Of Diamonds, Super Girl and Roses

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Of Diamonds, Super Girl and Roses is a Supernatural au,Comedy fiction written by PeachyMilkShake.

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



Author - PeachyMilkShake.

Title - Of Diamonds, Super Girl and Roses.

Genre - Fantasy,Supernatural au and Comedy.

Chaptered Fic. - 3 Chapters.

Characters - Main role.

Maddy - A normal girl from a simple Town. 20 years old also a College student.

Tiffany and Austine - Maddy's best friends.

Supporting role - Kristine, Liza and Nelly- The School's Devils.

Chapter 1.

So what's going on with you these days? Tiffany asked looking at her best friend Maddy, whose face is buried in a novel. They are in the school library,looking for books that will help them in their project that was to be submitted in three days time.

I have no idea of what you're talking about, maddy replied nonchalantly. I need a drink! Austin chirped in, and both Tiffany and Maddy looked at him with a “Why do you have to be so different from every normal human being”face. They are currently in the Coffee shop near the School.

Maddy gently sipping on her tea with disinterest, and Austin's texting on his phone with “God knows who” friend while Tiffany is just staring into space.

“So wanna spill the beans or want me to force the truth out of your mouth” Tiffany asked? Also why do you have a Diamond ring on your finger that's always beeping if I'm not mistaking? Austin asked.

“I...I...it's nothing,just a ring no big deal” Maddy replied nervously.

Come on... Fess up girl! Tiffany replied sternly.

Okay,okay,don't be so rude,I'll tell you replied Maddy.

I go by the name SAG! Maddy said looking nervous.

What? They both said in Unison!

Chapter 2.

I mean I'm a Super Amazing Girl, I've been for quite some time now and the diamond ring was given to me by my Grandma,when I was 14. But then I started having a strange feeling about the ring, like it did weird stuffs like beeped and talked,things like that. So one day I was wearing the ring and I pressed something at the side of it and then my cloth started changing into a pink and purple outfit and a mask,with beautiful shoes. Since then It became a part of me... Maddy finished with a quiet sigh.

So... You fight crime,something like that? Tiffany asked.

“Yeah Fanny and I'm so so sorry for not telling you guys about it. I was scared you'll think I'm strange,I don't know”. Maddy replied.

Wait! What? So you can deal with a bunch of big guys on your own! Awesome! Austin screamed,making them all laugh at his choice of word.

So wanna show us sometime,maybe? Tiffany asked?

Maybe, but not now okay! Maddy replied.

Hello Losers!

Kristine, Liza and Nelly walked in.

Oh tell me it's not the Witches! Austin said in a frustrated tone.

Oh! Miss us? Kristine replied with sarcasm lased in her voice.

Come on guys let's go! Maddy said looking tired.

“Don't you dare walk out on us or I'll..”Kristine said but Tiffany cut her off by replying “Or you'll what? Get a life Potato faces”. Or Mu starch faces! Austin piped in laughing. They walked away leaving the 3 girls to face scolding from some people around.

“Uhm..mm... I guess your ring is beeping again” Austin said.

Bad guys are around huh? Tiffany asked. Yeah Fanny, Maddy said.

So um...I...uh gotta go Maddy replied rushing towards a corner “See you later guys!” She said.

She presses the button after dimming the street safe enough and in a moment she transformed to her SAG custome.

Chapter 3.

STOP! Maddy said to the gangsters who was bullying an elderly man,she presumed.

They looked at her and chuckled,coming closer, says who? They asked?

Me! She replied,taking her wip she flung it at them hitting them to the ground and dragged it back,sending them flying up and hitting the ground again.

Smirking, Maddy walked up to them and immediately they started pleading but she told them something of 2 words.

Too late! She said and called the cops,arresting the 3 men.

She sighed and all of a sudden she heard a scream and a clap follow afterwards.

Wow! That was amazing! Both Tiffany and Austin said in unison.

“What are you guys doing here ? Did you follow me, I thought we said our goodbyes” Maddy replied.

“Nope you said your goodbyes” Fanny replied, by the way you look good,strong and tall, she laughed.

Oh please,I'm still the same old me! Maddy pouts. Maddy also loved it too much for her own good when she is treated as if she out of the world.

So guys wanna see more cool stuff about what this Super Amazing Girl can do? Maddy asked.

Yeah they screamed in unison but then Fanny said only “you and me” and to Austin he should leave.

Why.... Austin wailed. Cus you're a boy,don't always hang out with ladies. Hang out with male like you! Tiffany replied.

Oh come on Tiffany(Fanny),let him come! Maddy replied and then dragged her friends to the depth of the beautiful city with the cool breeze blowing away their tiredness,replacing it with happiness.

“Maybe it wasn't a mistake that her Grandma gave her the diamond ring, and maybe it wasn't a bad idea that her friends now know about her biggest secret,because she feels like the only Rose flower in the midst of the grasses”. Maddy thought, smiling from cheek to cheek.

In that moment she felt special...

~ The End ~

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