Ravenwood Manor

Ravenwood Manor

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



When 18 year old Carly Nightshadow gets dared to enter the notorious Ravenwood Manor, she begins her hunt for the paranormal, but soon things take a much darker turn and now Carly has to try to find a way out of the manor or die in it...
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When 18 year old Carly Nightshadow gets dared to enter the notorious Ravenwood Manor, she begins her hunt for the paranormal, but soon things take a much darker turn and now Carly has to try to find a way out of the manor or die in it...

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Accident

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 04, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 04, 2017



The storm that night kept me awake; some would say that the sound of rain hitting your window and roof would help anyone fall asleep. But not me, I see storms as the worst type of omen there is, Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I hate storms it’s only a past experience that makes me fear them, they are a constant reminder of what happened that night…

It was 3 years ago, I was in the car with a couple of my friends, We were on our way to a Halloween party thrown by one of the most popular guys at our high school, It was raining pretty hard at the time, but nothing could keep me and my friends from a good time, I was sitting in the passenger’s seat with my friend Kylie driving and my friend Brenda riding in the back, The stereo stopped playing the music we had on for a weather alert, Brenda was already drinking and Kylie and I wouldn’t touch a drink until we got to the party, Brenda made her way in between the seats to try to change the radio station so she could listen to a song and not some stupid radio station…

“Brenda! Go sit down!” I told her

“I’m not going to listen to some stupid weather report about a little rain”

“I’ll change it so just go sit down!” I said

“No! You listen to terrible music I need to listen to the good ones”

“Whatever Brenda, Maybe Kylie should choose drivers choice right?” I said rolling my eyes

Kylie laughed in the driver’s seat, Brenda kept squirming trying to reach the knob for the radio, Brenda’s right hand slipped from under her and she started to fall, I’m assuming on instinct she grabbed the closest thing she could to stop her from falling, Sadly, That was the steering wheel, and she still fell which made the steering wheel turn right without stopping, the car quickly obeyed the steering wheels command and turned right, the sudden turn made the car flip, at the time we were on the highway and the wet ground didn’t necessarily help keep the car from flipping, I counted how many flips the car made, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and finally stopped halfway, my side was on the ground, I could feel the blood running down my face as I tried to keep my consciousness from fading, there was a sharp pain in my left shoulder and I couldn’t feel my left leg at the time either, I tried to turn my head to see if everyone was okay, Kylie was unconscious and there was no sign of Brenda, then I noticed something and my deepest fear was recognized, there  in the broken windshield was blood and a piece of fabric from Brenda’s Halloween costume, Brenda must have gone out the windshield when we were flipping, tears began to sting my eyes, but the sudden squealing of breaks not too far behind us kept me from crying, I heard 2 doors slam shut and footsteps.

“Is everyone okay?!?” A man’s voice called

“I’m okay! But my friends unconscious!” I called out in the strongest voice I could make

“Hang on there! My wife called 911 and help is on the way!” the man said

I let a sigh of relief, I finally let the tears I had been holding back fall down my face, this wasn’t how this night was supposed to go, we were all supposed to go have fun at the party!, we were going to get drunk and have fun, but now here we are, sitting in the middle of the highway is a totaled car. My thoughts were quickly cut off by a smell, Gasoline, I began to panic, I took off my seat belt and tried to get out of the car, I crawled through the broken remains of the windshield, the glass cutting my hands, I was in pain, I could now see that my left leg was broken and I had a shard of glass in my left shoulder.

I could see the gasoline leaking out of the car and onto the highway, I could also see a small flame inches away from the gas, Kylie was still in the car.

“Hello?! Is anyone still there?!” I called out

I saw a man walking towards me, he was tall, but I couldn’t make out any features, my eyesight was blurry and my conscious was fading

“Gasoline, Kylie, She’s still in the car, Please help her” I said weakly

The man turned around and saw the gasoline and the flame, he quickly ran to the car and tried to unhook Kylies seat belt, it wouldn’t budge, he took out a knife and cut the seat belt, he caught her and quickly exited the car, he made his way over to me and laid her down next to me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, I had lost Brenda, I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t lose her as well, but alas everything started to go black and I blacked out.

I woke up in the hospital, my left leg was in a cast and elevated and my left shoulder was bandaged, I saw my mother sleeping in the chair in the left corner of the room and Kylie at my bedside with my hands between hers with her head down. I thought she must have been praying.

“Kylie?” I said hoarsely

“Carly! Oh my god Carly I thought I was going to lose you too” Kylie said crying

“Too? So does that mean that Brenda’s gone?” I asked

Kylie looked down and answered “Yes, Brenda’s gone”

I was devastated that Brenda was dead, but at the same time I was relieved that I still had Kylie, If I had lost both of them I didn’t know what I’d do, 3 years passed since that day and Kylie and I were still good friends, that accident strengthened our bond, we were best friends and no one could get in between us.

When I decided to go to college in a small town called Veil in Colorado Kylie came with me, she’s my roommate coincidentally as well.

We don’t talk about it much but we will never forget that night, and we will never forget Brenda.

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