To Kill A Cricket or Alienation

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A short flash fiction or poem about man's arrogance and apathy for anything seen as less.

Submitted: February 04, 2017

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Submitted: February 04, 2017




It sat atop the crevices of the broken concrete. Permanent, without menace. Not a sound arose from its potentially irritating legs. Its blackness was a clouded nuance to the darkened sky. We were both alone. I among the indigents of an affluent capitalism. A group with an odd propensity for immobilization or stagnation, whichever seemed to fit. Wutg a growing neurotic fear of change. We were alone to consider, for whatever it was worth, the emptiness we both encountered, together.  I don't eat cows or chickens because of murder and yet—with the predatory grace of a tomcat hunting quietly in the decomposed basement of an abandoned house and the fluid motion of a Napoleonic guillotine— my right leg extended while my sweat-shop shoe landed convincingly on top. Black endoskeleton mixed badly with brown bodily fluid and I had killed my only ally. Now recollection lays waste to regret and the only affirmation one can find is that I am unarguably—beyond my own arrogant assertion to the contrary—a man... and the cricket was not.

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