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”You didn’t forget me” he said with a grin as he squinted his eyes to look at her. Her soft features melted into the light that poured from her eyes and all Liam could think about how he knew nothing about her — except that she was beautiful. ”I could never”. She stated quietly.

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Submitted: February 04, 2017



Night after night he waited for her, sat up in his bed wide awake and listening carefully. Only when the hushed voices of his parents from down the hall slowly turned into light snores was it time for her to magically appear at the foot of his bed. He didn’t know why she came, or who she was. Sometimes she would look out the window as if she wanted to be somewhere else, he didn’t know where that would be. He was only five years old and completely unaware of the fact that she was dead.

For a five year old, Liam was unusually excited when his mother declared bedtime. This wasn’t anything his parents were overly concerned about, and they were certainly not complaining when Liam insisted on his dad not having to read him a bedtime-story because he was, as he himself put it; …”almost a full grown man now.” He used the same reason trying to bribe his mother into letting him sleep with the bedroom-door closed and the nightlight turned off. He wasn’t afraid of the dark, he said, and even if he was; the moon would be there right outside his window. Watching over him as he rested, safely tucked into the warmth of his dinosaur-printed sheets. ”Sweet dreams you silly moonchild.” His mother would say and purposely leave the door slightly open. Just incase he changed his mind about the dark in the middle of the night. 

She called him a moonchild because that’s what he was.

Liam waited for the house to go quiet, for the hallway light to be turned off, for the squeak of his parents bedroom-door as it closed shut. ”You can come now” he whispered into the dark as he closed his eyes and hid his face in his small hands to make sure wouldn't peak. He knew she wouldn't show up if he was watching. Maybe she was shy or maybe she did not want him to know where she came from. She was a mystery to him.

As a light weight landed on his feet he opened his eyes to see her there. He called her Angel, because he thought she looked like one. She had long golden  wavy hair, draped like a curtain over her pale face, protecting her delicate skin from anything that would want to harm her. Her eyes had no colour. It was as if the moon itself had made his made his way into her orbs and decided never to leave. Liam could never be afraid of the dark when she was there, because she carried with her a light brighter than anything he’d ever seen. Brighter than the fire of the dragons he’d dreamt about when he was younger, brighter than the sun reflected in sand or even the lights he hated so much at the dentist. It was a painfully beautiful light and it hurt his eyes to look at it, but he couldn’t help himself.

”Is it your home, the moon?” He asked when he caught her staring at it. She had been doing that since the first time she’d come for a visit a few weeks earlier. Liam had been meaning to ask her for a while. When she didn’t answer, his five year old mind wandered off into an alternative reality. A world where the three of them were all there was. Only him, her, and the moon for the rest of their life in a placeso quiet and peaceful that nothing else would matter. When his mind came back down to earth Liam noticed how his Angel was looking at him. Observing him with her thin lips pressed into a small smile and her head leaning slightly to the side. ”One day your imagination will get the best of you moonchild, slow your thoughts down.” She said as if she’d heard or seen the story he had built up in his head.  ”My mam calls me that” he answered like she didn’t know. The thing about Angel was that she knew everything, at least Liam thought she did. It seemed almost like she knew all about him, and even after her visiting every night for weeks — he knew nothing about her. Nothing.

When she left that night Liam fell into a deep restless sleep. He tossed and turned in his bed making pillows and blankets and stuffed superheroes end up on the floor. The full moon watched over him and caused his already wild dreams to take unexpected turns throughout the night. They were full of blinking lights and bony fingers that reached towards him where he stood, glued to the ground.

He woke up to the sound of his mother making her way into his room. He closed his eyes the same second he opened them and wished for the evening to arrive early that day.  He wanted to see her again, his Angel. Not go to school and learn how to read and do all the other things he had to do as a five year old. He found it exhausting to be all grown up and would prefer if it was night all the time, he would say and his mother would laugh at him and say ”You won’t be this young forever, moonchild.”

Liam went to bed straight after dinner that night. All dressed in his Ninja Turtles pyjamas, ready for his Angel to come. His father came in and offered to read a story, but Liam answered no. His mother came in and kissed him on the forehead, she suggested that maybe he would sleep better if he left the nightlight on, but Liam answered no.

Long after the voices of his parents had quieted down Angel still had not shown up. Liam was frightened it was because he kept peeking out the window in between his chubby five year old hands. When he was on the very edge of consciousness he felt the familiar weight on his feet. ”You didn’t forget me” he said with a grin as he squinted his eyes to look at her. Her soft features melted into the light that poured from her eyes and all Liam could think about how he knew nothing about her — except that she was beautiful. ”I could never”. She stated quietly. For a short while she looked as if she was going to say something else but when she did not Liam took his chance to ask her about the moon again. As usual she did not answer him and so he continued to ramble about the man in the moon and about his dreams. ”Moonchild”, she interrupted in the middle of his rant. She stood up by the side of his bed and sighed deeply before she continued: ”I have to go. I am not coming back”. Liam’s heart skipped a beat at her words. She was not coming back to him. Never. He couldn’t believe that he was never going to see her again. His best friend. His Angel.

”Take me with you” he begged, and so she reached her hand out for him to take.

He was five years old when his heart stopped beating, leaving his lifeless body in a pile of soft sheets in the glowing light of the moon — the place he now called his home.

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