A short story..

You just finished work for the day  and  you head  for  the gym.This is your normal routine. While you are at the gym  lifting , all  of  a sudden you  hear an explosion. Everyone in the gym is stunned and you all  rush outside to see what  caused the explosion. On getting there you see that  there are war planes  dropping  bombs and everyone is running  like chickens without heads. You think  to yourself “Fuck! What do i do?” You look around  to see if you can identify someone you know and  you see your  gym partner. The thought of seeing  someone you know gives you some kind of relief.You rush to him and inquire if he is doing fine.He tells  you that he saw some army tanks heading towards you  guys.So he suggests that  the  both of  you run to the hills for cover. You are scared about of your mind  but you run as fast as  your legs  can carry  you until you get to the hill that is close to the gym. 

On getting there you realise that there are other people  there taking cover  too and  them refuse to let you and your friend take cover.So the two of you are in the open like sitting  ducks.Before  you can  get  think of your  next move your friend is shot in the head by  a sniper as he attempted to run. The bullet  when thru his head  and  exit wound  sent  blood splatting all over your chest. You are  frozen with fear and then you here a solider yell “ HANDS UP!” You fearfully obey his command. Then  you are  handcuffed and  thrown into the  back of  a van, knocked out  because you tried to escape when the little  bit of  adrenaline that you managed to produce  kicked in. 

When you wake up you realise that you are hanging upside down in a poorly lit room. You struggle to get free but that only make the blood rush to your head quicker. You finally  give up and try to get acquainted with your surrounding.The room is small so there is  nothing much to learn about it besides the fact that you are hanging upside down with no idea to how you got there. While  you are still trying to recollect your thoughts, you hear two men talking outside. 


“ Yeah he is the one who tried to run” said the first soldier. 

“ Go  get him prepared for the procedure the machine is  ready” 

“ Ok Captain “

“What!” Your heart is  about to burst and you  are terrified when you heard what was being   discussed. Then the guard opens the door and you attack with a thousands questions but he ignores  you and hits you on the head with his baton and again you go  into the darkness.You are then moved to another  room filled with laboratory equipments. You are strapped down to a stretcher and  connected  with a bunch of wires to the computer. You are  half awake so you can hear  what is going on in the  room but you can’t  move  your body because you where injected with some tranquilliser that was doing a great  job to keep  you docile.


“Commencing experiment 008, patient is fully  docile and ready.All systems  are ready to go.“ 


 Those where the last words you hear before your begin to experience excruciating pain like never before. The procedure is unbearable and you pass out  due to the anguish that  you are going through.

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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