A Friendly Nightmare

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of a lonely young man who befriends a lavish spender on Facebook and gets attached to his hot girlfriend, The events take a U turn when his friend finds out about the affair.

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017




This is awork of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The Chase: A speeding car with broken tail lights cruising on a highway… Highway patrol spots the broken tail lamps and follows the speeding car, signals it to stop.


Cop 1 (on radio): calling all stations, in pursuit of suspicious speeding car on the highway with broken tail lamps.  requesting backup.

The car enters the road passing through forest... the driver of the speeding car loses control and crashes into a nearby tree. Cops finds the crashed car and rush towards it and find one person injured seated but the driver is missing. One cop searches the surrounding area and finds no one.

The Arrest: The injured person is then taken into custody and after the treatment take him for interrogation.

Cop 1: what is your name?

Injured man: Victor Cop 1: Victor what?

Victor: Victor Lee 

Cop 2: who was with you and why were you speeding the car when we signaled you to stop?

Victor: The driver's name is Akash and he was high on drugs and marijuana… I told him to stop, but he threatened to crash the car if I talk. I had no option but to be quite fearing my life.

Cop 1: where did he go?

Victor: I don't know, he just got out and ran towards the forest.

(Both cops go out and after a while releases the victim as they have no evidence and warn him not to leave the city unless permitted).

The cops are not happy with the answers and decide to conduct an extensive investigation in order to find the driver.

After rigorous search in the surrounding areas of the crash site they get the clue about the whereabouts of Akash.

The cops raid the nearby village and finds Akash hiding in one of the houses.

Cop 1: Akash, you are under arrest. Surrender or we will have to shoot.

Akash: I haven't done anything; please don't shoot I surrender.


Cop 1: Why did you sped the car when we signaled you to stop?

Akash: No, I didn't. I was forced to. Victor had a knife and he would kill me if I didn't speed.

Cop 1: Why would he do that? How do you know him? What's the connection? Were you high on drugs? Did u smoke weed that day?

Akash: Yes, I did smoke weed and took drugs but that was also because of Victor.  Please listen to what I am telling very carefully.

4 months ago I got a friend request on Facebook from Victor. I checked his profile and photos and he looked like the cool dude. With all the girls surrounding and many pictures of parties. He looked like a rich spoiled brat with a cool attitude. I immediately accepted his request thinking I might get a chance to hang out with him.

Cops 2 : why would u want to hang out with this guy, didn't you had friends? Do you have a girlfriend?

Akash: I had a girlfriend and a friend.

Cop 1: Where are they now?

Akash: (sobbing) They are dead, Victor killed them.

(Everyone listening to the conversation are shocked)

Cop 2: What do you mean Victor killed them? Tell everything from the beginning. Everything and remember you lie then no one can save you from us.


Akash: Ok I will.

I was a nerd kid in high school, shy and always bullied by others.

I had only one best friend, his name was Roshan He always supported me and fought with those bullies. In the final year of my school I met this girl, her name was Suzanne. It ws love at first sight.

Earlier she wasn't interested in me but eventually she fell for me and even helped me fight back the bullies. She would always tell, if you want to be with me then make sure you know to defend yourself and me.

That gave me the strength and motivation to fight back the bullies and I did.

After this we became very close and we 3 (Me, Suzanne and Roshan and his girlfriend) would always go on long drives and spend time together.

After the school, everyone became busy with their work and life, Suzanne and me lived together and roshan was our neighbor.

But, I missed those days, the partying and long drives. So, I wanted to experience all of that once again and hence started looking for people like minded people. Even though I stopped after an argument with my girlfriend about this, the curiosity was still there and then I saw Victors friend request.

Once we were friends on Facebook, we would chat often and He would tell me the stories about his adventures, girls, drugs and sex.

That made me excited and wanting to experience all that. Once he introduced me to his super-hot girlfriend, Ria. He made her show her boobs to me on cam. That's when I decided to meet them.

The Beginning of the end of the beautiful life: He invited me to his house party. I along with my Girlfriend went there and we had lot of fun.

I could say that was the best party I have ever attended.

Cop 1: Did your girlfriend knew about Victors so called adventures and his girlfriend?)

Akash: No, I just introduced him as one of my friend who was out of town. If not Suzanne would not allow me to meet a stranger.

So, after the first meeting at the party, He started inviting me to all his parties. I wouldn't tell Suzanne about this and would sneak out citing some reasons. That's when I started doing drugs. I even had sex with ria.

Cop 1: In front of Victor?

Akash: No, He didn't know about it and it was all good until last month. Suzanne got to know about my little adventures and we had a big fight I left home in anger and went straight to Victors place.

Ria was alone and I was not in my sense. She gave me cocaine and we smoked for a while.

We got intimate and naked and suddenly from nowhere Victor enters the house and sees us in compromising position. I didn't know what to do, I just got up and ran out of the house. Victor was all furious he chased me a little far but then turned around and returned.

I went to Roshans place Since his girlfriend doesn't live with him.

Looking at my condition, Roshan asked me what happened? And I told him everything.

He told me not to go out anywhere, and he would come back after the studying the situation.

I passed out after a while.

Cop 1: Want to have tea?

(Get one tea here, our guest is running out of breath)

Cop 2: So what happened next?


Akash: I woke up in the morning and tried calling roshan on his cell but it wasn't reachable.

I sat for a while and then decided to get back home and apologize to Suzanne and make peace.

As I entered the house, there was weird smell. I went into the kitchen to check and I see Roshan lying on the floor bleeding. I didn't know what to do I was shocked didn't knew what to ask. He was pointing the finger at the bedroom. I got scared but before I could turn around I saw Victor standing behind me and locking the main door. He was furious and completely high on drugs. He was out of his senses.

Before I could open my mouth, Victor spoke in a weird tone.

Victor: You see Akash, what did u make me do? You see I trusted you, invited you to my home, my parties. I gave you drugs and let you be happy and in return you fucked my girlfriend. Did you think you could get away with it?

Akash: What have you done to Suzanne? Where is she?

Victor: Ssshhh! I did what you did with my girlfriend, its tit for tat. You fucked my girlfriend I fucked yours and this fucker interrupted, it was his fault. Why did he come in between us? I had to break his legs and tie him up so that he doesn't go out and call the cops.

Akash: Where is Suzanne (pushes victor and enters the bedroom, Suzanne is lying unconscious in blood)

(I try to punch victor but I could, He is tall and huge instead I get punched by him and I lay there on the floor)

(Victor goes in the bedroom and pulls out Suzanne holding her legs and I couldn't stop him. I tried to shout and scream but he warned me if I make noise he would kill all of us).

(He then tells)
Victor: My revenge is not yet over, now I am going to fuck your girlfriend in front of you only then I can be calm and composed, only then my revenge will be fulfilled.

(Hearing this I get furious and try to attack him, Victor punches and kicks me and roshan tries to join in and jumped on Victor, but we are no match to Victor.

Victor grabs a kitchen knife and stabs roshan 5 times in his chest. Before I could realize what had happened, I see roshan lying dead on the floor.

Victor then turns to me and stabs my leg and arm and warns not to run or scream or he would kill my girlfriend).

(He then rapes my Girlfriend in front of me. I am all exhausted and crying not knowing what to do and thinking it's all my fault I tell him):

Akash: You have got your revenge now go away leave us alone.

Victor (laughing): hahahaha… do I look like a fool to you. Do you think I will just walk away so that you call the cops and get me arrested?

(He then takes the knife and stabs Suzanne and murders her right in front of me).

There's silence in the house I am stunned and not able to tell anything and victor sitting in front of me staring.


Akash: What are you waiting for, go ahead kill me. Finish your revenge and get wipe out all the witnesses.

Victor: Not yet my friend, you are going to help me dump these bodies… hahaha Akash: No way I am not doing this; I am not going to help you. You are a monster, just kill me.

Victor: Yes, you will, if you don't then I am going to make small pieces of your friends and girlfriends bodies and feed them to dogs in front of you. Would you like that to happen to your loved ones? I don't think so.

(Victor chops off Suzanne's finger)

Akash: Stop, don't do that please don't do that… I will help you.

Victor: Good boy, now get the bags

(We cover the bodies with the bags and put them in the trunk of the car, He then pulls out the gun from the car and points at me...)

Victor: Come on friend get in the driver's seat, lets drive.


Akash: Where are we going, where are you going to dump these bodies?

Victor: drive to my home.

(After a while we reach victors home and he lets me walk me in first, as I enter his home I see Ria lying lifeless on the floor, I sat down and cried).

Victor: It's all your fault, Akash, you killed all of them not me.

(I don't tell anything, just listen and thinking how to escape)

Victor: get the bag and cover the body quick, we have to dump them all before sunrise, quick.

(We put ria's body too in the trunk and drive to deep in the forest and bury all the 3 bodies)

Victor: Now that we gave given them the funeral, let's have fun.

(I think to myself, is this guys for real).

Akash: What about me? Aren't you going to kill me?

Victor: Not yet my friend, first lets party and then I will decide what to do with you.

(My mind starts hatching a plan to escape, make him drink or drug him and then kill him and make an escape)

Akash: As we were returning after dumping the bodies, you came from behind and signaled. I could have stopped but I knew I won't be able to tell you anything.

I thought for a moment and sped away from you. That was the only way I could get to you... Victor tried to stop me and that's when I crashed the car.

Cop 1: Then why did you escape?

Akash: Victor could have shot me and escaped if I didn't escape. That was the only way out I saw.

Cop 2: why didn't you immediately inform us? Why were you hiding?

Akash: firstly, I was injured, I needed some rest and I also had to make sure Victor was no way near or around me, when I learnt about his release from the custody, I wanted to wait for another day to come out of hiding. Cannot say if it's my bad luck or good luck, you guys came looking for me.

Cop 2: Nice story kid, but it's hard to believe!

Akash: I know where the dead bodies are…


Akash takes the cops to the place where the dead bodies are and they dug them out, after the autopsy it was confirmed that Roshan and Suzanne had multiple stabs on their chest.

Victor was taken into custody and he confessed to his crime. He said he was high on drugs and was furious after seeing his girlfriend having sex with some other guy.

Akash was let go off all the charges and he left the city.

The dead bodies were handed over to respective families and today is their funeral.

Victor was awarded 45 years of rigorous prison term.

© Copyright 2020 Afroz. All rights reserved.

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