Flower Dance

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Word Count: 3848
Music obsessed New York teenager William Aster's childhood friend Lily is extremely depressed for mysterious reasons, Will tries to find out why and how to make his friend feel like herself once again.

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



It was Friday morning I was on the subway. I had head phones on and I was listening to one of my favorite songs. It was a cover of a Frank Sinatra song called “You make me feel so young,”. The singer who did the cover was a mystery. She was this girl who no one had ever seen, she simply went by the alias Hana. She had the voice of an angel a voice so powerful that not only men but mountains could be moved by it. I sat there through the week on the subway on my way to high school with my blue bookbag and instrument case with my saxophone inside it. I have well-kept black hair and big curious sky blue eyes filled with wonder. I would start everyday listening to Hana sing her heart out to Frank Sinatra with someone playing notes on piano supporting her performance. Hana’s voice melded so well with the piano as she sang classic songs.


My name is William Aster, I’m 15 and music is my life. Last year I started listening to Hana it’s April and I’m still listening to her. She’s helped me get through things when times were tough. Her voice is sometimes the only constant in my life as a high school student. She has inspired me in so many ways that without her I probably wouldn’t have joined the music program. Thanks to her I am now extremely skilled at the Saxophone.


The subway had reached my stop. The train jolted roughly the force pushing me forward. The doors opened and people flowed in taking up most of the empty space in the compartment. I grabbed my bookbag and instrument case and squished my way through the waves of people to step off the subway. I stepped through the open doors and on to the platform. I got through ticket check and went through the turn style. I squish through more and more people trying to get to the stairs. I finally reach the stairs and I’m finally above ground. The noise of the New York’s hustle and bustle comforts me like an old friend saying “Oh your back?” with a smile. Like music to my ears the concrete jungle is more alive in the hustle bustle of the morning than any other time. The song on my smartphone had just ended starting another song on my playlist. It was playing another one of Hana’s covers of Frank Sinatra. This one was fittingly “New York, New York,” Hana’s voice carrying the tune so lovingly with the support of the pianist she always sang with.


I walk to the next block and see my high school. It wasn’t really a typical high school like most of the ones you see in movies. This high school like everything in New York was just one building. I enter I make my way to the orchestra room and see my two friends sitting in chairs near music stands. I slide my headphones off my ears to my neck.


“Snapdragon, Cade what’s up?” I ask waving to them.


They both look up from the conversation they were having. Snapdragon has brown hair and brown eyes with glasses, he plays the trombone. We call him Snapdragon because he comes up with the quickest and most impactful roasts in an argument. Cade sitting next to him has blond hair and blue eyes.  Cade is low energy and shy however he’s the complete opposite on stage the way he plays his trumpet. We’re all in Jazz band together.


“Will you’re here,” Snapdragon says happily.

“Yeah, where’s Lily?” I ask.

“No idea she hasn’t been here in a while has she,” Snap replies.

“Yeah, she was gone for like three weeks now she’s back and she won’t hang with us at all she used to be here every morning with us,” I say.

“It’s weird isn’t it,” Snap says.


Just then our orchestra teacher Mr. Larkspur walks in and sees the three of us sitting and talking. Mr. Larkspur has bright blue eyes and black hair with circular wire rimmed glasses.


“You guys are here early as usual,” Mr. Larkspur says in his calm and collected voice. Mr. Larkspur is the singer for the school’s jazz band and orchestra programs he used to be a lounge singer until he decided to teach music to high schoolers.

“You have any idea where Lily is Mr. Larkspur? She stopped coming to the band room in the mornings,” Cade asks.

“Now that you mention it I’m sure I saw her by herself in the auditorium,” Mr. Larkspur says.

“Really, I didn’t know I’ll go check on her,” I say leaving the orchestra room.


A bit of a confession here me and Lily are a bit more than friends. We’ve known each other since kindergarten when she moved into my apartment building just across from my apartment is hers. We’ve been close since then. I have a bit of a crush on her but she probably doesn’t feel the same way. I arrive in the auditorium all the seats are empty except for one in the middle of the rows, Lily is sitting in it. Lily is crying with her hands over her face. I make my way towards her and sit in a theatre seat next to her.


“What’s wrong?” I ask.


She looks up at me, Lily has brown hair and brown eyes. She has tears streaming down her cheeks.


“It’s nothing,” She says the words caught in her throat. She wipes the tears off her cheeks.

“No, it’s ok you can tell me anything Lily,” I say with a smile trying to cheer her up.

“You really care, you’re a great friend you know that,” She says.

“No, it’s not just me who cares its Snap, Cade and Mr. Larkspur you haven’t talked with us in the morning for a while, you’re the heart of our band without you we’re nothing,” I say trying to cheer her up.

“You always know just what to say, thank you Will,” Lily says with a small smile her voice now cleared up.

“I’m going to stay here for a few more minutes, ok,”

“Ok take your time,” I reply.


I walk out of the auditorium and join up with my friends. This reminds me of one of me and Lily’s late night chats. Lily and I have known each other for a while almost like we’re on the same wave length. So, some nights when I can’t sleep I’ll step out of my apartment and lay down against the door. Usually as if she knows when I can’t sleep she’ll join me in the hall and laydown against the door of her apartment. Our apartments are right across from each other so we’re facing each other. We’d talk on nights like that about what was keeping us up. The last late night chat we had was one night a few weeks ago, where she was crying there. I asked her what was wrong. She simply said she might give up music and then went back inside. Something has been bothering Lilly for a while and I was determined to find out. I go back to the orchestra room. Snap looks up at me.


“What happened with Lily?” Snap asks.

“I found her crying,” I reply.

“Hmm that’s weird, did you find out why?” Cade asks.

“No I tried though she wouldn’t budge I haven’t seen her on the subway in a while either so I don’t know when I can ask her about it after school,” I reply.

“Some kids were talking about a girl who was crying in the auditorium after school yesterday, maybe she’ll be there today after school,” Mr. Larkspur says.

“Yeah, you’re probably right, Mr. Larkspur,” I reply.

“We need her remember she’s going to perform tonight at the spring dance with you guys,” Mr. Larkspur says to me.

“I’ll find her afterschool, I’ll talk to her don’t worry,” I say my determination a live fire in my heart.

“Ok good, but I still wonder what’s bothering her?” Cade says.

“Yeah, I’m baffled she’s usually the happiest one out of all of us,” Snap says.


The bell rang and we left for our first period classes. I had to make Lily feel better I thought back to another one of our late-night chats when she made me feel better. It was the night before our first day of high school. I walked out of my apartment and laid my back against the apartment door waiting for Lily. I was wearing a white undershirt and jeans. Lily joined me she was wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants. We sat there facing each other and she spoke first.


“Nervous about the big day tomorrow?” Lily asked.

“Yeah a little how could you tell?” I asked.

“You came out from your door first,” Lilly replied.

“So, tell me why so glum chum?” Lilly asked with a smile.

“It’s just I have a few worries that’s all,” I said.

“That’s fine share them with me you can tell me anything,” Lily replied.

“Ok well what if I don’t’ make any new friends, what if I make a dumb ass out of myself, what if no one likes me, what if they think I’m a nerd or something?” I asked nervously.

“So?” Lily replied.

“So, what if you don’t make any new friends you’ll always have me, so what if you make a dumbass out of yourself play it off as joke and say you’re a funny guy which is true anyway, so what if no one likes you they’re all dumb assess for missing out on an awesome friend and so what if they think you’re a nerd Will you’re one of the best people I know and they’ll love you but beyond that who cares what people think, people will judge and judge that shouldn’t worry you, you shouldn’t change just because of what people think, just promise me something Will, promise me that you’ll be yourself ok?” Lily responded.

“You’re right Lily I was worrying about nothing, and I will promise you that,” I said.

“And besides if no one likes me then I’ll hang out with you and then you’ll be branded as hanging out with the weirdo and then no one will like you, you’re stuck with me,” I joked.


We both shared a laugh about that.


“That’ll be more than fine the two of us outcasts forever, I love it,” Lily said giggling.

“Don’t stop being you ok? Because you’re funny and awesome,” Lily said.

“I can’t stop being me I made you a promise to be myself and I don’t break promises,” I replied.

“I’ll make the same promise to you then, I won’t stop being me either,” Lily replied.

I remember going back into my apartment feeling much better so I must do the same thing for Lily. School passed slowly as if time was a sly bastard and knew I was waiting for the chance to ask Lily what’s wrong. School finally ended and I headed for the auditorium hoping to catch Lily there. I found Lily there the same seat as the last time crying again. I walk up to her and sit down in the chair next to her.


“Seriously what’s wrong?” I ask.

“What, oh nothing,” Lily says.

“That night before our first day of high school you said I could tell you anything, well you can tell me anything too, it works both ways,” I say to her.

“Yes, you’re right you deserve some sort of explanation,” Lily says her voice choked up.

“Why have you been so distant? Why have you been crying here every day? Why did you say you might give up music?” I ask.

“You know my brother Ash?” Lily asks.

“Yeah,” I say.

“He plays the piano and a few weeks ago, I needed him to perform somewhere with me,” Lily says getting more choked up.

“He was walking to where I needed him to perform,”

“Then and he was hit and killed by a drunk driver,” Lily says more tears scraping against her face.

“Oh, my god, I’m so sorry I wish I would’ve known sooner,” I say to Lily.


Lily puts her head on my shoulder and cries a bit more now.


“I have to give up music, I have to,” Lily says still crying on my shoulder.

“Why, why would you have to?” I ask.

“It’s my fault if I hadn’t needed him on piano he wouldn’t have been walking to the studio, he was there because of me he died because of me and because I needed him for a music project, so yes I might give it up, for him, I have to,” Lily says quietly the words almost inaudible.

“I understand why you don’t want to sing anymore but can you come tonight to the spring break show even just for me, Snap, Cade, and Larkspur just to support us, you might have a good time and cheer up you never know,” I say quietly.

“That’s fine I’ll go and support you guys,” Lily says quietly.

“Ok, thank you,” I say.

“I’m going to go now should I wait for you?” I ask.

“No, I’m going to stay for a few more minutes,” Lily responds.


I leave the auditorium and head home. Time passed quickly and it was already 7:30, thirty minutes until the spring break dance. I put on the black tux my mom had bought me. I looked quite dapper. I arrived at the high school with my saxophone and went in the gym. The gym was packed with people drinking and eating from the tables. Our jazz band was going to be the music for tonight. On the right side of the gym was a stage I climbed the steps and got on the stage. Snap and Cade were already there setting up their music stands and instruments. Both were wearing tuxes like me, and damn did we look good. Lily was talking to Mr. Larkspur she was probably going to say on the mic that she wasn’t going to sing. Lily was wearing this sparkling silver dress that really showed up her brown hair and brown eyes. I had found out something important about Lily that I was going to tell her after her announcement.


I set up my saxophone and music stand and opened it to what we were going to play. Finally, the spot light shifted to the stage. The light was pointed at the microphone. Mr. Larkspur stepped up to the mic. He looked like a lounge singer from the 60’s he was wearing his golden circular wire rimmed glasses and his black hair and blue eyes really popped because he was wearing a white dinner tux. He cleared his throat and began to speak into the mic.


“Hello students and faculty of Coral Bell High School I’d like to welcome you all to the 2016 Spring Dance, our freshman jazz band program has been working very hard all year and earlier this year they volunteered to play the music for our dance, before they begin playing we have an announcement from the lead singer of the jazz band program, Lily Eavan,” Mr. Larkspur says letting Lily have the floor.

“Hello everyone my name is Lily and unfortunately I will not be singing tonight so please enjoy the rest of the jazz band, and everyone please have a good evening,” Lily says leaving the mic.


Words rise in me like fire trying to escape and be said to Lily. I turn to Lily who’s about to climb the stairs down the stage.


“Wait,” I say to Lily the mic picking up my voice.

“Earlier today I did some digging and I found something out,”

“I found out that you’re Hana the singer who does Frank Sinatra covers,”


Lily’s eyes widen she’s shocked that I found out.


“How? Did you find out?” Lily asks.

“You both have similar voices both of you were absent from school and making covers for the same amount of time and you gave me a hint earlier today, you said your brother plays piano, like the person who supports Hana’s performance,” I say to Lily.

“Based on your reaction I’m correct, but if that’s true then that means- “

“That means what?” Lily asks.


The mic has been picking up our conversation and the students and teachers below have their eyes wide staring at us.


“That means you made me the man I am today, I only joined the music program in middle school because I was inspired by Hana to go out and create my own sound, and if I hadn’t joined the music program in middle school then I wouldn’t have joined the one in high school and if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have met Snap and Cade or Mr. Larkspur and wouldn’t have two of my greatest friends, you connected me to them through the power of music, and that’s means not only have you been a good friend but you’ve led me down a path of friends and success, and that’s means you have the right, no, the obligation to sing, your brother if he knew how you had inspired people with your own sound, he’d want you to sing, he’d want you to sing like there’s no tomorrow and most importantly he’d want you to keep the promise that you’d be yourself the promise that if you quit singing you’d be breaking the promise we made together, so please come and sing inspire these students here, inspire them to be themselves and to do what they dream of,  inspire them to fly,” I say with my fiery passion igniting within me.


“So please come fly with me,” I say.


Lily walks towards the mic she has a small smile now, this is just what she needed. Snap and Cade flip through thier music books rapidly searching for the new song page.


“let's fly, let's fly away,” Lily sings into the mic. Snap, Cade, and I begin playing our instruments.


Lily is really getting into it now as we play our instruments. I’m on the saxophone, Cade is boasting using notes on his trumpet, Snap supports us on the trombone.


“If you can use some exotic booze,” Lily sings there’s no denying it she’s Hana her voice moving the crowd and me with every single note I’m held hostage captivated by her voice.

“There's a bar in far Bombay,

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

Come fly with me, let's float down to Peru

In llama-land there's a one-man band

And he'll toot his flute for you

Come fly with me, let's take off in the blue,” Lily sings she is truly a sight to behold the way the crowd was dancing completely moved by the power of her voice.

“Once I get you up there

Where the air is rarefied

We'll just glide


Once I get you up there

I'll be holding you so near

You may hear

Angels cheer, 'cause we're together

Weather-wise, it's such a lovely day

Just say the words and we'll beat the birds

Down to Acapulco Bay

It is perfect for a flying honeymoon, they say

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away,” Lily sings the students dancing to her lovely voice like flowers dancing in the wind their petals dance gracefully, Lily’s voice is like the wind, the students, her garden cultivating in a sort of flower dance in spring. The way we play our instruments and sing we’re like lightning, loud, bright, powerful and unable to be ignored.


“Once I get you up there

Where the air is rarefied

We'll just glide


Once I get you up there

I'll be holding you so near

You may hear

Angels cheer, 'cause we're together

Weather-wise, it's such a lovely day

You just say the words and we'll beat the birds

Down to Acapulco Bay

It's perfect for a flying honeymoon, they say

Come fly with me, let's fly let's fly

Pack up let's fly away,” Lily finishes on a powerful note. I look at Lily she’s smiling with tears cascading from her brown eyes down to her cheeks, these aren’t tears of sadness these are tears of joy that she didn’t give up singing.


Mr. Larkspur goes to the mic to say something.


“Quite the powerful and moving performance from our jazz band, tell me have any of you thought of a name for your band?” Mr. Larkspur asks.


Lily and I look each other in the eyes as if we were reading each other’s mind. Lily goes up to the mic.

“We noticed how we moved you all so much and we’ve decided to call ourselves Flower Dance,” Lily says into the mic smiling.


Lily had read me like a book.


“And we will be here till night dies so please keep dancing,” Lily says with a smile, I’ve helped her feel better again.


We played until 3:56 AM there was only one couple left and then they said goodbye to us as they left. We were tired as hell we packed up and walked out to the subway with Mr. Larkspur. First Cade reached his stop then Snap, then Mr. Larkspur. Mr. Larkspur said something before he got off.

“That was great you two I’m glad you decided to sing Lily I don’t think I could’ve done that music justice the way you did,” Mr. Larkspur says before leaving through the automatic compartment door.


We finally reach our stop and enter our apartment building we wave good bye and go into our separate apartments. I start taking off my suit getting my bowtie and suit jacket off and unbuttoning the top button on my white dress shirt. Something is tugging at the back of my head so I stop getting undressed. I head for my apartment door I want to talk to Lily about something quickly. I open the door and run towards her door surprised to find her out of her apartment running towards me. I catch and hug her in the midway between both our doors and we land a kiss in the middle of both our apartment’s door ways. We stand there in the apartment building hall just kissing in the silent darkness.


“I didn’t know you felt the same way,” Lily says breaking away from the kiss for a second and just hugging me.

“I’ve always felt this way about you I’ve wanted to hold you gently like this and love you for the longest time,” I say smiling glad I’m finally with the person I love the most after so long.

“Was it worth the wait?” Lily asks.

“I would’ve waited 50 years if I knew I was going to hold you and just be here with you madly in love,” I say.

“Oh, Will I love you,” Lily says.

“I love you too Lily,” I say.


Word Count: 3848

© Copyright 2018 Christopher Rhodes. All rights reserved.

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