Persephone's Wake

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This "in progress" novel follows the life of a young woman raised in squalor by an ill, addicted mother. At age nine, she is abandoned to the care of an elderly couple plagued by senility. After her comfortable, albeit strange, life ends with the old couple, she is thrust into the urban world as a teenager with nothing of her own—not even the knowledge who she is. Before long, her reckless lifestyle and nihilistic attitude result in her death by overdose. However, she is resurrected by an adrenaline shot to the heart and the dejected, melancholy professional man who finds her with a needle in her arm. Having recently lost his wife and daughter to tragedy, the man finds this lovely young woman—with the age of hardship in her physical presence and exuberance of youth in her countenance—the perfect way to fill the void left by both his wife and daughter. A series of passionate encounters, tumultuous conflicts, and sobering revelations transpire as the man frantically tries to save the woman from her destructive past. Simultaneously, the woman—keenly aware of her lack of identity—attempts to discover herself with the assistance of a younger, more impulsive man. In the end, the newly clean and sober Edna must choose between the man who saved her and the man whose recklessness revived her spirit

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Persephone's Life

Submitted: February 04, 2017

This is the first five chapters. The first chapter is quite rough and needs something, but I don't know what. Please read on and I think you will like the rest. Feel free to comment with ideas for the exposition. Read Chapter

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