Gods Warm Shower

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Our Protagonist God takes a shower and ponders the plight of the faithless. Not concerned necessarily with their faith in him directly but can they at least take advantage of just one of the endless chances provided?

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



Gods Warm Shower



In my grace where all your fortune glimmers

so luxuriously do time I cast aside

in this warm shower droplet whimsy

so endlessly do chance I set astride


My children have you found yourselves yet?


you warm droplets splashing briefly

on creations' head?

then soon within towels' hidden folds 

 cast onto eternities bed?


Have you found yet what splashes along side you?


the endless chances rolling briefly

down small sweeps of creations' vast skin?

 cast onto this age

as ages past have always been ?


I see in time each warm droplet 

absorbed into the towel that recieves each but will pine after none

I see in time  endless chances offered

drifting past lives that will pine after each but fail to take one




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