbances has subsided to a large degree, but they are still a problem.

The voices with time seem to become easier to ignore. If your body feels a sensation, well them it just simply feels it. If the mind games and the voices no longer have that much effect on you, then this type of negative earthbound spirit (as I am dealing with) may focus more on the physical abuse tactic.  They often seem to exploit whatever means they can to cause as much disruption as possible. And this is often their goal, to cause as much distress and disturbances as they possibly can and in this endeavor, they can often be quite relentless. They literally do attach themselves to your life and they will most likely seek to make their presence known to you in one form or another if they are able to get within your range of perception.

A Danger of Channeling Spirits

December 20, 2016

  Back during the winter of 2015, what I was doing as far as EVP goes, was channeling. I was using EVP on a routine basis as a means to communicate with unknown entities. This was channeling, EVP was just the means by which I went about doing this. During the first month of my recording, all of the voices that I was hearing upon playback were all benign if not outright benevolent in nature and seemingly very willing to communicate with me. I essentially became mesmerized with fascination over what I was experiencing. By the second month, negative and malevolent voices began to appear on my recordings and by the end of that month, I began hearing these same malevolent voices outside of my recordings with just my ears. A month after this first occurred, I was hearing these voices at an extreme level at all times…24/7.Along with the voices, I began experiencing real physical/bodily disturbances and abuse.

These events happened after my brief experimentation with EVP. But, I have found other people whose stories are very similar to my own. Some of them also had this ordeal brought on by experimenting with EVP, but others were using other means and methods of spirit communication when the same thing happened to them.  I have met others who also began hearing voices at an extreme level after engaging in spirit communication by such means as using Spirit Boxes, Automatic Writing, a Ouija Board and a Pendulum. I personally believe that the means of spirit communication are secondary as far as the danger of this situation occurring goes. But this is one of the dangers of engaging in channeling. Sometimes it could lead to a condition of hearing voices at an extreme level and experiencing very real physical abuse.

  I have seen similar occurrences in numerous accounts. Here are a few of my observations (and they are just observations, I do not claim absolute certainty here).

  • Communication with unknown spirits is established relatively quickly and from there, the contact becomes rather strong or intense rather quickly as well.
  • In the beginning, these unknown spirits take on a seemingly benevolent or at least benign nature. Sometimes they may claim to be spirit guides or sometimes even the spirits of departed friends and loved ones (I have seen this in many accounts). Communication with these “benevolent” spirits can in a sense, mesmerize a person in a way and that can make communicating with these unknown spirits become a regular routine.
  • Sometimes it’s very sudden or sometimes it’s more gradual, but before too much time has passed, these unknown spirits will reveal their true colors and go from being benevolent in nature to becoming outright malevolent and abusive.
  • When they switch the situation around like this, it most likely means they are already or will soon be within your perception range and soon afterwards you may start hearing these voices with just your ears without the need of any type of implement for channeling.


When the voices first appear, they could be internal (ie: hearing voices in your head) or external, or even a combination of both. In my own situation, I first began hearing the voices external to me and this was primarily hearing them coming in over a steady source of background noise.  For example, the first time that I ever heard the voices outside of the recordings was on a day in late February, 2015 when I heard harassing voices coming in over the noise of a fan.  After that incident, I began to have more and more experiences such as this. I remember occasions where I would hear the voices coming in over the sound of running water, my car engine, over my television and car stereo and more. As the days passed, I also began to hear them external to me, but not coming in over a background noise.

  About a month after my first incident of hearing the voices coming in over a fan that day at my work, literally over the course of a single morning (also while I was at work) I began to hear the voices speaking to me from inside of my own head and at this point they had reached an intense level and the voices would remain at this more intense level for a few months (before things began to subside).

  Even when I started hearing the voices from within my own head, I was still hearing them external to me. In fact, hearing them external to me was the primary way that I heard the voices and this is still the case to this day. Mostly still, I hear the voices coming in over steady sources of background noise. Whether or not the background noise is steady does seem to matter. I will hear the voices louder and more clearly if the background noise is very clean and steady, for example a fan, an air conditioner, or even the electric hum of a refrigerator. Through these types of sounds, I can hear the voices the clearest. If I am near a source of background noise that is not steady, one that fluctuates, then I will not hear the voices nearly as clearly and sometimes I will not hear them at all.

I have seen this phenomenon of the voices emerging through various background noises in various accounts from those who have begun to hear voices after engaging in some form of spirit communication. Many have described it as hearing voices emerging through many of the sounds of everyday life. It’s also been noted in many accounts, how there is sometimes a weird effect of distance. Sometimes the voices will sound as if they are speaking from far off in the distance, though they can still be heard clearly enough. Another common experience is sometimes hearing sounds that literally seem to produce shockwaves, as if a several ton weight were being lifted up and dropped over and over very close by. It literally seems like the very earth is shaking.

  In my own case, I will often hear a faint, yet audible voice speaking directly into one of my ears and often I will literally feel a faint breath striking my earlobe when this occurs. To this day as well, I will often hear these particular voices if I am in complete silence. Sometimes I have to “tune in” so to speak to be able to do this. The voices are fainter, but very much present. Actually, I find that if I’m in an environment with some moderate noise (but not a continuous, steady background noise) I hear the voices less or most of the time, not at all. An example of this would be if I’m in a crowd of people, or someplace where there is a lot going on (the everyday sounds of the world you could say). In these types of environments, I will often not hear any voices at all.

In my own situation at the present time, it seems to be the case that I will hear these voices the most if I’m in an environment where I’m hearing a steady noise or noises, or if I’m in complete silence. In the various accounts of this situation that I’ve seen, there does seem to be at least some level of variation in how the individual will perceive the voices. Some individuals hear the voices more external and often through various background sounds, while some individuals hear the voices most often as originating from within. In most of the cases I’ve seen and certainly in my own case, it’s a combination of both.

  There are often variations as to the nature of the physical/bodily disturbances and abuse as well. In fact, in some of these spirit attachment cases that I’ve seen involving hearing voices at an extreme level, sometimes there are no physical abuses at all. Yet, in some cases they are more extreme in nature and at other times seemingly more of a disturbance rather than anything that inflicts pain. In my own case, for a time back in March of 2015, I was feeling what I can only describe as a finger coming up out of my mattress and sharply jabbing me in my lower back each night when I first went to bed. This disturbing jabbing sensation was so present and so constant that it would keep me awake for hours on end. It is around this time that I first started using sleep aids to help me get off to sleep more quickly and I have had to use them to maintain a normal sleep routine ever since. Then, shortly after these incidents, I began to feel sharp (but small) bites and stings on my body on occasion. Often when I tried to sleep, I would feel “something” small pressing into my side, in fact I still feel this particular sensation from time to time. Once, I remember being in bed (but unable to sleep) and feeling as if something small were inside of my body moving around and vibrating quite intensely, it even seemed to go through my head area which was a most distressing experience I recall.

  These days (in my own case) the more distressing physical disturbances have seemed to have subsided to a large degree but I still experience these disturbances to one degree or another every night while trying to sleep.  In other accounts that I’ve seen, the physical abuse was to a much more intense degree. If these malevolent earthbound spirits of this harassing nature are successful at getting well within your perception range, then they can in some cases inflict very real and very serious physical abuse. There must be factors as to why the physical abuse is more prevalent in some cases and not others. Perhaps it has something to do with the openness of the individual to spirit influence (ie: they are simply more open to the other side) or perhaps it has something to do with the abilities and strength of the harassing spirits themselves. This is all just speculation, but what I am sure of is that in certain circumstances, these malevolent spirits can hurt someone. They can attack sometimes with voices, physical attacks and thought intrusion. They can indeed wreak a lot of havoc in a person’s life if they can get through to you. These things are at least some of the dangers that are possible when one takes up the endeavor of channeling spirits by any means.

EVP Tricksters

December 22, 2016

  Have you ever met a person that is just so damn stubborn, so unbending in their ways? That is kind of the same description that I would give to these voices, these voices that have plagued me for a while now, but they can truly take things to a whole new level of extremity. If I had to describe this lot that has oppressed me as a result of my brief experimentation with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) back in the winter of 2015, I’d say the term “sinister tricksters” pretty much sums it up quite accurately. They are constantly setting prankish traps for me it seems. For example, a recent prank of theirs was to tell me that “the good spirits were building a portal to take them (the tricksters) out of my head.” They kept repeating this for a number of weeks. Then one evening, I suspect that they inserted a thought or a vision into my mind where just for a few brief moments, I did have a vision of something that did look like a doorway appear right before my eyes as I sat in my living room. The vision only lasted a few moments and then it was gone. The next day I heard the voices say something along the lines of “that was the portal, the good spirits were trying to take us out of your head, but since you’re such a sinner, you blew it.”

This is something that is very common with this trickster bunch that has been harassing me. They’ll spend a good amount of time attempting to put some idea in my head. For example, they’ll repeat a phrase that refers to something that could possibly improve my situation. They’ll repeat this phrase numerous times to me, possibly over the span of several weeks. But in the end, it turns out to be nothing more than an absurd prank.  After all of this time, it is much easier for me now to see quickly when I’m being set up for a prank by them. Usually I just won’t take any interest in what I hear them saying from the start. However, they can be very clever in the art of deception and mind games. Every so often they’ll concoct something and start saying things that will grab my attention and perhaps my interest, but as usual, in the end it turns out to be nothing more than another prank. As I’ve heard them say to me in the past:

“we lift you up to take you down”

 Their pranks can often be quite sinister in nature, especially when they are first setting people up that are engaging in some form of spirit communication where an individual makes communicating with these negative earthbound spirits a routine occurrence (though initially, they are in fact not aware that they are communicating with negative spirits).  In my own case, during the first month that I was recording EVP, the voices that I was hearing on my recordings were all seemingly kind and friendly in nature. Better actors I’d never met in my life. In the month that followed, they would turn extremely harassing and malevolent and I would end up hearing these voices outside of my recordings, but during that first month I never saw it coming. I was lured in by their “kindness.” I had no sense of danger and I made communicating with these spirits a nightly routine by means of EVP.

  During that first month, many of these spirits that I was communicating with at first claimed to be the spirits of family members of my neighbors. This did in fact make perfect sense to me since surely, they were just checking up on their families. This was of course all a trap, but just by the benevolent nature of these unknown spirits during my communication with them, I never saw it coming and I walked right into the trap.

  I’ve seen much talk on the internet that malevolent earthbound spirits intent on harassment are no big deal at all and that they can be easily driven off. It is my personal opinion that this is not the case at all. They are in fact very masterful at deception and if they manage to get within and remain inside of your perception range, then they can be very dangerous. In a real sense, they are masters of psychological warfare and they should not be underestimated. Whenever one decides to take up the endeavor of communicating with spirits, regardless of the means, then they are in fact putting themselves at risk of running into this sort of sinister trickster type. If they can get through to you, they could potentially wreak a lot of havoc. It is no small decision to get involved with these things as they could have lasting consequences upon your life.


December 22, 2016

  I have been on my holiday break and off from work all week. For this I am glad and can certainly use a break. This past year was rather stressful for me. Throughout this whole ordeal of being struck with spirit attachments, I have strived very hard to hold my life together as best as I could. Back when this voices oppression was at its worse, back in the spring of 2015, I can honestly say that I was literally holding on by a thread. I was forced to call out of work a bit simply because on some days it was too much for me to handle doing my job and being bombarded with harassing voices all day long. Yet, I did manage to hold on to my job, but I remember that on some days back then, I was under a terrible strain just to simply hold it together.

  Back then, the strength of the voices was much more intense. On somedays, it was literally like I was being followed around by a gang of people all tormenting and mocking me the entire day. I remember trying to speak with customers and hearing a voice say

“this is really happening”

 There were times when I fumbled the most basic task, such as handling a phone call. And as strange as this may sound, these negative spirits were actually calling me at work all the time back then. On numerous occasions during that time, the phone would ring at my work, I would answer it and hear a lot of static and through the static I would hear a distorted and faint voice, but still very audible to me. Usually it was the female voice of the one I call “#1” (or more recently who I’ve been calling Pippy the Nazi because of her cruelty). I’m not sure how they managed to do this, but they did it…they were messing with the phones at my work all the time back then. On a few occasions, I even went into work and found voicemails with EVPs embedded on them.  This strange phenomenon with the phones continued for several months in fact, but then eventually they just seemed to become less and less frequent until they finally just stopped. As of today, I don’t even remember when the last time that I received one of these strange phone calls was, it’s been quite a while.

 As I have also mentioned, for a time I would hear voices that had a very deep bass effect to them. This effect was so strong that it literally felt like the very ground was shaking every time these voices spoke to me. I remember a few occasions back then when I would be sitting at my desk at work and be hearing these particular voices with the strong bass effect. It literally felt like the whole building was shaking. As panicked and full of anxiety as I was at the time, I thought that these voices were so strong that they might actually “break through” the veil and that at any moment I might be dragged off by these malevolent entities like you would see in some horror movie. Fortunately, that never happened but that is how utterly filled with anxiety I was back at that time when things were at their utter worse.

 As time went on, I began to get a better handle on my emotions. Realizing that so much of what these negative earthbound spirits were saying to me was complete and utter bullshit helped bring this about. Then as I got a better handle on my emotions, much of this more extreme phenomenon ceased. Looking back now, there were many days when I was holding on by a thread. There were days when the voices were so bad that I felt like walking straight out of work but luckily, I held on. Actually, during that summer, as much as I was able to I threw myself into my work as a means of taking my mind off of the situation. To some degree, this did in fact help. If I kept myself occupied and kept my mind focused on something, then the voices were not so much of a presence. But, if I was just sitting around at home not doing anything, then the presence of the voices was not as easy to ignore. I would say that occupying oneself, keeping one’s mind busy and focused on other things is indeed helpful in this situation. Allowing the voices to isolate you where you are just listening to and focusing on their words all day long is not a good place to be. I know this from my own experience.

Spirit Box Schizophrenia

December 23, 2016

  As I have mentioned, this condition of hearing voices on a psychosis-like level can be brought about by numerous means of spirit communication activity. It is not confined in any way to just EVP. One of the others that I’ve met in the past year was struck with the same condition as a result of using a Spirit Box. She compared the ordeal that she went through as a kind of “Spirit Box Schizophrenia.”  I found this statement to be quite fitting. When I was describing how bad the voices were for me back in the Spring of 2015, words I’m afraid will always fall short of truly capturing the nightmare that this experience was for me back then. I remember that there were days when I would be outdoors and it seemed like I was hearing an entire sports stadium of voices all harassing me at once. It was an experience that I will not soon forget, though I truly wish that I could. But in truth, one of the truly horrifying aspects of this situation in its early stages is that the voices can be quite intense and they do not stop. They do not give you a break. They do not stop to let you sleep or rest. They do not stop to allow you to celebrate a special occasion in peace, they do not stop period. They throw out barrage after barrage after barrage of voices.

 They will attempt to wear you down, to deprive you of sleep. They will attempt to work you down to a weakened state. I know that in my own case, I was only averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night for about two weeks it seemed. I took sleeping pills, but they often did not work as quickly as I would have liked them to, but they are probably at least partly the reason why I got any sleep at all. Also in those first few weeks of this ordeal, because I was suffering with so much anxiety, I found that I was hardly able to eat. My appetite was literally scared out of me. This lack of good sleep and lack of an appetite went on for about two weeks and resulted in me experiencing some rather strange and powerful visual hallucinations on a couple of occasions. It was as at this point that I started taking Ambien for a time and this helped me to get back to something that more closely resembled a normal sleep routine. Though, even to this day it seems that practically every night is still a battle for sleep. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I usually start feeling a strange vibration sensation that moves around on my body. Quite often it seems to be focusing on specific areas in an effort to be as annoying and disruptive as possible. Luckily though, with the help of sleep aids, I do not have to endure this for very long on most nights.

But getting back to Spirit Boxes and the description of this situation that my friend referred to as “Spirit Box Schizophrenia,”  she also told me that just like with my experience with EVP by means of using digital recorders, she told me that she to started hearing numerous intelligent voices coming in through the Spirit Box within a relatively short amount of time. She described it to me that it was as if she seemed “to be hearing into another world”.

  In most of the cases that I’ve seen of this voice based oppression being brought on after some form of spirit communication, it does seem to usually be the case that the individual usually gets struck with it rather quickly, usually within just a matter of weeks or a few months at most. As of this time, I’ve only seen a very small number of cases where a person was struck with the condition after having been engaging in some form of spirit communication on a regular basis for many years. I’m sure that there are some unknown factors here and I’m not sure what the overall ratio is, but from what I’ve seen so far, people just starting out being involved in spirit communication seem to get hit with this condition the most.

Hearing Voices from Doing EVP : The Trojan Horse Deception

  When it does hit, it usually hits rather quickly and the individuals that get hit usually have established and intense level of communication within a relatively short span of time. That is one of the main factors in how this situation can completely blindside a person. The events move and playout so quickly, often by the time that one senses that something is wrong, the situation is already deteriorating rapidly. As I have mentioned, these particular negative earthbound spirits that set people up in this way, will initially seem anything but negative in the beginning. Quite the contrary, they may seem to be extremely benevolent in nature. They will also often not hesitate to stoop very low to carry out their treachery. They will often pretend to be the spirit of a deceased loved one or friend to intentionally hook you into interacting with them by playing upon your emotions. They can be very masterful at treachery and deception and this makes them all the more dangerous. Sometimes it’s those kinder voices that are in fact the most dangerous. They essentially employ a Trojan Horse type ploy.

  They will use whatever means they can to win your trust and just by the fascinating nature of the situation in the beginning, you could begin to make interacting with these spirits into a regular routine, sometimes it even becomes an obsession. I suspect that the more that intense communication takes place, the more it is giving these particular deceptive spirits a chance to get into your perception range and once they do, they will then often flip from being benevolent or benign in nature, to becoming extremely malevolent and from there they often begin with the voices oppression.

Hearing Voices and Physical Abuse After Spirit Communication

December 23, 2016

  I tried to take an afternoon nap today but just as I felt that I was about to doze off, I started to feel the sensation of a finger coming up out of the mattress and sharply jabbing me in my back. I have experienced this same thing before but it has been quite a while. It was something that I would experience often back in the Spring of 2015. This just goes to show that even though the situation can become calmer in a sense, sometimes these particular negative earthbound spirits can still turn things up a notch.

  Basically, my hopes for an afternoon nap were ruined, they just wouldn’t quit with the physical disturbances and I was also hearing a lot of voices around me. This is exactly what they like to do quite often…cause disruption.  Some of these negative spirits may be more abusive than others but these spirit attachment situations are always very serious. One significant thing is to simply be aware of what these spirit attachment situations can entail before becoming involved in any spirit communication activity, that way, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision of whether or not it’s something that you really want to pursue.

  I can say from my own experience and from other accounts that I’ve seen, that at least one kind of spirit attachment situation involves being stricken with a condition of hearing intrusive voices (often at an extreme level) and experiencing real physical and bodily abuse. Sometimes, this is what malevolent earthbound spirits can do to people. Sometimes they can most certainly get inside of your perception range and wreak all sorts of havoc. They in a very real way become attached to your life. They can follow you wherever you go. I’ve seen accounts where people moved a great distance but these spirits remained attached to them. This is not like the standard haunted house scenario, in this situation the focus of these negative spirits is upon an individual. Location has nothing to do with it.


Is Doing EVP Dangerous ?

Are Using Spirit Boxes Dangerous ?

 I once read a posting on the internet that said that EVP was the safest means of spirit communication compared to say a Ouija Board or other methods of spirit communication. I have to say, I personally disagree with this statement. I have seen many other cases just like my own that were also brought on from experimenting with EVP.

  Of course, there is much material out there about the dangers of using a Ouija Board. EVP and Spirit Boxes are newer than the Ouija Board but it is my personal opinion that they can be just as dangerous sometimes when used for channeling. Some state that EVP is often implemented more for “investigation.” That may well be a true statement, but I think there can often be a thin line between “investigation” and “research” and straight out channeling. If routine and intense communication with unknown entities is established, this is where I often see the danger arise. Perhaps the danger is minimum for most people. That could very well be a true statement, but I feel that the danger is still there and a spirit attachment situation can be so terrible in what effect it can have on people’s lives that this danger, no matter how small is still very significant and should be taken into serious consideration. Perhaps the danger of being hit with this condition is but one out of ten thousand people when they first get involved with trying to communicate with the spirit world, I really can’t say. But what I can say is that one of the dangers that does exist is being stricken with a condition of hearing voices, possible physical abuse and also possible thought intrusion.


Hearing Voices from Doing EVP


December 24, 2016

 I’ve gotten much better at ignoring the voices. I still hear them the strongest when they come in through a source of steady background noise. Sometimes it’s as if the voices literally jump out of the noise. I’ve had many people say to me that it is just my mind playing tricks on me, that my mind is just looking for patterns in the noise that it interprets as a voice. But what they don’t understand is that often the voice or voices will seem to literally jump out of the noise and quite often in a very strong way.

  It’s winter now and it’s starting to get colder where I live so recently while driving, I’ve been having to run the heater. These days for me, this is the one place where the voices are coming through the loudest. Every time these days, that I drive in my car, my choice is to either be cold or to put up with the harassment from these voices. Usually, I choose to run the heat, the voices be damned. Stepping back and looking at the situation, it all seems so odd and surreal. A typical ride to work consist of me being harassed by these voices and all of the nonsense and the vile and ridiculous things that they say to me.

 The voices still come in rather strongly over the noise of my heating system at home as well. So here I am presented with pretty much the same choice, either be cold or hear their voices louder. Though with the heating system at my home, since the direct source of the sound is not always directly in front of me, I have been getting better with this particular noise with blocking out the voices. But, if I tune into the noise, I still find that the voices are always there. I’m hearing them right now as I write this. I am hearing them say:

“you were supposed to be a psychic”

“Jesus doesn’t want you to write about it”

“you gave us legal rights”

And such it is this morning, just a typical day if I tune in to listen to them. They seem to use the same phrases and statements a lot for a time and they’ll repeat them over and over for a while. Then they’ll start using new phrases and the aggravating cycle continues.

Hearing Voices from Automatic Writing

December 24, 2016

 I thought it worth noting here, as I have said, since my ordeal of being stricken with a condition of hearing voices after experimenting with EVP began for me, that I have also met others that have also had this condition brought on from some form of spirit communication activity.  Aside from EVP and using Spirit Boxes, I have found a few cases of this situation befalling people who had been engaging in automatic writing.

  I have personally never experimented with automatic writing. My entire experience with any sort of spirit communication (before I began hearing voices) was really just for those two months that I was experimenting with EVP during the winter of 2015, so I cannot speak from any position of personal knowledge and experience about automatic writing as a means of communicating with spirits.

 Before, when I have told my story, I have on occasion been met with a comment that basically is implying that if one were to engage in EVP and Spirit Boxes for long enough, concentrate their hearing sense listening into the noise, especially white noise, then it does not seem a stretch of the imagination that the mind could start playing ticks on you and perhaps in some cases, this could develop into something more extreme. I see nothing disagreeable about this notion (though in my own case, hearing voices is just one part of the situation). It certainly does seem plausible to me that spending a lot of time listening into white noise or radio sweeps could result in the mind starting to play tricks on a person.

  As far as I am aware, with automatic writing the focus of the channeling experience is not listening into noise or recordings or radio sweeps, etc… to hear voices. Yet, there have been cases where people who were engaging in automatic writing have also been stricken with a condition of hearing voices (and also in some cases experiencing physical abuse) just as with the cases where the condition was brought about by being engaged in EVP or Spirit Box activity. These are very different means of communicating with spirits, yet the same condition can be brought about by both of these activities.


Is Automatic Writing Dangerous ?

I would have to say it’s my personal opinion that engaging in automatic writing carries with it the same danger of a condition of voice hearing being brought on.  Automatic writing has been around for much monger as a means of channeling than EVP or using Spirit Boxes. I have found an account from 1899, it was a letter where in a person described being engaged in automatic writing and at first this individual’s communication was also benevolent in nature but then the communication changed and this person started receiving negative messages though their channeling efforts. Within a short period of time this person also described how they began to hear menacing and harassing voices on a constant basis for a time. Luckily for this person, they were able to bring about an end to the situation within a relatively short amount of time. They wrote of how they put enormous effort and will power into ignoring the voices utterly and completely and they stated that within a matter of just a few weeks, the harassing voices were gone. This was a very fortunate turn of events for this individual as I know from experience, sometimes (especially in the beginning) that these voices are often so strong that it seems almost impossible to ignore them and if physical abuse accompanies the voices, than this only make things more difficult to deal with. I would certainly say that automatic writing carries with is the same danger of being stricken with this condition of hearing voices and possibly physical abuse just as much as any other means of spirit communication.

A Danger of EVP

 I just tried to take an afternoon nap again, I don’t know why I even bother. Once again, these psychopathic malevolent entities waited until I was just about to doze off then they essentially attacked me by causing me to feel all sorts of disturbing physical sensations. I felt the all too familiar vibration sensation, but on this occasion, it was much stronger than usual. This time it felt like they were literally causing me to shake. I was also feeling the very familiar jabbing sensation as if something were clinging to me. And as usual, the physical abuses were accompanied by a barrage of voices spewing their typical psychotic ranting. I honestly very much consider these negative entities (who or whatever they are) to be very much sociopathic and psychotic. As of right now, I simply don’t see them in any other way.

  They seem to give no consideration at all about the abuses they project on to me. They are extremely unbending and trying to reason with them is like talking to a brick wall. In my own case, it has simply just never done any good. I can’t stress this enough. If one engages in doing EVP (or any form of spirit communication) on a regular routine basis, you could very well be running the risk of getting into a spirit attachment situation and your attachments could be a real psychotic bunch.

  This is very serious. When I say that some of them can be sociopathic and psychotic, I mean to an extreme level and you certainly don’t want this sort attached to your life. It is extremely important for one just starting to consider getting involved with anything like this to do some background research first. Look into other people’s experiences (and importantly, not just one). Getting involved with this sort of thing can be opening a door than might not be able to be closed again. Serious consideration should always be given before embarking down this path.

Hearing Voices from Doing EVP


December 24, 2016

  The voices have been telling me recently that

“Lucifer is not happy that I write about this”

 This is the typical type of Kool-Aid statement that I hear from them often. Could they be telling me the truth some of the time when they make statements like this? Perhaps, I really don’t. Who am I to say that this is not possible? But what matters to me most is the fact that these statements are coming from them, these harassing malevolent spirits. Since the very beginning, I have experienced their lies and deceptions, their mind games, their tricks and their ploys, etc…etc… I admit that in the beginning, I was buying into much of what they were telling me. I had never before in all of my life experienced anything near as powerful and mysterious as what I was then experiencing. I didn’t know what was going on, what to think….basically I was not thinking very clearly at all. I was confronted with dealing with these unknown forces. Yes, a lot of the things that they were saying to me in the beginning did have a great impact upon me. There were many occasions back then when they would threaten me with “execution” and I was apprehensive about this at first. But then nothing ever happened and then as more time went on, it became more and more clear to me that these malevolent entities were a lot of talk with little to back up their statements.

  This is in fact one of their weaknesses. If you’re confronted with dealing with them for long enough, they do indeed eventually expose themselves as the liars that they are. Now I’m not saying that they always lie all of the time but what I am saying here is that they are in fact prone to lying. They often flat out lie, speak in riddles, speak half-truths spun and manipulated for some negative purpose. I find it easier to function better these days if I just don’t give too much thought to anything that I hear them say.

 They could on occasion be telling me a 100% straight up truthful statement, but it wouldn’t matter to me because they have lied to me so much that I simply have made it a personal policy of mine to not dwell on anything that they say to me. In this way, the content of what they are saying to me has little to no effect on me what so ever. Then, simply hearing them becomes the greater annoyance, the content of their words bounces off of me and has no effect. In this way, they are not nearly as able to get their hooks into my mind and carry on with their mind games and manipulation. It simply doesn’t work anymore after a point. This is when you’ll sometimes start to see the real personalities behind these harassing voices emerge. The person behind the curtain slowly starts to reveal themselves.

A Danger of EVP


  These days, from the moment that I open my eyes to the moment that I pass into sleep at night, I know that I am not alone. I can perceive the presence of these attaching spirits. Whether I am able to successfully ignore them or not, I know that these days they are always there. To a significant degree, all sense of privacy in lost, I sacrificed it by opening a door to these intrusive earthbound spirits that oppress me. Now they never want to give me a moment’s peace…I have to fight for it.

  I experimented with EVP for two months back during the winter of 2015, but I have been dealing with the presence of these harassing spirits for much longer. I would just say that sometimes (perhaps most often) when one engages in EVP or using a Spirit Box (or any form of spirit communication for that matter) on a routine basis,  that when the sessions end, this does not mean that whatever spirit or spirits that one was communicating with has necessarily left and gone away. There’s a good chance that they might be sticking around, practically right there, but invisible.

  If they are malevolent in nature and they are able to get within your perception range, then perhaps they may be able to make their presence known. What happened to me as far as the voices and the physical disturbances is I’m sure, a rarer and more extreme occurrence, but by opening doors to the unknown, then one is still opening themselves up to the danger of bringing about any number of various kinds of unwanted phenomenon into their lives. I would not assume that once you turn off and put away the voice recorder or the Spirit Box, that you are all by yourself again in peace and privacy. More likely, every time you seek to communicate by these means, you are bringing more and more attention onto yourself and you must give serious consideration to this as it is indeed a very serious matter.

 November 24, 2016

“you wanted to hear spirits, well now you’re hearing spirits”

 This is what I heard a menacing voice say to me a few months back as I was being bombarded by voices from all sides. It’s like they were in my car, outside of my car, beneath my car and on top of my car…I was surrounded by these voices. I thought this a rather smart ass comment at the time. Of course, it referred to how I started to hear these intrusive and harassing voices in the first place. This happened as a result of my brief experimentation with EVP the previous year.

  After I had captured my first EVP recordings, the situation progressed rapidly and within a very short amount of time, I was hearing numerous voices on almost every recording that I had made. I had quickly attuned my ear to hear deep down into the depths of the recordings and there I found another world of sorts, another world of voices.

During the first few weeks, my new-found experiences with EVP seemed quite fascinating and remarkable. It seemed to me that I was developing a sort of rapport with these voices that I was hearing on my recordings. They would often address me by name and “Hello Brian and “We’re here Brian” would be what I often heard at the start of my sessions when I reviewed my recording files. Within just a matter of a month, my situation was beginning to “flip” around and I started hearing menacing and negative voices on my recordings that would throw out threats, profanity and insults. A few short weeks after this occurred, I was hearing these menacing voices outside of my recordings with just my ears.  About a month after that occurred, I was hearing these harassing voices full force on a constant basis, 24/7 and at an extreme level.

At this time, everything that made a steady noise seemed to take on a distorted quality and voices would emerge from the noise. Many sounds seemed to take on this bizarre distorted quality. Much of the time, it reminded me of some of the negative EVP voices that I was hearing on my recordings during those final weeks of recording. In the Spring and early Summer of 2015, it was like EVP voices were emerging out of anything that made a steady noise.

  I remember a few occasions when I would be driving with my windows down and the sound of the wind seemed to distort and form into these intense and menacing sounding voices. The sound of the wind rustling through the trees also seemed to distort into these voices as well. During those days, many things just sounded different. It’s hard to put into words but doing EVP for that short time and also by making it a routine like I did, I had effected my hearing. I was now hearing things in a different way to a large degree.

  Since that time, my hearing has returned more back to normal, but not completely. I still am hearing these intrusive and menacing voices just not to the extreme degree and with the same intensity that I was hearing them back in 2015. I still often experience a very high pitched ringing in my ears as well. It’s as if I tuned my hearing into someplace else and unfortunately there have been these bizarre and often troubling side-effects.

November 24, 2016

I know that on this blog I’ve written extensively about my own situation, about my experience with EVP and how it essentially led to a disastrous situation where I was (and still am) hit with a condition of hearing intrusive voices and experiencing real physical disturbances. I know that I have mentioned that I know of other cases where people also developed this same condition after also engaging in EVP recording and in fact by other means of spirit communication.

  I’ve seen a few cases where individuals have developed this same condition by using a Spirit Box. In my own situation, I was mainly using digital recorders when I was doing EVP. I did try a Spirit Box a few times during the two months that I was doing EVP, but I just never really took to it. The cases that I’ve seen where people developed this condition by using a Spirit Box are practically identical to my own. In the accounts that I’ve seen, the situation started out just like my own, the individuals started experimenting with a Spirit Box, they made contact within a relatively short amount of time. Once they did make contact, they were hearing numerous voices through the Spirit Box, they quickly established conversation level interaction with these voices (of unknown origin) and at first, these voices also seemed at least benign of not friendly and benevolent.  Then just like in my own situation with using digital voice recorders, the nature of these voices flipped on them as well and became negative and menacing and eventually they started hearing these tormenting voices at all times without the Spirit Box. 

  Many of them also experienced disturbing physical phenomenon as well. In all of the cases that I’ve seen related to the use of a Spirit Box, the individuals also described hearing the voices often coming in over existing background noises, just like I did (and still do, but now to a much lesser degree).  In so many ways, the accounts are practically identical to my own. I truly believe that using a Spirit Box is no less dangerous than using a digital recorder and vice versa.  They can both bring on this extremely disturbing situation of hearing intrusive and harassing voices.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

  Something out of the ordinary happened this evening. The voice that I refer to as “#1” seemed to be putting out these long screams for a while tonight. This voice is a voice that sounds like a younger woman. If I had to guess, I would say she sounds like a woman in her late teens, maybe early to mid-twenties at most. I call her “#1” because she has been my number one tormentor throughout this whole ordeal. I first started hearing her voice back in February of 2015, during my second month of recording. If I remember correctly, her arrival coincided with the arrival of the other negative voices that I began to hear on my recordings during that month.  When my situation became a living nightmare and I began to hear these menacing voices outside of my recordings, her voice was the one that I would hear most often and she was always the most cruel and tormenting.

  This evening, she was throwing her usual barrage of insults and harsh criticisms at me, but then out of nowhere, she just started screaming a rather angry scream.  I suppose that she was just trying to freak me out and be as disturbing to me as she could possibly be.  I can hear her almost screaming at me right now as I write this. She’s been acting rather insane this evening, but I suppose insane is truly what she may be.  She certainly has been my harshest tormentor. I’ve pleaded with her to just leave me alone more times that I can remember.

  Much of the time, she professes herself to be “an evil spirit.”  She seems to gloat in this and take a sort of demented pride in it. Recently she has been referring to herself as “Lucifer’s Lieutenant.”  Other times in the past, she has claimed to be a human spirit. She seems to enjoy playing these mind games regarding her identity. What I do know for certain is that she is tyrannical, cruel and most likely insane.

November 22, 2016

 All in all, today was a bit calmer until I came home from work and took a nap. I did manage to sleep, well I should say almost. I was attacked as usual with strong voices and physical disturbances, but I was able to reach this type of half-sleep, half-awake state. I was still fully aware of their presence and their harassments. They have been talking in a ridiculous manner a lot recently, but this is actually quite the norm with them. They’ve been playing the old identity game a lot these days. I’ve been hearing them say that they are “Lucifer’s Lieutenants,” and “ an alien invasion force” and just today they told me that they are “Nazis.”

 They truly do turn this into a kind of mind game. They know that it gives them an edge if they can keep me guessing about their identity. I try not to because it simply does me no good. There is no way from my vantage point to know who or what they are with any degree of certainty, but of course it’s the big mystery and they enjoy playing upon this and using it to their advantage. It is a question that can leave you constantly guessing. 

What I do know is that these spirit attachments that I suffer with are cruel, tyrannical and relentless. Trying to reason with them is like trying to reason with a brick wall. From what I’ve experienced so far, I’m sorry to say that all of my efforts have proven futile. They are invisible bullies and they seem to be very content with this. Today I heard “#1” say, “we are desperate to continue your suffering.”  What this means exactly, I just don’t know, but I find it to be a perfect example of their mentality. Their sole purpose seems to be to cause suffering. Maybe I’m wrong about that in some way. I’m open to the possibility. But as of right now, from what I’ve experienced, I just don’t see it any other way.

November 18, 2016

  Their constant presence was quite maddening for me today. What I wouldn’t give but for a few hours of peace and quiet, just a few hours. I hardly remember what that is like now. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced it. Even at times when the voices aren’t that bad, their presence is constant still. I try and be indifferent. Usually I can be. I just wanted to sit and read a book in silence. The silence was less than absolute. Even though it was fainter, there was still that tiny voice there trying to be intrusive and disruptive. I just heard “we’re electric spirits.”

  I have heard the voices say this before. Does this have some reference to my messing around with EVP, which is how I came to hear these voices. Who knows? So much of what these voices say is some kind of “mind twister.”  My refrigerator just kicked on. Now I’m hearing the voices coming in louder over the hum of the frig motor. How surreal it all is. Refrigerators, fans, the shower, the sounds of all of these things and more throw out voices at me now. 

 They are saying more mind twister lines right now. They like to play identity games. They like to keep you guessing at who or what they are. Some days, you just reach a point where you don’t even care anymore. Whoever they are, they never seem to shut the hell up.  They use these damn voices as a means of torment and torture. Their words are pretty much all damn lies but they’ll keep throwing them out there at you…voices and lies…voices and lies.

  They try and get their words to sink in, they want to get their hooks into you, they are masterful at the art of psychological mind games, but again…voices and lies. Their threats are empty. They can do little to back them up. They can do little but keep up their constant barrage of chatter and cause physical disturbances that can cause me real problems when I’m trying to sleep. I still have to take a sleep-aid almost every night for without it, I’m often kept awake by all of the chatter that I hear as well as the disturbing physical sensations.

  “We are Satan’s Lieutenants “,

That’s what they are telling me now. I’ve heard them saying this to me for the past few weeks. But why didn’t they reveal this to me a year and a half ago? Perhaps because a year and a half ago, they were identifying themselves as something else. It’s always been back and forth with them. They go all over the place with claims about their identity. One week they’ll claim to be human spirits, the next week they’ll say that they are not human. This is the real mystery and all I can state is that I simply don’t know.

  While I was recording EVP for those two months back in the winter of 2015, for the most part, many of the voices that I was hearing on my recordings sounded human. Naïve as I was at the time, I simply assumed that this was the case. In fact, I don’t recall ever having another opinion on the matter until a few months later when I began to be terrorized by these entities. 

In the very beginning, I basically assumed that since they sounded human, then they must be human spirits. I put my belief and my trust in that and I let my guard down.  I have heard these voices in many different ways, but often when I hear them, they still do sound very human. However, I have experienced deception at the hands of these entities to extreme degrees so I no longer assume that since they sound human than they must be human. I state emphatically that I just don’t know. What I do know is that this group that harasses me are intrusive and malevolent and they simply have no regard for my privacy of my well being at all. 

  When I hear them, they are constantly on the offensive with their voices and lies. I may seem overly judgmental regarding this, but this is simply the conclusion that I hold these days based upon my experience of interacting with them and their behavior for the last year and a half. They chatter constantly. They use this as a means of abuse. Yes, often the voices can be suppressed with medication. Yes, often one can train one’s mind to block out the voices to a very large degree. But these entities do not often cease their chattering. They throw it at me constantly like an artillery barrage.

It was much worse back in the first few months of this ordeal for me, back when this situation first blindsided me and I was more or less knocked on my ass by it. Back then, I was so terrified by the situation and in such a state of anxiety that I was allowing myself to believe everything that these entities were telling me. My whole situation had progressed and fallen apart so rapidly. I had only just taken up EVP just a few short months before and had quit recording after just two months when I started to hear these harassing voices that I had been hearing on my recordings…outside of my recordings.

By April of 2015, my situation had become a living nightmare. I was at the time hearing these harassing voices on a constant basis 24/7. I was also experiencing an escalation in the physical abuse as well. I would feel weird vibrations on my body, bites and stings, as well as the feeling that something was latched on to me. Sometimes it was like I could sense its slight weight. I also experienced a few occasions at that time where I had very vivid visions. I was hardly able to eat or sleep during those first few weeks so I’m sure that this was a large factor and it probably made my perception to these disturbing things even worse.

  I know that most people do not have such terrible experiences with EVP, but sometimes it can turn into an absolute disaster like this. I do not know much about psychic abilities or extra-sensory perceptions, but in most of the cases of this situation that I’ve seen, from the time when the person first started engaging in spirit communication to the time that they started hearing the voices outside of the recordings with just their ears, it’s usually a rapid sequence of events. In my own situation, it took about two months for me to start hearing the harassing voices outside of the recordings. Most of the other cases that I’ve seen are very similar, the time from starting out to being struck with this condition is usually just a matter of a few weeks or months it seems. Of course, there are differences in different cases however.

I do suspect that a certain percentage of people are more vulnerable and at risk of this occurring. Call it psychic hearing, enhanced hearing, etc.. I can’t say with certainty, but when this situation strikes, the individual usually establishes contact with these unknown entities rather quickly and the communication becomes quite intense which is often carried out over a close period of time, meaning, that the communication becomes routine for a while. This I believe, is when one truly enters the danger zone.

  When the situation strikes, it can be gradual at first, but then strikes full force. In my situation, in March of 2015, I was experiencing escalating incidents of hearing these voices more and more each day. Then literally over the course of a single morning in early April (of 2015) I started hearing these voices on a continuous basis. I’ll never forget that day. I was at work, it was mid-morning and all of a sudden I began to hear numerous voices within my head. Up to this point, I had mostly been hearing the voices speaking to me over various background noises. But that morning, when my situation seemed to explode to an extreme level, I was hearing them not only through background noises, but also speaking to me from within my head very clearly. Needless to say, this caused me extreme panic and I told my boss that I wasn’t feeling well and I left work. I immediately headed home. I was harassed by these voices the whole way. I would call out of work for the next week and I could do little else but lie in bed all day (but unable to rest) and face the onslaught and the barrage of these constant and menacing voices.

November 23, 2016

  The malicious female sounding voice that I simply call “#1” has been quite vocal and indeed very malicious this evening. She has been my primary tormentor throughout this whole ordeal and I even remember hearing her voice quite often on my EVP recordings back in 2015.  She appeared on my recordings towards the end, when other negative voices started to appear and my overall experience with EVP essentially “flipped” and went from being a fascinating experience, to becoming a rather frightening one.

“you have no idea”

 I just heard her say to me.  I heard this statement from her numerous times. It appears to be one of her favorite lines anymore. There seems to be no reasoning with her. I’ve tried. There doesn’t appear to be “anybody home.” She seems completely caught up with her own malevolence. She’s constantly spewing critical and negative comments at me. She’s constantly trying to break me down, to make me hate myself, but she fails because she is a tyrant and her opinion of me means very little to me. She acts psychotic and is constantly lashing out at me. I’ve heard her say things like “we feed on human suffering”, “we suffer so we’re going to make you suffer”, “we feed on fear.”

 Is any of this true? I simply don’t know. I take everything I hear with a grain of salt, especially from her. Whenever I’ve become seriously angered over this situation, she’s usually the root cause. There is no reasoning with her, she’s a complete and total brick wall and she’s apparently insane. 

  Some may think me cruel to say such things, but they haven’t had to live with hearing her voice and all that she spews for the last year and a half. Her words have no effect on me now. I give them no regard. She’s an oppressor with no consideration for anyone else it seems to me, so I’m simply not interested in anything that she has to say at all. Ignoring her seems to be the best option.

November 17, 2016

Another day of these voices. For much of the day I was hearing a steady barrage of insults and threats from them.  I’ve been trying to read in peace this evening but they’re constantly trying to create a disturbance, but all and all, I was quite indifferent to them today.  I’m hearing them now, mostly the voices are coming in over the noise of my heating system located in my utility closet, but there seems to also be a few whispery voices coming from other parts of the room.  I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that they have been following me around constantly, literally everyday going on a year and a half now.  Right now, as I write this they are causing a throbbing sensation on my left leg. Usually I’ll feel the physical sensations and disturbances at night while I’m trying to sleep. Usually it’s these strange vibration sensations.

 Other times it feels like these small orbs, perhaps around the size of a marble, perhaps even smaller, are landing on me and moving around. It’s very strange and hard to describe. In the first few weeks of this situation, back in April of 2015, these physical disturbances would often cause me real pain. At times, whenever I got into bed, it seemed like something small was biting the side of my body. One night (and fortunately this only happened once) it felt like something the size of a golf ball was moving around and vibrating inside of my body. It even traveled through my head which was extremely disturbing to experience. Fortunately, all that extreme stuff has died down for me quite a bit. The physical sensations are still extremely aggravating to experience, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep, but as disturbing as they are now, they usually don’t cause me any intense pain like they used to do. Though every once and a while, I’ll feel a sharp prickling sensation.

  Sometimes, I’ll also feel this slight electric shock sensation, usually around my feet. They did this to me a couple of times while I was driving which angered me quite a bit. It seems that they could only do this very briefly.  This shocking sensation doesn’t seem to be something that they can keep up for any extended period of time. Perhaps it requires too much energy on their part.

But they certainly don’t lack energy when it comes to chattering. The chattering is non-stop, constant. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to hone in my focus on something else, but the voices are still there, if I listen I’ll always hear them.  If I’m around a lot of steady background noise, then that’s when it’s the worse. They seem to use the noise to project their voices so that I hear them louder. Back in the spring and summer of 2015, I experienced this effect to an extreme degree. Back then, it seemed like anything that made a steady background noise would be emitting voices. Things such as fans, running water, car engines, passing cars, driving with the window down on a windy day, rain…pretty much anything that made a steady noise, these harassing voices would emerge from.

  This is still the case to a degree today, but not nearly now at such an extreme level. This strange effect seemed to wear off some on its own, though it is still ongoing. I’m hearing voices right now over the sound of my heating system. It’s all garbage. I’m just hearing the same old garbage from them. Trying to have a conversation with them is like talking to a brick wall. It always comes back to the same type of garbage. Holding conversations with them is what got me into this mess in the first place. I started having conversations with them back when I was messing around with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) for just two months back in the winter of 2015. My endeavor with this proved successful to a remarkable degree and within just a short amount of time as. 

My experimenting was seemingly fascinating during the first month, but during the second month, my recordings came to be filled with negative voices hurling threats, insults and profanity at me. By the end of the second month, this situation became a nightmare when I began hearing these tormenting voices outside of the recordings with just my ears. For a few weeks, the situation seemed to escalate by the day and by early April of 2015, I was hearing these menacing voices on a continuous basis. At this point I was also experiencing the physical disturbances to a more intense degree as well.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

  In my own situation and in many others that I’ve seen, when we first started picking up numerous voices by means of EVP or Spirit Boxes, the majority of the voices that we were hearing were all seemingly benign of not outwardly friendly in nature. I remember that during the month of January, 2015 (when I first started experimenting with EVP), the voices that I was hearing on my recordings were all seemingly kind for the most part. Many would say “Hi Brian” or “Hello Brian” when I first started my recording sessions.

  My recording sessions at the time were mainly focused on attempting to gather personal information about them.  I would ask them for their names, where they lived, when they lived, when they were born, etc…  These voices that I was hearing on my recordings all sounded very human. I just assumed that I was communicating with the spirits of human beings that had passed on to the other side.  I do not in the slightest deny that I was very…very naïve back then.  These voices sounded human, therefore they must be human. They seemed nice, therefore they must be nice. This was my extremely limited view of the situation at the time and it would end up having very serious consequences for me.

To this day, many of the voices that I hear still sound very human. Sometimes, if I’m hearing the voices coming in over the sound of a steady background noise, there will be a distortion to the voice, but for the most part, the voices that I hear do still sound human. But I certainly realize now that this does not necessarily mean that they are.

  I have experienced deception and lies at the hands of these voices that I originally heard on my EVP recordings to extreme degrees.  Just because they sound human at times does not mean that they are. I’m not saying here that they aren’t human either. What I am saying is that they can be very clever (this negative element), I simply state that I do not know what their origins are. This is the big mystery and that it will remain for me.

  What did happen is that after about a month of recording and hearing only these more benign and kinder voices, I began to notice the arrival of some rather less than polite voices on my recordings. It started off slight at first, a random insult here, some random profanity there, but it grew worse as the days went on. Within the span of just a few short weeks, the nature of my recordings had completely changed. Where in the first month of recording, I found the whole experience to be extremely fascinating, during the second month, my experience quickly became rather disturbing. It got to the point towards the end of the second month that practically every EVP session that I did, every recording session that I made, was filled with these malicious voices and from there, I was soon hearing these negative voices outside of my recordings with just my ears.

I have seen this flipping of the situation in numerous other cases as well and it does in fact go well beyond just EVP and Spirit Boxes. I have seen this sudden turnaround in the nature of the initial contact in cases involving Automatic Writing, Pendulums, and Ouija Boards as well. I truly believe that the means of channeling are not the major factor. What is a more significant factor, is your willingness to communicate. Prolonged contact/communication is a major factor as well.

In my own case, once I captured my first few EVPs, doing EVP sessions became an almost nightly routine for me during those two months back in the winter of 2015. I allowed myself to be lured in by the curiosity of it all. I have seen this in other cases as well. Intense and prolonged communication with these unknown entities could very easily place one at great risk of this situation developing.

November 17, 2016

There is no denying it, whatever my initial intentions were when first setting out to experiment with EVP, what it quickly progressed into was channeling.  I was channeling by means of EVP and I was in almost nightly communication with unknown entities for two months back in the winter of 2015.  I think that this is a very important factor and a key component in all of this because I think this prolonged communication level of contact is truly where the danger zone lies. My situation progressed rapidly. Within just under two months, I had already begun to hear the malicious voices that I started hearing on my recordings, outside of my recordings.  My experience with EVP for those two months was brief but very intense.  After just a couple of weeks from when I started, I was hearing numerous voices on every single recording that I made. I would hear this same level of voices on my recordings at any location as well. I did recording sessions in my home, I did them at my work, once I even did a recording session in my car while driving home from work. On all of these recordings, I was hearing the same level of voices.

  I began to realize that location really had nothing to do with it, it was me. In a sense, I had turned on a big, shining floodlight. I was transmitting my willingness to communicate out into another dimension and my call was answered though in truth, I knew not by whom.  But at the time I was simply overcome with amazement at how I was capturing all of these EVPs and hearing all of these voices on my recordings.

  The majority of these voices were very faint and it took a little while before I was able to hear them more clearly. I achieved this by going over my recordings, listening to them several times in a row. I began to notice that many of the voices were not actually embedded on the recordings at all but that I was hearing voices speaking to me in real time each time that I would listen to a particular recording.  I would often hear different voices saying different things. This was not always the case, but it did happen rather frequently. As time progressed, it was as if I was hearing into much deeper levels of the recordings. I can’t stress this enough; a very significant change took place in how these recordings sounded to me between the first couple of weeks and just a month later.

  Something with my hearing rapidly changed and I believe in part, it rapidly changed because I was making doing EVP sessions almost a nightly routine for me. These routine and intense EVP sessions, this sustained level of contact for these two months had a major effect upon my hearing. Within two months, I was hearing harassing and abusive voices outside of my recordings. A month after that occurred, I was hearing these tormenting voices on a continuous basis. 

I look back now with much regret about ever getting involved with EVP in the first place. My experience became a complete and total nightmare. I know that not everyone’s experiences with EVP turn the same way. Some run into little or no trouble at all. But sometimes it does go bad. Sometimes it does turn into a disaster. I used EVP as a means of channeling. I achieved communication level contact with unknown intelligent entities and I turned it into a nightly routine. This prolonged exposure to and contact with these unknown entities led me to be stricken with a condition of hearing voices and also experiencing very real physical disturbances. I was naïve as hell and ran right into the situation without ever giving much regard to any possible dangers. 

At the time, I simply would never have imagined that I would be hit with a condition of hearing voices outside of the recordings at the level that I did.  But that is in fact what occurred and it occurred quickly and when it finally struck in full force in early April of 2015, it essentially sent me into a state of complete and total psychosis. I didn’t even want to leave my home; the voices were bombarding me so constantly and so severely.

I would caution anyone about taking up EVP at all, but I just want to note in this post that I believe the prolonged and intense level of contact that I had with these unknown entities was the major factor in what led to the events that followed.

November 13, 2016

  For the past few weeks, I have been hearing these familiar voices often repeating a particular phrase to me.  I’ll hear them say this at least a few times a day. The phrase is

“you were supposed to be a psychic.”

  I reply in thought “if this is what being a psychic is like, then no thank you.”

  What do they mean by this phrase? I don’t really know. It’s possible that they don’t mean anything at all by it as they often seem to like to throw out these mind twister phrases in an effort to just get you thinking about stuff.

  Do I consider this whole situation to be some type of psychic phenomenon? Well perhaps it is maybe, but I can’t say so for sure with absolute certainty. What I do know is that I experimented with EVP briefly in the winter of 2015. I began to hear voices on my recordings, a lot of voices, then after about two months, I began to hear the voices outside of my recordings. I have heard these voices to varying degrees ever since.


  I suppose that when I first started doing EVP back in 2015, I did not set out to use it as a means of channeling spirits. I suppose I was more just trying to see if there was actually anything to it. I had been watching a lot of paranormal themed shows and reading a lot of Victorian-era ghost stories at the time and for some reason, the idea of trying EVP popped into my head and unfortunately I allowed myself to entertain this idea to the point where I gave it a try.

  Was I naïve back then…yes, of course I fully admit that now. The situation, once it started, moved so rapidly, that I did in fact use EVP as a means of channeling spirits. But what do they mean that I was supposed to be a psychic? In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. What I did back in 2015 I regret doing now. I did not expect to hear these voices like this and I would certainly rather not hear them at all. I’ve learned over time to take everything that they say with a serious grain of salt, so I am now not in any type of position where I would ever gladly receive messages from them. I just don’t want to hear voices like this at all. I’ve asked the voices more times than I can count to simply leave me alone, but they always just ignore me on this. They don’t respect my privacy so I don’t really care about attempting to engage with them in any type of meaningful conversation any longer. I’ve already tried that. I’m not going to buy into anything that they say to me that relates to what I was or am supposed to be according to their opinions.This is my life and I journey through it in my own way, based on my own decisions.

“you were supposed to be a psychic.”

Does that mean that I’m supposed to gladly embrace hearing these intrusive voices at this level?  I’ll pass.  If there’s anything psychic about this whole experience, then that’s just it’s very nature and there isn’t a whole lot that I can do about that. But I’d rather focus on just going about my day to day life and continuing to move away from the door that I opened to these voices back in 2015.

One of the more bizarre and extreme forms of contact that I’ve had with this intrusive and negative group of spirits that I was unfortunate enough to encounter while doing EVP recordings back in the winter of 2015 has been receiving voice mail messages from them and also real time direct phone calls. My first phone call incident occurred back while I was still doing EVP recordings, back before things took a turn towards the nightmarish.

  One day while I was at work, I received a phone call. I answered the call like I normally would and what I heard on the other end was numerous people talking. These voices that I heard were not necessarily talking to me, or at least I could not tell if they were. I was simply hearing people talking. One comparison would be to imagine being on the phone and hearing (on the other end) the sound of people talking down a hallway or in another room. During this mysterious phone call, I was not hearing voices talking directly to me through the phone, but it was more like someone left a phone off the hook in a room full of people and I was hearing numerous real time conversations taking place. I couldn’t really make out the particulars of what was being said, I was simply hearing these voices speaking all at once. I thought this call rather strange and after a few moments, I hung up the phone thinking that it was probably a wrong number.

  I thought nothing more of that mysterious phone call until after a few nights later, while I was listening to and reviewing a recording of an EVP session that I had just done. On that particular recording, I heard a voice say “We called you.”  It didn’t take more than a brief moment for me to figure out what this phrase meant. My mind immediately went back to that mysterious phone call that I had received at work just a few days prior.

  I suppose that at the time, I simply felt amazement over this phone call incident. At this point during my experience with EVP, I was still only hearing kinder and more benign voices. I had not yet reached a point where the negative voices started to appear on my recordings. But during March of 2015, after I had experienced hearing these negative voices both on my recordings and outside of my recordings, I began to have even more bizarre incidents involving voice mails and direct phone calls.

March of 2015 was what I call a month of escalation. It was during this month that I began to have more and more incidents of hearing these voices with just my ears as well as first starting to experience physical sensations and phenomenon, but at this point, it was not on as much of a continuous level as it would soon be during the next month.  I remember a few occasions where I came into work and found voicemails with these same voices on them saying rather strange and unsettling things.  I had quit doing EVP by this point, but I could tell by the quality and the nature of the voices on these voicemails, that it was most likely from the same group that had been harassing me for the previous few weeks.

Then one afternoon while I was at work, I received a phone call. The caller sounded like a young man who was enquiring about a job. There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary or even remotely paranormal about this call, the thought did not even cross my mind initially. The voice was as regular sounding and as clear as any normal phone call. I informed the young sounding man on the phone that we were not hiring at this time and at this point, he started to act quite belligerent towards me. At this point I suspected that this was some kind of prank call, but the thought of it being anything paranormal had still not crossed my mind. Aside from the prank call nature of it, there was nothing out of the ordinary about this phone call. That changed when I recognized a young sounding female voice speak up in the background and say 

“is that Brian?”

  This voice…this voice I would recognize anywhere. This voice was my primary tormentor. I had been hearing her ever since I was still recording EVPs. She arrived at the same time the other negative voices began to appear on my recordings. Her voice was always the same in its distinctness and harassing tone, there was no mistaking it.  I had heard her voice clear as day in the background. At that point I hung up the phone, a little shaken up.

During the next month (April, 2015) my situation exploded to an extreme and terrifying level.  I was now hearing these tormenting voices on a constant 24/7 basis and at a much more extreme level. That same younger sounding female voice was still my primary tormentor, I began to refer to her as “#1” as she seemed to be taking the lead in torturing me, though I was also at that time hearing many other voices as well.

Once things got to this extreme level, I started receiving these phone calls or I should more accurately say prank calls from these menacing spirits all the time. I would say, looking back now, that I probably received these phone calls a few times a week for the first few months of this ordeal.  These calls were not nearly as clear as that once call I had received back in March… the phony job enquiry call. With these calls, I would typically hear the phone ring, I would answer it and hear “#1’s” voice, very crackly and distorted, making derogatory comments towards me. One thing of particular note here, I always…always received these mysterious phone calls on the land line at my work. I never once received one of these direct phone calls on my cell phone, it was always my work phone.

These prank calls continued for many months. With the passage of time however, it seemed like the quality of the voice (which was always #1’s voice) seemed to become more distorted and less recognizable. Just like with many other aspects of my situation, it seems like once I was able to get a better handle on my emotions, a lot of the “shock & awe” activity seemed to fizzle out and fade away. I truly do get the impression, looking back now, that my fear and anxiety was feeding them and their ability to pull off these kinds of stunts. I’m glad to report now, that I haven’t experienced a single phone call incident in many months. I don’t even remember the last time that it occurred, it was such a while ago.

  By not allowing these phone calls to shock me anymore in anyway caused them to cease I believe.  At least this chapter of my ordeal seems to be closed, but I know I still have much work to do to more fully recover from these powerful experiences

November 12, 2016

I was out an about early this morning. I was doing a bit of side work, winterizing a swimming pool at a house along the bay, not too far from Atlantic City. It was a rather chilly morning. I had slept rather well the night before. Of course, there was some of the usual disturbances, but nothing too severe.  The sleep-aid did its job rather quickly and efficiently. Things had actually seemed to improve during the previous few days. I could still hear the voices, but sometimes they’re so faint, so in the background, that I wonder if I’m really hearing them or if I’m just replaying in my mind the memory of hearing them.  It seems like that’s the case sometimes, other times it seems like that’s not the case.

  The voices were not particularly noticeable or troubling this morning. I was only hearing them in this half-recognition manner, so they weren’t much of a bother to me. My work this morning consisted of lowering the water level down in the swimming pool, exposing the return lines, and from there I used a strong air blower to blow air through the plumbing lines to clear them of water and then I plug them up so that no water gets back into these lines over the winter, when the temperatures could get below freezing.  If enough water remained in these lines, then the possibility exists of the water in the lines freezing and cracking the pipes.

  So, for some while, I had my air blower going, which makes a rather loud and steady noise. Over the noise of the air blower, the voices came. The voices came on strong. It was the usual voices that I always hear. They were speaking their usual non-sense, trying to be intimidating. It never really works on me anymore, so I really don’t know why they bother. Acting in this malicious way seems to be ingrained in this group I have following me around. I hate to rush to judgmental conclusions, but I’m really not rushing at all. I’ve been hearing some of these same voices for well over a year and a half now. I haven’t seen much change in their manner. I’ve seen more change in the intensity that I hear them.They still always seem to be judgmental and critical of me, so I don’t really feel that bad if I come to a few judgmental conclusions of my own.

When I heard them over the noise of the air blower though, I knew that I was really hearing them in real time. This was no mere memory of hearing them. I’m sure that the mind can play some powerful tricks like that. I’ve often figured that if the voices suddenly just all of a sudden went away one day, I’d probably still hear them for a while just in my memory.  The voices can be so constant at times that this is one of the after effects for me. It’s almost comparable to a song being stuck in your head I suppose. 

But there they were this morning, very clear and present. I didn’t let it interfere with my work though. In a sense, sometimes I hear them, but I don’t really listen. I don’t really take in and process the things that they are saying. I can often remain indifferent. It’s always the same kind of empty threat talk and over opinionated judgments. I didn’t ask for their opinions anyway so what does it matter. They are a part of the background now, but I can get along ok these days. Some night’s it’s still a fight for sleep, but all and all I often these days, take a moment and reflect upon how lucky I am to have made it through the worst of it, for the most part in one piece. I still have a constant feeling that I’m never truly alone (what bliss that would be for me), that there is always this presence around me. That’s something I hope I’ll learn to better deal with in time.

November 10, 2016

On some days, I feel like my mind is an open door, it’s hinges broken, through which these chattering and intrusive voices come and go as they please.  Sometimes it seems like they are having some kind of gathering in my home. Sometimes it seems like I am surrounded by them. I often wonder why they spend so much of their time following me around constantly. They seem hell bent on driving me to some kind of breaking point. They know that they will not succeed, but they endeavor in this anyway.


  In recent weeks, I’ve been experiencing a very high pitched ringing in my ears again.  It’s strange, but on one occasion, I’ll hear this ringing in one of my ears, then on another occasion, I’ll hear it in my other ear. To the best of my recollection, I do not hear the ringing in both ears at the same time.  If I listen attentively to this, within the ringing there are voices. This is by no means the only way that I hear these voices however. I still hear them in numerous ways like I always have. I still primarily hear them the loudest when I hear them coming in over a source of steady background noise. Then when I am in silence, I will often hear fainter, more whispery voices. But recently, when I’ve heard the voices, it is often accompanied by this ringing in one of my ears.

This ringing was something that I experienced in April of 2015, when my situation of hearing abusive and intrusive voices was at its peak. The presence of this ringing in my ears seemed to indicate the level at which I was hearing these voices, at least at this time.  I first started hearing voices with just my ears in late February, 2015, while I was still engaged in recording for EVP. During the next month (March) the incidents of hearing these voices seemed to steadily escalate and by early April, I was hearing these voices at a very intense and very constant level.

During the first few weeks of April, I would often hear this same high pitched ringing in one of my ears, only back then, it was even stronger. I remember thinking to myself “this must be the sound of my mind shattering into a thousand pieces.” That’s exactly what it felt like…my mind shattering. Well after some time has passed, I wouldn’t say now that it’s shattered, but life is different now, I’m different, my world is different. There are voices in my world now, voices that come and go and I still haven’t figured out yet how much it’s possible to make myself not hear them. I deal with it each day, one day at a time. I try not to dwell too much on the future, nor on the past. That doesn’t do me any good.

  I’ve made it this far. There’s still allot of life for me to live so I’m going to try and live it, voices be damned. I don’t think about or much care what they even say anymore. It’s usually just the same masquerade of deception, maybe with a new spin every once and awhile, but underneath it’s the same. I guess writing in this blog is like telling someone about it. Sometimes, I guess I feel the need to tell someone. There aren’t many I can tell.  Hardly anyone believes me. This isn’t something that’s really understood yet so how can I expect them to understand. 

Maybe I’m speaking to no one here, but that’s ok, I’m just speaking about it and sometimes that helps me. Maybe someday someone will read this, someone that’s going through something similar. I truly hope no one has to, but if no one believes them either, at least they’ll know that they are not alone.

Back in the winter of 2015, a few weeks into my personal experimenting with EVP, I began to experiment with various “carrier sounds,” or I would use steady sources of noise such as the white noise of a television, a running fan, or a running shower, to create a steady source of background noise so that I could capture these voices that I was hearing on my recordings even louder. I had some success with this. There were even a few occasions where I heard these voices in real time, literally at the time that I was recording. At the time, I had no idea about the living nightmare that my experience with EVP would descend into, but looking back now, I wish that I had gotten out right then and there. 

  To this day, I still hear these intrusive voices coming in over sources of steady background noise, only now it is even stronger and on a daily basis. Back in the Spring of 2015, when my situation was at its worse, it was as if any sound that I heard was being mutated and distorted into these menacing voices.  All of my descriptions with mere words will fall short of the mark here, it was truly an unsettling experience.

  Aside from the few incidents that I had of hearing these voices with just my ears while I was experimenting with carrier sounds, my nightmare truly began one day in late February (2015) when I heard menacing voices coming in very loud and clear over the noise of a running fan at my work. This time, I heard them louder and clearer and more continuously than any other previous incident.

  In the weeks that followed, I began to experience ever increasing incidents of hearing these voices coming in over various background noises. I remember incidents of hearing them over the noise of my stereo, my television, my shower, my stove as I boiled water… if anything generated a steady noise, I began to hear these voices emerging from it.  I am happy to report that now, at this point, this strange phenomenon has weakened a significant degree. I no longer hear voices emerging out of just about any steady background noise. Even though I do still hear these voices in this manner on a daily basis, now it seems that they can only effectively carry their voices over with allot of volume and clarity if the background noise is stronger. This is true for the most part. Though things often shift back and forth with this situation. But it does seem like this mysterious phenomenon of hearing the voices in this way is indeed weakening with time.

 Voices from the Refrigerator

January, 2017

Tonight I was hearing numerous voices  speaking through the noise of my refrigerator. It’s literally like there were conversations going on inside my frig and most of it was directed at me.

I know how truly bizarre that this must sound to many people…but this is the kind of crazy surreal shit that happens sometimes during a haunting or an Entity Attachment situation. Sometimes you could hear voices in bizarre and unsettling ways coming from unlikely places (well, that were once thought unlikely).

I’ve heard voices emerging from the noise of fans, running water, my car engine, the wind, the rain….driving with the windows down on a windy day is a big one….and much more.

That’s what it is, that is what these attachment situations can look like in some cases. It might not be something you’d expect to see in a Hollywood horror movie…but that’s just the movies now isn’t it.

Tonight, the voices have been emerging from the noise of my frig…that’s where I’ve been hearing them. These days this is nothing surprising or even new to me. But yeah, in the very beginning of all of this, I found hearing these voices emerging from so many things to be quite unsettling. But with time I adapted and desensitized myself to it.

Clairaudience Psychic Attack

January, 2017

 Earlier this evening I was just browsing around on the internet. I’ve been doing this quite a bit recently. I wish that I wouldn’t and I’ll try and stop because I keep going to sites related to spiritual things, the paranormal, etc…

For quite a while after I developed this condition of hearing these intrusive voices, I was looking for answers or any insight that might be useful to me. So, I did read up a lot on spiritual and paranormal subjects. I bought a lot of books and spent a lot of money and I did read up on this subject quite a bit.

I wouldn’t say that I found a lot of answers, mostly just perspectives, opinions….which I expected. Recently, I just grew very weary of all of it and one day, I went around my condo and I threw away all of my books pertaining to spirits and the paranormal. 

Basically, all this was doing was making me think about all of this more. I did not find the magic solution to making these voices disappear for good. I was just filling my head with more notions about the paranormal and quite frankly, I just began to have a change of heart about all pursuing this research into the matter.

I don’t regret throwing all of those books away at all. To some degree, yes I’m confronted with this spiritual situation that is still very much ongoing, but filling my head with more stuff about it did me no good because so much of it was just speculation and theories and I get that this is just how it is but, it was just leaving me more confused in the end.  This isn’t really the type of field where there’s certified experts everywhere. People have many beliefs on the matter and that’s just what it is. But reading about this subject all the time just had me going around in circles and I just grew tired of it.

Maybe I can’t walk away from it completely in my situation, but I can try and I believe that there is something in trying to. So I’ve been trying not to research this, but just try and take my focus off of it as much as I can.

All in all I think I’ve been doing pretty good with this. I’m starting to get back into some of my old pursuits from before all of this happened. But, sometimes when I’m browsing the web, I find myself relapsing a bit and ending up reading about something pertaining to some spiritual or paranormal subject.

I relapsed with this tonight I’d say. I found myself reading a few web post and watching a few videos about clairaudience. All of these articles and videos that I found were from the perspective of people that thought clairaudience was a good thing in their lives and there were many people commenting on these websites that wanted to develop clairaudience for themselves.

I was not at all surprised by this. Opening up “psychic” abilities and perceptions is something that some people have always aspired to do. Maybe the idea of it is just more popular these days perhaps.

I guess I’ll be a voice that holds an opinion that comes from the opposite direction. Personally, I feel that if one is not currently hearing voices, then it would probably be best if they didn’t seek to intentionally start hearing voices. 

Obviously my experience with clairaudience has been a personal nightmare and struggle so, I fully admit that my opinion may be biased here. But I’ll tell you this, intentionally trying to hear voices with just your natural senses that originate from somewhere else is not always safe.

I really don’t believe it’s the kind of situation where you get this prolonged trial and error period where you can always make this turn out as you want it to in the end.  If you are successful in opening up a clairaudience perception and you start hearing the kind of voices that you didn’t want to hear, you could end up in a situation like my own and trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear these kinds of voices. So in summary I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you don’t hear voices, don’t intentionally try to, it’s just one of those situations where you’d be taking a huge risk.


 Headphones & the Rabbit Hole

February 2, 2017

12:06 am

I haven’t tried to go to sleep yet. I’m sure that when I do “they” will mess with me. I’ll see how it goes.

One thing that happened tonight, I was  watching something on my computer with headphones plugged in and I heard a voice say something really loud. It was literally like something was right next to me and spoke. In a way, I kind of deal with that all of the time, but I’ve gotten used to the voices that I hear in a regular basis, they kind of have a distinct quality to them. Sometimes they are stronger, sometimes they are weaker, but I recognize the sound of their voices because I’m so used to hearing them.

This one voice that I heard tonight seemed to come out of no where and it seemed tonight in general, have the headphones on seemed to make the voices much stronger than usual.

In a way, I think that it was using headphones while listening to my EVP recordings back in 2015 that really altered my hearing. A little while after I started experimenting with EVP, I got a $100 set of headphones.

I knew that I was capturing many fainter voices deep down in the recordings, but I initially had trouble making out what these fainter voices were saying. So I decided, since I was experiencing something so profound and fascinating ( at this time I still thought that I was communicating with benevolent spirits) that I would spend a little money on a good set of headphones, hoping that this would make a difference. 

Well, I do think that it made a difference alright, but not in a good way, though that was still unknown to me at the time. Back then, I was still blindly venturing into a very dangerous situation and I had no clue what was eventually going to happen. But once I started going over those recordings with my new and expensive headphones on, it was as if those fainter voices all of a sudden came into focus.

  I also realized that I was not always hearing the same things when I meticulously went over these recordings. Sometimes I would hear different and new things each time that I listened to a particular recording. I was often hearing these voices real time when I was listening.

I found that the clearer/louder voices tended to remain on the recording, but the fainter ones, the ones deeper down in the noise would often change. Often these voices would make a comment regarding something that was relevant to then and there so I know that sometimes they were speaking to me in real time even though that particular recording could have been a few weeks old.

I was hearing all sorts of weird things deeper down in the noise once I had attuned my ears to it.  This is when the overall nature of my experience with EVP began to change. I’d say this is also when my journey down the rabbit hole truly began as well.

Attachment From Doing EVP

Febraury 2, 2017

8:14 pm

 These voices are damn annoying this evening. I’m also getting the ringing in my ears again tonight. I think that “they” are causing this intentionally, in fact, I’m quite sure of it. I was never quite sure if they can cause it, or if it was a side effect of being around them. Perhaps it’s a case of both sometimes, but tonight it does seem like they are purposely causing me to hear this ringing in my ears and it’s been a little more intense that usual.

Last night  wasn’t so great, but I think that it was partly my own fault, I stayed up a little too late. I woke up twice during the night but I can’t say if it was because of them. For whatever reason I just didn’t sleep well. But, they could certainly have been the reason, I don’t doubt that. Hopefully tonight goes better. This escalation of messing with me while I’m trying to sleep continues.

I’ve been tempted to turn the heating in my condo off again as that seriously reduces the strength of the voices, but it’s winter and the last time that I did that, I woke up freezing cold. But that is true in my case with hearing them the loudest if there’s a background noise going. They project their voices over sources of steady noise, I’ve experienced this since the very beginning. If I eliminate those sources of sound, the strength of the voices is much reduced.

  The voices are usually still there, but much weaker, often more whispery. But, sometimes when I’m having a bad night, I just have to tough out. I’m not willing to shut the heating off and being cold. I have to stand my ground. It will pass, it always does. It just seems like right now “they” are deliberately trying to turn things up a notch and it can be very aggravating obviously. But during the day I’m fine. They are much weaker then when I’m keeping myself occupied.


February 3, 2017

7:05 am

I lucked out last night. I got to sleep with no trouble at all. 

8:20 pm

The voices just started acting up. I was fine all day. It seems like they literally go on the offensive a few few hours before I turn in. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep quickly, we’ll see. But they’ve been a real pain in the ass at night recently.

10:12 pm

I just took two doses of sleep-aid, just waiting here for it to kick in. This is the time of night when “they” start escalating things. At least that’s how it has been for the past few weeks.

Just recently, I found two more people, or I should say, I saw two more accounts of this situation of people doing EVP and they ended up hearing the voices outside of the recordings. These were just brief accounts, they were actually comments to a couple of videos on the web, but yeah, that’s what they stated. Actually, one of the people said it happened after using a Spirit Box for a little while. I’ve seen quite a few cases of that as well, it’s the same situation, which can be brought about by various means of Spirit communication.

I suppose the difference now as say to the late 19th century when channeling and Spirit communication was also very popular, is that now with the internet, these accounts get put out there a little more. They are not always easy to find, but there is a trail of personal accounts like these scattered across cyberspace. I just hope that in the future, more people start putting two and two together and word of this particular danger involving these activities reaches more people. 

I know that when I first started doing EVP, I had no idea that it could possibly result in me hearing voices at a psychosis level. I had no idea at all, that’s why I was completely blindsided by it. It was a surprise attack essentially. I hope that at least in some way, documenting the tactics of these malevolent entries take some of that surprise advantage away from them.

February 4, 2017

12:09 am

It’s been a brutal night so far. I just tried to go to sleep….no go, I was feeling stuff all over me, jabs vibrations…just the overall feeling of things moving around on me. It was pretty bad. They definitely seem to be putting a lot of focus recently on the physical sensations at night.

 I just took 3 more doses of sleep-aid, that’s like 5 so far tonight. I’m just waiting now for it to kick in.  I only have about one dose left then I’m completely out. I’ll have to run out tomorrow and grab some more. With how it’s been recently with these physical disturbances at night, I honestly don’t think that I would get any sleep at all if I didn’t have any sleep-aids on hand. Unfortunately, for now they are still a necessity.

8:28 am

When I went back to bed last night after my last entry, I passed out almost right away. But, it took me a few doses of sleep-aid to accomplish that. I used it all up and will have to pick up some more this morning.

Things are calmer now this morning. I’m just currently hearing some background chatter. It does seem that at night, just prior to turning in is when they hit me the most. Hopefully this will pass soon.




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