If My Heart Let My Brain Think

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Submitted: February 04, 2017

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Submitted: February 04, 2017



My body is lead.

Sinking into my white sheets.

I can’t move, my heart is too heavy.

My brain is cloudy.


My heart is telling my brain not to think.

Letting it sink into nothing.

Thinking of nothing.

Staring at my ceiling.


Because my heart knows

If my brain thinks

It will go back to you.


First it will think of how much I miss you

Then it will think of ways to get you back

It will think of texting you

Calling you

Showing up at your house.


Then my brain will think of your words

I am nothing to you.

It will think of my heart,

My broken unfixable heart.


It will think of the pain you have caused

Of how much you don’t care

That I am dying here

And you are supplying the poison.


My brain will be mad

And sad

And in love

Which I didn’t know was a feeling that could exist all at once

Until you left.


It will wish that you would want to fix this

Want to hold me

Want to save my life.


But then it will remember

That wishing doesn’t get you anywhere

And I am nothing but an inconvinence


I can live a life without you,

But I do not want to.

You would be happier if I just




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