10 short scary sinister stories

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Here's some scary stories that were wrote by me a while ago and some more recent, from terrifying phone calls, to intruders and killers, here are some twisted tales to spook you!

1. The call 

It was just a miserable rainy day as usual, and I and my best friend Natalie were playing video games on my Xbox 360. We were proper gamer girls and absolutely loved consoles. However, this particular day we were bored, my mum had gone to shops and we was sat relaxing in the living-room. We started to listen to music but were interrupted by the landline ringing. I paused the music video and walked over to the phone, and picked it up.

“Hello?” I said, thinking my mum was going to start speaking.

But it wasn’t her; there was a long crackly pause, with loud and raspy breathing.

“Hello?” I asked again.

There was no answer, so I just hung up.

I walked back over to my friend and sat down.

A couple of minutes later the phone rang again. I picked it up.

“Hello?” I spoke, a bit creeped out.

“H…e…l…l…o…” this gruff voice groaned. His voice sent shivers down my spine, and I froze in fear.

“Who… who is this?” I asked.

“I know you,” he giggled, and then he said “I can see you too.”

At this point I was terrified, my face as shocked as someone’s who had just witnessed a murder. My body shook and I turned to face the window. When my eyes gazed upon the window, I was screaming with terror inside, no words came out. I saw this dirty old man with a messy beard and afro hair, with his nose pressed up the window peering in. His eyes were filled with evil, and his menacing smile revealed yellow and black rotten teeth.

Lots of ideas were going around my head, ‘Who was this man?’ ‘How did he get my house number?’ ‘What is he going to do?’ I was in shock and eventually managed to get my friend’s attention.

Natalie picked up her phone and dialled 999 claiming there was an intruder, the police were on their way, and I turned away for just one second but when I looked back the man was gone. The police arrived about 5 minutes later but couldn’t find the man around the premises so they had to leave. The most terrifying thing is that two days later he was arrested for kidnapping and torturing some girls in the next neighbourhood, our age too.


2. The Man In The Wardrobe

I always felt like I was being watched in my house, it had an unsettling feel, like there was always a presence lurking. I remember the most disgusting vile thing that ever happened when I was just 8 years old. When I was younger I was scared of my wardrobe, I was a nervous wreck of a kid, paranoid that a ‘monster’ was in my wardrobe. I’d never open it at night, I’d keep my little lamp on every night next to me on my bedside table, I’d watch the wardrobe until hours had passed and I’d eventually fall asleep because of the exhaustion. Nothing would ever happen, my parents would show me nothing was there, and everything was at rest and incoherent. But one night I had just shut my eyes, I was falling in and out of sleep when I heard a slight tap from inside the wardrobe. I laid there petrified not moving, but then it had been about ten minutes and I didn’t hear anything else, I passed it off as my imagination and tried to sleep. A couple of minutes after I heard what sounded like a person breathing and like a click of something that sounded like a camera, hearing this I threw myself up and sat silently, I peered over to the wardrobe and saw that it was ajar. My heart raced at the sight of this and my body shivered, I trembled and my eyes were wide open. I felt vulnerable and traumatized; I didn’t know what to do. After sitting there a minute I heard another breath being taken, with this I let out a scream. I heard a sinister laugh from inside the wardrobe, and I pulled my bed covers over my head, trying to make myself feel safe. In a matter of moments my parents were in my room, I shrieked and told them there was something in my wardrobe, and my mum sat beside me comforting me whilst my dad opened the other door of the wardrobe and turned on the main light so he could properly see. There in the wardrobe sat an old, filthy man, he had a stern face covered in dirt and grease. He had knotty, mucky grey hair and he creepily looked at me and my mother smiling, whilst clutching an old phone that was recording us. The man was scary and looked dangerous as he held a small bag under his arm, which could have had anything in, he was all bent up with my clothes surrounding him and covering his legs. My dad grabbed him and threw him to the ground, my dad was a trained cop so got on the phone and called the police instantly. My dad sat on him and pinned him down for about 10 minutes until the police arrived, in this time all the man did was stare at me, with a sickening smirk on his face. The police took him away and I slept with my parents for about two months after. The most terrifying thing is that we found out he was some homeless creep, he apparently had been in our house before, got in through an open bathroom window. The police questioned him and locked him up, they only thing he said to them was ‘I liked watching her sleep.’ The police found footage of me sleeping on his phone along with other disturbing images of people sleeping from the neighbourhood. He is still in prison now. I will never forget what happened; even now I still sleep with the light on.

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