A Letter To The Person Who Left

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Submitted: February 04, 2017

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Submitted: February 04, 2017




You always are so worried you are going to miss out on everything life has to offer. So worried that you are missing out on memories and meeting exciting people. So focused on life hurdling by that you are forgetting to slow it down and take the moments in.

What happens if in ten years, you remember me.

If for the first time in years you feel my name on your tongue.

Will you wonder what would have happened if you pursued me

Taken a risk, put your heart up for grabs.

Will you wish that you had mended my heart.

Wouldn’t have crushed it so hardly.

We don’t know. We don’t know what will happen even in the next minute for sure.

But I know that in ten years, I won’t have to wonder what could have happened. Because I put my heart out on the line, took a risk and a chance you never had the pride to do.

When my children ask about my first heartbreak, I will search desperately for a picture of you. A familllar pain will stab my heart, realizing along with you, all physical evidence of what we had is gone. I will tell them that I love you more than I thought was possible, and there will always be a hole inside of me.

Maybe in ten years you would have wished you had slowed down from the parties and getting high and orgasming from random girls, and you would have let me love you.

And travel to new places with you. Meet new people with you, watch you grow into the amazing man you will be in ten years.

You are so afraid of loving, so afraid of being hurt, so afraid of getting attached. So afraid to just let loose and love someone as the soul that they are, the time they give to you and the moments you share with them, and nothing more. Nothing more than living the life you have always wanted to live, with a constant best friend and supporter. You are so afraid of doing what your heart wants, letting it lead the way.

Yet you left because you said you wanted to take risks and make memories.


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