Hush now my  little Child.

I am, is here  to  protect you from  all your  fears.  

When the  night comes and the shadows  seen to  form your worst fears 

Remember  that  you are in the hands of the Almighty  

And nothing can   snatch  your soul from his palms. 

It  might seem like  you are all alone , but when you remain  still 

You will  feel  the presence of the omnipotent  and magnificent I am that I am.  


The journey that lies ahead of  you is not  promised to be easy, 

But you can be  rest assured that you will not  embark on it alone 

There is nothing that will be placed in your path which  you will not be able to overcome. 

All the tools you need lie  deep  within  your  soul. 

Always  remember to look  within and you will find all that you seek. 

For the days  are short on this  earth but  your  soul will live  for eternity .  

Submitted: February 05, 2017

© Copyright 2022 wraith-scribbler88. All rights reserved.

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